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ROOM ITSELF: This bedroom is bigger than any of the others in the house, suggesting it was indeed the master bedroom of whomever previously lived here. Obviously this would be the room Guzma would claim for himself.
BED: The bed is also bigger than any of the others. It even has three pillows. Why does Guzma need three pillows like that? Maybe the guy likes company. ;) But also, the placement of the bed is peculiar. It isn’t up against a wall like most people arrange their beds, but rather a bit askew and taking up space in the room. It’s possible that when Guzma gets angry he shoves it around a little. Unfortunately, unlike his bed at home, you can’t lie down in it and comment on what it feels/smells like. (But do I still desperately try? Yes.) It’s also a surprise to see that, although it’s not the most tidy-looking bed and the sheets are probably dirty, it still seems Guzma makes his bed.
THRONE: Aside from the chest of Buginium Z, it is the only thing in the room you can interact with. When you sit in it, you take notice, “The arms of the chair look like they’ve been slammed countless times by angry fists.” Seeing as they appear to be made of wood, that’s rather unsettling. This of course is more evidence toward Guzma’s anger issues. Additionally, it should be noted the platform is makeshift, certainly not specifically built for this purpose; it’s an overturned bookshelf, confirmed by comparing it to other bookshelves around the house.
BUGINIUM Z: There is a Grunt earlier who says, “We’ve been collecting every last shard of Buginium Z in Alola for Mr. Guzma. All so that Mr. Guzma could be sure to be the strongest bug Pokémon user around!” So this is where it all goes, just lazily stored in Guzma’s bedroom. Guzma isn’t even able to use it himself; he has no Z-Ring. Therefore he must be collecting it to make sure no one else can use it either.
PLATFORM TABLES: Beside the throne are two tables, one with a glass bottle and the other with a laptop. The glass bottle undoubtedly contains/contained alcohol, suggesting Guzma drinks, but more on that later. The laptop is interesting because there’s no way of knowing what he uses it for, which could range from actually using it for business to surfing the web for porn. Before battling Guzma, he says he likes to smash machines when they mess up, so it could safely be assumed the laptop is either a little beat up or brand spanking new. Also, the only other computers in the house are in (what is believed to be) Plumeria’s bedroom, as well as in the front.
OTHER TABLES: There are also three additional tables on the right side of the room: two with ceramics on them and one with a globe. These items are likely just leftover from the previous owner, but the bong-like shape of the green vase is a fun thing to speculate about, and the possibility of Guzma keeping the globe there because he actually has an interest in geography is another fun thought.
SHELVES: Displayed on top of the shelves is a decorative plate and another ceramic likely leftover by the previous owner like the other ceramics. Displayed on the top and middle shelves are an array of bottles, likely containing alcohol, and this suggests Guzma may have a drinking problem which undoubtedly does not go well with his anger issues. If any of those bottles are empty, he probably keeps them to smash them when he’s angry (the ceramics aren’t safe either). On the bottom shelf, there are two safes. Possibly left by the previous owners, Guzma surely broke into them by now and makes use of them. Money, drugs, a gun, or even keepsakes from home could be inside. Money would be most likely, however, and that could indicate Guzma is actually a frugal spender, whether it’s money for himself or for the whole of Team Skull.
PAINT: There is paint spattered on the rug, platform, and wall behind the throne, but not in any other area of the room. It could be inferred that Guzma specifically wanted this area “decorated” in such a way in order to convey its importance and to make it look edgy af. The only image painted is the Team Skull logo over the big painting on the wall. Speaking of which, it appears to have been a beautiful picture and was probably very expensive; Guzma defiled it likely as one last little “fuck you” to the high class society the people of Po Town seemed to belong to.
CLOSET: It can’t be seen in the image above, but the doors are on the right wall of the room. You are not able to interact with it, so there’s no telling what could be inside, other than clothes as one would obviously assume. It makes for a good detail to the room, however, because aside from the fact there is a bed, the room wouldn’t feel as bedroomy without it.
LAMPS: Here we have, of course, more leftover pieces of furniture from the previous owners. They are each directly in all four corners of the room, unifying the messy (although… garbage-free unlike the rest of the house) and asymmetrical layout by being the only other symmetrical aspect of the room aside from the throne setup. Is Guzma conscious of this? Probably not. It doesn’t seem like he gives a shit about interior design.


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