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In urban exploring circels this building is known as “Villa Klodderkes”, a name that doesn’t make any sense at all. First of all, it is not a villa; it is a town house and god only knows what ‘klodderkes’ stands for. The town house was built in the second half of the 19th century and had several purposes over the course of its history. For a long time it was used as office space for a nearby factory. Later it was used as a doctor’s practice, but its most recent use was that of police office. The building was featured in several films and television shows. In 2017 the building will be sold. We visited this town house during a group event for the facebook group Scenes of Decay. As is often the case in these situations, there was far too much talking and not nealy enough photographing. As a result, I have only a few images to show form y visit…

Bonus episode - an excerpt from the next Night Vale novel!


Not everyone believes in mountains. Yet, there they are, in plain sight. Scientists insist, rather halfheartedly, that mountains are the bulging results of tectonic shifts along massive rocky plates. Mountains develop naturally over the course of many millennia, scientists say under their breaths.

Most people believe that mountains aren’t there at all, even if mountains are visible, as they often are. Nonbelievers will explain that our minds create sensory illusions to help explain what we cannot understand. Like the shapes of gods and monsters in the stars, or messages in tea leaves, or government codes in cloud patterns.

Mountains, real or not, ring this desert like the rim of an empty dinner plate. Scattered sparsely along the flat middle are small towns with names like Red Mesa, Pine Cliff, and right in the center, Night Vale.

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what i want from animal crossing: the ability to create transparent portions on patterns, the ability to put up additional walls in your house so you can section off parts of your room, the ability to designate parts of your town as residential so that villagers will only move in there

Utopia Hound Bonus Track

As a bonus to the movie novel, I’m translating the bonus track of Utopia Hound novel. I’m mainly interested in Kougami and Akane’s characters and, considering the fact that we don’t know much about Kougami’s escape, except for some news written in the movie book and rumors on the net, I’ve decided to search by myself on Utopia Hound and here I have found interesting things. This book is mainly focused on Kougami. I read a short summary of it in the past, but nothing too precise. I have never been satisfied by second hand informations, so here’s the story.

Utopia Hound Bonus Track in divided in 11 parts. Part 1 and 2 are set just after Makishima’s killing, and part 2 also contains the last conversation between Kougami and Akane (I thought it was in the second book of Psycho Pass but I was wrong).

I liked it very much not for the dialogue itself (that we know it well), but for the interlines in the conversation. From part 3 and on, Kougami escapes to China, he meets a man named Simon, he fights (against who I still don’t know)…..Anyway, I’m going to translate these parts in the next weeks.

Just the last note: if you wanna know something more about the translation, ask for details or if there’s something you don’t understand, I’m here, just ask!

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any tips on creating a fictional town in america? I went through the settings tag and couldn't find much

Pick a Region: (Italicized states could fit into more than one group, depending on who you ask, and some people list more or less regions than the ones listed below)

  • Northeast: New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey
  • Midwest: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma
  • Southwest: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada
  • South: Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Maryland, Delaware, Louisiana, Arkansas, 
  • West: California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Montana
  • Non-Contiguous: Alaska, Hawaii

Once you’ve got your region, narrow it down by state. You don’t have to get more specific than that if you don’t want to, but your character’s world will give away what region they’re in and possibly the state based on clues. Here is what you should know when creating your fictional town in a region/state:

  • Environment: Know the environment of your region or state. There are no wolves (except for isolated incidents) in areas like the lower Midwest, so it would be odd for your characters to come across a pack of wolves in a southern Wisconsin forest.
  • Climate: There are tons of different climates around the US. If the area of your town is specific (like how South Park is a mountain town in Colorado), you’ll need to know more about that climate. If your characters are in a temperate region, you just need the seasons to change depending on the timeline of your story. If your characters live in a region where heavy snowfall is common, snow days at school will be rare.
  • Culture: Slang, common religions, architecture, food, popular music, references (to nearby cities, sports teams, etc.), etc. vary by region, by state, and by city. Some slang is only found in certain cities or certain regions of a state.

Type of Town:

  • Rural: Rural towns are found in the countryside, often with low populations. 
  • Suburban-Rural: These are a mix of suburbia and the countryside. Houses may be placed farther apart, the town might be larger than a suburb without having a larger population, and there may be small businesses.
  • Suburban: Suburbs are just outside cities and large towns and are primarily residential, meaning there are not a lot of businesses. In the US, it’s typical for suburbs to have single-family homes (though there are multi-family homes sometimes), sidewalks, and gaps between houses. Suburbs are a favorite for authors, especially YA authors.
  • Suburban-Urban: These are between the “true” suburbs and the city, often sitting on the border of the city. They have residential areas, but also everything you might find in a city such as busy streets, public transportation, several businesses, and buildings. You’re more likely to find multi-family homes and apartment buildings in suburban-urban towns than you are with suburban homes.
  • Urban: Urban towns aren’t necessarily in the heart of the city (the main tourist areas). Urban neighborhoods, towns, villages, etc., vary greatly by city and each one has its own unique culture and demographics, especially if there is a large population of immigrants in the area. Some urban towns can resemble suburban towns.

When you’ve got your town, draw a map for it. Note important places, like schools and the homes of characters. If your characters are in a suburb or a suburb-urban town, pick either a real city or a fictional city in a real state to put it around.

If your characters are in school and you want a lot of characters, pick an urban, suburban-urban, or suburban town. For the last one you can have more than one suburb share a school. If your character works at a place like a major law firm, they’ll probably need to be near a city. Think about what your character needs to pick a town.


  • Name: If you know what region your town is set in, look at the names of real towns around that area. They usually follow a pattern. The name of the town can be the name of schools, businesses, streets, and parks too.
  • History: If needed, come up with a history for your town. You might not think you need it at first, but it can come in handy. For example, if you need your characters to be at an event, there can be a party for the town’s 100th birthday. The age of the town might also determine the architecture.
  • Appearance: In the town I grew up on, every property had at least one (big) tree on the front lawn thus creating an arch of branches and leaves over every residential street in the summer. What does your town look like? Are there boulevards? Parks? Fences? Alleys? Driveways? Streetlights? Public transportation? Tall houses? Wide houses? Large properties? Small properties? Is it hilly or flat? While there may be a combination of all of these things, certain traits may be more dominant or typical.
  • Activities: What is there to do in your town? Is there a popular hangout? Is there a beach nearby? Do people go to a nearby city for fun? Are there certain areas within the environment (cliffs, clearings in a forest, a lake, etc.) that are popular hangout spots?
  • Keep track of all facts: Write down everything about your town so that you don’t end up with inconsistencies. Keep a list of schools, businesses, public places, government buildings, and everything else that is relevant.

Your town has to be realistic. Readers should have an idea of where this town is or what is near it. A suburban town in the middle of nowhere with no mention of where it is and varying ecosystems isn’t realistic. It’s surreal, distant, and might only work in certain fantasy genres. A town with a population of 15,000 people, but with four middle schools, two churches, a mosque, a synagogue, two law firms, no variation in economic or social class, eight restaurants, and a car dealership is unrealistic unless this small town is used as a center for several other towns.


Flirt KL.M

Warning talk of exams, don’t feel guilty

(Hi, could i maybe request an imagine of klaus? Where he’s like, flirting with the reader but she’s so shy about it? Then fluff? Thank you so much!:)

Love the request, here ya go, enjoy

(Un edited)

Word count: 1068

Stress was my enemy right now and all I wanted to do was zap myself home or magic myself a car but somewhere along the way of imaging these things I had left the Grill and begun my walk home. The study session with Matt left me hopeful for finals but there was always that lurking fear of failure in the back of my mind.

I re-adjusted my satchel as I left the town and entered the residential area, it was always so spooky at night but it was even more spooky now that I had joined the secret society of vampire existence in which Matt was also involved in. Vampires like Damon and Stefan didn’t scare me and apart from the lack of ever getting wrinkles and sucking a few humans dry every now and then they were still the same people I had met earlier this year.

It was the ‘other ones’ that scared me and the 'other ones’ I was told not to trust. I smiled while walking past all the fancy homes that were lit up like christmas trees- it was streets like these that I loved, full of life and history they gave Mystic Falls a good name throughout all the terror.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” spoke a voice from behind which made me jump and drop all my books, I spun around frightened expecting to see some creepy thug but instead stood a smirking man, his hair slicked up in small curly waves and  his clothes partially stained as if he had fallen down a hill or something much worse.

I stayed frozen as he approached, my mouth slightly ajar as I took in the rest of his figure which came into more detail under the streetlamp. His dark browns eyes showed exactly that…darkness with a hint of lust, he was rugged and the unshaven stumble upon his face showed that. “E-excuse me?” I questioned keeping my eyes on him as he stood directly in front of me.

“Sorry to scare you love, didn’t mean to” he apologized before kneeling down towards my books, I copied his actions however my eyes never left him. “Hmm, German history I’m impressed, beautiful and a historian in the making, but did you know that Germany was the first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time in 1916, in the midst of WWI?” he asked as he picked up one of my text books and held it out for me. I seemed hypnotised by him- I mean I knew I was terrible with men in general but I could usually utter more than just a few words.

“T-thank you and no I-I didn’t know that” I replied shyly and quickly took the book from him while trying to grab the others. I hadn’t seen this man before, and although I knew better than to converse with strangers my curiosity was going to get the better of me eventually especially if he knew so much about Germany.

“No problem sweetheart, say, I don’t think we’ve met I’m Klaus” he greeted sounding extremely convincing however I was slow to catch up as I was still fanning over the term 'sweetheart’. I blinked a couple of times before replying.

“Nice to meet you Klaus, I-I’m Y/N” without a second thought he took a hold of my hand and kissed the top of it sweetly.

“What a gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl” he replied making me blush instantly. “Where;s a girl like you headed on a night like this?” He questioned, alarm bells started to ring in my ears at his question.

“Home, just home to finish some study” I stated while gesturing to the books in my hand.I couldn’t get over his persistent eye contact, this man was incredible. I drew my eyes away from his and watched as he paced slowly around with his arms behind his back.

“Hm, your hardworking I like it, can’t say I was much like you back in my day” There was an odd humour every time he spoke that made him more interesting.

“You don’t look that old” I laughed, trying to make sense out of this whole situation, he chuckled and stepped closer to me.

“Thank you love, your words are undeniably kind, however I must go” I stared at him confused, What was he even doing here? Just when I thought he was about to leave he paused as though he forgot something. “I know this seems quite out of the blue but if you ever need anything, any help, maybe a drinking partner don’t be afraid to ask” he was right, it was out of the blue but somehow it wasn’t weird of him to ask.

I thought about it for a moment and smiled, what harm was there in a few drinks? “That’d be great actually- you seem to know your history and I’ve been struggling lately” I replied only making him grin. 

“Until then I suppose” He started to walk off but I stopped him.

“Wait!” he turned to face me, “When will I see you again?” he thought momentarily.

“Oh I’ll be around, you just focus on those exams” he instructed, the advice from him made me want to try to harder.

“I will” and with that he disappeared into the night.

I continued on for half an hour and I was almost there, I spent the time thinking about Klaus and how peculiar he was, he seemed too polite for this century but maybe he was just bought up a gentleman. I smiled to myself while thinking about him.

“You seem rather ecstatic” I turned to see Klaus and let out a scream.

“W-What are you doing here, I thought you had left” I held my chest trying to control my breathing while he laughed effortlessly.

“I couldn’t let you walk home by yourself now could I?” he asked and motioned for me to continue walking. “Besides, you implied you needed to brush up on your German history so here I am”. I laughed nervously.

“Oh?” I challenged.

“Did you know the world’s oldest savings bank was established in Oldenburg in 1786?” he asked, his use of words and knowledge threw me completely.

“I had no idea” I replied sarcastically.

“Oh my love, you have a lot to learn”.

Thought I’d add in the exam idea because they’re coming up and I have my bio paper tomorrow. this is completely dorky but did any of you get the daylight savings fact? How coincidental of him to know huh?

Hope you enjoyed, more coming soon :)


Inside Marilyn Monroe’s Upper East Side Apartment

Marilyn Monroe is usually associated with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Era, but when she wasn’t on the West Coast, the iconic actress spent a great deal of time in New York City. Whenever Monroe touched down in the city, she made 127 East 78th Street—the residence of her close friend and colleague Milton Greene—her home, even referring to it as her “sanctuary”.

Now, the 4.5-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom townhouse is available to rent for $27,500 a month through Town Residential. “Throughout the home, original details have been lovingly preserved and modern conveniences seamlessly infused,” John Carapella, a rep for the real estate firm, told Daily Mail. The four-story residence features a marble staircase, a European terrace and stained glass from the legendary Luchow’s restaurant and has also been updated with a security system, central air and heating and a Jacuzzi bathtub. In addition to Monroe and Milton, the house also hosted Bette Davis and Irving Berlin as residents since its construction in 1899.

and like, expanding upon the previous post… imagine all the changes the draenei have probably made in the past ~10 or whatever years since coming to azeroth

actually settling azuremyst, building up legitimate towns (instead of small settlements raised around far-flung exodar debris).  the island is now draenei land since night elves don’t really care about it much anymore.  so we’ve got towns and residential areas where draenei civilians can live.

the exodar is more of a pseudo-military base for the hand of argus, and of course velen lives there.  and it doubles as a temple of sorts, as well as housing archives (i imagine a lot of information from au draenor was brought back to this timeline so that the draenei can revitalize their society here on azeroth).  like, it’s sort of reminiscent of karabor and shattrath.  there are a few civilians that live inside but that’s largely just master craftsmen, trainers, archival curators, etc.  it’s a capital but it doesn’t have a huge civilian population because that’s not really necessary like it was when they first arrived; most draenei either live in the towns on the islands, or elsewhere on azeroth.

commerce is pretty good; there’s a very clear line of trade with the night elves given teldrassil’s proximity to azuremyst.  the island itself has an abundance of wild game, not to mention the fact that farms have sprung up, so the draenei are able to cultivate their own crops and raise livestock.  being that it’s an island, too, fishing is pretty popular, and fish is a dietary staple.

all the damage from the exodar’s crash has been cleaned up and bloodmyst is free of corruption.  maybe they even rename it, because “bloodmyst” is pretty ominous sounding.  there’s a few towns there too, but they’re more recent than their azuremyst neighbors because it took awhile to fully cleanse the place.  but it’s nice and clean and good and you know, maybe the draenei decide to build a new auchindoun there.  the past has shown them that they aren’t invincible, and the souls of their revered dead need a nice place to hang out and be protected from the legion.  sure, new auchindoun isn’t as big as its predecessor, and the previous auchenai order was decimated, but the draenei have always persevered and can rebuild and fully recover and get to thriving instead of just surviving.


So, for the past week I’ve been building a new neighbourhood, which is very much inspired by Jessa’s videos.

It’s very small, there’s only 11 residential lots and 14 community lots, all of them 1x1 or 1x2 in size, except for the beach, which is the largest at 2x2. All the lots are from MTS and I used the Evansville terrain by ambers_journey.

I’ve been calling it Hazelnut Isle but I’m sure there’s a better name out there for it, suggestions are welcome! The idea I have is that the pink trees are native to this island, and cannot be found anywhere else in the Sim world. Tourists (townies) come to visit the island and are a big part of the economy. There’s a darker undertone in that population control is very strict and each couple is limited to one birth. Eating cheesecake while pregnant is a punishable offense.

I have plans to take more pictures of each lot once I finish decorating them. I also haven’t created any Sims yet, I want to finish the ‘hood before adding any.

Pictures are captioned.

Joanna Newsom - "Baby Birch"

There was a sign on the main drag of my town between the McDonald’s and the funeral home that said “No Engine Brake" and I had no clue what that meant. There wasn’t a light in the dashboard of our family’s Toyota Camry that said “Engine Brake” so… But I remember seeing the sign and never even asking my parents what it meant (which was odd for me).

I don’t know when I learned what engine braking was, it doesn’t matter. I know it’s also called a Jake brake, and more specifically it’s used on big trucks and semis to stop them at higher speeds, thereby saving on the brake pads. The Jake brake opens the exhaust valves in the cylinders of the engine, releasing the compressed air trapped inside, thereby slowing the truck down. I’m paraphrasing this from some truck website and it makes no sense to me, but apparently it works, via physics and this truck website. 

But for Joanna Newsom, it’s the sound they make. From far away, engine brakes are a legion of bass trombones splattering on the lowest note they can play. They interrupt the white noise of the highway, and depending on where you grew up, crickets just don’t sound right without them entering into the conversation every so often. Close up the sound is the Inception horn, the maw of a hell. There’s a reason there’s no engine braking in small towns and residential areas or between McDonald’s and funeral homes.

It’s a big counterpoint to the ecosystem of “Baby Birch”, which numbers among the songs I would rescue from the underworld. Its composition is drawn in tiny circles, perfect at first, then they grow larger and scribblier and cut into the page inside Ryan Francesconi’s stunning arrangement. As with most of Have One On Me, she simplifies her delivery, and here she sings most of the text in a warm sotto voce until the end.

“Baby Birch” is, as always, leaden with metaphor.  It’s commonly read as a 9 minute pang for a miscarriage or an abortion, but maybe it’s broader. It could be about the outline of any figure  Newsom cut away from her, either in the clinical violence that she describes with the “barber” in the final stanza or of something a little less drastic.

Always, always, always get chills when it comes around to the final part:

There is a barber who’s cutting,

And cutting away at my only joy;

I saw a rabbit, 

As slick as a knife, 

And as pale as a candlestick, 

And I had thought it’d be harder to do, 

But I caught her, and skinned her quick:

held her there, 

Kicking and mewling,

Upended, unspooling, unsung and blue;

Told her, "wherever you go,

Little runaway bunny,

I will find you.”

And then she ran,

As they’re liable to do. 

I suppose it’s because some years ago, my ex-girlfriend got pregnant after we had an ill-advised rendezvous during a post-breakup limbo period of our relationship and she had an abortion two months later while I was in Thailand volunteering at an orphanage for stateless kids who would otherwise be sold into labor or sex trafficking rings. When I got back to Wisconsin, I asked her with all the grace and tact of a dumb kid who just paid for half of an abortion for a “receipt.” She told me she burned it, along with everything having to do with the abortion. That was the final word either of us ever said about it.

Engine brakes are these otherworldly noises. I only hear them as faraway sounds, something that crests in my ears for a second then disappears again. Contrast to the surgical, busy scene of the last stanza, the present moment of the deed, triage, a whole town watching in the window, witness to the moment this thing leaves your life. It then runs off far away from you, the gravity of it so large that there’s a doppler effect from the noise of its escape, something that bends flat as it passes by. “How about those engine brakes?” those hollow moans of something so small from so long ago that opens big in the night. And it’s like, sometimes those runaway things find you, too. 

Akimoto Sayaka - “ARI NO MAMA。” - Chap 2_1

*  *  *
What “I” are made of

I think it’s quite well-known that I’m a Filipino-Japanese. And how my family was really poor is also a famous story among fans.

I have no intention of hiding about that. But until now, I’ve never had any chance to talk about that clearly. About the place where I’ve grown up, about my beloved parents, and about my school life before joining AKB48……

AKB48 has a lot of members with different personalities. You will find it interesting because we are grown up in different environments and our parents also have great influence on us.

“You are no good! You’re not trying hard enough!”
I have a feeling that kids who have been raised being told that continuously will become withdrawal and hold back.

On the contrary, my parents are the type who keep saying “You are the best! You can become center in no time!”

Maybe you wouldn’t believe this but, unexpectedly I’m really weak under pressure. But because my parents keep pushing my back strongly, that’s why I can always work it out for sure in the end.

I didn’t mean to exaggerate but… I still think it’s such a “weird” way of raising children. But those experiences are what made up “Akimoto Sayaka” of today. Lately I really feel that strongly.

I was born and grown up in a remote countryside of Chiba.

It takes around 1 hour from Tokyo by train. Even though I said it’s a countryside, but it’s not the kind that is surrounding by nature. It’s just an ordinary residential town. A very typical suburban town.

Chain family restaurants showing up here and there along the highway side. The only places to hang around are a video rental shop and a shopping mall.

Maybe those who have never left the urban city before won’t get this. People gathering like crazy at big super market for no reason. Just because there’s no fun place else to be. It how countryside is.

What is my “very first memories”?
I remember an accident when I was carried to hospital on an ambulance because there was a stone sticking in my earhole. I really liked the big pearl earrings Wada Akiko-san was wearing back then, so I decided to copy her by using a stone. That happened when I was waiting for the bus at my kindergarten.

After putting in, I couldn’t get the stone out anymore, so I was carried to the hospital. They couldn’t get that out with tweezers, even the doctor was astonished.

I often accidentally hurt my younger brother. While we were playing, he was dropped from the second bunk of our bunk bed. I also often fight with other boys.

Actually my core personality hasn’t changed at all since I was a kid. To put it simply, I was a mischievous kid. Strong-minded mannish personality. Uhm, I’m still the same even now.



Chapter 1. Graduating from AKB48 1::2::3::4::5
Chapter 2. Father and Mother and the Philippines 1::2::3::4::5::6::7::8::9::10::11::12::13
Chapter 3. Being an idol
Miyazawa Sae x Akimoto Sayaka “To you, who’ve always been with me”
Chapter 4. The power of being true to yourself
From kouhai “Our beloved Akimoto Sayaka-san”
Chapter 5. My future from now. Things I want to show.
Oshima Yuko “Our youth”