toxic high school

You owe it to yourself to move on. Everything will be okay.

im doing my school’s senior questionnaire and i thought id put my answer for “What advice would you give to your 9th grade self to be successful in high school?” here:

don’t put so much academic pressure on yourself, don’t let the toxic high school atmosphere of AP-loading and academic competition influence your perception of your abilities or success, don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t be afraid to be wrong, don’t worry so much about your ‘reputation’/how you’re viewed amongst your friends, don’t worry about your GPA so much (& corollary: don’t let grades/score-worries overshadow your love of learning), spend less time complaining about bad teachers and more time figuring out ways to make-do & learn, continue to throw yourself into stuff you love, if 80% of what your friends care about is comparing calc quiz scores they shouldn’t be your friends, read more books, think critically about everything you read/see, take advantage of your creative outlets more, getting little sleep isn’t something to be proud of, don’t hang out with people who make you feel small, doing poorly on assignments or projects or exams will happen at some point in your 4 yrs of high school – let the bad feelings sit for 2 minutes and then turn them into something productive, and above all please don’t forget that your body and mind are the basis of being alive at all so drink more water and feed your somatic & cognitive self wholesome things. i believe in u a lot.

Here’s to the trans people who can’t/don’t feel safe to come out. The trans people with unsafe environments and families. The trans people who don’t pass. The trans people who don’t feel comfortable with themselves, who feel immense dysphoria everyday. The trans people who don’t have support. The trans poc who face even more oppression and invisibility in our community. Here’s to the trans siblings we’ve lost to violence. The disabled trans people. The trans people who are still figuring themselves out. The trans people in a toxic high school environment. The senior citizen trans people. Here’s to trans parents, trans grandparents. The trans people who came out when they were 5 and the ones who came out when they were 50. Heres to all of us. All of you.

I see you, even if the world doesn’t.