toxic free nail polish

Please fire me. I work for a cosmetics manufacturer. For way too many of the products, the ingredients listed on the packaging and other documents DON’T MATCH UP with what we actually put in the product. A while back, we sent some samples to a new customer, who went and got them tested and came back asking us to explain why so many of the ingredients were wrong. My boss told them they must have been very old samples, got the lab to mix up a small batch of each product according to the “correct” ingredients, and then told me to put them in the right bottles to make it look like they’d actually been manufactured in our factory before sending them off for “re-testing.”

Seriously. How is this man even real?! @simonkass brought me these 5-free less toxic nail polish to try after a brief conversation about my search for such polish a few weeks ago. He’s not just ruggedly handsome, all heart & super talented…he’s ALL MAN!! Thanks, Simon & Aja, founder of @habitcosmetics! Gorgeous colors. Can’t wait to try them! (x)