toxic punk


No offense but can we start normalizing the idea that celebrities do not have to love and appreciate every single fan? I don’t need to tell y’all how shitty fans can be, and we live in this strange culture where successful people are just expected to be happy they have fans and deal with harassment and constant anxiety because “the fans are the most important thing” and “they’re the reason you’re successful” uuumm FULL STOP. I’m tired of hearing that shit about “it comes with the job” and “they know what they signed up for”. They signed up to be in a movie, or have a recording contract, they didn’t sign up to be constantly stalked and harassed when they don’t want to stop for people who barely respect their own personal boundaries anyway. I’m tired of being hesitant to say that celebrities don’t have to just deal with shitty fans. Why is that controversial? And yeah, okay it’s great when they do stop and take pictures and sign shit, but you’re not entitled to their time just because you’re a fan. It’s 2017 and we ain’t on that shit anymore. Y’all are gonna do better, be better fans, treat people with respect, and just be fucking decent in general. If I could say anything to all these young famous kids, it’d be that they don’t have to be nice to every shitty punk ass fan who thinks a literal child is supposed to worship them simply for being a shitty punk ass fan.