Why does every asexual fic have to be so angsty? Like, I’m ace and I think I’m the least angsty person in this room and having an ace character is the perfect time to have some cute fic like:

  • cuddles on the couch
  • painting on the partner 
  • baths together 
  • competing at the gym
  • having a day out on town
  • a nice, candle lit dinner 
  • going to the beach
    • making sculptures in the sand
    • covering the partner with sand
    • running away from waves
  • sitting and reading together 
  • cooking together
  • taking a cooking class
  • gardening together 


Starting Tomorrow (4/1 - 4/30)
  1. Your favorite neighbor
  2. Your first town name
  3. Your favorite event
  4. The first thing you do when you play
  5. Favorite K.K. Slider song
  6. Most annoying character
  7. A guilty pleasure
  8. The thing you’re most proud of doing
  9. Favorite place in town
  10. Your favorite personality type
  11. A neighbor you used to love but now hate
  12. Favorite NPC
  13. Best hour song
  14. Something that makes you happy
  15. The last neighbor to move into your town
  16. A neighbor you miss
  17. Your favorite outfit
  18. Favorite way to make money
  19. Most annoying thing to do
  20. The best part of the game
  21. The worst  K.K. Slider song
  22. Something you wish you could do in the game
  23. Your favorite furniture set
  24. A neighbor you hate
  25. Something you wish they would remove from the game
  26. Something that reminds you of someone/somewhere
  27. A neighbor or NPC who is most like you
  28. A neighbor you like to annoy
  29. Your favorite season
  30. Why you started playing Animal Crossing

He was 20 and had gone undercover at the local frat’s kegger

He’d picked up a blonde, gone back to her apartment.

The next day she would tell her friend that it was the best sex she’d ever had

Probably some of it had been illegal

And that the man just gave and gave and gave.

He was 26 and had just killed a werewolf plaguing the small town

A widower’s only son had been killed, and there was no one else

So he stood by the grave

A perfect stranger

That way the widower wouldn’t have to bury his son alone.

He was spotted one night at 23 by a little kid spying out the window

The next morning the child told his haggard mother that

“The man drove a car like the Batmobile but louder

And ran into the house

And killed at the ghosts, bang! Bang! Bang!”

That boy still wanted to be the Ghost Killer Hero the next Halloween.

At 29 he snuck out the back door of another hospital

And the nurse described him to security

“He was the man who brought in the girl in 342E.

Tall, green eyes, 1000 yard stare but not seeing a thing

Didn’t even flinch when I stitched him up

Honestly, I haven’t seen anything like it since I worked the VA”.

At 36 he was tired

And the bartended noticed he wouldn’t meet his own gaze in the mirror behind the shelves of liquor

Just pounded back shot after shot of whiskey

But still walked out without a waver in his step

Whatever the man had seen

It clearly was something no amount of booze could wash away.

When he was 30, he gave a woman just trying to walk her dog the fright of her life

His car flew down the cracked asphalt of the quiet back road

Roaring out of the depths of the darkness like the creature sent for Andromeda on the rock

The dog walker watched the black behemoth of a vehicle stop

And an even more frightening man get out

He had a jaw set hard, almost as threatening as his cold green eyes

He wasn’t shaven, and his forearms were covered in scars

Machete in hand he glanced at her before taking off into the woods

She never walked down that street again.

In the end, it was his brother who remembered,

It was Sam who would remember Dean permanently at 39

Because there was no one else

No one to watch the linen wrapped body crumble to ash.

It was only Sam

And so he remembered, because that was the only way to keep Dean’s memory alive.

I was wondering how people would remember Dean, and it…turned into this.  

Day 18: Draw a location in your town

A backview of a place just recently finished, metal bench overlooking the pond next to the waterfall, shaded by my orchard.

Drinking coffee there at 2 am is magical.

Advice: Making Zombie Apocalypse More Realistic

 asked: I’m currently working on my first novel about a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse, while they are searching for a family member who left for a supply run and wasn’t able to return. I’m having difficulties making the events and the settings more realistic. I would really appreciate any advice that you have to offer. Thanks!

You need to decide on a setting for your story before you’re able to flesh it out realistically. You can either choose a real location for the setting, or you can pool several real locations together and create a fictional setting. Read the following posts for more help:

Choosing a Setting for Your Story
Setting Your Story in an Unfamiliar Place
Setting Your Story in a Fictional Town

As far as making the events more realistic, it’s hard to do that when you’re talking about something fictional like a zombie apocalypse. It’s hard to say what would be realistic and what wouldn’t in that situation since it isn’t real. For that reason, you just have to get as close as you can to something that feels realistic.

One thing that can help is to make sure your description is vivid. Here are some posts that will help:

How to Make Simple Writing More Vivid
Horror by Daylight
Fight Scene Resources
Describing Actions

I hope that helps! :)
Kingdom Hearts ACNL Towns Masterlist!

Hey guys, kingdomheartsnyctophiliac here! :D So I will now be accepting submissions on the KH New Leaf Towns Masterlist! It will serve as a directory/network for New Leaf players who also enjoy Kingdom Hearts! You can visit each others towns and make more friends in the KH fandom! The only condition is that you simply genuinely like Kingdom Hearts :D When submitting, please give your

  1. Tumblr url (in case your KH blog is a secondary blog)
  2. The name of your mayor
  3. Your town’s name
  4. Your dream-address
  5. A screenshot of your town
  6. A few sentences to be your description :)

If you have more than one town, than of course you can submit the other(s) as well! Hopefully this all goes well, please tell me if you have any questions, or if i left something out!


The Specials     A Message to You, Rudy     1979

Stop your messing around 
Better think of your future 
Time you straighten right out
Creating problems in town

A message to you, Rudy…