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Imagine: Thorin and the Company Defending you from Alfrid

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   You struggled against the soldier’s grip, managing to break free.  This gave you a moment to make a run for it, but the crowd of people that had begun to gather in the cold night kept you from escaping.  The soldier took hold of you again forcefully, shoving you into the clearing among the rest of the Company.

   “What is the meaning of this?” the mayor of Lake-town demanded, storming out of his manor.  He was dressed in long nightclothes, and what remained of his greasy hair was combed to the side.  He rested his hands on the porch railing as he glared down at you and your travelling companions.

   “We caught ‘em stealing weapons, sire,” a guard replied.  You felt someone behind you push you forward.  “She was standing guard.  Apparently, she’s one of ‘em.”

   “Ah, enemies of the state then, hm?” The mayor’s eyes narrowed. 

   You shot him an irritated look while the one called Alfrid paced up to you.

   “You might want to step away from the Lady,” Dwalin grumbled.   Alfrid ignored his warning.  

   “Strange for a young woman to be traveling with a bunch of dwarves.”  He grabbed your chin and tipped your head up slightly to meet his eerie gaze. The way he leered at you was a bit unsettling. It didn’t last long before you smacked the hand away and elbowed his chest to make him keep his distance, and he went stumbling back.  You smirked as some of the Company chuckled in amusement while he tried to regain his balance.

   “Why you-” he snapped, reaching to grab your wrist angrily.  

   “Stop!” Thorin barked, starting forward.  “You will not lay a hand on her!”  The other members of the Company voiced their agreement, ready to jump to your defense if Alfrid neared you again.

  “Yes, leave her alone!” Ori said bravely.

  “Or you’ll have to answer to us!” Bofur added, straightening his back to look as tall and intimidating as he could.  

  The dark-haired man before you shrank away, startled, as Balin came forward to usher you closer to the others.  Though Alfrid tried to look threatening, you knew he was afraid of your friends.  “A desperate bunch of mercenaries if there ever was, sire,” Alfrid spoke over his shoulder.  Seeing as he was no match for the Company, all he could do was spout insults.

   “Hold your tongue!” Dwalin growled from beside you. “You do not know to whom you speak. This is no common criminal.  This is Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror!”

   Thorin stepped forward. “We are the dwarves of Erebor.”

    Whispers and hushed conversation arose in the crowd around you.  People knew exactly who he was.  

   “We have come to reclaim our homeland.”  The Company leader took a step forward, his eyes scanning the crowd.  “I remember this town in the days of old.  Fleets of boats lay at harbor filled with silks and fine gems.  This was no forsaken town on a lake!  This was the center of all trade in the North!”

   Shouts of agreement rang out.  

   “I would see those days return.  I would relight the great forges of the dwarves and send wealth and riches flowing once more from the halls of Erebor!”

   Pride welled up within you as Thorin’s speech gradually earned the respect and support of the people. The sad people that you saw when first arriving in Lake-town had been filled with hope.

  “Death!”  Bard’s voice called from the back of the crowd.  You turned to look at him, shocked that he was opposing you after helping. “That is what you will bring upon us.  Dragon fire and ruin.” He made his way to the front. Thorin stared him down, and the two of them argued it out. You took the opportunity to do a quick scan of the Company. Kili was looking as pale as ever from the arrow wound.  Fili seemed to be paying more attention to his brother than the situation at hand. Bilbo stood there in nervous silence as he watched the exchange that would decide whether the Company could continue on the journey or not.

   Thorin made his promises, Bilbo vouched for him, people cheered; but the mayor of Lake-town didn’t seem too convinced at first.  Alfrid did not hesitate to voice his suspicion.  Finally, when the matter had been settled, the mayor paused dramatically.

   “I say unto you…” He pointed his finger at the company.  “Welcome!” The crowd erupted in cheers, and you exchanged hopeful looks with Bilbo.

   Relief washed over you when the soldiers backed off, and the mayor came forward to invite you all in for a feast.  It was a wonder that he had some much food to spare when it looked like the entire town was struggling to feed their families.  It was also interesting how all of a sudden Alfrid was showering you with compliments and being ridiculously nice now that you were deemed a guest.  Thankfully, Thorin approached you almost immediately.

   “Stay close,” Thorin told you, gently pulling you to his side and shooting Alfrid a cold look to frighten him off.  “We may have won their favor, but I do not trust them.”  

   “I can look after myself, you know,” you replied, though you weren’t objecting.  You cared for a certain Company leader, and there was a part of you that enjoyed his concern for you.

   “I know.”  You thought you saw an amused smirk on his face as his eyes locked with yours. The light-hearted expression vanished as quickly as it had appeared.  “It would still be wise if the Company stays together.  Especially you.”

   You nodded, smiling.  “And you stay close too.”

   This time, he couldn’t hide the smile as the two of you followed the others into the hall for the feast.

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“Why are you cheering? Your town is in ruins!”

Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review: SPOILERS!

It’s been 20 long years since the Power Rangers were last featured on the silver screen, and they’re finally back in this big-budget reboot film based on the original series. Featuring a perfectly-balanced cast of both well-known actors and newcomers, this movie does a good job at recreating the essence of the show, while also building its own cinematic universe for potential sequels.

Without further ado, It’s Morphin’ Time! Spoilers after the cut!

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Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: I will warn you all now, that this fic is going to be VERY different to my usual stuff, but you can expect a hell of a lot more twists, turns, secrets, and debauchery than ever before… ;)

Disclaimer: I will put warnings on any chapters that challenge social acceptance, however, as an overall warning, this story will contain themes of sex, fear, control (of one person over another), and elements of a gothic nature! 


Part 1


It was so…dark.

All the stories that you’d ever heard about the castle had been about how music sang from the walls, how long clouds of silk curtains billowed gently in the breeze that wafted through the grand windows, how the place was decorated with ornaments, paintings, crystal vases galore…

But the first thing you noticed as you walked through the tall, oak doorway…

…was the darkness.

‘I don’t think we’re allowed to be down here.’ You murmur to the man pulling you along by the hand, your eyes wide as you watch the water dripping down the dank walls of the corridor you’d come to find yourself in after climbing down numerous stairs to what you thought would be the library, but what was starting to look more like a dungeon.

‘Don’t worry. I know where we’re going.’ He murmurs amused, the humor-filled lilt of his voice not working to reassure you at all as you begin to drag your feet, struggling to hold the bottom of your dress off of the floor so that it wouldn’t get wet as you watch him stare excitedly in front of himself.

‘I really think we should head back- what if someone sees-‘

You’re cut off when he suddenly stops, spinning back to pin you against the wall, his eyes dancing excitedly over your face for a moment before he pushes his lips against yours, ducking his head down and softly pressing his mouth to yours, practically being able to feel the adrenaline running through him in the kiss.

‘I have to show you.’ Is all he says as he pulls away, staring at you almost piercingly as he grins, and you swear you see his eyes flash a different colour momentarily, your heart racing in your chest with the sight of the abnormality, before you’re being kissed roughly, yet briefly, again, and once more he begins to drag you along the corridor, his grip on your wrist having tightened somewhat compared to before.

You remain silent as you follow after him, the only sound being your slightly ragged breathing, trying not to trip over your feet as he out-paces you, getting lost in your thoughts as the image of his eyes flashing repeats over and over in your mind. But just as you go to stop him once again, you look up to see that you’d arrived at the end of the dark corridor, a large solid oak door standing in your path.

‘This is it.’ He whispers to himself, turning to look at you with his lip caught between his teeth as he grins, the expression telling you that you were meant to be as excited as him, but all you could focus on was the way your heart was racing in your chest at the prospect of the unknown, your nervousness making you stare at the gold buttons decorating his chest rather than being able to look him in the eye.

‘Princess?’ he murmurs, the unexpectedness of the word forcing your gaze to his, and the minute you look into his eyes you wish you didn’t; seeing the same flashing of colour greeting you as he grins down at you devilishly.

‘Are you ready?’

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Maiden’s Unfair Heart

Warning: THIS IS EXTREMELY LONG. Also, this fic takes place in the Middle Ages so sexism is an obvious. Of course 21st century Harry wouldn’t dare say these things, however please keep the time era in mind. The girl’s name is Jo only because this story is an original story with Harry’s name instead of the original: Michael H. Fitz. This one shot is inspired by the novel “Ransom My Heart”. If you love History and Romance together, this is the right book for you :)

Happy reading and please give me some feedback, I beg you!

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Hey! I love your blog! I was wondering if you had any stereo ficus where they are professional athletes either on the same or different teams and they hook up or are in a relationship but still in the closet and have to hide it?

Hey there Nonny!  Going to assume you meant Sterek, NOT Stereo (mostly because there are no hidden relationship sports au Stereo fics, someone fill that void!).  I am SO not a sports person, but somehow love sports aus?  lol  All of these should have a secret relationship, or at least on the downlow, and have both of them playing sports.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Sox and Bombers by Nanoochka 

(17,449 I Explicit I Complete)  *baseball au

They didn’t normally discuss their games in deference to the sanctity of their respective teams and the ancient Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, but Derek had to admit it was nice to combine shoptalk and pillow talk with someone who understood. Still, Stiles was the enemy, even if Derek did spend an awful lot of time consorting with him. If by consorting you meant fucking him into the mattress.

Extra Innings by tuesdaymidnight 

(37,641 I Explicit I Complete)   *baseball au

Stiles Stilinski is a minor league baseball catcher who just got promoted. Derek Hale is a star major league pitcher with a knee injury who just got sent down to the minors. Stiles is drawn to Derek, but the further invested he gets, the more questions arise. Why does team owner Chris Argent have it out for Derek? Why is Derek so emotionally constipated? And what the hell is Coach Finstock going on about? Minor league baseball has more intrigue than Stiles ever imagined.

Goal Line by TyReed

(39,069 I Mature I Complete)  *football au

After losing a bet with his best friend, super-dork Stiles Stilinksi is forced to play one semester of football for the Beacon Hills High School “Silver Wolves”.  While reluctant, Stiles is never one to go back on a deal, and follows through with the bet.  After all, it’s just for one season.  

The only problem?  

Stiles is apparently the best kicker the school (or state) has seen in over 50 years.  

With the town, the coaching staff, the school, and his team all cheering him on and giving him a circle of friends he’d never though possible before, how is Stiles going to fit in with this new crowd of people he’d always hated?  How is Stiles going to live through this season, the training, and is he going to be the player everyone thinks he can be?   What happens when the season is over, and Stiles can leave the team with the bet ended?

Though at the forefront of his mind, how is he supposed to keep his life-long crush on star Quarterback (and one of his newest friends), Derek Hale, in check?

Love All by tattooedsiren 

(47,602 I Explicit I Complete)   *tennis au

When Stiles Stilinksi steps foot onto Court 8 at Roland Garros, it’s everything he’s been dreaming of for the last nine years, and everything his life has been building towards since the first time he held a tennis racquet in his hands fourteen years ago.

It’s kinda funny, Stiles thinks, that his first game in a Grand Slam (that’s right, he’s playing in a freaking Grand Slam) is against a fellow American. Hell, he’s a fellow Californian. Derek Hale is slightly taller than him, his face is stubbled and just as grumpy in real life as he’s seen in numerous photos and video coverage. And yeah, in any other circumstance Stiles might admit that the stubble and general sense of ‘stay the hell away from me’ totally works for him. But right now it’s just intimidating as fuck.

Versus by secondstar 

(94,521 I Explicit I Complete)  *football/soccer au

At age nineteen, Stiles Stilinski was the next big thing, according to The Guardian. It was surreal, not being able to turn on Sky Sports without hearing his name mentioned along with the names of players he grew up idolizing. Stiles couldn’t believe that this was his life. 

Two Minutes and Holding by captaintinymite (augopher) 

(117,988 I Explicit I WIP)  *hockey au

There were three things college hockey players Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski knew for certain. 1) Their lives revolved around hockey, 2) They were madly in love, and 3) Derek was so far in the closet he might never find his way out.

They’d been together for two years now, and for two years they’d been a secret with only a few people knowing about them. Yet Derek’s fear kept them from moving forward: fear of his family’s rejection, fear of his sexuality tanking his father’s career, fear of the rampant homophobia in professional sports. The ruse was growing thin.

Something had to give.  

Or: The story of how one epic NCAA Championship run and college, served as the backdrop for some of life’s great hardships.

Stars v Bolts


So a while ago a lovely anon requested “ love your imagines!! could you please do a tyler seguin imagine about y/n going to the stars/bolts game but the bolts are her home team? (and maybe it gets a lil intense in a fun/jokey way back home😏)” and here it is!!  I hope you enjoy!!


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           You promised Tyler you would always cheer him and his team on, no matter what, but did that really mean that you had to cheer for the stars over your home town team?  You grew up in a hockey centered house hold and every night the bolts were playing your family would sit in front of the tv cheering them on, regardless of how they played.

           When you told Tyler you weren’t sure who you were cheering for at the game you could basically see the steam coming from his ears.  It was something straight out of a cartoon.  He stormed out of the room slamming the door shut behind him making the entire room shake.  So you decided to be the mature one, you let him go hoping by game time he would cool down enough so that he wouldn’t kill the entirety of the Tampa Bay Lightening roster.  Hoping that he would cool down enough so that the navy-blue jersey you had opted to wear wouldn’t make him want to kill you.  Ok so maybe you weren’t being all that mature but they do say angry sex is the best sex.  

           You had made it to the arena just in time for puck drop, unfortunately missing warm up, but that just means less opportunity for Tyler to see you not wearing his jersey. But even though he couldn’t see it you still had his name on your back- you were wearing one of your many Dallas Stars t-shirts under the jersey in case Tyler’s jealousy got a little bit out of hand.  

            Tyler wasn’t the first to notice you, Jamie was and when he saw the jersey you were wearing he laughed but when he pointed it out too Tyler he didn’t think it was as much as a joke.  The look that flashed through his eyes wasn’t like anything you had seen before, and you had seen many different emotions from Tyler.  He mouthed a quick ‘just wait’ and then he was gone.  He picked up the puck and went on a break away, speeding down the ice faster than you had seen him go before and just like that the puck was in the back of the net and the entire arena was on its feet.  

            Shortly into the third period when Tyler had made the score 3-0.  Thanks to his hatty it was an easy decision for you to wiggle out of the bolts jersey proudly displaying your Seguin t-shirt. Tyler quickly found you with his eyes as he skated past the bench and shot you a classic smirk noticing the victory green t-shirt that now adorned your body.  

            The game had ended 4-1, Tyler had assisted on the fourth goal not at all to your surprise with the way he had been playing all night.  You made your way out to where you parked your car waiting for Tyler to be done with media.  Finally, after what felt like hours you saw Tyler making his way towards you a cocky smile plastered across his face.

            “Maybe I should cheer for the other team more often” you say stepping toward him and wrapping your arms around him.  

            “No way are you ever wearing another teams jersey, unless its with my name on the back” he says firmly “you do look good in my t-shirt though” the cocky smile coming back on his face as he backs you up so you’re back is pressed against the car.

            “You might have mentioned that once or twice before” you say smiling up at him.  

          “God I can’t wait to get you home” he says moving toward the passenger side door to open it for you, but when you don’t move he starts to get clearly impatient “come on (y/n).”

            You debated being stubborn for a little bit longer but the look in Tyler’s eyes said ‘if you’re not moving your feet in five seconds I will put you in this car myself’ and that is one thing you didn’t doubt. The car ride to back to Tyler’s was quiet, just the low hum of the radio playing, but the two of you didn’t need words to convey what you were feeling.  Tyler had one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand was edging closer and closer to where you needed him most.  

             By the time you got into the house you had played through the scene that was about to unfold in so many ways you were prepared for almost anything.  Except Tyler pulling a Stars jersey out of his bag.  

            “The only way I’m fucking you tonight is if you’re wearing my jersey.”  

            The request was simple enough but it still made your stomach twist.  The look of lust in Tyler’s eyes was something you were not going to mess with so, you took the jersey from his hands and made your way to the bedroom discarding first your t-shirt and then your bra slipping the jersey on quickly.  Tyler followed after you quickly shutting the door and immediately pressing you up against it.  


(time skip b/c cassie don’t write smut)

           “So I am definitely going to be cheering for the other team every once in a while” you say breathing heavily.

             “God I love you” Tyler says laughing.

I dreamt a headcannon last night that Larry sent greeting cards during the holidays with bad “I just can’t get the staff…” jokes.

“I just can’t get the staff… Cause you keep rolling over in bed.”

Then the dream evolved into an incomplete story about how Larry discovers that Cecil’s dad didn’t turn in all the antiquities he found in Egypt. One of which is the staff of the high priest of Khonshu believed to have been accidentally left in the tomb of Ahkmenrah. This gives Larry an idea…

At the time it’s before NATM2 so the dream is now an AU where NATM2 never happens.

Larry uses the money to buy up a piece of land far from people and has a small town built. Including a tower that’s part modern tech and part Egyptian magic with the staff at the center.

Suddenly Daley Devices is being ran from there and the exhibits from the museum have gone missing. Any investigation into Larry turns up nothing because the exhibits are now alive 24/7 and miniatures are now life sized. The tower is explained as a monument dedicated to the museum that helped inspire his inventions.

He of course used the staff to make Rexy a dog so he wouldn’t draw attention.

Everything seems to be going well until someone tries to come and take the staff because they find out that Cecil still possesed Egyptian artifacts. This person wants all the artifacts to be turned in to authorities so they can be placed in museum.

When they try to remove the staff from the town chaos reigns as the exhibits start changing back from human to to wax, plastic, etc. Like Rexy who starts changing back while trying to block the theifs escape.

Larry manages to run out just in time to stop Rexy. Holding him back Larry explains that the staff is keeping them alive and human. Without it the exhibits would first change back then turn to dust since tbe staff was stolen during the day time. If the staff isn’t returned soon his friends will die.

Running back to the tower it becomes clear that it’s getting worse as people collapse in the streets. Jedediah stumbles out of his and Octavius home on the verge of fainting pleading for someone to help Octavius. Explaining quickly and brokenly to him Larry hurries off past a Teddy who turning stiff from head to foot.

Running into the tower Larry finds that the tower is trying to tear itself a part without the staff in its proper position. Making his way to the mount for the staff he finds Ahk pinned to the wall by the force of the towers remaining unchecked magic. Stopping briefly he reassures him with a kiss when he can’t pull Ahk free. Moving on to the tower room Larry returns the staff.

The tower shudders violently as everyone in town stops before turning and running towards the commotion. The magic causes the tower to twist and bend in unnatural ways with only a few pieces of the structure falling off. Inside Larry hangs on for dear life as he makes his way to Ahk. Ahk is now is being dragged into the air up to the top of the tower. Larry manages to catch hold of his waist with one arm while the other holds onto a wall decoration. They are almost lifted into the air when the magic finally settles.

Stumbling outside the whole town is there cheering or rushing forward to check on them…

And that is where the dream ended because my dad appeared in the dream and I didn’t want to explain to him what was going on.

Water In My Soul [Jikook mermaid!au] ; Chapter Two

Pairing: Jikook
Chapters: 1/??
Genre: Fantasy, slight angst, slight comedy, slight nsfw (later on)
Chapter 2: Word count; 4,270
“I’m going to find you again. You just wait.“ He mumbled to himself, determined to find the blue-tailed boy that had him questioning not only his reasoning, but his very sanity.

When Jeon Jungkook, average high schooler, has an encounter with a not so average blue-tailed, pink haired boy at a senior getaway by the beach, he’s left to question between reality and illusion.

                                                   Chapter 2

Darkness, abyss, cold, asphyxiating. These were some of the things he felt, looking up at the far sun rays shining through the surface of the great body of water. He tried to swim up, but for nothing, as his legs seemed to be held together. His heart beat wildly, the pit of his stomach sunken from knowing these were his last moments, possibly no one finding out what actually happened to him, for his body would soon be devoured by sea life, never to be seen again. He felt as his lungs filled with water, soon his world going dark, the burning in his chest subsiding, along with the beat of his heart within it.

Jungkook shot up in his bed in a panic, breath heavy and coming in pants, his chest heaving at a quick pace with each ragged breath he took. His frame was drenched in a cold sweat, along with his bed sheets, the sound of his blaring alarm clock filled the dimmed bedroom, the sun just now beginning to rise against the ocean’s horizon. Jungkook sighed and ran a hand through his hair, bringing his other to turn the alarm off. His eyes traveled over to his open window, letting the ocean’s breeze fill his somewhat messy bedroom as he watched the waves ripple in the distance, his mind automatically going to the boy he had seen the night before. He stood up off his bed, ripping the bed sheets from off his bed and tossing them in the hamper, storming off into the shower, not at all wanting to have to go to school or even be anywhere but in his room at that.

The smell of warm breakfast reached Jungkook as soon as he stepped out of his bedroom, grabbing his backpack on the way and fixing his uniform’s collar with furrowed brows. There was no way his mother was back from Chicago so soon, she was thirteen hours away and had left just two nights ago, if anything she would be back at least a week from now. He made his way downstairs, turning the corner into his kitchen to see someone’s back view, them wearing a grey sweatshirt with the same uniform pants as him. He rolled his eyes and leaned against the counter, eyes staring daggers at the other male.

“Taehyung, what are you doing?” Jungkook’s voice sounded across the room, making the  older boy jump in surprise and drop the carton of milk he was currently holding into the sink, luckily not spilling any. Taehyung turned on his heel, smile against his lips with a tilted head, his eyes shining despite the early hour of the morning.

“Good morning, kid.” He chuckled softly, going over to the stove and, with the spatula, picking up the pancake he was currently cooking. He placed the pancake into a plate and motioned with his head for Jungkook to follow him to the table that held toast and scrambled eggs in plates and orange juice in cups. Jungkook eyed the table with suspicious eyes, brows furrowed, yet followed nonetheless. 

“What horrible thing did you do that you’re trying to make up for?” Jungkook questioned, slowly taking a seat across from Taehyung at the dining table. Taehyung only smiled and shook his head, also taking a seat at the table. He glanced up at Jungkook and pursed his lips, seeming to try and find the right words to say. He then licked over his lips and spoke truthfully.

“Last night wasn’t the best,” An understatement. “And I know your mom isn’t in town, Korea even, so I’d thought I’d cheer you up a bit.” He shrugged nonchalantly yet the smile stayed upon his features as he took a sip from his cup of juice. “Besides, I know you’ve been feeding off of fruit snacks and chocolate milk for two days and some real food wouldn’t kill you, alright?” Jungkook brought a hand up to rub the back of his neck, another habit of his when he was flustered or embarrassed. He took the fork in his hand and took a bite from his pancakes, nodding in appreciation to the taste.

“Thank you.” He muffled between full cheeks. He truly was grateful for the other, Taehyung had been with him ever since he could remember, his entire life has been spent with Taehyung, despite the age difference, which didn’t even matter now that Taehyung was only older by a couple months. He always made sure Jungkook was cared for, standing up for him when he was teased by classmates, making sure he was fed and well. Taehyung was honestly like Jungkook’s brother, but he’d never admit that. Too mushy for him. The rest of breakfast was spent in comfortable silence, both boys too focused on the food before them to put up any type of conversation. 

School, in particular, was something Jungkook wasn’t the best at. It’s not like he didn’t try, he just didn’t try hard enough. If there was one thing Jungkook was, it was lazy. He was most certainly the laziest person he knew. Not only was he lazy, but he procrastinated more than your average high schooler should; So when his English teacher confronted him at lunch about the book report that had been due the day before yesterday, he caught himself stuttering to try and make up an excuse right on the spot, which sadly didn’t come to him, his mind focused on other things. He was startled by the feeling of someone stepping close to stand next to him, turning his head to see Jin, a smile against the boy’s lips.

“You see, teacher, he had sent it to me to print it out but I had no ink.” Jin frowned, Jungkook’s brows raised as he watched him, soon feeling the elder elbow him as a signal for him to go along with it. He nodded and looked the teacher in the eye, not looking away as a way to not seem insecure or doubtful. At any other given time, this particular teacher would’ve scolded both Jin and Jungkook. Jin, for getting in between the two without being called for or even mentioned, and Jungkook for not telling him in advance that he had these troubles, yet he only smiled and said to turn it in when Jungkook had the time. Jungkook knew two things, that his professor took a liking to Jin, and that Jin knew it very well and used this to his advantage. What he didn’t get was why Jin decided to help him out once again.

“You really should write that report, he’ll have your ass if you don’t.” Jin turned to look at the younger once the professor had walked away. Jungkook just watched him with curious eyes, nodding slowly before he noticed Jin stick his hand out, one hand still holding onto his lunch tray. “Seokjin.” He introduced himself by his full name. Jungkook didn’t understand any of this. He didn’t know why Seokjin was being nice to him, not only from saving him last night to even covering for him in front of one of the strictest teachers. He did the same, taking Seokjin’s hand into his own and giving him a somewhat firm handshake.

“Jungkook.” He mumbled softly, nodding slowly and still keeping his eyes on the elder, he then looked down at his food tray, not really knowing what to say. It was clear Jin had taken him off guard since last night. “Thank you, you know, for that.” He glanced up at the higher classman through his lashes, seeing him shake his head and smile wider. 

“No need to thank me, that’s alright.” He nodded, shaking the gratitude off. Jungkook looked back up at him, curiosity pooling within his brown eyes. Clearly, there was many things he didn’t know, and Jin was just another one of those mysteries. Why was he helping him out? Was it only because he was friends with Namjoon and Namjoon was nice to Jungkook? All these questions swam within his mind and he was going to ask one of them when he heard the obnoxious voice behind him.

“Jeon Jungkook! Hurry the fuck up!” Taehyung shouted, most people in the cafeteria either turning to look at him or turning to look at Jungkook. He sighed and ran a hand over his face, turning a bit to look over at his best friend, and to his surprise, see him sitting at a table with Namjoon, both of them looking back at Jin and Jungkook with the same surprised facial, not expecting to see them speaking to one another.

“Let’s go.” Jin smiled happily and nudged Jungkook to walk towards the table, him taking a seat next to Namjoon while Jungkook hesitated a bit. He didn’t want trouble, and seniors always came with trouble. Have it be drama related or literal illegal trouble. Jungkook wanted nothing to do with it; but nonetheless, there he was, going to sit and have lunch with them anyway. 

“So I see you’ve met Jin.” Namjoon spoke with a smile, glancing over at his best friend who held up a peace sign at the two youngers while chewing on a piece of bread. Jungkook nodded and grinned a bit, not one to talk much in the first place. He took a sip from his carton of milk, running a hand through his hair as he did so.

“I’m Taehyung.” The boy smiled brightly before taking a bite of his sandwich. Seokjin replied with a muffled ‘Nice to meet you’ as his mouth was also full of food. Jungkook saw the similarity between Seokjin and Taehyung. They both seemed way too happy all the time and were both equally as messy. Namjoon only laughed and picked at his food, not seeming to have an appetite or just not liking the meal in general.

“You guys wanna do something?” Namjoon offered after a moment of silence. Warning bells were already sounding in Jungkook’s head, he didn’t like the way Namjoon phrased that question, it practically shouted trouble. The three other’s at the table looked up at him with the same question in their eyes, looking around one another before back at Namjoon.

“Do what?” Seokjin asked the obvious question at the table. Namjoon grinned a bit and shrugged before leaning close to  the table. The other three did the same, not really knowing why they had to but just knowing that Namjoon wanted to keep whatever they were going to do a secret. 

“Let’s skip last two periods and do something, anything.” He spoke, glancing over at everyone. Seokjin seemed convinced instantly, shrugging and leaning back into his seat while continuing to pick at his food. Taehyung looked over at Jungkook and Jungkook only looked back at Taehyung. Jungkook knew his best friend would say yes for two reasons. One being that he absolutely hated school anyway, and two being he had always wanted to hang out with the seniors. Jungkook didn’t understand why Taehyung was so hung over wanting to hang with them all the time but, then again there were a lot of things Jungkook didn’t understand. Taehyung silently pleaded at Jungkook, doing his familiar puppy dog eyes. Jungkook didn’t ever feel bad for him, the second-hand embarrassment just always made him agree. With a sigh, Jungkook slumped his shoulders in defeat, not agreeing to this idea but going along with it because, why not?

An idea popped into Jungkook’s head, an idea he had been thinking over almost all night, and that was to find the boy that almost tried to kill him the night before. “Let’s go to the beach.” He spoke, silently hoping they would say yes. Namjoon looked over to Seokjin and Seokjin seemed to smile a bit, nodding happily.

“I could use a surf.” He spoke, standing and tossing the food on his tray into the trash before leaving the tray on top of the trash can. “Besides, I always keep my board in the car.” He chuckled and leaned on the table, waiting for everyone else at the table to take their stand, which they did and soon began to walk out together.

“You? Actually socializing? Are you sick or something?” Namjoon quietly teased Seokjin as he held a hand up to his forehead, an expression of fake shock against his facial features. Seokjin let out a sarcastic laugh, slapping Namjoon’s hand away before shrugging looking in front of him and seeing Jungkook and Taehyung exchange words and laugh amongst themselves.

“They’re different.” He nodded before walking faster and catching up to the two youngers, leaving Namjoon to only walk behind the three, smiling widely towards his best friend. More than happy to see him socialize and be accepted by more than just him.

The smell of the salty ocean filled Seokjin’s truck as they drove along the seaside, windows rolled down and heads sticking happily out of them. They laughed and sang along to the songs on the radio, hearts filled with teen spirit and content. Seokjin soon parked at the beach entrance, the same beach they had been at the night before turning the engine off and not bothering to roll the windows back up. They all hopped out of the car, stretching limbs and smiling. Jungkook’s eyes scanned the horizon, licking over his lips as he sighed. Taehyung moved to wrap his arm over Jungkook’s shoulders, also watching the horizon with him but with other intentions. “Last one in the water is gay.” He laughed and took off in a sprint, removing clothes on the way in. Jungkook had no time to process these words before the two others sprinted past him, already shirtless and Seokjin already with board in hand. 

“God damn it.” Jungkook spoke under his breath as he took off his shirt and sprinted after them, not having enough speed or time to reach them as he was the last to reach the ocean, the others’ laughter filling the air as he surfaced, flipping the hair out of his eyes. 

“You’re gay.” Taehyung teased with a laugh, splashing Jungkook with water. Jungkook only laughed and rolled his eyes, splashing the older back and flipping him  off. Seokjin sat up on his board, running a hand through his light brown hair as he watched the horizon as well. Another thing Jungkook didn’t understand in this world was why Seokjin wasn’t as popular as Namjoon. Seokjin clearly had the looks, broad-shouldered, tanned, supple skin, muscular arms and legs from surfing so much, hair naturally lightened by the sun’s rays, and dark, deep brown eyes, and he had a nice personality too. Why didn’t everyone pay the same attention to him as they did to Namjoon? Jungkook was brought out of his thoughts as he watched Seokjin take a wave, smiling in awe as the elder glided smoothly across it. He looked around to see if the other two were also watching it and noticed a glint in Namjoon’s eyes. The youngest of the group furrowed his brows and pursed his lips, again, there weren’t many things Jungkook understood in this world.

At the corner of his eye he saw movement, not just any movement, light pink movement. This made his heart sink as he turned his head to see nothing once again but rocks, sea and sand. His paranoia was getting the best of him, it had to be. There was no way in hell he would ever see that boy again, the odds were impossible, yet there Jungkook was, looking at the back of a pink-haired head who popped back up and seemed to be sitting behind a big rock. Jungkook’s breathing picked up, thankful that Seokjin had Taehyung and Namjoon’s attention. He needed to get to the pink mystery, he needed to get away from everyone else.

“I, uh, have to piss.” Jungkook announced, standing up and beginning to walk away from the group. Taehyung and Namjoon shared a look and furrowed their brows, turning back to watch the younger walking away.

“We’re in the ocean, just piss here.” Taehyung called out to the anxious boy. Jungkook turned and walked backwards as he looked at Taehyung, his facial disgusted as he did so.

“Taehyung, that’s disgusting.” He called out over the sound of the crashing waves not too far in the distance, he turned back around once he had noticed the other two shrug and turn and do the same, them laughing hysterically at Seokjin wiping out against a wave. Jungkook couldn’t laugh, his heart slammed against his chest and his stomach was flipping mad crazy as he grew closer and closer. He stood there, looking at the pink hair from about two feet away. He opened his lips to speak but closed them once again, not knowing what to say, or even how to ask. 'Yes, hi, you sort of almost killed me last night and I saw your tail and I just wanted to see if you were real.’ Yeah, as if. Jungkook didn’t even know what he was going to say if this actually was the boy, why did he even want to find him in the first place? All he did was try to kill him. Jungkook’s thoughts were once again interrupted when the pink-haired person stood up from where he sat by the rock, turning to face Jungkook. His face mimicked Jungkook’s, eyes wide, mouth agape. The shock seen in his eyes were the same for both, not knowing what to say. Jungkook’s eyes traveled down to notice that the boy before him was completely and utterly nude. “Oh my god.” He spoke, bringing a hand up to cover his eyes as he shut them, his breath picking up. He was about to have a panic attack, that or he was going absolutely crazy.

“H-Hello.” A soft voice spoke to him, it a bit squeaky yet sweet sounding nonetheless. Jungkook opened his eyes back up, licking over his lips and shaking his head, bringing both of his hands up to thread into his hair, not believing any of this for a second.

“I’ve lost my mind.” He muttered, beginning to pace back and forth. The other boy only stared at Jungkook, the same confusion and wonder going on in his own mind. This was the same human he saw yesterday, for sure, he had the same dark eyes, fair skin and pink lips, this had to be him. The pink-haired boy watched Jungkook pace, trying to do the same. He wobbled his way over to the boy currently having a mental breakdown, not being used to the whole walking on two legs thing. He then stared at Jungkook, who had stopped dead in his tracks, with furrowed brows, seeming to be concentrating long and hard about something.

“But your mind is right here, is it not?” He stated matter-of-factly, bringing an index finger to press against Jungkook’s forehead. Jungkook flinched and moved away from the curious boy, breath erratic and mind jumbled up. This was real, this was actually happening. His name was being called by Taehyung, his best friend probably wondering what had him taking so long. Jungkook cussed under his breath, running a hand through his hair and nibbling against his bottom lip, distressed to no end.

“We have to get out of here, they can’t see you like this.” Jungkook looked around and saw the three still in the ocean, talking amongst themselves and taking turns to sit on Seokjin’s board. Jungkook hesitantly took the pink-haired boy by the hand, tugging him and beginning to walk quickly, something the other was not able to do as his legs wobbled and swayed. “What are you doing? Hurry up!” He rushed the other, tugging him more only resulting in the other falling flat against his side, a small 'oof’ sound coming from him. Jungkook instantly felt bad, not that he should, again, this guy tried to kill him, yet he did. He gulped and groaned a bit, lifting the other off from the ground and into his arms, beginning to speed walk past Seokjin’s truck and up the street to his house. 

“What is this?” The boy in his arms questioned softly, looking around while Jungkook carried him up into his bedroom. Jungkook didn’t look down at him, not wanting to have the other boy’s genitals all up in his face. He simply just kept his gaze forward and answered his question.

“A house.” He answered, walking into his room and setting the boy onto his feet. He then closed and locked the door, going into his closet and picking out two shirts, them both being white as he had quite the few of the same one. He tossed one over to the dazed boy which, of course, let it fall to the ground. Jungkook slipped his own and turned to see the other staring at the shirt cluelessly. “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” He breathed, going over to the boy and picking the shirt up off the ground, slipping it onto him. The other was quite short, the white shirt reaching his mid thigh, yet Jungkook felt that he was still a bit too exposed. He went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers, handing them over to the other. He only stared at it, neutral faced before glancing back up at Jungkook. “Hell no. I’m not putting these on you. One leg here, one leg here and pull them up.” Jungkook placed the boxers onto the boy’s lap and turned around. He soon heard all motion stop behind him and he turned around once again to see the boy sitting on his bed, looking up at him expectantly.

Back at the beach, the three males still waited for Jungkook. Taehyung got a weird feeling, knowing the younger boy more than he knew himself. Namjoon had returned from checking back by the rocks, shaking his head as he did so, signaling that Jungkook was nowhere to be found.

“Where could he have gone?” Seokjin asked, furrowing his brows in question as he and Taehyung both walked back to shore, dripping to the bone. Taehyung sighed and looked up the street then back at the dock that Jungkook had the incident, turning his attention back to the other two.

“He probably went home. Let’s go there.” He nodded and picked his and Jungkook’s clothes out from the sand and began to walk up the sand. Seokjin and Namjoon stayed back, both glancing at each other in question before hurrying to catch up to Taehyung.

“Is that okay for us to do so? Won’t he be mad?” Namjoon asked, licking over his lips, still salty from the ocean as his eyes scanned the houses at the seaside, them all having sort of the same design, yet looking quite elegant. It was obvious you’d have to have some money to live here. Taehyung shrugged him off and smiled, completely oblivious to what Jungkook was actually hiding. 

Once reaching the house, Taehyung called out to Jungkook, Jungkook jumping up in fear from where he currently was: on his knees, wet towel in one hand, band-aid in the other, cleaning the scrape on the pink-haired boy’s knee from when he fell on beach. He quickly put the band-aid on the other and stood up, anxiously pacing and trying to remain quiet yet knowing Taehyung would not quit until he found him. 

“I’ll be back, I’ll check his room.” Taehyung told the other two who only nodded with grins and leaned against the house’s frame, eyes scanning over the furnished residence. Taehyung made his way up to Jungkook’s room, knocking against the door. “Jungkook?” He called, knocking one more time. Jungkook was scared shitless at this time, he didn’t want anyone to know about the boy, at least not yet, he didn’t know how other’s would react. Jungkook took a deep breath and went over to the door, opening it to reveal only his neck and head.  

“Hey there.” He smiled tightly, watching Taehyung furrow his brows and tilt his head, trying to get a look inside. Taehyung knew something was up, and Jungkook knew Taehyung knew something was up and it wasn’t good. Not at all.

“ 'Hey there?’, Jungkook, why did you leave?” Taehyung questioned, getting on his tippy toes to try and see over Jungkook, which the other only blocked, getting on his toes as well, pretending to be stretching his limbs with a fake yawn.

“Just got, tired and all.” He hummed and began to nibble on his bottom lip, as always. Taehyung’s eyes averted down to them, narrowing his eyes and pursing his lips as he hummed softly, meeting Jungkook’s eyes once again. Jungkook knew he fucked up right then and there, there was no way Taehyung didn’t know he was hiding something now. 

“Yeah, I mean, I totally understand and-” Taehyung cut himself off as he shoved the door open, the unsuspecting younger falling to the ground and the older opening the door widely and pointing. “Aha!” He interjected before he got a look at what it was, not knowing what he found but knowing that he found something. His features soon turned into those of shock, seeing the small boy swing his legs happily on Jungkook’s bed, wearing, not only Jungkook’s shirt, but Jungkook’s underwear as well. Jungkook, still on the ground, noticed what this may have looked like, and he knew damn well what Taehyung was going to say about this.

“Tae-” He tried to say while getting up on his feet before he was interrupted by his elder, moving his finger from pointing at the other boy to pointing at Jungkook, eyes neutral and brows raised.

“I freaking knew you were gay." 

Final Battle Speculation Wishes

After the high of Sunday and the low of Monday, I decided to make the best of the last time that we might get to see Emma and Killian on our screen on a Sunday night.  So after watching the preview and seeing the press release as well as so many of the spoilers that we were able to see being filmed in March, I’ve come up with this wishlist.  

Based on all of the above I think that the finale is a mash-up of S1, S3 and S4 finale.  


Emma ends up in the mental hospital – separation of her from others like in S4 finale when she was in the tower.  Archie has no memory so he is treating her for delusions - call back to S1

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Girlfriend Momo

Originally posted by momotta

Momo would be the dorkiest girlfriend ever. She would be constantly telling you jokes trying to make you laugh. You two would have so many inside jokes. If you’re sick or upset she would do aegyo to make you feel better and cheer you up.

If she’s not in town, she would call you to tell you what she’s eating. She would also call your for videochat when she misses you. When shes home she would Love to cuddle with you no matter the situation.

Momo would like you to dance with her or for her. She would like to dance for you too. She would try to teach you some choreography from Twice songs and some of songs she like to dance. Dance with you, for her, was the best way to spend time with you.

Your fights wouldn’t be so serious. Like, she’s not the type of girl that would argue for stupid reasons. Except if she sees someone attacking you. She would became a little bit angry. She would be really protective over you.

She would be a very honest and caring girlfriend. Would do everything she could to see you happy and smiling everyday. Even when things got a little hard.