anonymous asked:

What kind of book genres have you sent him? Can we send him picture books? Like about the galaxies and the universe?

Galaxies and universe yes. Nothing about sex, guns, violence. I sent him various books - ok for example  Secret diary of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend. Very funny book. It can always be caviar by Simmel. Dark Angel by Mika Waltari.  History of 20th cCentury by Johnson. The name of the rose by UmbertoEco…I will make a complete list and will send it to everyone who is interested in.

Maybe is good idea to send him something about Chechnya.  Its history, maybe nature etc.


Seattle Pride 2015 Round-up!

1. Waiting-two-hours-for-the-parade-to-start selfie!

2. We had the old Port Townsend fire truck. It was a big hit.

3 + 4. Parading

5. People were out on their balconies to watch.  They get really excited if you make it a point to wave up at them. :)

6. Gay Dalek. I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to get a good pic.

7. Starbucks was in front of us and they had their own drag queen.

8. I just thought this was a really neat flag.