Uηfσятυηαтє SσυƖѕ // 8tracks playlist // Ɩιѕтєη нєяє!

01.Poor Unfortunate Souls - Jonas Brothers // 02.I Am Lapis Lazuli (Extended) Aivi & surasshu // 03.Into The Unknown (Theme Song)  - The Blasting Company // 04.Ametsuchi Hito Inu - Takagi Masakatsu // 05.Be PreparedJeremy Irons with Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin and Jim Cummings // 06.Desert Glass - Aivi & surasshu // 07.Friends On The Other Side - Keith David // 08.Water Damage - Aivi & Surasshu

townoflovenote thank you for letting me use your artwork!


Visited Fae’s town to pick up a cedar sapling that I needed for my town. I went inside the his house and wowie it was super cute and simple! I wandered around town running to trees that had bugs so Fae wouldn’t have to deal with them. And I buried a gift for him and wrote a thing on the bulletin-board, but I didn’t screen that oops. I had a great time overall and can’t wait to wifi with him again!!


I went over to Fae’s town where we exchanged lovely gifts with each other and played two gardening tours on the island as well as a bug one (although the wifi cut during that tour;;). I opened up my own town for Fae to come and see how things were since my dream town is old, and lo and behold, he put on the clothing items I gifted him! We bought take-out coffee for each other and walked around my town before the wifi cut once again. Overall it was a fun wifi session/date B)))