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i recently passed 1k followers and also the three month anniversary of this blog so i thought i’d do a follow forever as a celebration/thank you (i even tried to make a banner lmao; thank u to my ultimate bae ewrinsmith for listening to me complain about it)

i don’t tend to unfollow people so these are more my faves than anything; i’ve probably missed some ultra cool people and i’m rlly sorry ily all i made a blogroll [here] so go check out all those gr9 blogs

mutuals are bolded and baes as well as mutuals i admire from afar (in a non-creepy way??) are italicised


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thank you all (followers and those i follow) for making my experience on tumblr this time 1000x better than any of the other blogs i’ve had over the years you are wonderful ♡


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”