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i had to do it

  • Carlos: You know, we should get like a town cheer that we do.
  • Cecil: Like what?
  • Carlos: How about...I say "Night" and you say "Vale"! NIGHT!
  • Cecil: Uh...Night Vale?
  • Carlos: No, no, no. The cheer includes the instructions. I say "Night" and you say....
  • Cecil: ....Night Vale?
  • Carlos: We'll work on it.
My Christmas Town has been updated!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so come and have your requisite cuppa cheer and visit my Christmas town Yuletide (formerly named Frostown) if you please! The trees are all a-twinkle, the gingerbread cookies are cooling in the kitchen, and the snow is crisp and clean. Don’t forget to look up at the sky and have a gaze at the magnificent aurora that serves as a shimmering backdrop for the landscape. Mayor Noël, Nick, Holly, and none other than Rudolph himself will be there to greet you!

Yuletide DA: 5C00-0019-5119

But guys…imagine Ciel and Lizzy taking a walk through town. Ciel is being his usual grmpy self,and Lizzy is as cheerful as ever. But then Ciel notices that Lizzy is starting to get attention. From BOYS. Ciel becomes irritated,so he casually slips his hand into hers. Lizzy is surprised but smiles and hugs him. Ciel’s face is right red,but he returns the smile. Sebastian is silently celebrating because his OTP is so canon.


Sunfair // 7900 - 6760 - 5972

If you’ve been following me for a while you’d know that I resetted this town multiple times. Now that I can hack I’ve had the chance to do whatever I wanted with it so I can finally say that I’m 100% happy with it.

Sunfair is a small seaside town where everyone is very cheerful and it’s sunny most of the time  ✿ ✿ ✿ 

If you visit and take piectures please tag them as “mooncakecrossing”!

This is 110% @kvmalakhvn‘s fault for sending me that femslash post.

Jacqueline Zimmermann, the daughter of famous model and actress Alicia Zimmermann, and lesser known hockey star Bob Zimmermann, is six foot tall. She’s been pressured all of her life to become a model like her mom, but she found that playing hockey with her dad helped her relieve stress and anxiety. Now she’s the captain of the Samwell Women’s Hockey team and is noted for having the best glutes on campus, rivaling even the men’s hockey captain’s. 

Erica Bittle is from small town Georgia where cheer is life. Her mother was a cheerleader back in the day and encouraged her to pursue it too, but Erica is afraid of heights and hates being tossed. Her dad encouraged her to stay in sports though so she started figure skating, which is where she met the community hockey team and the rest is history. Her teammates call her Bitty because she’s a proud member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. 

Beauty and the Beast

Just saw the live action BatB. Great movie that, at times, is visually stunning. LeFou is beautifully queer, and his moment(s) in the spotlight made up for the disappointment I always feel when the “beast” turns back into a “prince”. Plus, the audience cheered for him. Cheered. In my conservative little southern US town.

I’ll be seeing it again.


Translate, and some new Features!!


Lisette/Lizette: “A cheerful girl who works in the West Town Flower Shop. She was raised in relative comfort, so she hasn’t been exposed to many of the difficulties in life. Her interests are knitting and handicrafts.” 

Quote: “Please feel free to ask me anything about flowers.”


Wayne: “A young man working as a deliveryman in Wes Town. He has a good attitude, but likes to make fun of people, so he ends up coming across as a jerk.” 

Quote: “Good morning. Let’s both do our best with our work today.”

-We can have part time job in three towns (hack yeah, so we can have a job+money on early game like ToT)

 -we can bring our pet to towns (take a walk with pets) 

-Pet contest? we can choose the difficulty like beginner, normal, expert (just like ANB) 

-befriending animals just like past HM/SoS they will live with you if you befriend with them, and bring a gifts (like AP im not really sure) 

-Jump button is back 

-There’s a system called “Farm Circle,” where it seems you plant your crops around a scarecrow (that is movable), and those crops around it get some kind of bonus (we can move our crops just like ANB)

 -Megan and Frank is MC auntie+uncle!!!

(copied from fogu TL by emurii:)

  • Lulukoko Town: Mysterious, exotic, resort-type seaside town. You can get southern fruits and ocean produce.
  • Tsuyukusa Town: Nostalgic, Asian-influenced town with a river and a bridge. Paddy crops. You feel like you want to wear a kimono there.
  • Wes Town: This is the first town you are invited to (implies that there is some kind of unlock order). IT IS A MINING TOWN.
  • FeMC and MC have both wanted to own a farm since they were kids. The FeMC’s personality is described as being a bit strong willed, but kind, and the MC’s is described as kind but kind of wishy-washy/changes his mind easily.
  • There is a feature in character customization where you change what “type” of person you are/what you are good at, and it affects your character’s life.
Celebration With ZDA, Oda!

Sorry for posting late

Its Ishida Ayumi (≡^∇^≡)

“Sky Perfect! Music Fesitval 2017″

Morning Musume ‘17′s appearance
Did you see it!?

What is LOVE?, those two songs

Is what we showed off on Full Course❤️

Thank you very much❤️

Tomorrow, with the same BS Sky Perfect!-san,

“FULL CHORUS~Music is a Full Course”

There will be a rebroadcast!
Please check it out!

I’m happy when we can show off new songs😊✨

Its the 4th day since the release of the 63rd double A-side single “BRAND NEW MORNING/Jealousy Jealousy”

We’ve been going to various places doing mini lives and handshakes, today was the last day! 、、、Its lonely!

For the last day,
We went to Akishima Mori Town in the afternoon

Thank you for cheering us on👍

An outdoor daytime event,
It was fresh and very fun!

Singing and dancing with an open feeling🌻

The excitement for the new songs
Gets bigger every performance

I want to sing in front of everyone soon~

Next time we’ll also be in high spirits

With a commemoration for the new song release

ZDA (World Wide Simulatneous Answers)

I thought I would write an answer blog!

Please tell us things you like about Tohoku


I like the feeling that the prefecture goes beyond the feeling of becoming one. Therefore I feel like a stronger force is born from it.
I believe in its power when it comes to a crunch point.

Also, there are too many delicious things everywhere🤤

There are places that I’m into now!

In Ishinomaki, Miyagi “Tashiro Island”
Has the nickname “Cat’s Island”

Did you know about it?

My mother taught me about it previously,

On this island
Theres a to ーーーーn of cats that live there!

……just from hearing the story,
No one in my family has been there but,

I of course have an interest in hearing about cats😮❤️

Do you still play Candy Crush?


With Candy Crush,
I haven’t play it much recently😓

I’ve been playing Candy Soda for a long time!

Right now I’m on stage 1060

What was the most difficult dance you’ve done?

Tsumetail Kaze to Kataomoi

Although I’ve memorized the choreography,
I can’t express it

It still isn’t sufficient

The pacing, I will continue to challenge it 、、!

What is something you think is good about you joining?

First of all, I’m happy that I’m able to have fun everyday.

I’m able to meet lots of people.

I’ve overcome my shyness.

I’ve also learned to be strict.

I’ve thought that I want to share my life
With these members that I’m happy I’ve met.

Its a privilege to know the members other side.

I became able to stand on the same stage
as the seniors I admired on TV.

Meeting Tsunku ♂ -san was also considerably impactful.

Lots of people have called my name.

With lots of people,
You can celebrate their birthday with them!!

And today,

Its Oda Sakura-chan’s birthday🎂

Celebrating it at the event,
(For some reason I felt embarassed ← )

We also celebrated it after the rehearsal

(Notice after rehearsal Iikubo-san(lol))

The day before yesterday we celebrated it in Taiwan,

What a lucky person!

Even at todays rehearsal,
She taught the 13th generation about singing

She has the figure of a reliable senior

I will rely on her too😐 lol

Please treat me well

Congratulations on turning 18🎂

See you ayumin❤️

Cheer Up Post #2110 - Centralia Edition

For the anon who requests this burning ghost town and real-life inspiration for Silent Hill, here’s Centralia, Pennsylvania.

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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