Survey Poll:  Head covering a Law or Cultural tradition?

It is only hinted at twice in the living scripture, since HE gave two inspired witnesses showing women cover. SO THIS PLEASES HIM. Yet, it is never commanded to wear them.  This means it is a freewill offering to HIM, sisters will be greatly blessed by covering, but there is no infraction of towrah by not covering [if her husband allows it]

There are two parties represented at the Mount Sinai covenanting with the words of the Towrah. The leadership, the seventy elders with Mosheh, Aharon and sons who went up the mountain and ate the covenant ratifying meal. These represent the male body of Yahuwsha. Now, the Bride of Yahuwsha is represented by the masses of Israel WHO HAD TO STAY BEHIND BARRIERS at the base of the mountain. The bride would have been shot through with a javelin and killed if they would have tried to go up the mountain and see YHWH from a distance.
The reality of both HIS body and the potential Bride that they are both a part of the wheat wave offering of being HIS First Fruits, to access the first Resurrection.

Survey Poll: How many of you believe the Messiah will require animal sacrifices when He returns and is ruling in His Kingdom??? (And why or why not)

HE will absolutely, In the next two ages there will be trillions of treacherous and heathenistic humans being resurrected that will come back under the “SchoolMaster” of two Priesthoods [one upright, one defiled] that demand a fire altar atonement system. Those raised up under the Tsadokian priesthood will have the opportunity to overcome under the rigid ancient Towrah qualifications. They may even become breath beings and function in multiple dimensions as the elect’s servants.. Those who are under the defiled altar Levitcal priesthood, they are the “outer darkness” permanent humans beings that will be beasts of burden and slaves in the third dimensional realm depicted In the book of Ezekiel WERE THE ATONING FEASTS HAVE BENN ELIMINATED, so they NEVER escape outer darkness, where there worm never dies[ aging process is cancelled] and their fire[98.6] will never be put out.