This isn’t so much a townie makeover as it is me randomly deciding to use some innocent townie as a base for a sim I wanted to make lol. I scrolled my dash one night and saw this picture of Giaro Giarratana. I fell in love with his face so I decided to simify him eventually. So I finally got around to it.

Oh and  don’t have any long, curly hairs in my game that match his. Any suggestions?

Watch out, we’ve got a blubber face here! Next up is Amy Bull, Marc’s romantic interest. I loved the bold makeup she had on her face, so I kept that concept when I was doing her makeup. I also made her look a little bit more feminine as well as made her a little bit smaller/shorter. 

I’ve actually done numerous townie makeovers before (I still have old pictures of them, too) and Amy Bull came out the best at this point :3 I think I would want my next legacy challenge to be Marc Brandt and Amy Bull lololol