Narrowboat by Robert


So, it would appear that I am on a bit of a coffee streak.

And on that note, perfectly tucked away on regents canal between Whitmore and Kingslands Road bridge in Dalston, lies a enticing little coffee shop called ‘Tow Path’- perfect on a sunny day!

I’ll be keeping this review rather short but here is the checklist:

  • Good italian coffee
  • Food menu is rather limited but is very fresh and actually tastes good.  It is more the type of place to have something to nibble on rather than a full meal.
  • There are mats and blankets outside that overlook the canal and are perfect to unwind

It is a must if you’re in the area or cruising along the canal. 

plus! you have the added bonus of being able to get your bike checked while you’re there - there is a small bike garage right next to coffee shop run by some rather friendly chaps!