toxic spirit

ive been aware for years of how “born this way” rhetoric is inadequate and at times harmful but it hasnt been until recently that ive experienced firsthand its lacking. i think this can especially be said for many wlw and nb folk – it is a conscious choice of mine to avoid relations with men and defy cisheteronormativity because both are exhausting and toxic 2 the spirit body and mind. like this is coming from someone who used to identify as pan but has since retracted all interest in men due to the violence, dehumanization, and lack of understanding between myself and them, favoring instead the solidarity, gentleness, and wholesome nature of being with other women and nb folk.  i realize that i really wasnt born this way; its a conscious decision to resist, be free, be soft, find meaningful love, etc

Ideas of Songs for Moreid Songfic.

Let me know if someone write something on those songs please, I want to read this !

- Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

- Dark Paradise - Lana del Rey

- Colors - Halsey

- Creep - Radiohead

- Drugs - EDEN

- Freak - Lana del Rey

- Game of Survival - Ruelle

- Heal - Tom Odell

- Hurricane - Halsey

- I love it - Icona Pop

- Make me Cry - Noah Cyrus

- Nightcall - London Grammar

- Pretty when you cry - Lana del Rey

- Smell like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

- Toxic - Britney Spears

- Way down we Go - Kaleo

- Who we are - Imagine Dragons

- Wish that you were here - Florence & The Machine

- You don’t Own me - American Horror Story version.

- Crazy in Love - 50 shades version.

- Jungle - Emma Louise

- Strange - LP

- Fools : Troye Sivan

- Heavydirtysoul - Twenty One Pilots

- Happy Pills - Weathers

I suffer from pretty terrible nightmares on a regular basis, and I sometimes wake up feeling very ill or start to cry. For Christmas my parents got me a big poster of Cole, and I keep it in my bedroom near my bed. It just makes me feel safer, like somehow Cole being there will keep the nightmares from actually harming me. It’s a comforting thought, but I’m afraid people will think it’s silly, so I never tell anyone.

nobody here wants to fight me

(like you do)

handcuffs - brand new || aspiring fires - mother mother || flathead – the fratellis || gold guns girls - metric || break me shake me - savage garden || spiderhead - cage the elephant || girl with one eye - florence + the machine || sirens of your toxic spirit - of montreal || iscariot - walk the moon || combat baby - metric 

Headcanon:  So in the quest “Justice”, Anders says that he can’t tell where Vengeance and Justice begin.
I always think that its possible that he was unknowingly possessed by another spirit, and that there is no real Anders to speak of.
It could be like a Cole situation, and Anders died in the Circle, but that’s just my opinion.


Hank Wood covering Blitz.

“but as an adult I realized that if something is toxic and breaks your spirit, you have to learn to let go” fuck me up Nicarra Campbell

In case you missed this band, Cheena is a new band featuring people from Crazy Spirit, Hank Wood, Dawn of Humans, Anasazi, Pharmakon and all those NYC bands you all like. Digging the new track from upcoming 7″.