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Can we just just look at the amount of love and support other fandoms are giving to BTS’s Spring Day MV? ♡

your body is less temple and more mausoleum when you meet him. you are sleepy-eyed and on the verge of dancing into oncoming traffic. sometimes bad intentions are better than being alone. sometimes heaven and desperation are almost the same thing.

in this dream, you don’t have to pretend he isn’t angry because he isn’t angry. here his arms are open and he is gentle gentle gentle. he touches you and it doesn’t feel like burning. 

you want this, you do. this is what you tell your mother when she shakes her head and calls you crazy again. it’s the truth, almost: you want something, want someone, want to stop being a monster for a little bit. 

it hurts again when you open your eyes and remember how fiery and ungentle things really are. there is so much to change but you are too tired to change a thing and so it all goes back to fire and ash and smoke and smoke and smoke.

—  chronology // s.o.

but you know what, i think everyone needs to realize that this fandom is incredibly manipulative and toxic. 

look, i don’t hate this season. i actually really enjoyed watching it. and i avoided going through my dash while i was binging the show so i would avoid spoilers but i realize now that i wasn’t avoiding spoilers, i was avoiding this fandom.

so many people are trying making me feel like an asshole for enjoying the show i had been looking forward to watching for so long, and like…. i really feel uncomfortable with that. 

Her Liking Their Possessiveness: EXO

Psychotic Shit 2.0

I’m dabbing at obsession, here, though. This makes me think that I’m a dangerous person.

Block B |


Even if MinSeok was a control freak that would always know where you are at and would always inquire about the personal information of the people who you acquaint yourself with- taking particular interest in the males as their heads might go; even though to the others your relationship looked toxic and even deadly, all that mattered to the two of you was that you loved each other.


Killing a man for looking at you in a way that seemed dirty to him was a no thinker- he’d do it over and over again if only he had a chance to. Besides, it seemed as if you saw it only as his show of immense love for you.


“YiXing, I was invited to a party. Am I allowed to go?”

“Will there me any scum-bags like last time?”

“Even if there will be, you will be able to take care of all of them, anyway. Right, Oppa?”


“(Y/N), I’m serious in saying that I will never let you go. I love you too much to let you go. I know that my line of work might scare you, but I also don’t care because I’m a selfish, possessive bastard that needs you by my side.”

“Baek, I can’t imagine my life without you. I think it might even be the case of you actually getting tired of me first.”

“Together even in the after-world.”


JongDae would occasionally check your phone and ask whether there was a man or two talking to you, possibly flirting. If he did not like a certain message on your phone, or a certain picture on your social media, that `looked too racy`, he would grit his teeth quietly, but would never say a word. If there was flirting involved, he would send you fake smile and say that `you were still his, so it was okay`.

But you knew that you were pushing the man to his limits and soon his possessiveness would come out.

Until then, you could only anticipate the new on flood of emotions that would pass through the love of your life.


“I will tie a leash over your neck if I ever hear any news of you sneaking out without my permission and then flirting with the fuckers that don’t know who you belong to, Fairy.”

“That sounds like an extremely inviting idea, Channie. We’d be together for a much longer period of time, then.”


Yes, it was a very well known fact that KyungSoo was a possessive man, but it was new information to you that he was also obsessive. You found that out one morning after waking up in an iron cage, KyungSoo sitting on the other side of it with an insane smile upon his full lips. Was it bad that the whole scenario made you yearn for him all the more?

“Are you comfortable, Princess?”

“I’ll always be comfortable in your presence, Soo.”


With a lot of money and without the justice of the law, JongIn could do pretty much everything that he ever wished to do. Buying you a house in the middle of Seoul was not an exception, only if he knew you would be safe from the consequences of his actions in his work. Or so he said, though it was clear to you that he actually wanted to hide you away from the men of this world; and you were perfectly fine with it, continuing to live as normal in his golden cage.

“Nini, what would you like for breakfast today~?”


Sehun had set up a couple of rules surrounding your scandalous relationship and if you ever break any of those rules, there would be dire consequences.

“(Y/N), do you want me to lock you up for a while, so that the rules that I had set up come back to your memory? I thought it was clear that there would be no communication between you and any other man beside your father when I’m not present.”

“But Sehunnie, I like it when you get so possessive. It makes me feel loved.”

“Then you’ll also love the punishments set up for breaking the rules, won’t you?”

I’m sorry mother, I have sinned!!!

They’re all pretty similar, in a way, but there was really no other way of doing these two requests.

Request more?

i spent like the last 2 or 3 days redrawing this

this really needs to be fullscreened.. and i feel like it’s off-center on gohan’s side???????? ahh well, i tried, and i think ive improved a bunch since i drew the first one so im super happy (*´▽`*)

Ppl thinking Hannibal was part of the superwholock fandom drama were in neither of those fandoms. Back in 2013-2014 Hannibal was the outcast fandom when all that shit w superwholock&bieber was happening, why? beause the main ship in the show was “toxic” and it looked like we were a small fandom that wouldn’t last (ha!)

Most of the famous posts, at the time, were comic sans posts of Sherlock trying to befriend Hannibal to later be mocked by him for his misuse of the word “sociopath” and the general joke was that we were a sophisticate fandom full of memes but we never made drama outside our own.

In the end, the only “friends” Hannibal fandom made were Parks and Rec (bc of the interaction between both official accounts owned by nbc) The Blacklist (same reason), In the Flesh because they also experienced a sudden cancellation and a little collaboration with Clexa shippers. 

This has been a little piece of Tumblr history(?)…so yeah let Superwholock be the fandom of queerbaiting and let Hannibal out of that.


Carl lied constantly, cheated on me, but I kept on going back for more, because I believed in him. Every single time I would come up with excuses for him, whatever he’d done. I’d kid myself. ‘It’s different this time. He means it, he’s gonna change.’ Hope is a dangerous thing.

Leave creators and writers alone, harassing and throwing a fit to them will only make you and your ship look toxic.
They shouldn’t have to pander to you, they’re job isn’t to make you happy specifically.
Their production is theirs, their creation, so you don’t get really any say in it in the end.

Let shippers ship. Let people be happy. Your experience with a ship doesn’t trump others, nor does it give it reason to become canon. That’s really stupid and spoiled.

I just can’t believe people have to make reasons to justify being so mean, bullying, harassing, policing others and what they like. Its wrong.

anonymous asked:

Even tho Bryke tried to alter The Southern Raiders episode to make Zutara look toxic they did a really bad job, even after their altercations it clearly shows that Katara trusts Zuko and opens up to Zuko and tells him stuff she never told Aang,Aang in this episode is the one that looks toxic by not understanding Katara and what she needs to fix her pain and saying that she's the same as Jet,Bryke can alter away all they want this episode was still a very powerful episode between Zuko and Katara

What do you think of Aang and Katara’s interaction in the southern raiders episode? Do you think Aang understood Katara or was he just trying to get her to do what he wanted?

Yeah, Aang wound up looking really bad in this episode. I think in their attempt to make Aang into the “moral” one, they made him seem like a jerk. He didn’t even try to emotionally engage her. He just ordered her to forgive and wanted to just change the subject. And he compared her to Jet. The guy who tried to wipe out a town of innocent villagers, including kids. But I think the worst part was how dismissive he seemed. He didn’t act at all sympathetic or interested in trying to understand her. It did sound judgmental.

Aang: So you were just gonna take Appa anyway?
Katara: Yes.
Aang: It’s okay, because I forgive you. That give you any ideas?

His happy go lucky attitude is really demeaning. He acts like he doesn’t even take her feelings seriously. Katara was more sympathetic when he lost Appa. I know it’s not a shipping episode; it is about Katara and how she chooses to deal with her dark side. But Bryke thought this was an episode that was flattering to Kataang. It shows how they view the romance. It is merely about Aang being “better” than Zuko. Even when it concerns her dead mother, it always is about Aang. His feelings, his morality, and of course, they see Katara sparing Yon Rha because of what Aang said.

He just looks like he is irritated with Katara and not the slightest bit interested in trying to understand why she is so upset. Like he is just above it all, and looks down on her for feeling the way she does. He never asked what actually happened to her mother. He probably doesn’t know that she was killed right in front of her eyes. I have heard Kataang fans say that Aang letting her go means that he is a good partner because he knows that she’ll do the right thing. It is condescending to Katara since he never really bothered to have a real intimate conversation about her mother at any point. He doesn’t know how she felt, clearly. He thought she was going to forgive him.

She really didn’t look to pleased with him at the end, either. He just assumed that she would forgive, but she didn’t. Of course, Zuko has to tell Aang (and the audience) that he was right about what Katara needed. Violence wasn’t the answer. Implying that Zuko was pushing for Katara to take revenge. Zuko is made out to be a violent jerk. And of course, Aang says it never is. He is portrayed as being oh so wise and moral. He never does have to deal with his dilemma about Ozai, either. This is why I disliked Aang by the end of the show. Didn’t even feel like the same character from Books 1 and 2.