okkkk so instead of doing homework(oops), I’m going to make a list of all the artists here on tumblr who I admire a lot, and have really inspired me to try different things with my own art style~ o: They’re not really in a particular order, haha.

  • toxcatl - I just love everything about her art, she’s so great with colors, and the way she draws faces is beautiful~ seriously you guys, she’s like my favorite artist ever, you should check her stuff out ;v;
  • darsucks - I cannot even believe that they draw with tegaki and make such beautiful art, that program is impossible for me, haha… Their colors are so great and they somehow manage to make close-up compositions interesting and fluid and it’s great ;_;
  • rumminov - Another tegaki-er, I believe. Their outfit designs are so gorgeous and I just love their style ;u;
  • mookie000 - sdfskjg her FACES. Goodness she draws the prettiest faces ever, especially eyes… She also has really great clothing designs. ;o;
  • clouded - CLOUDED is like… one of the reasons I even picked up art like I did (FANDOM SECRET). She can paint like no one’s business and is pretty much the master of all things regarding lighting and composition and I just… shed a tear of beauty every time I see her stuff on my dash… Also one of my very good friends, she has helped me with a lot of stuff, and that’s definitely affected my art in the long run!

There’s definitely more people on here who have really good art that I like, but these are just the ones that I’ve actually drawn stylistic and other sorts of things from and applied to my own art. o: I really encourage you guys to check them out, if you didn’t know of them already, because they’re all really great! (◡‿◡✿)

this was inspired by the amazing art of toxcatl on tumblr. when ever i see their art I cant help but stare and envy at how natural and beautiful it looks so this is a way of me thanking them for being so awesome. i hope that i can improve in my own art some day! okay



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