town lake animal center



Jeffrey is a beautiful 60 lb…dilute chocolate? (I’m not sure what his coloration is, but it’s beautiful) American pit bull terrier. He is a goofball whose hobbies include the following:

-Making goofy faces

-Rolling around in the grass like a fool

-Giving kisses

-Wagging his entire body at the very idea of a walk

-BELLY RUBS. enough said. 

Jeffrey has a BIG head and is very muscular, but does NOT jump on you, pull on the leash (he walks right by your side like a gentleman), is not mouthy, and knows basic obedience commands. He loves EVERYONE, no exceptions. When he sees other dogs his whole lower half wiggles. He is gentle and polite with children and adults alike. He is also fully housebroken. 

Unfortunately, things have not always been so good for Jeff. At one time, he was living his life attached to tight pieces of wire which have left scars in his neck. He does not seem to be affected in any way by his past…he’s always ready to live it up and spread all his pittie love around. 

If that weren’t enough to make you want him, he is FREE of charge and comes with a crate, free vet exam, $150 worth of professional training, neuter, microchip, vaccinations, and collar/tags. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a GREAT pibble ambassador in the Austin TX area (although we DO adopt out of city and even out of state!), tell ‘em about Jeffy. He is located at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER (fka Town Lake Animal Center), at 7201 Levander Loop.

I really just wanted to share these photos I got of him, but it would be great if anyone reblogged for him. :) 


Ricky is a 3 yr old “blue lacy” mix according to shelter staff…okay, well, he could be, but how much you wanna bet this handsome fella is a blue pit bull mix? Hint: I’d put down money on it. 

Anyway, breed aside, Ricky is AWESOME. I mean, look at him. HE LIKES DRESS UP TIME. He gets dressed up and smiles about it. But wait, there’s more. 

Ricky is HOUSEBROKEN, strong but gentle, and an affection sponge. He’s always ready to soak up some lovin’. He makes friends wherever he goes, but doesn’t like it when dogs are obnoxious and assertive to him. It is rude, and a gentleman can’t stand for it. However, if the other canine is polite, he LOVES ‘em! Ricky is also good with kiddos and hasn’t taken much interest in small animals.

Ricky has also got basic obedience down pat. Sit, stay, down, walk nice, watch me? Pfft. That’s nothin’. 

Ricky has also had a little experience with biking, so he’d love to accompany you side-by-side on a nice bike ride. That is only one of his hobbies; he also loves rolling around in the grass, sunbathing, and having glam shots taken of him.

Unfortunately, Ricky has been here at the shelter for 110 DAYS. Why? We don’t know. I guess people just don’t like handsome gentlemen.

Like all Hard Luck Hounds, Ricky is FREE of charge and comes with the following:


-$150 worth of professional training w/a local trainer

-FREE vet exam with local vet



-New collar/tags


-Lifetime tech support

-Lifetime of unconditional love and gratitude

Ricky is at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER (in ATX), the largest open-intake low-kill facility in the United States. If you are anyone you know is looking for a well-mannered ham like this one in the ATX area (or not, we are willing to do out of city and out of state adoptions), come down and fall in love with Ricky.

(note: sorry for the lower quality photos! I haven’t been able to bring my canon back to the shelter due to a destroyed camera case. I hope you can still enjoy this boy’s little face.) 


Need a little ray of sunshine? There’s one waiting for you right here at Austin Animal Center. 

Sunnie, a true pocket pit at just ~40 lbs at 4 yrs. old, hasn’t had it good: she shows some signs of having been neglected and abused in the past. As her name suggests, she is bright and friendly, but can be a little shy in new situations with new people. Not to worry, as she gets better and better every day.

Sunnie is a dog that gets VERY attached to her people and would love someone to curl up with her. She is very smart and knows many obedience commands on top of being easy to handle  and HOUSEBROKEN. So why has she been in the scary shelter for almost TWO MONTHS?

She was surrendered by her previous owner because her pack mates did NOT accept her (I believe she was the third or fourth dog) and ended up beating her up. She did, however, get along very well with the cat of the house, they were actually close friends.

She would do well in a home with a dog-savvy cat who isn’t scared of dogs and ready to befriend them. She is fine with other non-intimidating dogs–after her experience in her previous home, she is a little scared of other dogs, particularly big ones. However, she doesn’t mind friendly smaller dogs that won’t be too “in her face”. 

Sunnie has had experiences with children. While she’s not snappy, young children make her nervous. HOWEVER, she does fine with older, gentle children ages 10+. 

On top of having angelic behavior and being super sweet, Sunnie is a cuddle bug! She loves ear rubs, belly rubs, and back scratches as well as just sitting on the couch and chillin’ with you. She is a pretty lazy dog and would not need a lot of exercise to stay sane; a LOT of potential to be a grade A apartment dog! Another thing? She doesn’t mind being dressed up. She just wants a home where she can be someone’s little ray of light. Are you that special someone? 

Sunnie’s IS FREE OF CHARGE with ALL shots, spay, microchip, new collar, tags, the snazzy little bandana, crate, $150 worth of professional training should you ever need it, and a FREE vet exam with a local vet. She is at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER, waiting for you to come get her!

Sherman is one of the very few Hard Luck Hounds that is NOT a pit bull type.

Sherman is a 10 year old Great Dane/Lab mix who has had quite the unfortunate journey.

See, he was adopted out from us in 2002 as a puppy. He was rehomed twice from his owners, surrendered back to the shelter a few years ago by different people, adopted out, and then came back to us as a stray earlier this year, stayed for almost two months, was adopted, and then returned. 

Sherman has never had anyone to depend on, and after his latest return to the shelter, it finally broke his spirit. This old man is now depressed and spends most of his time curled up in his kennel, not even bothering to really greet people. 

In the past, I’ve known Sherman to be SUPER affectionate and always wanting to be with you. This depressed Sherman is NEW and I know some TLC and consistency would bring back the happy, loving Sherman I’ve always known. He is the master of “puppy eyes” and cries for attention when people ignore him for younger, cuter dogs. 

No one wants an old dog that just sits there, especially when they’re not particularly eye-catching or “beautiful”. It’s a cold, hard, reality. Well, maybe not “no one”. There are some kind hearted people that will take dogs like Sherman, I know there are some on tumblr.

Despite Sherman’s age, breed, and size (he is a big dog, but not dane sized), he is actually in good health. He has no health problems asides from some mild arthritis in his back legs. He has skin tags, but they are benign and do not affect him in any way. Despite all he’s been through, he is in really good health and we expect him to be around for a good few more years. 

Sherman is fully housebroken, good with children (even toddlers), easy to handle, and has basic obedience training. He is dog-selective: he likes some dogs, not others, and if anyone interested in this lovely old man has another dog, we highly suggest a meet and greet, which we would be happy to schedule. One important thing is that he does NOT like horses and can not go to a home with them.

Of course, like all Hard Luck Hounds, you can adopt Sherman for FREE with:

-all shots



-new collar/tags

-FREE professional training should you need it

-FREE vet exam w/local vet


Sherman is actually a dog I could see getting put down under the term “suffering” should we get too full. He’s depressed, he’s old, and all too often I’ve seen dogs like him euth’d for “suffering”. 

If you or anyone you know could open up their hearts to a big old guy, please share Sherman! He is located at Austin Animal Center, located at 7201 Levander Loop in Austin TX.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better photo! I will try to nab some later!