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F:  Faith in Me - Silent Voices 

I:  Irresistable - Fall Out Boy

R:  Road Trippin’ - RHCP

E:  Emerald Sword - Rhapsody 

L:  Larger Than Life - Sonata Arctica

O:  One More Magic Potion - Ensiferum

R:  Resist and Bite - Sabaton

D:  Demonheart - Luca Turilli

Z:  Ziltoidian Empire - Devin Townsend Project

U:  Under Bergets Rot - Finntroll

T:  Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill) - Blind Guardian

A:  Angel of Small Death and the Cocaine Scene - Hozier

R:  Romanticide - Nightwish

A:  Ave Maria - Trollfest 

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