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I personally dont even think toxic ships shouldnt exist. As long as people acknowledge what they are, everything is fine. And nowondays people call every ship that isnt 100% butterflies and rainbows "toxic" or "abusive". Chill. Couples dont always agree. Couples have arguments. Theres a fine line there

well you do have a point, which makes it annoying when someone points out when two couples argue and call it “toxic” and “terrible”. Every relationship isn’t going to be perfect and care-free sadly, especially with mentally ill people.  

And along with this, many people on here are quick to call any villain relationship “abusive”, “Horrible”, and just terrible. While there are some canon shitty couples (*cough cough harley/joker cough cough*), it’s usually to give more sad backstory to the said-character being treated and why they broke. (I did this with Hallie, but more as she grew from it and learned the signs and became better) It can be a big turning point for most characters, showing why they become like this, most people just.. Keep the relationship going between characters, which im guessing fuels the whole argument of “it’s abusive if it isn’t made of flowers and niceness”

PROTECT (A Companion to I N F E C T)

I have no idea why, but you asked for this???

Y'all are weirdos, just saying that right now. But I guess I am too since I started it.

(hopefully I didn’t screw up any of CQ’s ideas ^-^; this one was a little tougher to write out.)

Errortale AU belongs to @loverofpiggies .

Papyrus was never one for violence.

At this point, however…he was going to make an exception.

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can you rec some of your favorite fluffy fics? i think i've read just about everything, so maybe some unpopular ones? ;; i love your blog! thank you :)

Why hello there, sweet anon! We love you to! Here are some of my favs as of late, guaranteed to make you melt, or at least dribble a little. 

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Those are my recent favs, other admins should feel free to add more (^_^)

My favs are more “old school” plus I can’t think of any recent fluff? I hope this will do though^^ (also you can keep an eye on our fluff tag!)

Happy fluffy reading!

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