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Ways Spirits Will Manipulate You

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  • Disguising themselves. They may present in a way that makes you think of something or someone else! They may take the form of a different type of spirit, a deity, or even one of your family members! We’ll look at them and just assume they are what they look like. To avoid this: you can create a layer of your circle or ward that makes spirits present as they truly are.
  • Taking a different name. This is similar to faces, but with names! If you ask for a deity’s presence and someone shows up, they may just say, “Yeah, sure, I’ll be whoever you want me to be, just give me that wine.” Or they may claim a popular name (”I’m Satan. I’m Julius Caesar. I’m David Bowie!”) to try and either intimidate or make you idolize them. To avoid this: assume that if it sounds too good or big to be true, it probably is. Always ask spirits for confirmation, and have THEM say who they are without you handing them the name. Especially with deities, they should have no problem just saying their names; lesser spirits may try to avoid it.
  • Inflating your ego (or deflating.) You’re the chosen one. You’re a member of royalty in my realm, or could be if you do what I say. You have amazing potential and just need guidance from me. Alternatively, you’re incredibly weak. All the other spirit workers can do X. This is pointless for you unless you do what I say. They are capitalizing on your insecurities to make you feel dependent on them. To avoid this: know that you will never NEED a spirit to accomplish things. Know your strengths and weaknesses and understand they can all be improved without losing your agency.
  • Trying to seem necessary. I’m your spirit guide! I’m your guardian angel. I’m the only one who holds the key to X thing. In all likelihood, whatever service they’re providing can be accomplished with someone else, if the relationship is not working or is toxic. However, a spirit will make themselves seem indispensable, if it means they can keep reaping the benefits. To avoid this: make the conditions of any agreement very clear, and reserve your right to break a contract if you need.
  • Gaslighting. Sometimes spirits will just straight up lie. They may act “out of character” or show their true nature, but blame it on your imagination. They may say they “only lied to test you.” They’ll guilt trip you for thinking they might ever dare do the thing. They’ll find reasons to excuse their bad behavior instead of apologizing or, say, not behaving badly in the first place.To avoid this: know the ways people can verbally manipulate others (it is mostly the same with spirits and physical humans) and be vigilant. Call it out when you see it.

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hii what're your fav romance manga ?

Hello! I’m not really sure if you’re asking anyone specifically but Luni and I do share some of the same faves:

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what are some coping/trauma related songs you know or like?

!!!!!!! get ready for a List. asterisks by my faves

everything everything- only as good as my god

***of montreal- my fair lady (it sounds like shit my abuser would say to me, highly recommend)

**-my dad is dead- boundaries 

***of montreal-  Empyrean Abattoir

sufjan stevens- john wayne gacy jr

of montreal- sirens of your toxic spirit 

syd matters- tired young man

*********born ruffians- needle (good recovery song!!!)

*unknown mortal orchestra- from the sun (suicide feels lol)

*********born ruffians- cherry wine (”yeah it’s funny to abuse me/ “well its funny how they use me, they could easily abuse me, because I go where i am led” RELATABLE)

patience and pudence- tonight you belong to me

People always say to tread carefully when dealing with spirits which is 100% true and should not be ignored. I just wanted to add that that also includes family members. Toxic family members can also be toxic spirits. So please be cautious and protect yourself whenever you are communicating with spirits or inviting them into your space.

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I hope I don't sound stupid, but what are spirit collectors?

Spirit collectors are people who well, collect spirits.

Spirit companions are people who work personally with spirits and those spirits stay on as companions. It’s…kind of like having a friendship with a spirit. And just like any friendship, you have to make sure that you’re taking care of each other’s needs. Is your spirit healthy? Are you talking and hanging out? Do you make sure that they have things to do? Are you and your spirits emotionally and spiritually fulfilled?

A good spirit worker actively works toward the health of the spirits as well as their own health. (If a spirit is requiring you to surrender your own health/needs, it’s NOT a healthy relationship and you need to re-establish boundaries with your spirit, worst case kicking them out.)

Spirit collectors, on the other hand, don’t do this. They collect spirit vessels (which are sometimes done without the consent of the spirit, which actively hurts the spirit) and sort of…hoard spirits and seek to collect the “cool” or “rare” spirits. (Unfortunately many see spirits from closed cultures as special collectibles, not actually you know, spirits that belong to a closed practice and have most likely been oppressed or near-eradicated.)

The lightest case I’ve seen is people who collect “haunted” objects, not usually realizing that these haunted objects actually can hold spirits who aren’t being taken care of. This is an easy fix tbh: start building a relationship with your spirits and figure out their needs and comply, even if those needs are “please let me go”.

Worse case I’ve seen: spirits who can’t remember where they come from because their memories have been bound, meaning that they couldn’t protest to their human because they couldn’t remember who they were or where they came from. A surprising number of these spirits literally should NOT have been a companion for a variety of reasons. These spirits were seriously damaged with bad bindings, parasites, and memory problems. And even after liberating these spirits and talking to the collector about how their behavior is literally harmful if not downright abusive to these spirits, said collector STILL takes in/collects and now actually adopts out spirits. (None of these spirits are in good condition, I can assure you.)

So basically, spirit companionship can be a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience, but spirit collectors create toxic environments for spirits and hurt them, either actively or passively. Hope this helps!

I suffer from pretty terrible nightmares on a regular basis, and I sometimes wake up feeling very ill or start to cry. For Christmas my parents got me a big poster of Cole, and I keep it in my bedroom near my bed. It just makes me feel safer, like somehow Cole being there will keep the nightmares from actually harming me. It’s a comforting thought, but I’m afraid people will think it’s silly, so I never tell anyone.

Headcanon:  So in the quest “Justice”, Anders says that he can’t tell where Vengeance and Justice begin.
I always think that its possible that he was unknowingly possessed by another spirit, and that there is no real Anders to speak of.
It could be like a Cole situation, and Anders died in the Circle, but that’s just my opinion.

In case you missed this band, Cheena is a new band featuring people from Crazy Spirit, Hank Wood, Dawn of Humans, Anasazi, Pharmakon and all those NYC bands you all like. Digging the new track from upcoming 7″.

ive been aware for years of how “born this way” rhetoric is inadequate and at times harmful but it hasnt been until recently that ive experienced firsthand its lacking. i think this can especially be said for many wlw and nb folk – it is a conscious choice of mine to avoid relations with men and defy cisheteronormativity because both are exhausting and toxic 2 the spirit body and mind. like this is coming from someone who used to identify as pan but has since retracted all interest in men due to the violence, dehumanization, and lack of understanding between myself and them, favoring instead the solidarity, gentleness, and wholesome nature of being with other women and nb folk.  i realize that i really wasnt born this way; its a conscious decision to resist, be free, be soft, find meaningful love, etc