Post 2: The raison d'etre behind #chasingarumor is this line. The infamous “Terminal Cancer” in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. It’s one of the most aesthetic couloirs I’ve ever seen and skied. 6 years ago, after skiing it with @jeremyjones, some guy on a snowmobile rolled up to us and said, “That? Oh yeah, there are many more of those out there.” Having never seen a photo, blog post or any other word of what else is out there, @joshdaiek and I are headed out on an adventure to skin, hike, climb and ski our way around the Ruby mountains until we find out if what the guy on the snowmobile said is true. Tomorrow, the mission truly starts. We’ll be posting as much as we can while out here but more than likely will tell the story as it has unfolded. Follow @joshdaiek, photographer @nicalegre and the hashtag #chasingarumor to see the story as it unfolds. We start in the dark tomorrow. by codytownsend