Catherine Destivelle free soloing El Matador (5.10d 5 pitches 250′) Devil’s Tower, Wyoming - look ma, no hands

photo: Beth Wald

This climb went from trad solo to free solo half way up the route. Very bold!

setting up self-belay at the base…

a kink in the rope jamming the belay device…

untying the rope and letting go…

…free soloing to the top!



It’s done…

September 11th


anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Korrasami fanfics?

Well I have my link page, but as far as personal favorites.

Even though she’s one of my favorite people, this is not a favoritism plug. How to Live with a Ghost by apnsb is one of the best fics I’ve read. I love the world she built, I’ve spent time plotting in that world with her. There are so many details that she has that don’t even make it into the fic. I wish more people read and supported her writing because she puts in a lot of work (not that most writers don’t) and deserves a lot of credit. She wrote 300k words in only 4 months (or something like that). That’s insane and it’s all quality content.

freneticcore‘s soul mate fic is one of the few that I drop everything to read. It’s really well done and I’m so glad that it’s going to be an entire retelling of the series with the soul mate thing because that’s going to be awesome. 

Neon Signs and Coffee Grinds is good and I think it’s only going to get better. sango-bluewolf, mashstash and whiskeyinducedwords have done a great job with it between writing and art, it’s a great read. 

Unstable Equilibrium from jtavington is another that I’ve read and enjoyed for a long time. It’s one of those fics where I wish it was completely finished so I could read it all cause the chapter to chapter waiting is rough, lol. She’s so talented though and has handled a lot of tricky territory very well. 

progmanx‘s Spin the Rails series is one of the first LoK fics I ever read and also one of the best. His grasp of the Avatar world is second-to-none and he had Korra meditate on the toilet which might be my favorite thing ever. 

beech27‘s RCB is obviously great. To the point that I can’t read it again because I’ll think I need to put on a suit, grab a gun and write a noir fic (which I did once….ehh don’t ask…)

Others would include like…The Avatar’s Non-Bending Master, It’s such a gorgeous sight, The Electric Soldier, On Separate Ground and a lot more that I’m probably missing. So I apologize for that. 

So many talented writers in this fandom, it’s amazing

…the Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight… da Mats Anda
Tramite Flickr:… The Cure - Lullaby - for the title. Darkened a bit and added some shadow to get that 2-D feel.. I look s like a 2-d maze if you stare for some time.. But don’t stare too long.. Your head will soon start too hurt and then you have overdone it.. :p

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I just finished the Thessia mission in ME3 and I just wanted to give Liara a hug after seeing her hurt so badly. My question: have you ever empathized with a fictional character so much that after seeing them in pain that you wished you could just give them a hug?

This one right here. Specifically her book 3 arc with the wheelchair and everything. To be honest, there was a part of me that wanted to, and considered, writing Korra permanently in the wheelchair in Recovery. There’s a lot to be said for a character that overcomes an injuriy like that but doesn’t actually walk again. Just finds peace in her new situation. I think Korra could have, but it would have taken the story in a much different direction and would have been a hell of a lot longer. 

Still though, would be interesting to write about an Avatar who couldn’t walk or “do her duty” the way most people would see her as needing to be to be able to do it. It would go back again to the one theme that is kind of defined in all the Korra stuff I write. The line between Korra the girl and Korra the Avatar and which is more important. If she couldn’t BE the Avatar anymore, would that mean she couldn’t live a happy life?