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Old Hollywood Trivia

Dolores del Rio : Reportedly slept for 16 hours a day to maintain her beauty.

Marlene Dietrich: She was the first German actress to be nominated for an Academy Award.

- Marlene was one of the first artists to use surgical tape to pull back the skin on her face, thus giving her a ‘facelift’. She hid the tape in her hairline or under a wig.

Jean Harlow : She was the first actress with ‘platinum blonde’ hair.
Her hairdresser used peroxide, ammonia, Clorox and Lux flakes to create the color.Obviously, the mixture was toxic for her hair and near the end of her life Jean wore wigs because her hair was falling out.

- Jean and fellow actress Hedy Lamarr were the primary inspirations for Catwoman.

Ava Gardner : When she was a teenager she had a big crush on future co-star Clark Gable.

- Although Ava drank plenty, she did not even like the taste of alcohol. She often drank because she was shy and nervous and it
helped her feel at ease in social situations and in front of the camera

Katharine Hepburn : As a child, Katharine cut her hair off, wore boys’ clothes and made people call her Jimmy.

- When she was growing up, it was normal in the Hepburn household to take ice-cold baths or showers daily.
She continued to do this for the rest of her life and would give it as health advice to people.

James Stewart : He was head male cheerleader at Princeton.

- James was one of the first stars to receive a percentage of the gross of his movies, a common practice today

Elizabeth Taylor : She was known to be at least ten minutes late for everything.
So at her request, her funeral began 15 minutes after it was scheduled to begin.

- She was reportedly so poorly educated that she needed to use her fingers to do basic arithmetic,something that bothered and emberassed her when she started seeing the intelligent Richard Burton.

Cary Grant : He sunbathed everyday for thirty minutes to ‘keep that healthy glow’.

- He was very good friends with his colleague Ingrid Bergman.
Cary was one of the few who supported her throughout her notorious affair with director Rossellini and he accepted her Best Actress Oscar for her in 1958 while she was in exile in Italy.

Grace Kelly : All of her leading men were old enough to be her father
(with the exception of William Holden, who was 11 years older than her)

- In her senior yearbook, her classmates predicted that she was certain ‘to become a great stage and screen star’.


Dating Poly!Kaistal

  • let’s begin with how this whole thing started, shall we??
  • ok, so there had been a bit of back and forth flirting between you and kai but also you and krystal
  • and you had noticed them flirting too
  • you became close with krystal first. and at the same time, she was growing close to kai
  • then you three started hanging out a lot
  • the friendship started to change when you were all talking one evening, just about random shit and you can’t remember who brought the topic up
  • but you all came to realize that none of you cared for “owning” someone
  • that as long as you loved the person/s in the relationship and they loved you (and treated you right) then who cared if you loved one or five people??
  • and krystal gave you ‘a look’
  • then kai did
  • and you all just sorta knew??
  • you started discussing more, after that, setting guidlines and boundaries and just admitting what you were all comfortable with
  • from that moment, you three were a thing and that was that
  • the media only know of krystal and kai’s relationship, which they worried about at first. they didn’t want you to feel excluded, or less loved
  • but you didn’t,,
  • if anything, you were glad not to be under media scrutiny
  • but your close friends and family knew about it
  • not everyone understood but you were fine with that. you’d expected it too. poly relationships were looked down, had negative sterostypes but as long as everyone was an understanding, mature adult, then you didn’t quiet see the problem
  • but ppl will be ppl
  • and ppl love to judge
  • oh, going back to when krystal gave you ‘a look,,’
  • well, your relationship consists of a lot of ‘looks’
  • you three are so in sync with each others thoughts and emotions that words aren’t even needed; just one look and you know what the other is trying to convey
  • krystal was more reserved with skinship at first, unless either you or kai initiated it. but as time went on, she no longer shied away from jumping on your back or resting her head on kai’s shoulder
  • kai is less reserved tho. he just loves to show affection and make his loved ones smile. so he’s always cuddling against you or playing with krystal’s long hair. you two have braided it so many times that you’re her “personal hairdressers”
  • you all have so many beauty and hair care products that are neatly arranged in the bathroom. and the house is orderly too (don’t want the dogs chewing on some toxic hair bleach, you know?? :/) but with touches of all three of you
  • there’s artsy paintings, photos and plants, that krystal likes to explain the meaning of (”xxx is my favourite photographer and actually-” “those flowers, in ancient times, were given as a sign of peace and good will”). and kai has countless movies stacked up that he swears are good but aren’t :/ and your things are there too; that birthday ornament from your grandmother and the godawful graduation photo that kai & krystal swear is so cute but you think you look bad in it :/
  • oh, there’s lots of dog things too; toys, food, products, etc
  • kai’s three dogs get so much love and attention,, lucky buggers ;3;
  • his kisses are distinctly different to krystal’s, in the best way possible
  • her kisses and light and feathery, leave you craving more. while kai is more powerful, pressing passionate kisses to your lips that leave you breathless and dizzy
  • you love coming home to them cuddled on the couch, making space for you to squeeze in the middle. krystal will drape her favourite blanket over your legs and offer you a bite of her snack, while brushing away your hair;
  • “so, how was your day?”
  • those are the times when you all de-stress; kai talks about exo problems, krystal wonders where tf f(x)’s comeback is, and you rant too. you all leave that couch feeling a lot better
  • or don’t leave, since you’ve fallen asleep while talking many times
  • you all talk a lot, tbh
  • there’s just such a sense of comfort and warmth from each other, that you all can talk freely without worry. your relationship is a judgement free zone. so sometimes you ramble on about stupid things or about deep seethed things you didn’t even know were bothering you until you realize it’s 2 am and you’re still ranting about something from your childhood
  • krystal is mostly in charge of cooking, although you and kai try to help. but your food never tastes as good as hers somehow??
  • “is the special ingredient love?” kai teases
  • she scoffs, “you’re so gross and cheesy!” it actually is tho but don’t tell anyone or it’ll ruin her imagine
  • ok but on a serious note, like all relationships, fights can occur
  • and it’s the worst feeling ever if you feel all alone and like they’re teaming up,, but it doesn’t take long for someone to come to their senses
  • usually kai tbh
  • krystal is stubborn and as he’s hyper aware of you possibly feeling like the odd one out (since the media knows about them) so it’s him that 99% of the time, forces everyone to come together and talk it out
  • which usually results in makeup sex so ;) ;) there’s a happy ending at least
  • overall, there’s just so much security in this relationship. you’re all trusting and feel comfortable to just be yourselves. in your own privacy, you’re all free to be who you are and love who you want. and that’s something that no amount of judgmental scorn can take away

Here’s Cadmian, the first of two OCs I’m working on so a friend and I can start making a webcomic~ I’m making a page with more info later when I get the chance! I really like coloring gold. 

Darkness is your friend now ( part Seven )

I am incredibly sorry for delay in this chapter of Darkness is your friend now. 

I’ll be real with you guys, I just lost interest with this up until this point of my life which is 5/17/16 at 5:19 am and I got the biggest inspiration to continue this.

 I hope you guys find this story still enjoyable. Enjoy!! 

Song(s) I am listening to while writing this: Henrietta, Creeping Up The Backstairs by The Fratellis and Limelight By Boy in a band Feat. Cryaotic

(Y/N)= Your Name

(E/C)= Eye Color

(H/C)= Hair Color

(S/J)= Side Job ( Like an artist, voice actor, music composer ect. )

(J)= Job


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my junk - a collection of showtunes from pop/rock musicals

american idiot - american idiot // exquisite corpse - hedwig and the angry inch // rent - rent // donna - hair // hey, good lookin’ - dogfight // the bitch of living - spring awakening // gotta get outta here - lizzie // american troglodyte - here lies love // why, must we tell them why? - 35mm: a musical exhibition // didn’t i see this movie? - next to normal // the great compromise - bloody bloody andrew jackson // wonderland - bare: a pop opera // i love ny - murder ballad // my junk - spring awakening // hot toxic love - the toxic avenger // gimme! gimme! gimme! (a man after midnight) - mamma mia! // know your enemy - american idiot // men will do anything - here lies love // second nature - bloody bloody andrew jackson // what you own - rent //


When I see anti stuff on any tag, this case rey kenobi, I’m just pulling my sleeves up ready to have a freaking word fight and explain to these narrow minded humans how to maybe have some faith but then I remember… they are not logical in the slightest and just here to get that reaction from me so I roll my sleeves back down and scroll past it. 


  •  And these are the same people waving they’re silly fingers to me on “cross-tagging” (despite that they clearly want their childish hate to be seen by everyone). It’s just… 

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The Joker x Reader - “Once upon a time”

You’ve been together for such a long time now, before The Joker became what he is today. Older than him and not being used to someone so persistent chasing you around, almost gave up on him. Good thing you changed your mind.

You are getting ready to go to sleep when you hear noises coming from downstairs. There are no henchmen around because you wanted to be alone, so who would dare disturb you?! You don’t even bother taking the gun with you because you’re tired and cranky. The hell with everybody! Hopefully your dad didn’t send one of his guys over to check up on you since you really hate it when he does that. You can take care of yourself and don’t need babysitting.

You pull your tank top over your boy shorts and head over the stairs, slowly going down towards the living room. You are mid-way when you see the shadow hovering over the dining table and you already have an idea on who it might be. You switch on the light and yeap, it’s him. J turns around, and you are taken by surprise noticing the neon green hair.

“Hi, Y/N; sorry, didn’t mean to wake you,” he smiles, staring you down, enjoying the little sleeping attire you are wearing.

“Jesus, kid, what did you do to your hair?!” you snicker, taking another step down.

“Stop calling me that, I’m not a kid, I’m 21,” he sulks, unhappy you still call him that.

“Yeah, and I’m 25 so you’re a kid comparing to me.” He huffs and you ignore it. “What are you doing in my house?”

“I brought you flowers,” he smiles again, pointing at the huge bouquet he set up on the table.

“Whyyyy?” you suspiciously ask, stopping your movement. J opens his mouth to answer and you don’t give him a chance.” I want to be alone, get out.”

“Can I stay for the night?”

“No, I said get out!” It sure sounds like you mean it and that makes him uneasy so he’s trying to make you change your mind the best way he knows how: yapping and distracting.

“I thought you would like the change, don’t you like my new hair?”

“I don’t know…” you bite your cheek, pretending to debate. “It’s so…ummm…green. But I guess you can pull it off.” You know what he’s doing but you decide to play along for the heck of it. The nerve on this kid.

“There’s more stuff,” he grins, satisfied with what he did and starts unbuttoning his white shirt.

“Are you gonna strip for me?” you tease, placing your elbows on the railing and resting your chin on your arms. This is pretty funny, but you need to burst his bubble: ”Is this your strategy? Well, I’m not sleeping with you, last time was a mistake.”

J looks so disappointed you really feel the best way to deal with it is to roll your eyes as obvious as possible.

“I wasn’t even thinking about it, I just wanted to show you this.” His shirt is on the floor now and you so want to reply with “yeah, right” but the sight of all those tattoos leaves you speechless for once.

“Wooowww, when did you get them?” Your sudden interest and the excitement in your voice make him content. You have to admit all those HA!HA!HA! marks on his chest and left arm look interesting.

“Last week, it still hurts a bit,” he proudly states, turning on his side so you can see the rest.
God’s only child,” you read it out loud and giggle. “That’s…very unique. It goes well with all the other stuff.”

“So…you like them?”

“Yeah,” you lift your shoulders, winking. “Not bad.”

“Awesome, because you said you like guys with tattoos and I didn’t have any, so…”

“Hold on, kid!” you interrupt him, getting serious. “You got them for me?”

“Yes, of course I did.” He’s not even trying to deny it. Really?!

“Look,” you take a deep breath, “I am just going to pretend I didn’t hear that, OK? Spare us both the embarrassment, hmm?”

“I don’t understand, Princess. I thought you like me; you told me you think I’m cute,” J crosses his arms on his chest with a hurt expression on his face.

You actually start laughing at what comes out of his mouth.

“You are cute, kid, but come on…”

“So you do think I’m cute!” he points out, slowly spinning so you can see his body. “I’ve been working out like crazy, can’t you tell?!”

“Oh, let me guess, for me, right?”

“Yeah, of course for you, Kitten.”

You exhale, amused. He really is a pain in the ass, but you have to admit he’s entertaining. All that confidence…Impressive.

“Are you trying your lines on me again?” you inquire when J won’t stop with the pet names.

“Who else am I supposed to try them on?!”

“What else you’ve got?” you decide to humor him since you’re not that sleepy anymore after all these…events.


“Mehhh, not my favorite, Princess is better, makes a girl feel good about herself.”

That grin on his face, my God, he is like a kid! Surprisingly, you find yourself thinking it’s quite adorable.

“Baby Doll? No?…Just…Doll?”

“Acceptable,” you tilt your head, judging his answer.

“Kitten? And maybe just in bed, you know, when you’re naughty?”

“What?!!!” you snap, annoyed.

“That’s a no then?”

“Oh, shut up and get out!” you turn around and head upstairs, feeling your patience got cut short out of the sudden. “OUT!!!”

“No, please, let me sleep here,” J begs, realizing he messed up. He follows you to your bedroom and doesn’t give up when you slam the door in his face.

“Come on, Princess, I want to stay here, I don’t want to be alone in my new apartment. Please?”

“GO AWAY! Or you want me to tell my dad? You’ll be dead in no time!”

“Your dad doesn’t care,” he mumbles but you heard it.

“He cares more than yours!!!” you yell, irritated and then you apprehend what just came out of your mouth: he doesn’t have parents, just that insane, abusive uncle he moved away from half a year ago. Dammit, that was unnecessary and you know it. J got quiet on the other side on the door and for some reason you regret what you said.

You go and open the door to find him stand there shirtless, looking like a lost puppy with that new toxic green hair of his you can’t take your eyes off.

“You can sleep on the couch,” you drag him inside your room, showing him the spot.

He doesn’t say anything anymore; that definitely shut him down.

“I’m sorry, kid, I didn’t mean to say it,” you finally utter, giving him a blanket and a pillow.
“I’m not a kid,” he pouts, looking at you with that clear, blue gaze you couldn’t resist last time.

You kiss his forehead and he starts purring, watching you get in your bed.

“You make some interesting sounds, you know that?” you try to break the silence, smirking.

“You like them?” J decides to talk because he just adores you and couldn’t stay mad at you even if he would try his hardest. But of course he wouldn’t directly confess such a thing, you would probably punch him in the face and never speak to him again.

“I guess,” you yawn, placing your head on the pillow, not showing him how relieved you are he got over it. You don’t even know why you care. “Tell me some jokes; do you have any new ones?”

“Oh, yeah, I do.” And he starts yammering like nothing happened, making you snort and laugh for a good half an hour.

You are getting sleepy again and close your eyes, dozing off on the sound of his voice.

“Y/N! Hey, are you asleep?”
“Kind of, but not anymore,” you sigh, opening one eye.

“Can I sleep in your bed?”

“No,” you softly reply, watching him squirm on the couch.

“Why not? I got tattoos and I work out for you all the time.”

“Didn’t ask you to, kid. Go to sleep.”

“I can’t, you’re almost naked and I can’t think of anything else. And I only have my boxers on now, see?” he removes the blanket to show you. “I took my pants off when you closed your eyes.”

“What’s your point?”  you taunt. Jeez, it’s so much fun to pick on him.

“Wanna have sex? Can I come over?”

“Nope,” and he sure looks very flustered. “But I’ll come over there,” you snicker, getting up and going to the couch. “Scoot over!” Goodness, that smile on his face makes you melt and it irritates you. You crawl under J’s blanket and he holds you tight so you won’t fall over. Your leg goes around his waist and he kisses you, delighted he can have you again.

“You said I’m cute, do something about it,” he breaths on your mouth, teasing. “Come on, do something about it!”

“Are those…are those strawberries I’m tasting?” you smack your lips, glaring at him. “Did you eat stuff from my fridge?!”

“Guilty,” he admits, kissing your neck repeatedly.

“Stop nosing around!” you scold him, shoving yourself in him even more.

“I’m not, I just…Oh, that’s it, I remembered,” he proudly states when his lips find your weak spot behind your ear and you moan without even realizing.

“You have to pay me back for those, with interest,” you pant, scratching his back as his head goes down on your tummy, kissing his way down to your boy shorts.

“Interest first then?” J chuckles, biting your skin. You get ticklish and twitch your body which makes you both fall down from the tiny couch.

“Auch,” you complain after you bump your head on the marble floor.

“You ok?” he asks, trying to help you up.

“I’m fine, kid,” you pull him down on top of you, smiling. “Wanna move to the big bed or stay here?” you give him the choice, kissing him again.

“The big bed, didn’t have a chance last time.”

“OK, but when I woke up you shouldn’t be here, ok? I really need time on my own.”

“Yes, Kitten,” he slaps your butt as you jump on the bed.

“Don’t call me that!”

“I can, but only when you’re naughty, remember?”

“Shut up, J!” you command, impatient, taking your top off. He’s so thrilled you called him by his name instead of “kid”. “You’re sooooo lucky you’re cute,” you shake your head, annoyed with yourself.


After 4 days:

It must be about 3 pm when you get the call: one of your henchmen lets you know J got caught trying to get inside Gotham Bank so he can steal some diamonds, a job your father probably assigned to him. Now he’s in jail, the bail really high and you don’t know what to do: go get him or not? After thinking and considering all the possibilities, you decide to just go and pay, no jail break out this time. After taking the cash out of your seif you go over to the police station in disguise, just in case. Your blonde wig and the short dress you’re wearing makes you look very…different. You tell the lady cop you’re J’s sister and you give her the bail money. It takes a while and you patiently wait for them to release him.

“Princess!” he shouts and you get up and jump in his arms, whispering:

“You idiot, don’t scare me like that! Don’t let them catch you again!”

You certainly don’t expect him to lift you up and kiss you like he didn’t see you in a year. The lady cop gives you two a mean look and you giggle, whispering again:

“I told them I’m your sister.”
“Oh, crap, this is no inappropriate then,” he winks, kissing you rougher.

Another cop gets up from his desk and signals you to move it.

“Get out of here and get a room, this is a police station!”  

You stumble laughing outside the building and he decides to give you a piggy back ride all the way down those stairs. You hold on to him, enjoying the fun, you were probably a little girl last time you did this.

“Thanks for getting me out, Y/N,” he turns his head so you can hear him.

“Crazy kid, don’t get caught again, OK?” you peck his neck and you realize he has a new tattoo with playing cards. “When did you get this?! I just saw you four days ago.”

“Right after I left, you like it?”

“U-hum,” you kiss it again. “You know I love tattoos on my men.”

“On your men?! Like, what other men?”

“I sleep with another…let me see…5 guys or so and they have more tattoos than you; you are really getting to the bottom of the list. Auch, stop!” he keeps on pinching you, not letting you go when you try to jump off his back. As revenge, you mess his green hair and he tries to get it out of his face, laughing.

“You’re so paying for this!”


When you turned 30 he gave you the prettiest diamond necklace you ever saw, and you sure saw a lot of them.

“You look so beautiful, Princess,” he boasts, biting his lips.

“Thanks for this, kid, I really love it,” you tell him, admiring yourself in the mirror, absent minded.

“Would you stop calling me that?! I’m 26 now!”

“Still 4 years younger than me no matter what, so… still a kid comparing to me.”

“I am NOT a kid,” he growls, pulling you in his lap.

“The sounds you make, baby,” you smirk, playing with his hair. “Are you ever gonna change this green color? My eyes are starting to hurt from it,” you joke and don’t expect him to bite on your shoulder so hard. “Hey, stop it!” you push him away, upset. “It’s my birthday and look what you did!”

“I’m sorry, Pumpkin,” J purrs, planting a soft kiss on the red spot. “I have a quick meeting then I’m all yours for the rest of the day, ok?”

“I guess so…” you got upset and he noticed. “ I wish you were still working for my father so I can see you more…”  Why do you feel so low on such a day?

“Don’t you like how important I am now?” he elbows you, trying to cheer you up.“Gotham is ours after your father passed. We have to take care of things.”

“I know,” you blink slowly, avoiding looking at him. “But I miss you when we don’t see each other for days; we always have something to do, somewhere to go, someone to kill.”

“Guess what,” he changes strategy because you shouldn’t be upset, not today. ”Look what I got for you!” He lifts his purple shirt up and you gasp, amazed at the huge smiley face tattoo on his now perfect abs. “Happy Birthday, Baby Doll! You like it?”

“A-are you kidding me?! I love it!!!” you trace it with your finger all over, mesmerized.

“Stop doing that, Y/N, or I’ll have to cancel that meeting.”

“Promise?” you clap, full of hope.

“You know I’d do anything for you,” he gives you a devious grin, caressing your thigh.

You rest your forehead on his, trying so hard not to rip his clothes off:

“You’re soooo lucky you’re cute, kid. Even with your new silver teeth.”


After he turned 33 and you were 37, the incident at Ace Chemicals happened. You were out of town and didn’t even know for a day. You certainly thought you will lose your mind when you heard what was done to him. On top of everything, he was imprisoned at Arkham and you didn’t have the chance to find him in time. Oh, did you go crazy or what?! You didn’t even know when you got everyone together for the break in, determined to destroy the world just to get him back.

You marched in there with a whole God damned mercenary army you hired just for the occasion and you searched that hell hole up and down until you finally found him behind the glass walls.

***J hears the commotion and is staring down the corridor when he notices you coming towards him with all those armed men around you. He is so fascinated with the look on your face he even forgot to breathe.

“My Queen,” he mutters to himself as you run over to him.  

“Jesus, kid, what did they do to you?” you whimper, tapping on the glass impatient, waiting for the henchmen to break the lock.

“Taa-daaa,” he shakes his head, trying to be funny because he hates to see you cry. ”So what do you think about my new look, hmmm? You like it? Too pale? Yes?… No?…”

You start sobbing, not being able to stop. They almost got the lock.

“Shit, you don’t like it?” he frowns and you distinguish the pain in his voice. “I can’t really help it, not really my choice here.”

You keep on bawling and the lock is finally broken. You rush in and hug him so tight he wishes he was out of that straitjacket faster. You don’t say anything and that worries him; after a few moments you just untie him and rush in his arms again, ecstatic you got him back.

“Crazy kid, you’re soooo lucky you’re cute,” you mumble through tears, not wanting to let go.

You hear him sigh with such relief.

“So you like it, Princess?”

“Like it? I love it, I should have pushed you in myself sooner,” you smile, sniffling, kissing him. “It goes well with your green hair, you know that?” you keep on joking, adamant on not crying anymore because J will think it’s because of his appearance and that is so not the case.

“I really have to pay you back for coming to get me so fast, Doll. Interest first?” he winks before lowering himself a bit so you can get on his back.

“That would be preferred, baby,” you snicker as he carries out of the cell, knowing how much you enjoy his piggy back rides.

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