toxic (song)

And sometimes,
The slightest change in your tone will
Throw me for a loop.
And though I know you’re not him,
It’ll eat me up inside–
Wondering where I went wrong,
What I should’ve said instead,
What I shouldn’t have said at all
And i’ll pray I didn’t fuck things up.
I’ll pray that you still love me,
I’ll pray that nothing has changed,
As I sing myself to sleep
Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave.
—  His mistakes

modern au where Moiraine is driving the kiddos in her blue volkswagon bus and Lan in the passenger like cleaning his finger nails with a giant knife or some dumb fantasy thing like that, when “…Baby One More Time” comes on the radio and Moiraine gets WAY too into it and Lan doesn’t flinch or acknowledge her intense jammage and no one says anything when its over, but the kiddos are in the back just staring mouth agape the entire time, too shocked to even record it for evidence

i hate u i love u sentence starters
  1. “Feeling used, but I’m still missing you" 
  2. "I can’t see the end of this" 
  3. "Just wanna feel your kiss against my lips" 
  4. "All this time is passing by, but I still can’t seem to tell you why it hurts me every time I see you" 
  5. "I realize how much I need you" 
  6. "I hate you" 
  7. "I love you" 
  8. “I hate that I love you”
  9. "I don’t want to, but I can’t put nobody else above you" 
  10. "I hate that I want you" 
  11. "You want her" 
  12. "You need her" 
  13. "I’ll never be her" 
  14. "I miss you when I can’t sleep" 
  15. “What about all the times you’d pick me up and we’d just drive around?”
  16. “We’d do nothing, but it was okay with me”
  17. “They say it’s not good to spend all my time thinking about you, so late at night”
  18. “I can’t stop- once I start it’s like an avalanche”
  19. “I just want to hold your hand”
  20. "I miss you in my front seat" 
  21. "Still got sand in my sweaters from nights we don’t remember" 
  22. "Do you miss me like I miss you?" 
  23. "Fucked around and got attached to you" 
  24. "Friends can break your heart too" 
  25. "I’m always tired but never of you" 
  26. "If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that shit" 
  27. "I put this reel out, but you wouldn’t bite that shit" 
  28. "I type a text but then I nevermind that shit" 
  29. "I got these feelings but you never mind that shit" 
  30. "Keep it on the low" 
  31. "You’re still in love with me but your friends don’t know" 
  32. "If you wanted me you would just say so" 
  33. "And if I were you, I would never let me go" 
  34. "I don’t mean no harm- I just miss you on my arm" 
  35. "The wedding bells were just alarms" 
  36. "There’s caution tape around my heart" 
  37. "You ever wonder what we could have been?" 
  38. "You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did" 
  39. "Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix" 
  40. "Now all my drinks and all my feelings are all fucking mixed" 
  41. "Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing" 
  42. "Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance" 
  43. "I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing" 
  44. "But I learned from my dad that it’s good to have feelings" 
  45. "When love and trust are gone, I guess this is moving on" 
  46. "Everyone I do right does me wrong" 
  47. "You want her, you need her and I’ll never be her" 
  48. "All alone I watch you watch her like she’s the only girl you’ve ever seen" 
  49. “She’s the only thing you ever see”
  50. "You don’t care you never did" 
  51. "You don’t give a damn about me”
  52.  "How is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me?”

Mike and Diana doodles 🐭💕🐭


Chris skating to Toxic

Yuri on Ice AU where everything is the same except instead of “Intoxicated” Chris skates to “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

This song fits even better than the original, I dont know if I should be surprised or not…

RWBY + love songs analysis (part 2)

Now that the full version of Like Morning Follows Night is out, I can say one thing:

I definitely think it’s not a love song. The only word of love that’s used is from Sun’s point of view. This decidedly elevates it to a one-sided thing. Just listen to it - does this sound like two people saying “I love you/etc” to one another? If, for whatever reason, the answer is yes…I now ask you: if you compare it to Bmblb, which one sounds MORE like two people saying “I love you/etc”?

My answer is one hundred percent Bmblb, and that’s why I don’t put Bmblb on the level of one-sided because the lyrics definitely make it seem that’s there’s two points of view, and it’s got a much happier vibe, one of realisation on both parts.

LMFN does not have this realisation, in fact, the lyrics push the concept that Sun wishes Blake would realise how much he cares for her - but until then, he will follow her. Like Morning Follows Night. The song isn’t called like Night follows morning for a reason. Nowhere does this song say Blake needs him like he wants her to.

Still, I like the duet, because it reinforces the meaning of what we saw in V4. It’s a strong song that, to me, showcases the struggle that Blake and Sun have had - trying to understand each other’s points of view.

I genuinely am glad that somebody is telling Blake she needs to stop her lone wolf act. Sun’s stepped in as the voice of reason she needs, which used to be her teammates - particularly Yang. Obviously Blake is missing them dearly, and what she’s said proves that she never wanted to leave.
I believe Sun cannot fill the shoes of Ruby, Weiss and especially Yang. He isn’t going to become Blake’s partner, he’s got his own team he needs to lead, and a partner of his own. Blake was more than happy where she was before - who she was with before. When it boils down to it, I’m thinking there’s an underlying reason to the story as to why she chose Yang at the beginning.

Anyway, this is purely my opinion on the context of the song, and I don’t intend to tear down those that want to view it differently as a way to hype themselves. Not at all, in fact, I just want people that might have a harder time believing in Bumbleby to take this into consideration. I’m trying to be as subjective as possible using the lyrics, tone, and when it was used in the show to gauge what it’s implying.

Until Bmblb is used, if it is at all, I keep my judgement that it’s a solid romanctic song implying Bumbleby.

college au! where the kids handle their alcohol…

Deku- He doesn’t drink. Usually the DD. When he does drink, however, he is emotional and a lightweight. “You’re too nice to me, Uraraka-san. I don’t deserve you!” Kinda reckless, he ran into a wall once and busted his nose.

Uraraka- She’s the one who gets really honest and brutal. “BAKUGOU, YOU CAN EAT MY ASS.” She turns into the “dumb baby” of the group. “Who wants to see me, jump down this flight of stairs?” She ends up floating away half the time and no one ever knows where she is.

Iida- Typically doesn’t drink either. The other DD. When he does drink he doesn’t change that much, just kinda loosens up a bit. “HAS EVERYONE DRANK WATER. MAKE SURE YOU DRINK WATER BETWEEN ALCOHOL. IT PREVENTS HANGOVERS AND WILL-” A chatter box.

Bakugou- Shirtless. He’s the one who gets drunk and immediately loses his shirt. Becomes more friendly(ish), but the nicknames stick. “Deku isn’t actually half bad for being a complete fucking idiot.” Lost his shoes and made a pair out of Hantas tape. “IT’S CALLED INOVATION, ASSBITCH.”

Kirishima- The karaoke master. Literally knows every single song. Toxic by Britney Spears? Knows it. Life is a highway by Rascal Flatts? Got it. The hype man. He ends up on top of a table at some point. He goes up to people asks, “Wanna know how I got these scars?” “You only have one and it was when you were a BABY.”

Momo- She usually provides the alcohol for the party. “JUST MAKE IT FOR US!” “We gotta be responsible if we DO drink.” Makes sure no one’s stuff gets messed with. Gets really giggly when drunk and everyone falls in love.

Todoroki- Spicy boy™. Beyonce once said, “I get filthy when that liquor gets into me.” Speaking of Beyonce, Partition is his jam and will not hesitate to dance his ass off. Half lidded eyes are his his look when he’s drunk.

Tsuyu- Can handle her alcohol. The one who tends to the emotional drunks. Makes sure to drink plenty of water. She takes “drinking like a fish” to another level. Gets existential. “You ever wondered why were here?”

Kaminari- The DJ. Will play everyone’s favorite song then follow it up with cotton eyed joe and he thinks it’s hilarious. The one guy who has rhythm but can’t dance for shit… so it kinda looks like he knows what he’s doing.

Jirou- Comes out her shell more. Is actually a big dork and makes sure everyone has a good time. Mentions memes or vines to everything everyone says. “It’s hot in here.” “It’s the heat.” “Can you read this for me?” “No I cannot. What up. I’m Jared, I’m 19 and I never fuckin’ learned how to read.”

Mina- “Typical” drunk girl. Here to have a good time and  Does 10 shots off the bat. She laughs really loud and compliments everyone. “WHO WANTS TO DO JELLO SHOTS?” Is always down for beer pong and she always wins. The Champ™