The Rooftop of Buffalo State Hospital, 2006.  One of the most joyous experiences I’ve ever had in my many years of crawling about the ruins was climbing out onto the rooftop of Buffalo State Hospital in the summer of ‘06, with my friends @mattlambros​, Erin, and Dan close behind.  Shooting hand-held with a 50mm lens, I was limited in my perspective, and I didn’t really want to climb the dodgy ladder any more than necessary.  But for a good half-hour, I was blissed out in the sun in between the two towers which crown my favorite building in the United States.

Top photograph available as a print here.
Left photograph available here.
Right photograph available here.

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Minster by Sam Fryers
Via Flickr:
York Minster viewed from city walls, York, UK, June 2005