toxic bombs


For this specific bath bomb, I’ve made it with the intent of banishing what needs to be released from me so that there is space for me to heal and grow again after going through some very toxic situations and relationships.

Bath Bomb Recipe!

*Baking Soda ½ Cup
*Citric Acid ¼ Cup
*Cornstarch ¼ Cup
*Sea Salt ¼ Cup
*Jojoba Oil 3 Tsp (for this I used coconut oil that I have warmed up until it became liquid)
*Essential Oil 1 Tsp (for this one I did a blend of Black Pine, Amber, Lavender)
*Liquid Black Food Colouring 1 Tbsp (if you want a richer colour, you can add more later as you’re mixing the wet ingredient to the dry)
*Dried Rose Petals, Lavender, Rose Buds, Mugwort (I eyeballed the amount I wanted)
*Water (small amount added to spray bottle)

You want to put all your dry ingredients into a bowl and mix them together with a whisk. In a spray bottle, add in your carrier oil (Jojoba, Coconut… etc) and your essential oils. Also add in the liquid food colouring of choice. Shake it up. If it seems a bit too thick, add a tiny bit of water and shake it again. You will be spraying this mixture into the dry mixture (only a few sprays at a time) and mixing it. You will keep repeating this until the mixture starts to clump together. The reasoning for not adding all the liquids in together at once is that it will cause the citric acid to fix away completely. Once everything is mixed well, spoon them into the mold and make sure to pack it down tightly. Let it sit in the fridge or freezer to let it harden. When I took these out, they were still a bit squishy, so I had to re-shape them a bit, but they turned out pretty good for a first time try. I’m letting the rest of the bath bombs to sit out to dry before storing them in a container.

US GameStop will be giving a Salazzle event from August 14 - September 4

For now we only know that the GameStop Store in the US will be giving this  Salazzle event. As soon as it is Officially & Internationally announced we will post it

Salazzle will be level 50 with the moves Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb & Flamethrower. It will be holding a Focus Sash. 

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Trump is anti-semitism on steroids. “Sometimes it’s reverse”? This is a total lie, it’s unsubstantiated innuendo. This is toxic poison.

Sometimes Jewish people bomb their own Jewish Community Centers? Sometimes Jewish people bomb anti-semites?

This makes no sense.

The Salazzle Serial Code Event has started in America and Australia

The event will be available at the following stores:

– United States: GameStop
– Canada: EB Games
– Chile: We Play
– Colombia: Alkosto
– Perú: Next Level
– Panamá: Estigames
– Costa Rica: Vertigo
– Guatemala: Duende

– Australia: EB Games
– New Zealand: EB Games

Salazzle will be level 50 with the moves Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower with the ability: Corrosion. It will be holding a Focus Sash.

The event ends on September 4, 2017.

Kpop Hunger Games: NCT Edition

In honor of their kickass comeback I felt this needed to be done…


  • Johnny and Mark
  • Yuta and Ten
  • Cherry Bomb and Ty Track
  • Bingeul Bingeul Round and the Vroom Vroom Talkshow mic
  • Johnny’s Fashion Evaulation and Doyoung
  • Jeffrey from California and Chenle
  • Mark’s Ramen Hair and  Be There or Be Square
  • Every season of NCT Life and the SM Basement
  • Kun and Hansol
  • The Two New Rookies and Jisung
  • Very hot and  “AND THAT’S A LONG ASS RIDE”
  • Oh Daddy and Taeil

Kill Order (cause of death)

  • Jisung (stabbed by Johnny)
  • Bingeul Bingeul Round (toxic berries)
  • Cherry Bomb, Doyoung, The Two New Rookies (Mark, Mark’s Ramen Hair, and Very Hot)
  • Every Season of NCT Life (Johnny)
  • Mark’s Ramen Hair (Kun)
  • Mark (Taeil)
  • Yuta (Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation)
  • Very Hot (Vroom Vroom Talkshow mic)
  • Be There or Be Square (Chenle)
  • Jeffrey from California (drowns)
  • Hansol and the Vroom Vroom Talkshow mic (Ten and Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation)
  • AND THAT’S A LONG ASS RIDE and Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation (falls into a puddle of acid rain)
  • Kun and Johnny (each other)
  • Chenle (the SM Basement)
  • Ten and Ty Track (Taeil)
  • Taeil (tries to escape the arena)
  • Oh Daddy (tainted food)

And the Winner is….

The SM Basement! (yay…?)


Mark and his ramen hair working together to kill people

Every Johnny - SM Basement interaction:

Taeil getting the most kills (like this boy would ever)

Why so much hate?

Why is there so much god damned hate? I know your parents/guardians/someone taught you better. You would never say half of this mean and hurtful stuff to someone face to face and don’t act like a badass because you know you wouldn’t. Why does it make you feel better to make fun of someone who enjoys something that literally has nothing to do with you? You do realise you are just a bully and you are no better than the bullies at school. You know like how some of you guys are tiggered by our “bothersome” ships. Being bullied about something I like is triggering to me and I’m sure a bunch of other people. You are not a warrior of justice. You are just an asshole. You don’t like it, don’t look for it. Stay out of the tags. And I can guarantee there will be some fucktard out there who says “But Ereri/Sebaciel/rivamika/etc. is full of rape/pedophilia/incest and it’s abusive.”

You wanna know what else was abusive and full of rape? My 8th grade relationship. So if you want to shit on this post now. Go ahead. Not all people who were abused hate these ships a lot of people see these ships as an outlet.


So please. Scroll past the stuff you don’t like because not everyone needs to follow the cookie cutter fan ways.

Say it with me. Come on.
-What other people ship is none of my business.
-I will stay out of the tags of my notps.
-I will leave people alone because it’s not affecting my life.
-I will not go out of my way to send hate.
-everyone has the freedom to ship what they want.
-I am nothing but a bully who picks on people who have done nothing to me.
-I am sorry.

come on. Say it haters, you know you want to.


Okay. PSA over- Zari, out
~ Zari

The Salazzle Serial Code Event was announced to some parts of Europe

– UK: GAME stores
– Spain: GAME stores
– Germany: GameStop stores (via Nintendo Zone)
– France: Micromania stores
– Italy: GameStop stores
– Netherlands: Intertoys stores

Salazzle will be level 50 with the moves Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb & Flamethrower. It will be holding a Focus Sash.

The event starts on August 18 until September 18, 2017.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: This list will be continue to be update if more places mentions to have the event.

The Salazzle Serial Code Event has started in Europe

The event will be available at the following stores:

– Spain: GAME (via Nintendo Zone)
– Germany: GameStop
– France: Micromania
– Italy: GameStop
– Netherlands: Intertoys and GameMania (via Nintendo Zone)
– Belgium: Fnac, Cora, Smartoys and GameMania (via Nintendo Zone)
– Greece: Public stores
– Denmark: GameStop
– Norway: GameStop
– Sweden: GameStop

Salazzle will be level 50 with the moves Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower with the ability: Corrosion. It will be holding a Focus Sash.

The event ends on September 18, 2017.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Also the event is available in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of America. You can see the full list here: