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they're arranging their wedding and are finally ready to tell us, obviously

a destination wedding at playlist live. on the main stage. the only lights are from the phone flashlights everyone is holding in the air. they walk the length of the stage and meet in the middle. unannounced, brendon urie enters from the back and says their vows. britney then comes in a full latex cat suit. everyone holds hands and sings toxic together. rainbow flags are flying through the entire arena. it’s so romantic. i now pronounce you mr. and mr. IsNotOnFire. 

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Can I ask what your favorite SPN ship is?

Motherfuckin’ Sastiel!

Sastiel is just one of those ships who really got to me. Like, I do enjoy a lot of ships, I have a Ship Armada, but there’s just something about Sastiel. You can just watch the progression between Castiel and Sam, polar opposites in so many ways, as they become closer to each other, love each other.

Cas went from viewing Sam as “The Boy with the Demon’s Blood” to someone who’s loss would deeply hurt him. “Nothing is worth losing you,” YAS CASTIEL YOU’RE EXACTLY RIGHT.

And Sam went from viewing Cas as a possible threat to his life to someone who he would die for, unquestionably, if something happened that warranted such a thing. Have you seen the boy’s smile every time Cas did something cute????

I also harbor a deep love for Samifer, but not in the way you may think. Season 5!Lucifer was the REAL Lucifer, that was Kripke’s Lucifer. He was patient and loyal, and despite the lore, he never pressured Sam into saying “Yes” to being his vessel. He wanted consent, he wanted TRUE consent, and he truly did want to give Sam everything in the world to make him happy. He loved Sam, and I think that, if sent in a different direction, Sam might have fallen in love with him too. Two halves of a whole, literally made for each other. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a ship that was worth something, if it was given the chance it deserved, don’t you? Just ask @heavnofhell, they’ll tell ya!

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can you rec some of your favorite fluffy fics? i think i've read just about everything, so maybe some unpopular ones? ;; i love your blog! thank you :)

Why hello there, sweet anon! We love you to! Here are some of my favs as of late, guaranteed to make you melt, or at least dribble a little. 

- Admin F

Those are my recent favs, other admins should feel free to add more (^_^)

My favs are more “old school” plus I can’t think of any recent fluff? I hope this will do though^^ (also you can keep an eye on our fluff tag!)

Happy fluffy reading!

- Admin J 

PROTECT (A Companion to I N F E C T)

I have no idea why, but you asked for this???

Y'all are weirdos, just saying that right now. But I guess I am too since I started it.

(hopefully I didn’t screw up any of CQ’s ideas ^-^; this one was a little tougher to write out.)

Errortale AU belongs to @loverofpiggies .

Papyrus was never one for violence.

At this point, however…he was going to make an exception.

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The Final Five pairs of leggings on the left, sold and shipping tomorrow on the right. Here’s what’s left:

Last two A/W pairs! $103 + $11 s/h. These are on soft, totally opaque fabric that’s perfect for cozy cool-weather layers, or for chilly lunar runs. This material is lightly fleecy on the inside! 👽🌿💖

❤Toxic (cosmic rainbow) - S1
❤Void (monochrome) - M1

There are three pairs of S/S (non-fleecy) leggings left, too, Desiderium and Mimus styles only. $98/pair +$10 s/h.

❤Desiderium (cosmic rainbow on white) - XS1 M1
❤Mimus (violet tentacles) - M1

To purchase, email zoetica at gmail dot com with “SpacePants” and your desired style/size in the email title, and I will shoot you an invoice.👽🌿💖

This is it, buddies. I’m inclined to keep the Mediums, so if you want ‘em, pick them up before I change my mind.

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Alolan Muk's so colorful! Why do you suppose that is?

According to the official website, Grimer and Muk were introduced to Alola in order to deal with garbage disposal, as the population rised. The consumption of garbage changed their bodies.

I think Alolan Muks design is most likely inspired by how petrol looks like when mixed with water:

It’s it beautiful?

Alolan Muk is a pile of psychadelic toxic rainbow sludge. It couldn’t have turned out better. People wanting a Muk made out of sand or lava are boring.