Even More DnD Headcanons

Yep I guess I’m still doing these

  • Speak With Animals: now you can finally talk to your pets!
  • Silver and Gold dragons elected as benevolent, honorable, and forward-thinking leaders of towns and cities
  • Permanent teleportation gates connecting cities on different continents
  • Alchemists crafting beauty products like makeup or hair dye that never fades unless you negate it with another potion
  • Religious fanatics touting hate-speech suddenly being interrupted and rebuffed by the Avatar of their own gods
  • Spellcaster-musicians casting illusion magic to mix or create new sounds like DJs
  • A kid finding a dragon at their door because one of their kinkier ancestors got busy a few centuries ago SAY HELLO TO DRAGON GRANDPA HE BROUGHT PRESENTS FROM HIS VAST HOARD
  • What about all the different races’ cuisines? Delicious elven salad bars? Hefty Halfling buffets? Dragonborn chefs cooking steak with their lightning breath? I bet gnomes love making shit as spicy as possible.
  • Druids using plant growth to quickly grow food for starving populations or restore ecologically devastated areas
  • Friendly Drow teaching their advanced sign language to deaf, mute, or hard of hearing non-drow
  • Bard rap battles
| Scars | Tadashi Hamada


Hiro jolted, nearly jumping out of his own skin as hands covered his eyes from behind.

“Haha, very funny,” He mumbled, ignoring his aunt’s laugh in the back of his ears. His mind was already running a mile a minute, going over possible deductions of who could be holding him hostage.

Hand texture, usual smell, height advantage, time of the day, others are at the lab-

In only ten seconds he had a pretty good idea.

“Get off Y/N,” he wiggled in your hold. You squawked in indignation at how quickly he had figured it out. What in the world?

“Who’s that?” You lowered your voice exponentially, trying to keep him still.

He jabbed an elbow lightly in your side, distracting you enough to loosen your hold. His palms came up to skillfully push yours from his face, slinking out like a snake.

“Nice try,” He turned to peer up at you through a thick mess of tussled brown locks, wide almond eyes perusing your form.

You huffed. “Not fair, you mini prodigy.”

Hiro’s lips curved upwards into a smirk as he raised an eyebrow, but it was instantly wiped off when you took the opportunity to roughly ruffle his tussles of hair.

“Quit it!” He whined and you laughed.

“Yeah, yeah,” you let him go for now, glancing up the stairs. He caught your fast look and crossed his arms over his chest, giving you a knowing stare.

“What?” You broke his eye contact, unnerved. How a kid managed to do that to you was a mystery in of itself.

“He’s up there,” Hiro mused, starting to walk away. “How about you stop gawking and actually go say hi?”

Your mouth dropped open. “You little!”

You went to give him a lesson but he was already running away, snickers trailing through the air with him. You playfully shook your fist at his back, ignoring the slight pink tint to your cheeks.

“Brat,” you muttered with no bite in your tone, starting to head up the stairs.

He was indeed up there, you thought as you heard the familiar mumblings of his voice.

You paused, taking in a deep breath before continuing, lightly tiptoeing so that you could surprise him as well.

Your head peeked around the corner when you reached the top of the stairs-

And you nearly choked.

(In your defense, it was totally their fault their room didn’t have a freaking door.)

For a couple seconds your mind couldn’t process what it was seeing as you watched Tadashi Hamada lightly stretch, pulling his shirt up and over his head. Heat exploded across your face and you ogled helplessly, eyes fixed on the firm muscles of his back rolling underneath the skin, his pants dangerously low on his hips.

It was only when you saw his hands stray to his waist, probably to dispose of his lower article of clothing as well, that the choked noise escaped the back of your throat.

He stiffened, twisting around, confusion making his eyebrows furrow. When he saw your tense form he brightened for a second, just a second, before he went even more rigid, a shadow falling over his face.

As he was now faced towards you, you saw something you didn’t before, something that made any sense of a blush leave your cheeks.

Light patches of skin, lighter than the rest of his body crossed over his chest and splotched parts of his arms.

It was only a glimpse because Tadashi was shoving his shirt back on in no time, eyes darkened. However, it took only that glimpse to fill you with worry, especially now that he wouldn’t meet your gaze.

“Tada-” you began, only to be cut off when he turned away.

“Not right now,” he mumbled, shoulders trembling a bit. You stepped closer, concerned he may have taken your worry at his scars for disgust.


“I said not right now, Y/N,” He repeated, firmer, a bitter tone to his words. They struck right through you and you pursed your lips together to keep them from wobbling.

Then your embarrassment, worry and shame all changed to anger.

“Fine then!” You narrowed your eyes. He met your gaze to see you walking towards him with purpose in your steps, eyes ablaze.

Tadashi backed up but stopped when you pushed a finger into his chest, teeth gritted.

“Try to push me away as much as you can,” you growled. “But don’t ever get the wrong idea about yourself mister.”

You slammed a fist onto the dresser beside you. “My house. Three hours. Come. Or else.”

Then you were swishing away, storming out the room and down the staircase again.

Tadashi stared after you blankly, your frustrated expression at the forefront of his mind. He didn’t know how long he was in space when he heard the footfalls of feet coming back up the stairs.

His mouth opened, ready to apologize but closed when he saw his brother round the corner.

“Oh,” he muttered.

Hiro blinked but gave it no mind, yawning as he walked past him to sit by his computer.

“Y/N told me to tell you to wear clothes you wouldn’t mind getting messy,” he drawled, starting up the monitor. Tadashi frowned and Hiro shrugged.

“No idea what that means, but I’m guessing you do,” he said.

Tadashi sighed, looking up at the ceiling. You would be the death of him one day.

He was knocked out of his thoughts when a fist connected with his gut, knocking the wind out of him.

He gawked at his brother, face an unmistakable expression of what the hell?

Hiro just smiled innocently. “She also told me to do that.”

Knock knock

Tadashi stood outside your door, nervously running his hand through his hair before pulling on his cap. When nothing happened after that fifth set of knocks, he contemplated just heading back.

Why had you asked him to come if you weren’t even home?

Before he could even consider leaving any further, frantic footfalls echoed beyond the door. You opened it with such vigour the hinge slammed against the door. You panted, staring up at your friend.

“Sorry!” You all but squeaked, trying to appear casual as you leant against the door, and failing. “Some of the paint spilt on me and I had to wash it off.”

You didn’t do much of a good job, Tadashi wanted to say but held his tongue, looking at the bright yellow stain of paint in your hair and streaking your chin.

Wait, paint?

“Come in,” you made a beckoning motion. He shuffled in, barely keeping up with you as you dragged him to your living room.

There were pillows placed strategically on the floor, a large, old white cloth lying on the tile. Bottles of paint and brushes speckled in between the pillows and around the blanket.

You plopped down with as much grace as a bear, rearranging your legs Indian style and patting the floor next to you. Tadashi hesitantly followed your suggestion and sat beside you, maintaining a little distance.


You interrupted him by slowly reaching over to one of his hands. When he didn’t object, you swallowed and gathered your courage, holding the other and squeezing his weathered palms with your own, warmth traveling into your own.

You returned your gaze to Tadashi’s, who was staring back at you with something unrecognizable in those fragmented eyes.

Oh, Tadashi.

Intense distress settled at the bottom of your stomach. What had happened to him?

That was a stupid question, you chastised yourself. Of course you knew what had happened to him.

A memory of the same man before you flickered before your eyes, but this time he was in a bed, in a stark white room, gaunt, unconscious and barely breathing on life support. His locks spread around his face like a halo, a few gray hairs where there weren’t before, the equally white sheets about his form making him appear as an angel.

Six months. Six months he had been in a coma after the fire. He had barely survived, sustaining horrible injuries and leaving him unresponsive in a hospital bed for half a year.

At the time even the doctors where saying that they might have to pull the plug, it really didn’t seem that Tadashi was going to make it. Hiro had been devastated.

You didn’t like to think back to those dark days, the ones where the kid had become lost in his anger, hellbent on getting revenge. The debacle with Professor Robert Callaghan, where he had nearly destroyed half of the town when the portal gates had collapsed. Thankfully due to Hiro, Baymax and the rest of his friends from the robotics department, they had practically saved the day.

(You were the only one to know of their “secret identities” as Hiro could never ever lie successfully in front of you to save his life.)

But then soon after a miracle took place, the doctors detected brain activity that shouldn’t have been there.

Tadashi woke up.

It was only for five minutes, and afterwards he slipped back into his coma, but it was hope. Over the course of the next months he went in and out of full consciousness. Eventually your prayers were answered and he made a full recovery.

If you thought your heart had burst from joy, you couldn’t imagine to replace the emotion that passed onto Hiro’s face when he heard the news.

You smiled fondly down at your interlocked hands with said person, before it melted away.

Tadashi was different. Gone was the dork that annoyed you with his constant rambling of scientific discoveries, the kind soul who would drop anything to help a kid crying on the street, the cheeky grin that dimpled his handsome face when he stole your art supplies from under your nose.

He had come back broken.

Burn marks blemished places all over his body, the discolouration causing him to wear extra coverage at all times, the life sucked right of those honey brown eyes. The fire had not only caused trauma to his mental state, but it had also left its permanent stamp physically.

“I want to show you that you’re still beautiful,” you mumbled as an answer to his inquisitive scrutiny on you. Your thumb brushed lightly over a scar that peeked above the gloves on his hands that he now wore, a flush rising up your neck at your blatant words.

When you gathered enough courage to bring your eyes back to his you were blown away by the utter emotion that had rekindled on his face, slowly cracking away the mask he had built to block away the rest of the world.

He smiled, just barely, but a smile nonetheless. His hand squeezed yours back as he raised a brush at his side.

“Go ahead.”

You grinned.

“Thank you,” you breathed, inspecting his body in a way only an artist could, any lewd thoughts completely wiped from your mind. Then you scratched the back of your neck as you realized you didn’t have much to work with. “You’ll have to…”

Tadashi blinked before realizing what you were asking him to do. He grimaced, looking as if he had been stung, before taking in a deep breath and pushing away his fears. He rolled up his pants till they were at his knees, ignoring your protests as he shrugged off his jacket and unbuttoned his long sleeved shirt, putting that to the side as well. His gloves were thrown behind him to land somewhere on the couch.

The rest of the hour was filled with the whirring of the fan above your heads and a comfortable silence, interrupted only by your asks of what designs he would prefer you use. With every stroke of the paintbrush along his disfigurements and burns, it was as if you were healing a part of his very soul.

You created skies on his limbs, stars dotting the horizons of his chest, worlds in oceans on his wounds and heaven in a wildflower on his gashes. Entire universes were at the subject of your dexterous fingers as you dipped the brush in paint once more.

Eventually you took to flowers when you reached his shoulders, swirling the tip of your brush in water to remove the turquoise hue, dipping it in pink afterwards.

“Careful,” you mused as you returned the brush to the curve of his neck. “Pink might make you look girly.”

He chuckled, and you both gave wry smiles as you caught each others eyes. You knew he could care less, and that that was also a ridiculous stereotype.

Petals unfolded along his jaw, bending and curling up around his ears, expanding its beauty as you traced a blossom underneath a rather horrible burn splattering his left eye.

When you finally finished you exhaled a cool breath, observing your work and nodding in satisfaction.

“Stay right here!” You said, getting up in a hurry and rushing to your room, limping a bit from a dead leg, the blood rushing to it in pins and needles. When you returned, sitting back down, you held a handheld mirror.

“Here,” You offered him. He took it tentatively from you, and you watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed.

He inhaled deeply once more, a motion you recognized as something he did to give himself courage, before lifting it up and from him so that he could see his reflection.

The clock ticked.

Both of you were reflected in the smooth of the silver, and you could see yourself peering curiously over his shoulder at his own expression. You grew anxious when he only stared, not reacting.

“Do you not like it?” You bit your lip anxiously. “I’m sorry, we can wash it off-”

“Y/N,” He interrupted you, facing you with his eyes glazed with something that looked suspiciously like moisture. “I love it.”

“Y-You do?” Your eyebrows went up before you laughed nervously, pushing his shoulder. “Ah I mean of course you do! I did it of course!”

He raised an eyebrow and you bit your lip again to restrain your utter joy.

“Thank you,” He said, and something must have really been wrong with you because simple words should not be able to have your heart doing flips. “I mean it.”

“You’re welcome,” You puffed out your chest ridiculously, and was gifted with the sound of his contagious chuckle again. Your pride switched to perplexity when he picked up a brush himself, plunging it in the red.

“What? Did I miss a spot?” You narrowed your eyes at him, trying to see any blank space you may have overlooked. He shook his head, and your heart jumped again when he scooted closer, lifting your arm.

“I just wanted to return the favour,” He mumbled.

“Oh? You don’t have-” You grew even more confused when all he did was swipe a small stripe of paint onto your forearm before putting the brush back down. “-to?”

When he was sure you were going to burst with questions, his lips tilted.

“I don’t need to add anything else. You’re already beautiful.”

You were one hundred percent sure you had died and gone to heaven.

Your face burned horribly and you pursed your lips when he lifted his hand to cover a smile.

Oh, funny was it?

“Wait,” You mock grimaced, peering at his face and pausing his laughter. “I think I painted this wrong. Verbena flowers have four petals right?”

“Actually,” he piped up. “They have five. And they’re not always pink. Some are shades of blue, white, or purple.” He licked his dry lips. “The genus was split somewhere along the European lineage-”

You just put your chin in your palm, watching fondly as he trailed off into scientific terms and ideologies you had no ability keeping up with.

As he did, the fire and passion returned to his eyes just as they had before his tragedy, and his voice became animated in the way only his could. His hands couldn’t keep still as he gestured and his body language told the story. It would have been better if you had baited him to talk about some kind of engineering or robotics, but this was just as good - he was a nerd in everything it seemed.

As he talked you saw a man without the pain in his eyes, without the burns, a genius of his own right making his mark on the world. Then you stopped seeing the past and saw the same man, now only hardened by life, the same generosity and cold cut intelligence in his voice, this time covered in scars and flowers.

And you realized you loved both.

“- had longstanding use in herbalism and folk medicine, usually as - ”

Tadashi paused, coming back down to earth when he noticed the look on your face. His lips pursed in a pout. “You’re not listening at all are you?”

“Nope,” you didn’t even try to argue, smirking. When he registered that you had tricked him, his eyebrows came together in frustration before a smirk curled his lips.

“I was wrong,” Tadashi said. “Actually, you do need a bit more paint.”

Before you could weave through the intentions of that statement he had dipped his entire hand in the paint and smacked you right in the face.

It didn’t hurt of course, but you were left stunned, his snickers in the background as you no doubt had a great red handprint on your visage.

You leaped forward in retaliation slamming both your hands in the paint and having every goal of giving him a new makeover.

He laughed loudly as you attacked him like a rabid animal, trying to escape. In your movements, you knocked off his cap and it went tumbling to the floor.

“Ha!” You said, straddling him as you reached to push your fingers in his face. You froze when his melted chocolate eyes crinkled in happiness, entirely more noticeable now that the hat was gone, his disheveled strands of hair accentuating them even more.

Tadashi stopped only a little after you did, and you realized too late your position.

You blushed and went to remove yourself. “Ah, sorry, so sorry-”

Your voice trailed off when he placed a hand on your hip, preventing you from moving.

Your breath hitched.

“I u-uh-” you stuttered, uselessly struggling further as he leant forward, nose touching yours and when had he reached so close? “What a-are you-?”

“You talk too much,” He murmured, ending your prattle successfully by closing the distance between your mouths.

Your raised hands dropped, going limp.

They regained life later only to clutch at his shoulders when your back hit the floor, paint spilling all around the two of you.


Marguerite Porete was a female mystic burnt at the stake for heresy in Paris in year 1310. She wrote the book The Mirror of Simple Souls, dealing with the idea of agape, divine love, and how the soul by giving up reason can become fully united with God through love. The book was judged heretical, and Marguerite was killed for her words.

Marguerite was is associated with the beguine movement, a Christian religious order of women in Northern Europe who lived in all-female orders resembling monasteries - but without taking any bindig vows - and devoted themselves to the care of the sick, prayer and contemplation. They lived in so called beguinages, often an urban courtyard sorrounded by houses and a church, encircled by walls and separated from the rest of the town by several gates which were closed at night, where women lived protected from the violence of the town. Single women weren’t at all as uncommon as scholars have believed at this time, and during a few hundred years many women joined the movement to live in these small, all-female, village-like communities.

In Sweden, the beguines lived among other places in Vadstena. They were banned in 1412, but managed to stay until the year 1506, when monks banished them and drove them away as they wanted to expand their male monastery.

Ring of Fire

Imagine Thorin working at your family’s forge and slowly falling in love with him.

The market square was bustling as you set out a row of tarts along the counter of your stall, the awning above flapping gently with the summer breeze. Your sister, Raina leaned against the post next to you, gazing into the crowd with latent interest. Ever the gossip, she reveled in market days and the opportunity to savour the rumours swirling among the townsfolk of Ered Luin. Despite the staunch character of the dwarven race, many could not help wagging their tongues about the latest histrionics in the lives of their neighbours.

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my friends and i were playing a 5e D&D campaign and our party consisting of a half-or paladin, a half-elf sorcerer, an elven rogue and my satyr bard roll into the local tavern having just burned down a village infested with undead (all the villagers had been turned so we just sealed the town gates and burned everything) evidently this caused some backlash on the local lord who had hired us to get rid of the undead, so naturally he sent assassins who try to jump us while we are all getting completely wasted in celebration our DM gets us to roll a perception check and lo and behold the rogue rolls a nat 20, spotting the assassins as they enter the tavern, triggering open combat. now my satyr had moments earlier left our table to go to the bar to hit on a semi-attractive elf (he had earned a reputation of sleeping with anyone that moves), so when the fight breaks out im all by myself on the wrong side of the room, luckily i was only facing a single assassin while the rest of their party faced the rest of mine. i was pretty sure i was going to die, i had some good spells at my disposal but they would likely have had some friendly fire, so my turn rolls around and im scrambling to come up with an idea when it hits me: Seduce the assassin. the DM tells me that the DC for that persuasion roll in mid combat will be really difficult. i say fuck it, ill die doing what i loved; flirting in inopportune situations. so i roll…

nat 20

the assassin puts her blade away and comes up to my room with me, both of us abandon our allies (who were both pissed and impressed) and i manage to learn vital info about the campaigns big bad from the assassin during the pillow talk. 

gamchawizzy  asked:

what would your ideal house/neighborhood be like. how many plants are you aiming to own

ideal: a small house on a lake. two cats and two dogs and high speed internet. i ride my horse sized duck across the lake to go to town. bill gates is my neighbor & he gives me mystic secrets about health & happiness

Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: I will warn you all now, that this fic is going to be VERY different to my usual stuff, but you can expect a hell of a lot more twists, turns, secrets, and debauchery than ever before… ;)

Disclaimer: I will put warnings on any chapters that challenge social acceptance, however, as an overall warning, this story will contain themes of sex, fear, control (of one person over another), and elements of a gothic nature! 


Part 1


It was so…dark.

All the stories that you’d ever heard about the castle had been about how music sang from the walls, how long clouds of silk curtains billowed gently in the breeze that wafted through the grand windows, how the place was decorated with ornaments, paintings, crystal vases galore…

But the first thing you noticed as you walked through the tall, oak doorway…

…was the darkness.

‘I don’t think we’re allowed to be down here.’ You murmur to the man pulling you along by the hand, your eyes wide as you watch the water dripping down the dank walls of the corridor you’d come to find yourself in after climbing down numerous stairs to what you thought would be the library, but what was starting to look more like a dungeon.

‘Don’t worry. I know where we’re going.’ He murmurs amused, the humor-filled lilt of his voice not working to reassure you at all as you begin to drag your feet, struggling to hold the bottom of your dress off of the floor so that it wouldn’t get wet as you watch him stare excitedly in front of himself.

‘I really think we should head back- what if someone sees-‘

You’re cut off when he suddenly stops, spinning back to pin you against the wall, his eyes dancing excitedly over your face for a moment before he pushes his lips against yours, ducking his head down and softly pressing his mouth to yours, practically being able to feel the adrenaline running through him in the kiss.

‘I have to show you.’ Is all he says as he pulls away, staring at you almost piercingly as he grins, and you swear you see his eyes flash a different colour momentarily, your heart racing in your chest with the sight of the abnormality, before you’re being kissed roughly, yet briefly, again, and once more he begins to drag you along the corridor, his grip on your wrist having tightened somewhat compared to before.

You remain silent as you follow after him, the only sound being your slightly ragged breathing, trying not to trip over your feet as he out-paces you, getting lost in your thoughts as the image of his eyes flashing repeats over and over in your mind. But just as you go to stop him once again, you look up to see that you’d arrived at the end of the dark corridor, a large solid oak door standing in your path.

‘This is it.’ He whispers to himself, turning to look at you with his lip caught between his teeth as he grins, the expression telling you that you were meant to be as excited as him, but all you could focus on was the way your heart was racing in your chest at the prospect of the unknown, your nervousness making you stare at the gold buttons decorating his chest rather than being able to look him in the eye.

‘Princess?’ he murmurs, the unexpectedness of the word forcing your gaze to his, and the minute you look into his eyes you wish you didn’t; seeing the same flashing of colour greeting you as he grins down at you devilishly.

‘Are you ready?’

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Do You Need Me? Part 3 - Kai Anderson Smut

Pairing - (OC-ish) Kai Anderson/Reader

Warnings - Smut!

Word Count - 2370 

Summary - Kai decides it’s time to tell you why he needs you

A/N – Ok, this is kinda corny and I’m not all that happy with it as this kinda follows the actual show in the ritual type thing, but I felt like that didn’t really fit that well so I changed it up a little (obviously), but now I’m kinda wishing I did it differently, and I’m sorry it’s suuuper late! Ah well, let me know what yous think and I hope you guys enjoy! Also, remember to request stuff! I know I’m a lil behind on my requests atm, but I’m tryna get through them as quickly as I can, so leave me requests (any character/person – I’ll tell you if I don’t write for that/them) for when I finish my current ones😊

Originally posted by firewalksbymyside

Kai kept you glued to his side since the last time you guys hooked up. He made sure you basically ever left his side. He had moved you in to his home and where ever you went, he went. It was cute at first, you thought. But then it started to seriously get on your nerves. You couldn’t go anywhere or speak to anyone without him interrogating you about it later. It was driving you insane. You just needed one night to yourself. So one night (after meticulous planning), you decided to leave, by yourself. For just one night.

You excused yourself from the dinner table and Kai and Winter ad went up to your room, saying you were tired and needed some rest. Both Kai and Winter nodded at you in understanding and said goodnight. You locked your bedroom door and waited until you heard Kai go down into the basement and opened the window as quietly as you could. You swung out of the window and scaled to the edge of the roofing above the porch until you reached the gutting at the edge. You had had a lot of practise at this from when you were a teenager and used to sneak out of your parent’s house in the middle of the night – you knew how to do this quickly and quietly. You climbed down the beam at the edge of the roof silently hopped onto the ground. You were proud of this. You were just a child the last time you had to do something like that. You made your way across the front yard and onto the sidewalk and began to walk into the town in the dead of night.

You were only wearing a short dress with a sweatshirt over the top of it, so you were pretty cold in the chilly night air. You quickly found yourself hugging yourself for warmth. You didn’t really know where you were wondering to, but you knew you only had 2 hours max, as Kai always came to check on you at 10pm to see if you were asleep or not. You were having fun, almost skipping down the street, just you, by yourself. You almost wished Kai could see you know. He didn’t really trust you to do anything by yourself, and you wanted to prove him wrong. But you knew if he could see you now, he would be so angry at you for leaving without you. ‘You could’ve got hurt!’ he would scream at you. ‘What if you got hit by a car? What if somebody took you?’ You rolled your eyes to yourself as you imagined what he would say. He treated you like a child. You knew how to look after yourself!

You made it to the park in the middle of town, but the gate was locked. You climbed over it and began walking down the path in between the towering trees. ‘An hour and 20 minutes left’ you thought to yourself. You wanted to get back there in plenty of time, not wanting to risk getting caught. You found a bench by a fountain and pulled out a cigarette from the box in your sweatshirt pocket, letting the cool breeze blow through your hair as you lit it. You sat there, on that bench for a good 40 minutes, just you and your thoughts, before you glanced up at your watch and realized you had only 40 minutes to get back. ‘Shit’ you thought. It took about 30 minutes to get back to the house and you had to get back in without getting caught yet. You bounded over the fence and out of the park and back out of town, not looking where you were going, just focusing on running. Suddenly, you felt yourself run into a figure. Looking up, you realised you had run into a man.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was g-” You cut yourself off when you realised who it was you had run into.

“Yes. You better had be sorry, Y/N.” Kai said. ‘Fuck’ was the only thing running around in your head now. He grabbed you by your shoulder and bundled you into the back of one of his henchmen’s car. The journey home was silent, but you knew you would be in some deep shit when you got back.

You were right. As soon as you got back, Kai dragged you up the stairs and into your room. He pushed you down onto your bed and you looked up at him, tears welling in your eyes. You could practically see the anger radiating off him as he frowned down at you. “Kai, I’m…” you began, before you cut yourself off from surprise by kneeling down in front of you. “Little lamb…” Kai began, looking up into your tear-filled eyes. “Why did you try and run away? I was worried sick about you.” He said softly, taking your hands in his. You frowned slightly. Why was he being so nice to you? You expected him to be fuming, to be screaming at you. “I… I wasn’t running away. I was going to come back…I just wanted a little space for a while, that’s all.” You said quietly. “Why do you need space Y/N? Have I done something wrong?” “No, no, no! Of course you haven’t! I just…wanted to be by myself for a bit.” You said, smiling down at him. He sighed, looking down at the ground. “You know I don’t like you going off by yourself Y/N…” You frowned. He sounded just like you dad…when you were 7 years old. “I am an adult, Kai. I can do things by myself. You don’t need to be with me 24/7.” You muttered, just loudly enough for him to hear. “I know, little lamb. I just don’t want my child or his mother getting hurt.” He said, looking up at you. You frowned deeply. “What?” You blurted out. “I’m not pregnant – I can’t be! I’ve been on the pill since before we first-” “No, no, no. You’re not pregnant yet, my sweet Y/N. But you will be, after tonight. I’ve swapped your pill packet with placebo pills after the last time we had sex! You’re the one I’ve chosen to carry my – our child, my heir, my legacy. You’re special Y/N, I knew it the moment I met you, I knew you’d be the one!” He said, a manic grin spread across his face. “No, b-but Kai, I’m only 19, I-I’m not ready to have a baby!” You said, panicked, tears rolling down your cheeks. “Sweet, sweet Y/N. Don’t be scared! Our genes together will create the most perfect child the world has ever seen! Our child will lead us all to glory!” He tried to reason. He was getting really turned on. Seeing you cry like this, your full lips pouting, eyebrows furrowed together lightly, tears trickling down your face – he hated to admit how much this all turned him on. “But Kai, I-I…I can’t do it! I can’t have a baby!” You said sobbed. Kai quickly got up and sat beside you on the bed and pulled you into his side, while you curled into his chest, weeping, no doubt leaving damp patches where your eyes had been. “You said you’d trust me, Y/N. I need you to trust me now, more than ever, okay?” He softly whispered into your ear, stroking your back gently. You paused for a while before pulling away from his chest and looking up into his eyes. “Okay, Kai.” You say, with a weak smile.

The next thing you knew you were wearing this long, old-fashioned looking dress in the basement, sat on the sofa and waiting for Kai. This all felt so weird, so unnatural. But Kai said it was important, so you went along with it. Suddenly, you heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw Kai, wearing a long white robe thing. ‘What the fuck is going on’ you thought to yourself. You’d never been this nervous to have sex with anyone in your life before. “My child,” He said as he walked past you, so you had your back towards him. “The time of anointing is at hand.” This was the que for you to get up and walk towards the makeshift bed behind the sofa you were sat on. You stood at the foot of it, facing away from Kai and towards the stairs. Suddenly you heard music coming from behind you. I Swear by All-4-One came on, making you frown in confusion then burst out laughing. “What the fuck is this, Kai?” You said between fits of giggles. “This, Y/N, is a holy song now,” he said, smiling at you and taking your hands in his, looking down at you. He had his blue locks tied up in a bun, and God, when he wore his hair like that it turned you on. Just looking at him turned you on. You squeezed your thighs together in anticipation. “From this day forward,” he continued, looking into your eyes, “it shall be played whenever a messiah is conceived.” You smiled at this. You were terrified about having a child, but right now, you could barely contain your excitement of being Kai’s ‘chosen one’, of being the one Kai wants to fuck and carry his child. “Now,” he said. “Let us remove our garments. They will be burned once the sacred copulation is complete.” This made you giggle slightly. Kai was being so funny, so formal, so much more gentle than he normally is. He tore off his rope and you looked down and saw he was already hard. You licked your lips in anticipation, as you slowly slipped out of your dress and stood before Kai as his eyes raked up and down your body. He turned around to grab something from the table just behind him and returned with some oil, with which he drew an ‘X’ on your forehead with. You smiled up at him, biting your lip, trying not to burst out laughing. “You may lay down on the bed now, Y/N.” he said, placing the oil back on the table.

You lay down on the bed, just as he told you to do. You had to admit, as weird as this ritual type thing was, it was kind of turning you on. It was so intimate, so different to how Kai usually fucked you. You slowly spread your legs for him as he groaned and dragged his eyes up and down your body, trying to decide where to focus. He stood above you at the foot of the bed and began to stroke his already hard cock. “You’re so beautiful Y/N. This is why I needed you. This is your ultimate purpose. Do you see how important you are now?” Seeing Kai jerk himself off in front of you like that was turning you on immensely. “Mhmm!” You moaned in response. “Use your words, Y/N…” He groaned. Seeing you at his mercy like this was making him hard like never before. “Yes! Yes, Kai – I see now!” You sighed, desperate for his touch. Finally, he lowered himself on top of you, looking deep into your eyes and kissed you deeply, his tongue sliding across your lower lip, begging for entrance, which you swiftly granted. While he was distracted with the kiss, you snaked your hand in between the two of you and lightly grabbed his cock and began sliding your hand up and down his length. This caused Kai to moan loudly into the kiss and you reacted by slipping your other hand down to your clit, rubbing it in light circles. You were both moaning messes already. Suddenly, Kai pulled away from the kiss and grabbed both your wrists and pinned your head. “This is about you, Y/N.” he said softly, cupping your cheek. Without warning, he suddenly ploughed into you, causing you to bite your lip as to not scream with pleasure. “No, don’t hold it in, baby. Let the whole world know we’re creating the messiah” he said with a raspy voice and closed eyes. He let go off your wrists to move one hand to your clit, and he began rubbing vigorously, making you moan loudly. “Kai! Fuck!” you moaned. “That’s it, Y/N. Let me know how good it feels to be making that baby inside you.” He grunted. His dick slid in and out of you, while one of his hands held both your wrists together above your head, and the other was rubbing your clit like nothing you’d ever felt before. Kai couldn’t believe how sexy you looked like this. Fully exposed to him, each thrust making your tits move up and down. The sight of you made him moan loudly, his dick throbbing inside you. “God, you’re so tight, baby.” He panted above you. “Please, Kai – faster, please!” You cried out, getting closer and closer to your orgasm with each thrust. This sent Kai wild, causing him to relentlessly plough into you, making your pussy contract around him. “Kai, I’m so…close” You panted, about to reach your high. “Just hold one a little longer, Y/N. I want us to…cum…together” He grunted, thrusting into you even harder and faster than before, he fingers still working at your clit. “You let out a loud moan, and this sent Kai over the edge. “Now, Y/N” He said shakily. You felt Kai twitch inside you, as you let go and felt his hot seed shoot inside you while you juices poured over his cock and down your thighs. “Fuck!” He groaned as you screamed, your high hitting you like never before.

“Well done, little lamb” Kai said, collapsing beside you, as you curled into his chest. “Thank you, Kai” You said, looking up at him with tired smile and big, tired eyes. He looked down at you and smiled at you, genuinely happy. You would soon be one little family. “So, this is why you needed me all along?” You wondered out loud, snuggling into Kai. “Yes, Y/N. I told you all along you were the one I needed the most.”

Art by me
Writing by @bloomingednae

Artist note: The inspiration and reference for future Marlind was Riverdell! Or any such elven city you can see in fantasies! I hope it came across well enough. Thought of adding a random waterfall, but that would’ve been too much.

Day 3: Marlind (Knowledge/Nature)

I could be everywhere or anywhere the wind might take my soul,
I could be anything or anyone you’d ever wanna know.
           -Your Love – Austin Plaine

As soon as Sorey entered the town gates, the aroma of fresh trees and foliage filled his senses and he was suddenly aware of the surroundings which he had entered. Not only was it full of life with the many students, scholars, and traders alike, but the nature surrounding the town had absolutely grown in size. Life prospered within the trees and branches that now arched over the small scholar town, each one nearly emanating a large amount of blessings from each of its branches.

Sorey carefully walked through the crowds, as it was nearly noon, and found a nearby porch that had a rail and looked over a bit of the town. Prior to entering the town gates, Mikleo was summoned by quite a chatty scholar, and Sorey clearly saw how conflicted Mikleo felt in that moment, watching him as Mikleo’s eyes shifted from the scholar and back to Sorey. Sorey just smiled and waved to Mikleo, an indication that he would go ahead and meet him later, to which Mikleo glanced back and nodded apologetically.

Leaning against the rail, Sorey began to scan the busy crowds and started to notice just how much larger Marlind had become.

Well, formerly Marlind, that is. It was definitely the same town, with very different aspects, just as he had seen from his previous visit in Ladylake. He had grown accustomed to the fact that every town he would encounter on this journey would be drastically different from what he remembered, but he still couldn’t help but compare the two sights he had seen from each city or location they travelled to.

It comforted Sorey, though, that all of the places they have been to always still held a sense of familiarity. While this former Marlind looked much more busy than he remembered, the nature focus that primarily defined the town was still strong, if not stronger, than he had ever seen before. The great tree that he once thought was large  during his Shepherd journeys had now grown much taller in size, its branches covering Marlind in a protective dome while still letting most natural light seep through its foliage. Many other smaller trees with different colored leaves also contributed to the great tree, creating a vast array of color above the town. While it covered some part of the sky, it did not by all means completely block it out. The trees had a way of intertwining naturally and still allowing sunlight and the blue sky peek through its leaves.

It took Sorey’s breath away. How the blessings in the town overflowed with such positive prosperity was beyond him and it slowly began to dawn on him that this was indeed a result of his long slumber.

In the corner of his eye, he could see Mikleo making slow progress through the crowds, but he was stopped almost every minute by another passing scholar. He spoke to each person with confidence; it could be seen in the way he carried himself with broad shoulders straightened, head held high but not in superiority, and eyes filled with understanding and attention to each individual he spoke to. The way which Mikleo kept carrying on conversations and never refusing to talk to anyone was a feat which Sorey knew he developed over the years of his absence.

Sorey smiled; he felt proud as he watched Mikleo go about his work, nodding to each individual and responding as if it were second nature to him. It made him realize that in the years of his absence, Mikleo was hard at work writing multiple books; travelling everywhere and taking in the sights. Eventually, he became a well-known seraph that travelled Glenwood frequently and was sought after many scholars and travellers alike who wished to know more about the different theories and discoveries which Mikleo so often divulged in inside his books.

However, as impressive as Mikleo’s repertoire had become, it wasn’t the knowledge or work ethic which made Sorey proud; it was the fact that Mikleo was able to move forward without him, was able to live life to the best of his abilities, and eventually find pleasure and gratification in the activities he loved to do the most. It was the very same activity and hobby that Sorey loved to do, and he admired Mikleo for being able to pursue it all the same, as it must have bittersweetly reminded him of Sorey countless times.

Mikleo’s determination and ability to endure and stay strong were feats which he was amazed by. Smiling, he propped his arm on the railing and rested his head on it, staring at Mikleo who was now walking towards his direction and did a small wave in indication that he noticed Sorey. Sorey waved back. He learned from Lailah during their previous visit at Ladylake that Mikleo had the full intention of writing the books and exploring the world on Sorey’s behalf so that when he woke up, he would have the resources necessary to catch up on what the current world was like. When Sorey asked her what other people thought of his books, she merely smiled and looked directly into his eyes.

“The people call Mikleo’s writings a reflection of an inspiration; most often, his words were written in a way that felt genuine, full of life, and in positive anticipation for someone he seemed to be waiting on.” She placed a hand on Sorey’s shoulder and squeezed it gently. “Each book was in dedication towards you, Sorey, and he made sure everyone who laid eyes on his writings knew.”

Sorey was at first a bit embarrassed upon hearing that, but after reading a couple of volumes of Mikleo’s books, he began to feel emotions of gratitude towards everything Mikleo worked for, just for him.

Looking at Mikleo now and how far he’s accomplished made his heart well up in a way he couldn’t quite understand; all he knew was that he was so very grateful towards everything Mikleo had done.

As Mikleo began to climb the small set of stairs which led to the small landing that Sorey stood on, Sorey chuckled.

“Mr. Popular, are we?”

Mikleo took his spot next to Sorey and rolled his eyes. “This isn’t even the half of it. I love visiting this town, but there’s always a downside to doing so as well.” He nodded towards Sorey. “What do you think of this town so far?”

Sorey looked up towards the intertwining branches above him and he smiled. “Big. Crowded. Kind of intimidating. But also very warm, compassionate, and well-intentioned.”

Mikleo looked up as well towards the intertwining branches. “Rohan’s done amazing work as Lord of the Land to keep the tree from blocking out the sky completely. Figuring out the path of a constantly growing tree and naturally guiding it to not block out the sky is an amazing feat that I could never fathom.”

“It must be the effects of his blessing that you’re feeling,” he continued. “Rohan has always been a kind seraph and many of the students, scholars, and other people alike are just as so. It’s very rare that any scholars are impossibly competitive; you have friendly rivalries, but nothing too serious, which makes learning much more cultivated and developed for many young individuals here.”

Mikleo looked up at Sorey, who was still in awe by the amount of trees in the area. “It’s amazing.”

Mikleo laughed. “You know what’s also amazing? The library that’s been built next to Dumnonia Museum.”

Sorey’s eyes lit up. “There’s a library?! We have to go, Mikleo.”

Mikleo at first looked doubtful. “Hm, I’m not sure if that’s a great idea.”

Sorey began to laugh. “What, afraid that I actually know more content and will have read most of the books in the library already?”

At this, Mikleo just rolled his eyes and gave a small playful smack to Sorey. “Please, coming from the person who’s slept more than half his life.”

The tone in Mikleo’s voice was something that Sorey couldn’t pass. Slowly, he looked at Mikleo and smirked.

“Is that a competition I hear?”

Mikleo’s head snapped in Sorey’s direction and he squinted his eyes towards him, a smile forming on his lips.

“You’re on.”

Mikleo turned around quickly to go in the direction of the library, but was suddenly stopped by Sorey, who grabbed his hand just before he took a step down. He raised his eyebrow inquisitively, staring at Sorey who was looking at the city.

Slowly, Sorey turned to Mikleo and he smiled. “I just wanted to say thank you.”

Mikleo was silent at first, processing Sorey’s words, before he shook his head and smiled.

“Idiot. No need to thank me for something I wanted to do.”

They were silent for awhile after Mikleo’s comment, hands linked and eventually intertwining. The wind around the town began to pick up, with it Sorey’s ponytail and the capes which hung behind Mikleo’s back. It continued gently for awhile, picking up these items which served as representatives of small changes they underwent through the years; yet they themselves had not changed, despite everything else around them. Sorey grinned and squeezed Mikleo’s hand, suddenly feeling more bold than usual.

“Were you referring to me in the dedications that are in each of your books?”

Mikleo stared at Sorey for a moment and nodded. “Each and every single one of them. No individual picked up a copy without that one page being inside it.”

Sorey tilted his head to the side, feigning innocence as he asked his next question. “Did anyone actually ask why you were so attached to this Shepherd, I wonder?”

Mikleo quickly picked up on Sorey’s implications and he immediately began to feel flustered. He looked away and began to turn around to start walking down the stairs.

“I-In any case, we should start heading to the library now before it gets too late.”

Sorey laughed as he realized Mikleo was avoiding his question and followed him down the stairs. “Mikleoooo, I just want to hear you say it!”

“Like you’ve ever said it to me recently!”

“What? That I love you? And that your words in your books indirectly tell me each time that you love me too?”

Mikleo sputtered incoherent words and he glanced back at Sorey every once in awhile as he continued to walk forward.

“Y-you can’t just say that so easily…! And if my books already say it to you, then-!”

Sorey shrugged, but his grin began to grow even wider. “Why not? It’s the truth! And come on, I just want to hear you say it out loud without using your books!”

Mikleo just sighed. “O-one day, but today’s not that day, okay!”

Sorey nodded and lightly chuckled. “Okay. I’ll just take you holding my hand in public as one step forward out of your shell, at least.”

Mikleo just rolled his eyes, but didn’t deny that he did, in fact, enjoyed holding Sorey’s hand in public and squeezed it a little harder as they walked in the direction of the library.

Sorey concluded that Mikleo was a great scholar, but indeed needed lessons in breaking out of his shell in some contexts.

He was still proud of him nonetheless.

I don’t wanna be anywhere other than you love
I don’t wanna be anything other than your love.

Part 2

Part 1 

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Pairings: Guy of Gisborne x Reader

Warnings: None

Follow Forever Tag List: @patanghill17 @queenmariatheresia @fullvoidmoon @justmasblack @thepoet1975 @nelswp @igotanaddixon @houseofrahl @deepestfirefun @sesshomaru-lover @heilith @hannibatchsmuse @epicallychrissy @buckyoakenshieldxo @junebuguniverse @thoughtsnadventure @ealasaid @fandomgalcentral @amagifu @thatgirlunderarock @disneymarina @thorins-magnificent-ass @mrs-thorin-oakenshield @mortomary @xxbyimm @mama-tole-me-not-2-come @thophil2941btw @nowiloveandwilllove @fromthedeskoftheraven @tinkertailor1212 @everyjourneylove @ladyharlequinreaper1992 @trumoo-foryou @littlespacesam @justinkyloscase @boyfriendsarebetterinbooks @dracsgirl @calicoskatts @aidanturnersass @enkelin @raindancer2004 @pandepirateprincess @tea2go @coco3cookies @shikin83 @fallinginlovewiththewolfboy @aninomori @theincaprincess @kstar770 @lady-jessica-9 @whohobbs @fentah @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @inkededucatednnerdy @imagines-for-multiple-fandoms @jumpingmanatee @leah-halliwell92 @straybreeze @maybetomorrowgirl @miss-lumiere @vaneaustation @mynameisnoneya1991 @jgs22 @ethekitchenator @jelly-leaf2 @sweeticedtea @red608 @cd1242 @pixiedurango @letalisinsania @witchiiwoman @freya-asatru @darknessfaerieofmoonlight

Guy of Gisborne tag list: @jemmacolors4evr

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In the Waiting Dark (The Red Moon Rises)

Written by: @katnissdoesnotfollowback

Prompt: #5 Everlark fairytale au of Little Red Riding Hood, preferably similar in tone to the film “The Company of Wolves.”  [submitted by Anonymous]

Rating: T for this chapter

Warnings: Mentions of blood, fantasy and horror thematic elements

A/N: This is the first chapter of what will be a multi-chapter story. Overall rating will be M for the following reasons - Blood, fantasy and horror thematic elements, violence, mentions of non-consensual, mentions of child abuse, disturbing imagery, and sexual content. There may be more as I am still working out a few details. Inspiration for this story was pulled from several different versions of the Red Riding Hood tale, to include the film mentioned in the prompt. I’ve been wanting to write this AU for a long time, so I truly hope you all enjoy what I’ve come up with, especially you, Anonymous! Feel free to stop by and tell me your thoughts, I have Anon turned on in case you wish to remain so. <3 KDNFB

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I Am One Of You-Hvitserk Ragnarsson x Reader Part 1

(A/N: I decided to make another series for Vikings, really not sure how long this one will be 😄 This won’t follow the plot of the series.)

Summary: Whilst the sons of Ragnar are raiding England, they find three of their people trapped, who they thought were dead.

Characters: Bjorn Lothbrok x Reader, Floki x Reader, Harald Finehair x Reader (eventually Hvitserk Ragnarrson x Reader)

Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name

Warnings: None


My hands gripped at the bars of the window, pulling myself up to peek out. I could hear faint noises of fighting. I slipped down, weak from not receiving food for so long. It was dark in my cell, the only source of light came from the torches outside as I had no window. Trying my best to uphold my body weight, I pulled on the bars again, this time seeing men barging through the corridor.

“HELP!” I screamed.“Please get me out of here!”

One of them stopped at my door, looking straight into my eyes. He was older than me, his eyes were a beautiful blue and he had a long beard with a single braid on his head whilst the rest was bald. For some reason he seemed familiar to me. From the looks of his clothing I could tell he was Viking, he was just like me.

“How do you speak our language?” he demanded to know.

“I come from where you are from. I lived in a trading village called Kattegat. Please believe me, I need to get out of here!”

As soon as I finished my sentence, he was using his axe to break down the door. I stood back, shielding myself from any bits that came flying off. With a final kick, it broke off the hinges, a squeal escaping my lips. He gestured for me to follow and somehow found the energy to run after him.

“Wait! I need to free my friends, they’re down here too!” I exclaimed.

He stopped.“How many of them are there?”

“Only two, and I know where they are.”

He was hesitant with his decision. In the end he did as I asked, instructing me to locate them. We ran further the dungeons, the distant sounds of fighting becoming more faint. I could still hear the warning bells though.

“Askel, Davyn, are you there?” I called into the cells.

“(Y/N)! What’s happening?” Askel asked, looking out of his cell.

“No time to explain. Move.” my rescuer pushed me out of the way before knocking down the doors again.

As they were both freed, we all embraced. It was only brief as we had to escape. The boys could see that the rescuer was a viking too, they knew that they had come to pillage this place. We were all ecstatic at this thought. We too were viking, It was lucky that they were out own people.

It was daytime outside when we escaped the dungeons. The three of us shielded our eyes, only used to the darkness below. As we adjusted, I could hear a victorious scream from a crowd of people. Daring to open my eyes, I could feel the man pulling on my arm towards the crowd of vikings. There were dead bodies strewn across the place, blood staining the ground. There was no remorse in me though, these people were awful, so full of themselves and their one God.

“Bjorn! Who are these people? Slaves? I thought we weren’t taking anyone back with us?” a man with long, brown hair and tattoos all over his face asked.

The man, who I now knew as Bjorn replied.“No, they say they are from Kattegat.”

“And you believed them?”

“They were prisoners.”

“Does not mean they are telling the truth.”

Askel interrupted the conversation, never afraid to speak his mind.“We were raised there as children. After all of our mothers died, my uncle took us in. His name is Floki, I know not if he is still alive.”

The dark haired man laughed.“Floki? Are you serious?”

We nodded, not knowing what was so funny. After he finished laughing, he gestured for us to follow him. The crowd parted to let us through, wondering why they had kept us alive. As we stepped out of the town gates into the woods, there were more men and women. Further along there was a chariot with a man in it, align with four men standing around it, one of them looking older than the others.

“Floki!” the brown haired man called out.

No, it couldn’t be. He was here?! He was here and we would finally be reunited. As he turned around I could not believe my eyes, frozen in place due to shock. Floki looked older though still the same. His crazy eyes and painted markings made him recognisable.

“Children.” he muttered, mostly to himself before bursting into laughter.

“I take it you recognise them?” Bjorn said.

“Of course I do!” he ran to us, pulling us into his arms, squeezing us tightly.“Askel, Davyn, (Y/N), you’re all so big now!”

Askel and Davyn were smiling whereas I was crying. I was happy but so upset about everything we had been through. As the boys pulled away, I clung onto Floki, not wanting to let go in case I was imagining everything. He calmed down, rubbing my back in a comforting way.

“They hurt you didn’t they?” he whispered to me and all I could do was nod.

“They are coming with us, they are my family.” Floki announced.

The three of us stayed close together as we followed the group of vikings to their campsite. Floki was further ahead with the leaders which seemed to be Bjorn and the four younger men from before. I wouldn’t let go of Askel and Davyn’s hands, gripping onto them tightly. This seemed so surreal. After all these years, we were finally rescued, but why now?

Reaching the campsite, Floki found us, bringing us to where his tent was set up. He had many people say around him which made me nervous, I didn’t have much interaction which anyone for a while now. He told us to sitm, someone handing us bowls of food, something we didn’t have for weeks.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” the young man who was sat in the chariot asked.

“Sorry, we’re just wary of our food.” Davyn explained.

“What he means to say is that when we were actually fed, they gave us shit.” Askel said, tucking in.

I copied, my body relishing over the soup. It was so good, though I’m sure a mouldy piece of bread would taste great at this moment. Our good was gone within minutes, hungry for more. We were granted seconds, seeing as we hadn’t eaten for so long. The others talked amongst themselves as we feasted.

Floki sighed.“What happened to you? After they took you?”

“They used us as slaves when we were children, trying to convert us to their religion. Of course we wouldn’t which resulted in a lot of punishments.” I explained.

The boys looked at me worryingly, knowing that those men back there were not holy.

I continued.“We would do as we were told at first. It was only last year we were imprisoned. We had tried to escape, once we were caught they decided they were going to kill us. But one lady was able to save us.”

“She was the wife of the Sheriff, for some reason she felt for us and convinced her husband to keep us alive, make us repent for our sins.” Askel finished.

“We would send messages to each other, that’s how I knew where their cells were and that they were still alive.”

“Well you’ve certainly been through a lot."The young man stated, though he was smirking.

"Ivar.” Floki warned him.


“I know you’re going to say something which you will come to regret when you find my fist in your face.”

Ivar held up his hands mockingly, going back to his food. It was silent until Floki spoke again.

“You all used to play together.” He waved his hand to all of us.“Ubbe, you would play with the boys, Hvitserk was always with (Y/N), he never left her side. Sigurd and Ivar would have been too young to remember, though they joined in too.”

We awkwardly looked at each other, not really knowing what to say. I had just escaped from my prison and this was what we’re talking about. Floki was probably trying to make us forget our prison, think more about home.

“Eat up, you’ll need your strength for our journey tomorrow.”

  • Revali: *flies into room and sits in the seat next to Link* The others are by the town gates what's taking you so-
  • Link: *Drinks an armour potion.
  • Revali: ...Did you just drink an armour potion?
  • King Dorephan: Champions, we're not gonna sit here *places trident on the table* and pretend there's not a big ass lynel in the room.
  • Revali: What the pluck is going on?
  • Link: *sweating*
  • King Dorephan: *Points at portrait of Mipha hanging on the wall* THIS is what the "pluck" is going on!
  • Revali: ...OH SHIT! Oh Shit! Oh shit! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! No! That is not happening right now! *Jumps out of seat and flies to the doors* No! Hey y'all he's fucking the kings daughter! *high fives the guards* Yo! Oh my FUCK!
  • King Dorephan: ...Every time, he says that shit?
  • Revali: *flying around the castle* OH MY FUCK!
  • King Dorephan: That's another arrow in your ass.
  • Revali: *Flying by the windows* Link, you clearly...yo, this is the best thing ever! AH HAHA! Link fucked the kings daughter! *starts singing* Link fucked the kings daughter! Link fucked the kings daughter! *flies back into the room* Shit! Fuck! You fucked King Dorephan's daughter? King, what the- You shook hands and looked him in the eyes! RIGHT IN THE EYES! Do you understand this face *points to King Dorephans face* you looked at this face like nothing happened?! Without knowing you actually shook hands with the man who fucked your daughter. HOLY SHIT! Oh Hylia, this is-
  • King Dorephan: *Points the trident at Revali*
  • Revali: It's really not that funny.