Water Gym Town Name, Part 2

“Delphinus” wins with 14 votes, followed by “Pisces/Piscea” with 11 votes and “Aquarius, etc.” with 10 votes.

Now we will figure out the exact name of the town.  “City” is not an option because of the town description.  As a reminder, here it is again:

A little town with a crystal clear pond. It’s said when it rains there, wishes can be granted.

And here are your choices:

  1. Delphinus Town
  2. Delphinus Village
  3. Delphinus Resort
  4. Delphinus (stand-alone name)
  5. Delphinus _______ (we’ll take suggestions for something else)

Which sounds best to you?

Good Bye Small Town

My happiness is pressed
To the back booth
Of a restaraunt where I thought
There was nothing but youth.

My freedom on the stoplight
At the edge of town
Where once my eyes reflect green,
My gas pedal hits the ground.

My sadness lying
On the park bench next to the field
Where I learned that not every pain
Could be healed.

My laughter in the basement
Of my best friend’s house
Where I smiled til the sun rose,
All of us entangled on the couch.

My heart lays in a field,
Where in the height of autumn,
I gave up all of me
And let the love follow.