“If you could go back in time,  what would you do differently? ” he asked with a smirk.

I let the question sink in before answering. It was a question we all wish would come true.

“I would’ve stayed. ” I pause.

“And if I couldn’t stay, then I would want to stay at least for a few more minutes, seconds even. ”

“Why? ” he wasn’t smiling this time. He leaned closer.

I took a deep breath.
“Because that’s what we normally regret in the end,  isn’t it? Not staying long enough. Not saying enough. It’s never going to be enough. And I believe that if I did stay, eventually that wouldn’t be enough either. ”

I averted my eyes away from his and looked at my hands before answering.

“So, if I could have lingered a bit longer, I know it wouldn’t be enough. But it would make all the difference. ”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, #1

I know one day I’ll stop thinking about you. One day, I’ll forget you, forget it all. I won’t remember how your hand felt in mine or your smile or the way your eyes glinted whenever they looked at me. I won’t remember our stupid inside jokes and the songs we sang and the places we went and all of our late night conversations will just be a blur. 

One day, I won’t love you anymore.

And that’s what scares me the most.

—  I never fucking wanted to forget you but what choice do I have now?
We were composed of the most beautiful symphonies. He would say I love you like it was an easier concept than to breathe. It all just flowed naturally. So for the longest time, I thought it was him that I needed but it was me. And I have experienced storms far greater than the ones he has blown my way. In the distance I can see a calm sea. I know maybe not now but really soon that I will be okay.
—  (102 / 365)
Jackie Rose


A poem by Karys, (towritepoems here on tumblr,) now a song by me. Everybody go follow her blog, her poetry is lovely. ♥

butterflies died in my stomach
and turned into heavy stones
and I will lay in my bed forever
and make dust piles from my bones

oh god I can’t say that I miss you 
with silence spread out like the sea
with that blank stare sketched on your face
I know you’ve not thought of me

I am tired of feeling this tired
a terribly consistent fatigue
with a heavy heart blocking my lungs
you still make it hard to breathe

oh god I can’t say that I miss you 
with silence spread out like the sea
with that blank stare sketched on your face
I know you’ve not thought of me

you have been gone for quite a while
as I count the minutes in the bricks
it will be exactly seven thousand four
hundred and twenty when I finish this

oh god I can’t say that I miss you 
with silence spread out like the sea
with that blank stare sketched on your face
I know you’re not thinking of me

But in the end, the only thing I knew was that I loved you and you knew it. But it still wasn’t enough to make you stay. That’s all I’m left with. That’s all I know. And you know what? I think I’m finally okay with that.
—  Maybe I’ll never know why you did it, but I realized I don’t need to anymore//

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We have the same heartbeat. We talk with the same apathetic indifference but our kisses could be confused with prayers. Because intertwined hands and submissive lips always seem to give a little more lip service to those we pray we never forget.
—   Jacqueline Brazile