townes van zandt grave

Townes Van Zandt was a drunk, a junkie, and deadbeat dad. His songs when mixed with the right combination of vodka and opiates can bring a grown man to tears. His voice was too nasal for Nashville and his vibe was too rough for LA. Willie bought his songs as a favor and Townes traded most his royalties away for various substances throughout his career. From fistfights with his old lady in the middle of Guadalupe across from the University of Texas Austin campus, to trading the rights to 4 of his records for $20, Townes truly spent the majority of his short life here on earth, waiting around to die.  Visiting his grave made me want to search for the graves of other people who’ve influenced me. All my heroes were junkies. The future looks bleak. 

Dido, TX.


time is a flat circle - a rust cohle fanmix
“everything we’ve ever done or will ever do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.”

i. back burner (isobel campbell and mark lanegan); ii. ain’t no grave (johnny cash); iii. lungs (townes van zandt); iv. i’m a man of constant sorrow (soggy bottom boys); v. o death (jen titus); vi. wolf like me (lera lynn); vii. hadestown (anais mitchell); viii. bangor mash (the devil makes three); ix. 47b idumea (second ireland sacred harp convention); x. samson (vv brown); xi. bartholomew (the silent comedy); xii. rolling in on a burning tire (the dead weather); xiii. gun (emiliana torrini); xiv. goodbye (apparat)