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“Well, I have a strong sense of myself. That gives me a sense of security, you know? If I define myself by things that are always changing, like the public’s opinion or what I’m doing, there’s no stability in that.”

- Blake Lively

Happy birthday Blake Lively!!

Star Wars Dark Disciple: ‘this novel will skew towards adult readers’.

[Two hundred pages of Asajj’s struggles with her haberdashery bill on a freelance Bounty Hunter budget]

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hey could you do a rick imagine using prompts 4, 19, & 38? :)))


#4- “I wondered where all my shirts went. Now I know.”

#19- “Well, when you put it like that, I sound like a dick.”

#38- “Okay, judging by the look on your face, you either want to kill me or have sex with me.”

TWD Prompts

“Thanks Carol, I really appreciate it.” You smiled as Carol handed over some eggs and bacon. You had asked for some the day before because you knew that you’d be cooking breakfast the next morning for a certain someone.

“No problem. And when he wakes up, you be sure to tell him that I had to beg and grovel for that so he better enjoy it.” Carol laughed. You chuckled in response and looked towards your staircase.

“If he ever does wake up, I’ll let him know.”

You and Carol said your goodbyes and you made your way into the kitchen to cook breakfast for yourself and Rick.

You and Rick had been sleeping over at each other’s houses for a couple  of weeks now. You’d always had a bit of a thing for each other, ever since the day him and his team stepped into Alexandria, but it was only recently that you’d been… expressing it, so to speak.

While making coffee to go with breakfast, you felt a pair of strong arms snake around your waist and stubble gaze against your shoulder as Rick pressed soft kisses to your neck.

“Mornin’ gorgeous.” He whispered.

You turned away from the coffee pot and hung your arms around his shoulders as he hugged you tightly and kissed you with a lazy passion.

“Hey Baby.” You purred against the kiss.

When the two of you pulled away from the kiss, he eyed your entire body up and down and a smirk crosses his lips.

I wondered where all of my shirts went. Now I know.” Rick chuckled, referring to the white t-shirt of his that you’d thrown on this morning.

“Good luck gettin’ them back, Grimes.” You teased cockily.

Rick laughed at your words and lifted you on top of the kitchen counter and stood between your legs.

“Looks better on you than it ever did on me, sweetheart.” He smiles sweetly.

“You’re cute.” You giggled at his sappy comment.

He continued to smile, your laugh being one of his favorite sounds recently. There were few things that made Rick deliriously happy and you were definitely one of them. Obviously, Carl and Judith came first but you joined the top of his priority list shortly after he met you. Thankfully, Carl took to you straight away and there was no awkwardness- you didn’t want to intrude or anything.

“Listen, I’ve got to go out on a run today, even though I wouldn’t mind spending the day with you in or out of my shirt.” Rick smirked, gently massaging your hips.

“I mean, you know I want you to stay… but I guess you have to go.” You told him while running your fingers over his defined collarbones.

“You sure baby, Baby?” he asked, starting to place feather-light kisses across your neck and throat.

“Rick, no,” you groaned, hating the fact that you have to reject Rick’s advances. “If you’re going, go now. Don’t tease,” You cupped his face in your hands, detaching his lips from your neck in the process. “Just please be careful.” You begged.

“Okay, fine. But, I hope you know I’ll be thinking about you the whole time.” He smiles.

“Good.” You smirked and kissed him lovingly.

You and Rosita finally finished fixing up a van that you’d found in an abandoned town. You both panted underneath the sweltering heat, but smiled nonetheless.

“Nice job.” Rosita nodded towards you.

“Thanks, you too.” You smiled while wiping some oil from your cheek.

Suddenly, the two of you heard a loud commotion coming from the gates and ran over as quick as you could. Aaron hurriedly opened the gates and the truck that Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Glenn, Sasha and Tara took on the run that Rick was telling you about earlier on that day drove through. You could only see Abraham and Sasha in the front, causing you to wonder where the other four are. Abraham and Sasha leapt out of the front of the truck with a great urgency and rushed to the back. You and Rosita proceeded towards the gate in confusion as you still had no idea what the hell was going on. What happened next sank your heart and made you feel sick to your stomach. Daryl and Glenn were carrying a blood-soaked Rick out of the back of the van and rushing towards the medical station. Tara ran towards you, knowing that you’d need to find out what happened.

“Y/N, listen to me, listen to me. He’s going to be fine. We’re gonna get him fixed up and get him back to consciousness and he’s going to be fine. But for the minute, he needs some space.” She explained calmly.

“No, you have to let me go with him!” You exclaimed, tears streaming down your face.

“You can’t right now, okay? We’re trying our hardest to get him back to normal.”

“What the fuck happened, Tara!?” You yelled. “It was a run! A simple run!”

“There was another group. We didn’t see them coming. They had guns and they shot at us and before we could react, they were shooting at us and Rick got hit. But he’s going to be fine.” Tara’s smooth, serene voice gave you a little bit of ease, but you were still itching to be by Rick’s side.

“Where’s Carl?” You asked, suddenly realizing that he’d be worrying just as much as you.

You and Carl sat in Rick’s lounge with Daryl, who was holding Judith and pacing worriedly.

“How long has it been?” Carl asks impatiently, bouncing his knee.

“Two and a half hours.” You replied almost immediately.

Daryl placed Judith down in her crib once she fell asleep in his arms and went on to continue to pace.

“Daryl, sit down. You’re making me nervous.” You sighed.

“Can’t. Fuck, it’s my fault. Should’ve seen them comin’.” Daryl growled angrily.

“None of you saw them coming, Daryl. You can’t blame yourself.” Carl tells him.

Daryl simply shook his head and continued to pace.

You bit at the skin around your nails in anxiety, your entire body beginning to shake.

Suddenly, Eugene’s head poked through the door and you and Carl both stood to your feet in preparation for whatever news he has.

“Rick’s gonna be just fine.” He announces.

You, Carl and Daryl all let out deep sighs of relief. Carl engulfed you in a tight hug as you let out tears of joy and then Daryl, the most closed off person you knew, wrapped his arms around the both of you.

“You can see him, but it’s still not wise to overcrowd him, so one at a time.” Eugene added.

You looked at Carl with a soft gaze and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Go on.” You smiled.

After Carl had gone to see Rick, Daryl persuaded you to get some sleep. At first you objected, but when you yawned mid-argument, you realized that Daryl was probably right. You’d taken what you thought was a quick nap and were woken up by Carl the next morning.

“Hey,” you coughed. “What time is it?” You asked, noting the sunshine soaking through the drapes.

“It’s eight a.m. You feeling alright?” Carl laughed.

“Yeah, must have knocked out pretty early. Your dad okay?”

“He’s fine. He was asking for you, but when I told him you were sleeping, he said that you should go in the morning. And it’s the morning, so…”

You smiled gratefully at Carl and ruffled his hair as you stood up, then going on to stretch your entire body. You strolled over to Denise’s house and asked to see Rick, a request that she gladly went along with. She led you upstairs and pointed you to the guest room, which was where Rick was resting. You leaned against the door frame and Denise left the two of you alone. You rested your head against the wall and let out a deep sigh that grabbed Rick’s attention.

Okay, judging by the look on your face you either want to kill me or have sex with me.” Rick chuckled, causing you to snap your head in his direction and let out an amused scoff. You walked over to the bed and cuddled up beside him, laying your head on the shoulder that hadn’t been shot.

“You scared the shit out of me, Rick.” You wept.

“I know. And I’m sorry. But I’m here now, okay? And I ain’t going nowhere.” He said softly while running his fingers through your knotted hair.

“Jesus Rick, I told you to be careful.” You sobbed. Rick rolled over to face you and winced in pain a little, but finally settled when he hugged you into his body.

“Look at it this way- you don’t have to leave my side for a long ass time.” You laughed a little, which warmed Rick’s heart as his last intention was to make you cry.

“God, I have to play nurse now? How exhausting.” You joked.

Well when you put it like that, I sound like a dick.“ 

“You are a dick.” You giggled.

Rick gasped in mock offence, then grabbing your waist and pulling you up to straddle his abdomen. 

“I’ll have you know, you love my dick, so shut up.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh, so you think sex is gonna be involved? Guess again. You’re going to wait ‘til you recover and then you’ll get lucky.” You told him, much to Rick’s demise.

“I better get to recovering then.” He winked.

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7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 64, 65 (I am so sorry, I am really curious about KH stuff...)

7. Who is your favorite character?

huh. a mystery

8. Who is your least favorite character?
Fuck you, Ansem the Wise/DiZ. hated him since I got into kh and I hate his dumb ass now

9. Who is the biggest asshole in Organization XIII?
I mean they’re mostly mostly self-absorbed manipulative assholes but Xemnas is the ringleader of them so he’s probably it. Still love him tho

14. Which character’s outfit would you wear every day?
Probably an org coat or like. Roxas’ Twilight Town outfit. I like pants too much to sacrifice those for other outfits

15. Have you ever had sea-salt ice cream?
Not in actuality. I did pour some salt on vanilla ice cream and that was still pretty good but I’m sure the actual thing is, y’know, better
64. Are Roxas and Ventus going to meet?

Inevitably. I can’t see Roxas taking it well

65. Is Xion coming back?
Chances are, yeah. I’d personally love it if she came back as sort of a ghost/projection thingy because that’d make her death much more significant and emphasize the general air of being temporary and someone who’s not themself to a full degree, but I somehow doubt that’s gonna be how it goes.

@lovealwaysangelairene. My town is so small there aren’t any cabs! The school bus comes by at some point but I’m not sure when because I always drop him off at before school care on my way to work.

ahhh I’m not very good at this writing business or what not.

But what if Robbie gets so tired of failing at being a villain and being mocked by the other citizens of lazy town that he leaves. Gives up on villainy and the costumes and moves away.

Sportacus tries to convince Robbie to stay but he insists on leaving. Sportacus tells him to keep in touch and that the kids will miss him, he’ll miss him. Robbie is touched by the sentiment but says it wont change his mind.

So he moves to the big city to lay low as a tailor.

annnnd lots of stuff happens. Self esteem building, self reflection, romance, and drama oh my~

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I still don't get why Link couldn't of just dressed up as a Hylian woman instead of the fetishizing 'traditional gerudo clothes' shit. Didn't one of the guys who worked on BotW say that Link was supposed to be androgynous in the game anyway?

That’s exactly it, though. They weren’t even trying to be subtle about their transmisogyny or racism when Link could have just gone in a Hylian woman’s dress if necessary, or maybe he could have just gone in as is? Considering there’s another Hylian woman in town who’s wearing pants and all.

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Sabo, Ace, Luffy reactions when their s/o stands up for them in an argument?? Please!



(Y/N) could be the type of person to work problems out calmly. That was one of the reason he fell in love with them in the first place. Another reason he loved them was because of the fact that if you managed to actually make them really angry, they could be pretty intimidating. Sabo just loved to see the different sides to their personality, and now was one of those times.

The two of them finally had enough free time to go out on a date. It would have to be short, but neither of them minded. They cherished every moment they spent together.

The couple found a small cafe and decided that would be a nice place to have their date. They ordered their drinks and bought a dessert to split. For the next few minutes Sabo and (Y/N) simply talked.

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