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You owe it to yourself to move on. Everything will be okay.

Even if Mon was Kara’s “first love” (total bullshit since she was so crazy over James), it was basically the equivalent of your first toxic high school relationship with a teenage boy who is selfish and sexist and just wants to get into your pants. Like yeah maybe her feelings were real but she’s gonna move on and realize James was right there all along or find comfort in Lena and be like OKAY YEAH I REALIZE THIS IS KINDA GAY AND I’M KINDA BI, LET’S HELP EACH OTHER HEAL AND GROW TOGETHER??

Also if this season was supposed to be about Kara learning to “balance different parts of her life” didn’t it kinda prove she’s not that great at it and Mon-El just made that a lot worse? (Plus she totally could have learned to balance this with James since.. idk HE WAS ALREADY THERE AND KNEW SHE WAS SUPERGIRL BEFORE ANYONE ELSE AND BELIEVED IN HER?! And he had experience with Clark/Superman. A whole fucking season of buildup, man…)


Okay guys I'm going to say it.

If you have toxic friends in high school and you can’t get rid of them because of friendship groups and what not that’s fine. But the moment you graduate and you can. Dump there asses like the sack of potatoes of a person they are.

Four years later I’m still learning this lesson. Once a bitch who is self centred and rude. Always a self centred bitch.

Even if you think you won’t have any friends if you dump them fucking do it. Toxic people are not worth your time or energy. Learn from me beans.

What I wish I could go back and tell my high school self:

A year from now, you’ll be sitting in the same chair, typing at the same desk, except all your belongings will be crammed into a carry-on and your closest friends in entirely different states. A year from now, you’ll have gotten over the girl who was always a little spiteful and wonder how you were ever jealous of her; you’ll have gotten over the boy who you once thought was your entire world and realize that he’s not worth even a second of your time.

One day, you’ll understand that a lot of people like to talk, but it’s all pretend; that the smartest people are also the most humble. You’ll go back to your high school and remember all the parts of yourself that you left behind when you went to college—all the people who you left behind—and realize that you don’t miss the way things used to be as much as you thought you did.

College is a lot harder, but also so much better in every single way. People care more about who you are than what you got on the SAT; people help boost you up rather than bring you down. I have to fight for my grades now, but I’m doing it for myself, not for other people or for a rank. College isn’t competitive or toxic like high school was; life becomes more about you and who you want to be than about the colleges you got into.

You’ll end up at a university that you don’t even have the guts to dream about right now. You’ll go back to the life you used to have, and wonder how you were ever complacent with the way things were; you’ll realize that there are better people in this world, people who care a lot about others and people who genuinely inspire you to be a better version of yourself. There’ll still be times you’ll think you’re a failure, and there’ll still be times you’ll struggle with motivating yourself, but all in all?

Hang in there, because it gets so much better.

One of the biggest bummers of cutting a really toxic high-school friend out of my life has been losing my RPG group. I’ve tried to get other friends into it, but it never works out. It’s such a pain, I have too many ideas…

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you should do advice videos like on how to deal with toxic friendships from high school to college, how to transition from high school to college etc. and maybe even an out and a about ootd on what you usually where while in nyc

will do 

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just found your blog and I too and a salty Canadian who hates hockey with a passion! thank you for this i literally cant stand hockey... (took me a couple times to decide to read cp cause i saw it was about hockey and I was like no...)

It’s funny because like I don’t mind hockey as “that thing where you try to put a puck in a net”, I will play hockey with kids I’m looking after and I’m not averse to going to a CWHL game with my girlfriend if she, I, and a game are ever in the same city at the same time.

But there’s this essay I’ve reblogged before with this line, “Canadian women carry Those Hockey Boys like stones in our throats” and it’s resonated with me and a LOT of other people I’ve shared it with. I went to the same schools as boys who went on to play in the AJHL and CHL (fuck, for all I know higher leagues than that, but I’ve aggressively distanced myself from any knowledge of them now.)  Some of them were my bullies, both of the “let’s physically assault and sexually harrass her” and “let’s ask her out as a joke and laugh uproariously when she says yes” varieties (different schools, different boys, same shit).

For people who aren’t from Hockeyland, let me explain just what makes hockey culture so toxic and hockey boys so awful.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly! And once you're done you gotta send or tag ten cool boys ~

I’m so sorry I got to this so late, Momo! Unfortunately picking things I like about myself isn’t always the easiest for me, but I’ll try this anyways!
1. I like my choice in friends, they’re amazing and knowing I stayed away from toxicity in high school because of who I choose to stick with, is important to me. I love you guys!
2. I like how I stayed open minded about sexuality and gender identity even though I was raised in a home that looks down upon those things. (Even ended up falling within the spectrum myself.)
3. I always say I hate my art style but, I love that I’m still developing it.
4. I love that I dye my hair.
5. I like my dimples. Yes, I have dimples. Damn facial moon-craters.


Breathe is about the obsessive and toxic friendship between two high school girls, Charlie and Sarah.  It’s a friendship that – while mostly platonic – is at least queer adjacent.  Basically, My Summer of Love if the main characters never did anything about their sexual tension.  Sarah is beyond abusive to Charlie, which only makes Charlie more infatuated with Sarah (mostly in a wanting-to-be-around-her-all-the-time way, but occasionally in a sniffing-her-hair-while-she-sleeps way).  And it’s no accident that their downfall starts the moment Sarah kisses Charlie – a moment that seems to be nothing but a game to Sarah but clearly throws Charlie for a loop.  If there’s a lesson to be learned from this movie, it’s that if your friend kisses you and then laughs in your face, you should probably be wary.

Here’s to the trans people who can’t/don’t feel safe to come out. The trans people with unsafe environments and families. The trans people who don’t pass. The trans people who don’t feel comfortable with themselves, who feel immense dysphoria everyday. The trans people who don’t have support. The trans poc who face even more oppression and invisibility in our community. Here’s to the trans siblings we’ve lost to violence. The disabled trans people. The trans people who are still figuring themselves out. The trans people in a toxic high school environment. The senior citizen trans people. Here’s to trans parents, trans grandparents. The trans people who came out when they were 5 and the ones who came out when they were 50. Heres to all of us. All of you.

I see you, even if the world doesn’t.

im doing my school’s senior questionnaire and i thought id put my answer for “What advice would you give to your 9th grade self to be successful in high school?” here:

don’t put so much academic pressure on yourself, don’t let the toxic high school atmosphere of AP-loading and academic competition influence your perception of your abilities or success, don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t be afraid to be wrong, don’t worry so much about your ‘reputation’/how you’re viewed amongst your friends, don’t worry about your GPA so much (& corollary: don’t let grades/score-worries overshadow your love of learning), spend less time complaining about bad teachers and more time figuring out ways to make-do & learn, continue to throw yourself into stuff you love, if 80% of what your friends care about is comparing calc quiz scores they shouldn’t be your friends, read more books, think critically about everything you read/see, take advantage of your creative outlets more, getting little sleep isn’t something to be proud of, don’t hang out with people who make you feel small, doing poorly on assignments or projects or exams will happen at some point in your 4 yrs of high school – let the bad feelings sit for 2 minutes and then turn them into something productive, and above all please don’t forget that your body and mind are the basis of being alive at all so drink more water and feed your somatic & cognitive self wholesome things. i believe in u a lot.