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Hurt Me, Cure Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a toxic relationship but they can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Word Count: 1.5kish

Warnings: Angst, Smut, Pinch of Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @paigeinastory‘s “Country Song/Sentence Prompt Challenge”. I got the song “Playing with Fire” by Thomas Rhett ft Jordin Sparks. I also got the quote “The pain burns yet we always come back for more.” I hope you guys like this one!!! *hides face* also, special thanks to my boo @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester for making the aesthetic for my fic!!

Hurt Me, Cure Me

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I particularly like this idea cause if most alien life has never been exposed to peanuts I suspect it’s highly likely it would be a common intergalactic allergy. So Stan just has emergency peanut butter on him to feed Rick- but in a pinch when the raygun needs to recharge and they’re in hot water, it also can be used for defense against hostile aliens.

childofthefireandthestorm  asked:

I just spent the last hour of my life on the SCP Foundation chatroom going through this fairly clueless guy's story pitch and trying to explain how he's got What It's Like To Have Religious Conviction 500% wrong (and how it's near identical to another SCP except with no subtlety, which he seemed to be in denial about) and he literary tried to sell this fake religion with no theology whatsoever to sell it with and it's just v/ tiring? Do you have any advice on writing people being religious?

I’ve been turning this over in my head for a couple weeks now, trying to figure out if there was any blanket statement I could make about What It Is To Be Religious. Even restricting it to my paradigm, What It Is To Be Christian is experienced in such profound, wide diversity—two individuals within the same denomination can look at the exact same text (the same translation) and come away with radically different interpretations, understandings of themselves and their actions, their relationship to the divine.

To then layer it with a thousand years of theological development, the upheavals of history and the particularities of nationality, culture, race, etc. make it almost impossible to make a universal statement about what it’s like to be religious.

But the thing that I keep coming back to is—there’s this thing, and it lives with you.

I think that people who aren’t religious, especially those who weren’t raised in any of the major faith traditions, don’t always realize that. It’s not solely an intellectual exercise or set of rituals; it’s not just theology or sentiment. Those things are all necessary, of course—if a religion doesn’t ask something of you, offer some way of ordering the universe, it’s not much of a religion. But to belong to a faith makes you a part of something, and makes this thing a part of you. It is intrinsic, emotional, but vitally emotional, in a way that makes it more real and important than plain reality.

You have a relationship to it, like you have a relationship to your family, the place you grew up, the person you love.

That relationship can be beautiful or toxic, full of love and community or exact, punishing. You can be in love, or only see one another during the holidays. Keep to separate bedrooms or lost in the throes of ecstasy every night. It’s always complicated, bound up in who you are, how you love, whether you chose this or fell into it. It effects how you view the world. But there’s this thing and it lives with you, in you, and your relationship to it is negotiable but non-alienable.





fuck sorry let me calm down first. and now I talk.

This turned out hella long, sorry for that. I DONT EVEN KNOW IF THIS MAKES SENSE OKAY IM EMOTIONAL(warning: spoilers ahead)

TL;DR: Will and Hannibal fell in love, became fathers, hate fucked each other’s girls cuz it’s too gay to fuck each other, and in the end basically planned on living as a family somewhere in Italy before it all went to hell.

Actual thing:Will and Hannibal have such a complicated relationship. The ship itself isn’t necessarily canon as in ‘They love each other, they marry and live happily ever after’. Nah, that doesn’t happen.

What does happen is that Will, this cute little dork we start out with, the person who couldn’t look another human in the eyes, was nervous about socializing and generally didn’t like people fumbling with his head, turned into someone borderline psychotic - all thanks to our favorite Doctor Lecter.

Hannibal broke him down (season1), kept him broken for a while(jail time/season2), and then allowed Will to rebuild himself according to his own design (end of season2/season3/reference intended). He crept deep beneath Will’s skin, to the point where Will couldn’t get him out.

Will went from being his friend, to wanting to murder him in the cruelest way possible, to wanting to run away with him because he was just so dependent on Hannibal.

While Hannibal did not necessarily dedicate his every action to Will (he did things to cover his ass and not get caught and to mess with people), throughout the entire show Will’s mind always revolved around Hannibal.

Hannibal wanted that. He wanted Will to obsess over him, the same way he obsessed over Will. He created himself a ‘friend’, someone he never had. Someone who understood him.

And Will really did become that person, fully embraced him. Maybe that’s who he was all along.

The point is, that after everything they did to each other, they forgave each other.

Will tried to kill Hannibal multiple times (sent a person to murder him, held a gun to his head twice, nearly but his throat), but couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t.

And after what Hannibal did to him - messed with his head, caused seizures and other mental disorders, imprisoned, killed and hurt people close to him, killed Abigail - Will STILL regretted not running away with him.

He even admits so to Jack Crawford. He warned Hannibal because he wanted him to run away. Because he wanted to run away with him. In the end, Will chose Hannibal over the FBI (and that means everyone associated with it, even Alana).

And Hannibal pleaded for Will to leave with him a day early. Will was still indecisive at that point, and he regretted that. What could’ve been when they ran away? Abigail would still be alive, there’s that. Would they have actually formed a family?

Something like that would be a perfect ending for a perfect fluffy fanfiction. But nope, this is angst, and so we have to deal with al this bullshit.

Mind you I’m on episode 4 of the third season and maybe literally everything changes in the last episode or smthing idk and idc.

In summary, it is a very unhealthy, manipulative, toxic relationship full of love and hate and understanding and EXTREME codependency to the point where one can’t function without the other bUT FUCK ME WITH A LAMPPOST IF IT ISNT CANON

so sorry for rambling, this was not meant to be this way lol.