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what are some coping/trauma related songs you know or like?

!!!!!!! get ready for a List. asterisks by my faves

everything everything- only as good as my god

***of montreal- my fair lady (it sounds like shit my abuser would say to me, highly recommend)

**-my dad is dead- boundaries 

***of montreal-  Empyrean Abattoir

sufjan stevens- john wayne gacy jr

of montreal- sirens of your toxic spirit 

syd matters- tired young man

*********born ruffians- needle (good recovery song!!!)

*unknown mortal orchestra- from the sun (suicide feels lol)

*********born ruffians- cherry wine (”yeah it’s funny to abuse me/ “well its funny how they use me, they could easily abuse me, because I go where i am led” RELATABLE)

patience and pudence- tonight you belong to me

Thank you Nastasja Martel for such an incredible work of art. This is going to be my new sleeve! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!

Drawing by: Nastasja Martel

if you’re going to use the photo please credit her.

People always say to tread carefully when dealing with spirits which is 100% true and should not be ignored. I just wanted to add that that also includes family members. Toxic family members can also be toxic spirits. So please be cautious and protect yourself whenever you are communicating with spirits or inviting them into your space.

cold-hearted , a todorki playlist (art credit to @ohmilk​)

Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire - Why?
Wilco - If I Ever Was a Child
Bowerbirds - Northern Lights
Andrew Bird - Shoulder Mountain
Everything Everything - President Heartbeat
16 yr old x Eera - Clear Eyes
Of Montreal - Sirens Of Your Toxic Spirit
Bowerbirds - My Oldest Memory
King Krule - Border Line
Smiths - Accept Yourself

I suffer from pretty terrible nightmares on a regular basis, and I sometimes wake up feeling very ill or start to cry. For Christmas my parents got me a big poster of Cole, and I keep it in my bedroom near my bed. It just makes me feel safer, like somehow Cole being there will keep the nightmares from actually harming me. It’s a comforting thought, but I’m afraid people will think it’s silly, so I never tell anyone.

Some people are toxic to your spirit, often those who you would least expect. Realize that those who are bringing you down are looking to use you for their own personal gain, and care little about your well being. Do not make excuses for their choices. It is not wise to allow leeches like these back into your life. They are not worthy of your precious time. Remove them from your spirit, and you will soar.

ive been aware for years of how “born this way” rhetoric is inadequate and at times harmful but it hasnt been until recently that ive experienced firsthand its lacking. i think this can especially be said for many wlw and nb folk – it is a conscious choice of mine to avoid relations with men and defy cisheteronormativity because both are exhausting and toxic 2 the spirit body and mind. like this is coming from someone who used to identify as pan but has since retracted all interest in men due to the violence, dehumanization, and lack of understanding between myself and them, favoring instead the solidarity, gentleness, and wholesome nature of being with other women and nb folk.  i realize that i really wasnt born this way; its a conscious decision to resist, be free, be soft, find meaningful love, etc

Headcanon:  So in the quest “Justice”, Anders says that he can’t tell where Vengeance and Justice begin.
I always think that its possible that he was unknowingly possessed by another spirit, and that there is no real Anders to speak of.
It could be like a Cole situation, and Anders died in the Circle, but that’s just my opinion.

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track list

sirens of your toxic spirit // tea and thorazine // privately owned spiral galaxy // lanterns lit // ode to sleep // phaedra // save me // be gone // angry sea // spill // delerium // all the time everyday // icarus // god is out on business pt 2 // wild dogs:divorce! // a few paces behind // elizabeth on the bathroom floor // how it sounds // island song // im not interested in the revolution im interested in destroying myself // nothin // where i end and you begin // black water

nobody here wants to fight me

(like you do)

handcuffs - brand new || aspiring fires - mother mother || flathead – the fratellis || gold guns girls - metric || break me shake me - savage garden || spiderhead - cage the elephant || girl with one eye - florence + the machine || sirens of your toxic spirit - of montreal || iscariot - walk the moon || combat baby - metric