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NEW VIDEO: Shit Pats Fans Say: 2016 Edition


NEW VIDEO: Back by popular demand it’s “Shit Pats Fans Say: Playoff Edition,” a season’s worth of musings, rumblings, grumblings, grousings and gripes, all in one compact three-minute package. Here’s to hoping we get to do a version involving or around a certain game in New Jersey about a month from now.

If there are any Patriots phrases, expressions, lines or laughs we missed or that you want us to consider for a future episode hit me up on “the twittah” (@FitzyGFY) and use the hashtag #ShitPatsFansSay - hey, we’re all in this together, right?



Shit Pats Fans Say: Offseason Edition

The 2014 football season may be months away, but Pats fans still have plenty to talk about during the offseason.

We have our first Townie News Pats shirt sighting of 2013 - from @jonathanacoelho - and he set himself up in a GRONK SPIKE alongside a Foxboro legend - none other than the original TFB, the man who made the #80 awesome for the Patriots, TROY BROWN.

Umm, Troy Brown looks like he could still suit and play. WR, CB, whatever Hoodie needs. Jonathan…you look like you can’t wait for the Phish show later tonight. And that’s some nice friggin work, Jonathan.

Send us your pixx of you rockin out with your Gronk out or doing anything in our swag, merch and wears. We love when you rock it Patstastic and as always #KeepCalmAndBradyOn

Football. YES. Football.