It was the 9th of October, 1965, and 14-year-old Elsie Frost and was spending the afternoon at Snapethorpe School’s Sailing Club in Lupset, Wakefield, with her friends. It was approximately 4PM when Elsie departed to walk the short distance home. Typically, she would walk home with friends but on this afternoon, she wanted to avoid the canal towpath. She had just got a new pair of shoes and knew that route would be muddy due to earlier rain.

As Elsie was walking through the tunnel below the railway line at Horbury, she was savagely attacked. She was stabbed in the head, hand, and back. The stab wound to her back pieced her heart. Due to the stab wound on her hand, it was evident that the teenager had attempted to defend herself against the frenzied attack. Unfortunately, it was unfruitful and she died due to shock and blood loss. A manhunt for the killer was underway immediately. It became the largest manhunt that Wakefild would ever see, with the army even becoming involved. A couple of months after the shocking murder, 33-year-old Ian Bernard Spencer was declared to be guilty by the coroner. He was innocent, he professed, and this claim was corroborated by family members who said they were at home with Ian that afternoon. Ian was eventually acquitted of the murder but always remained under a cloud of suspicion. Police would frequently show up to his home whenever a murder took place in the area and Ian took to writing his daily activities down in a book.

One of the main theories is that Elsie stumbled across two men engaging in homosexual activities, which was illegal in Britain at the time. Another theory is that Elsie had a secret boyfriend who may have been involved. In 2016, an 78-year-old Peter Pickering was arrested in connection with Elsie’s murder. He was bailed out of jail and then re-arrested again in March or 2017. The case still remains unsolved. Elsie’s parents both went to the grave without knowing who killed their daughter or why.


Narrowboat by Robert

Hidden || Part Two

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Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: In which Joe’s so enthusiastic about how great (Y/N) is, the rest of the boys get suspicious as to why jack hasn’t introduced them yet. 

Dedicated too: Everyone who requested a part two and/or supported the first part. I hope you all love this xo

“She’s fucking incredible.” Joe breathes out in shock as he walks into the living room of Caspar’s apartment where all of the boys were gathered. They all turn to look up at him with their eyebrows furrowed, all but Conor, who catches on immediately and smirks smugly. “She made brownies, and she played Fifa with us, and then she sketched me a tattoo because I said I’d always wanted one and it’s amazing and I literally wanna go and have it done now.”

“Oh my god, you lucky prick!” Oli huffs, glancing over at the rest of the boys who somehow still haven’t caught on. “You’re all such dumbasses, he’s obviously taking about (Y/N).”

Joe nods quickly, jogging over and taking a seat on the couch, passing Josh his phone and pointing out the photograph. “I managed to get her to follow me on Instagram, look how pretty she is.”

Josh whistles lowly after scrolling for a second before [passing the phone to Caspar who’s eyes widen as he scrolls up a little before passing the phone on and nodding in agreement. It was true, she was hot, and she had such a lovely personality it was crazy. “Jack’s such a dickhead, I can’t believe he hasn’t introduced us to her yet.” Mikey grumbles, scrolling up and down for a moment before passing the phone back to Joe. “Did you notice anything, unusual, about her? Any reason he’s keeping us away from her?”

Conor snorts, causing everyone to turn to face him. “Oh come on, do you seriously not see it yet? Jack isn’t trying to keep you away from her; she just has a busy schedule and any free time they have they spend together. Alone, like a normal couple.” He shrugs and picks up his phone, checking the date and time quickly. “She has today off so she’ll be at Jacks, I’m sure they won’t mind us popping over to say hello.”

Oli narrows his eyes at Conor and frowns. “You sure? I don’t wanna walk in on something disgusting.”

Conor laughs and shakes his head. “You guys are so stupid. I’ll just text him, so get ready. We’ll leave in a few.”

Back at Jack’s apartment, he glances over at (Y/N), who’s stood in the kitchen in her pyjamas with her hair up in a messy bun and dancing to the music playing out of the speakers as she began to make some milkshakes. They’d been craving one since the night before, and so she’d sent Jack on a quest to hunt down the ingredients and agreed to make them herself if he complied.

“Babe, the boys are all coming over; that okay?”

She looks up from the blender with a surprised smile on her face. “All of them?” Jack nods and smiles when she squeals in excitement and jogs over to the cupboards. “Okay, I’ll make enough milkshake for everyone.”

Jack stands up and walks into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around her and swaying them side to side, following the beat of the music. She hums in content, turning around in his arms and placing a small kiss onto his lips. “Should I get changed or anything?”

He looks down at her leggings and his shirt which hung off of her shoulders and shakes his head with a adoring smile. “You look beautiful; and I can almost bet that Caspar’ll be wearing pyjama pants when he arrives. So don’t worry about it.”

“M'kay.” She smiles, pecking his lips one more time before pushing him away slightly and laughing. “Go away, I can’t concentrate on the ingredients if you’re here distracting me.”

“Distracting? Me? Never.” He chuckles, but follows her orders and walks back over to the couch, glancing over his shoulder dramatically and blowing her a kiss which makes her laugh as she throws a few more Oreos into the mix. He turns off the TV and instead focuses on editing his new video, smiling a little whenever (Y/N) could be heard giggling in the background and deciding just to leave it in.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door, and (Y/N) glances over at Jack quickly. “Want me to get it?”

Jack shakes his head and peels his eyes away from the computer screen, placing it down onto the table and standing up. “No, I got it princess.”

She nods silently and goes back to concentrating, pouring the exact amount of milkshake into each cup before adding whipped cream and crushed up Oreo for decoration on top; followed by long plastic straws and a small cherry. She was known for going way over the towpath everything she did and made, but that was just (Y/N).

The boys all flow into the apartment, and she greets Conor first, seeing as he walks straight into the kitchen to give her a hug, knowing exactly where she’d be. She hands him a milkshake and giggles when he kisses her cheek sloppily before running off to make himself comfortable in the den.

The rest of the boys were just as she’d expected, they were all funny and there was no awkwardness between them at all, she just seemed to fit into their little group. They seemed to appreciate the milkshake, especially Caspar, who was done within a matter of minutes and was already asking the boys for theirs.

She ended up playing Fifa with a few of them, helping Jack edit his video and even played a few drinking games, though she substituted her vodka for cranberry juice seeing as she had work early the next morning. Eventually the clock shows two am and (Y/N) and Jack are the only ones still awake, and she can tell Jack was just itching to snapchat the whole scene in order to embarrass them all.

She yawns and stretches her arms up, placing a kiss on Jack’s cheek before standing up and smiling down at him tiredly. “I’m gonna head to bed, you coming?”

He nods, eying the boys one last time before standing up and wrapping himself around you, guiding you away from the human puppy pile and toward your shared bedroom with apleased sigh. “They all really like you, told me that they wanted you to be their girlfriend when you went into the kitchen to grab the spare controller.”

She smiles in relief, pausing in the middle of the hallway and pulling Jack’s head down, pressing their lips together and humming against them. “I like them too, but I’m yours.”

He smirks and pulls her flush against him. “Mhm, and don’t you ever forget that.”