Cigarette Burns To My Skin

I want my skin to be lit with cigarettes
Alcohol on my breath
And maybe a goody bag of fresh meth
Just to feel what it is
About being drugged and wasted
I so long to taste it
But hesitant to swallow
A lifetime of sorrow
When turning to these methods
Of misery
Yet I want my room to be engulfed in smoke
and my desk full of white powder yes that coke
And bottles just everywhere
But I’d rather sit on my bed and quietly stare
Just want experience a forbidden life style by simple observations
because from society these means are a means of rehabilitation
I want to get 420 high without the blunt
I want that relapse phase
Where all my thoughts are hidden and clustered like a maze
I just want to know the feeling of being out of mind
Without the substance abuse wasting my precious time
I just want my skin to be lit with cigarettes
Cigarettes and other things so I can have that ashy breath
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