I noticed the little house hidden under leafy growth, and though, “well, this is an unlikely place for this”. Right in town, in a heavily populated area, all houses around are well up-kept. Made me wonder the story behind this abandonment. This is one of the first times I’d noticed this familiar house being swallowed by nature. I’m not sure how long it’s been abandoned, but it has been long enough for the entire yard to be growing wildly. 

I wanted to creep around and take some photos, but it didn’t take long to realize there was no where to walk. I tried going up the front stairs, only to run into a net of Poison Ivy. Definitely not where I need to go, so I went around back. Noticed a broken gate, and made my way in. I followed what was once a short driveway and popped into an old car port. It was literally the only place that wasn’t covered in plants. Trees, vines, and weeds were everywhere. It was like entering another world. One minute you’re in the city, next you’re in a thriving jungle.

I stood there for awhile, admiring the power of nature. How quickly it can consume us. It gave me a strange sense of comfort…. that when our time is done here, nature will reclaim everything we touched.