Townhouse ft. The World's Largest Pivoting Window

Sculp IT, a Belgian design studio, is responsible for this newly-renovated townhouse located in Antwerp, featuring a world first - the world’s largest pivoting window. From the street, the townhouse facade remains unchanged. However, the entire rear has been removed and replaced by an immense pivoting door. 

“The simple, contemporary glass rear has the world’s largest pivoting window – three metres wide by six metres high – and makes this house ready for the future,” says architects in charge Peerlings and Mertens, who also lay claim to having built the narrowest house in the Netherlands and the world’s largest floating swimming pool.

The new ground floor area provides an open-plan kitchen and dining area adjoining the garden, while utility rooms and a garage area are located within the existing building. Polished concrete forms the floor of the extension and continues out into the garden terrace, providing a sense of continuity between interior and exterior spaces.

The pair of glass doors, weighing almost four tonnes and measuring six metres in height, pivot out towards the garden of this renovated Antwerp home.

Source: Archdaily | Photography by Luc Roymans

Home Tour: Clean Melbourne Townhouse

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