8 June 1492 | The death of Dowager Queen Elizabeth Woodville

From Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower by David Baldwin:

Elizabeth died at Bermondsey Abbey nearly two months after making her will, on Friday 8 June 1492. Her body was conveyed by boat to Windsor on Whit Sunday, 10 June… accompanied by Prior Ingilby, Dr Brent, Edward Haute, her second cousin, and two gentlewomen, one of them her husband’s illegitimate daughter, Grace. The wooden coffin was taken ‘prevely’ (privately or secretly) from the Thames to the Castle and was received there at eleven at night by a single priest and a clerk. There was no ringing of bells nor formal reception by the dean and canons of St George’s Chapel, and she seems to have been interred almost immediately without any form of ceremony. The Marquess of Dorset, his half-sisters Anne, Catherine and Bridget, Edmund de la Pole (the slain Earl of Lincoln’s brother) and other relatives reached Windsor on Tuesday, and that evening the Bishop of Rochester conducted the services of dirige and requiem mass. The Queen was prevented from attending by her impending confinement; but the King, and other senior peers and churchmen were all conspicuous by their absence, and one of the heralds present was shocked by the general modesty of the proceedings. His comment that ‘ther was nothyng doon solemply for her savyng a low herse suche as they use for the comyn people with iiij wooden candilstikks abowte hit’ and that there was ‘ther never a new torche, but old torches, nor poure man in blacke gowne nor hoods, but upon a dozeyn dyvers olde men holdyng old torches, and torches ends’ requires no elaboration, and it is unclear why the Dean of Windsor, who was present, played no part in the services himself. It is sometimes suggested that Elizabeth had requested a simple and inexpensive funeral out of a deep sense of piety and that was accordingly what she was given: but she would have been aware that a deceased’s estate normally bore these expenses, and that queenly obsequies were beyond her means. Elizabeth may have thought of piety in terms of poverty, although few great noblewomen would have chosen austerity or thought money and their faith incompatible. Margaret Beaufort, who was as pious as she was powerful, used her great wealth to found chantries and university colleges and to support numerous religious ‘good causes’, and when she died in June 1509 her total assets, in plate, jewels and rich materials still amounted to £14,724. Her elaborate funeral, which cost £1,021, was a far cry from Elizabeth’s impoverished burial when, it seems, Dorset paid the 40s in alms which was distributed after mass out of his own pocket. Requests for a modest funeral were a mark of humility, largely ignored by contemporaries who felt that the deceased should be buried in accordance with his or her rank in society, and it is difficult to believe that she who had once been Queen of England had insisted upon this dismal and unqueenly ending. Be that as it may, in the course of her life Elizabeth had mourned the deaths of all five of her brothers, all but one of her seven sisters, four of her five sons and two of her daughters, and she may have felt that there was little to detain her in this world when her own time came.

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Request:  Okay so what if Emma swan and rumple and everyone want leverage? So they take the reader, pans lost girl, and kidnap her. They bring her to storybrooke. Pan is in love with her and all of the lost boys are protective of her because she’s one of them. She is like the left side of Pan while Felix is his right hand you get what I mean? So anyways Pan and the lost boys decide they’re going to go to storybrooke. Since they’re creepy as fuck haha they’re going to do everything they can to get her back. Meaning they put dream shade all over their weapons and are going to massacre everyone in order to get their lost girl back. So they get to storybrooke in a creepy large group with their creepy cloaks and their weapons covered with dreamshade (arrows axes etc). Also can Pan have a crossbow like the one he had henry use on Felix?

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Can someone explain Tower of David to me? How did B end up shot in Venezuela? What is that tower? Who are those guys that save him and why? Is that heroin they give him for the pain? And why do they keep pushing it? And who is that creepy doctor (do I detect a hint of pedophilia?) Is it weird that B always ends up teaching English to someone when he's held hostage? Sorry for all the questions.. S3 left me scratching my head the 1st time and apparently still does.

After Brody left the States via Canada he travelled south, probably by sea, and somehow Saul tracked him down. We don’t know when and where that happened, we don’t even know for sure if it happened before Brody arrived in Venezuela, but it’s clear that the gang leader at the Tower of David is one of Saul’s contacts, hence Saul knows where to find Brody when it suits him.

It is notable that El Niño, the leader at Tower of David, knows Carrie as well.

The Tower of David is an actual place. It was a real life half-built skyscraper in downtown Caracas, and was home to thousands of squatters who transformed the abandoned block into a vertical slum complete with grocery shops, tattoo parlours, internet cafes, and a hair salon.

Not exactly a touristy sightseeing spot either. The original Tower of David was overcrowded with people - a city within a city.

Built in the mid-1990s by the Venezuelan tycoon David Brillembourg to serve as the headquarters of his bank, the high-rise was left unfinished after a banking crisis left the country’s economy in tatters. The tower was first occupied by squatters in 2007, and eventually became home to more than 1,200 families. What began as a tent camp grew over the years into a thriving, highly regulated community under the rigid management of a born-again ex-convict who had served time in prison, Alexander “el Niño” Daza.

In “Homeland,” Brody is made a guest and a prisoner of El Niño, who finds a doctor to heal his wounds and assigns a girl to watch over him.

In real life, inhabitants in the surrounding neighbourhoods of the Tower of David complained that the tower provided a safe haven for gangsters and other criminals, and at least one high-profile kidnap victim was rumoured to have been held in the building.

Remember, these were the days when Homeland was not obsessed about prescience but were happy to tell a great spy story with more or less plausible character development, using interesting bits and pieces from the real world to build a story around it.

The tower was closed down by authorities in July 2014, and its inhabitants were relocated to a place more than an hour away from the city centre.

Stunning pictures from the original Tower of David can be found here.

Homeland did not film these sequences in Caracas though, but in Puerto Rico - both Brody’s scenes and Quinn’s opening sequence in 3.01. The fact that Quinn starts S3 in Caracas always made me wonder whether he knew about Brody’s whereabouts.

For your other questions I went back into some old reviews, and this one here from The Guardian sums it up accurately: 

“Brody is in Venezuela, having been shot on the Colombian border. Dellum, a man who sounds like Kevin Spacey and reminds me of a Buffy villain, gets the bullets out of his belly and gives him a nice dose of heroin. I have no idea why he spends the episode imparting dubious world-weary wisdom; it’s a horrible, hammy role. There’s a $10m reward on Brody’s head, and it doesn’t matter if he turns up dead or alive. It’s not clear why (or really, if) El Nino is protecting him. El Nino knows Carrie Mathison. So does Brody. That’s as much as we get. There’s obviously something more to it: El Nino kills a man for stealing his possessions, and kills policemen, an imam and his wife for shopping Brody to the police after he escapes. He doesn’t want the bounty, so what does he want? And who does he work for?”

The heroin was pain treatment, it made Brody even more dependent on him. El Niño worked mostly for himself, but didn’t mind doing Saul a favour - for payment - when he claims Brody back.

That episode drew a lot of similarities between Brody and Carrie - both imprisoned and unable to escape - and laid ground for why Brody had no other choice than to take the offer and go into Iran - as if being the country’s most sought after terrorist wasn’t yet enough, add some heroin addiction miraculously cured in days.

As cringe worthy as this episode was back then, in hindsight I’ve come to admire what Homeland did here: Dedicating an hour of screen time to tell a story instead of just skimming through some more or less loosely tied scenes while trying to mirror real life events faster than they actually happen.

On this day in history, 26th of May 1465, Elizabeth Woodville crowned queen of England In Westminster Abbey.

“Arrangements for Elizabeth’s coronation began as soon as the Christmas festivities were over, In January the King sent envoys to Philip, Duke of Burgundy, inviting him to send an appropriate delegation (and particularly his wife’s uncle, Jacques de Luxembourg, Seigneur de Richebourg) to represent him at the ceremony planned for Sunday before Pentecost, 26 May 1465. On 14 April 1465 Edward wrote to the Mayor of London to inform him that ” we have certainly appointed and concluded the coronation of our most dear and most entirely beloved wife the Queen to be in our palace at Westminster” and that the Mercers and other city companies should begin to prepare to receive her in an appropriate manner.

What were Elizabeth’s feelings at that great moment? We can only speculate but it is likely that foremost among them would have been apprehension, an apprehension stiffened by determination to fulfill her new role as England’s first lady . Perhaps now, for the first time, she sensed the reality, and the enormity of the task facing her, and the finality of the process which had begun with her simple, private wedding…she was acutely conscious that some thought her unsuitable and unworthy. Were they perhaps hoping for some lapse, some indication that she lacked the “queenliness” of a lady born into purple, and were they relieved or disappointed when everything ran smoothly? It was an exiting, almost dreamlike experience"

-  “Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower” by David Baldwin


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Visit Venezuela’s Tower of David, the worlds tallest slum.

Happy Valentine’s Day @fairytalesandtimetravel!!! I had so much fun talking to you this month, though I apologize for how infrequent it got as the school year decided to slam everything down on me. Now this is a bit more St. Patrick’s Day than Valentine’s, but I loved your prompt and pulled in some of my own experiences as well ;)

“Doesn’t this country know it’s summer?” Emma grumbled as she pulled her beanie more snugly around her ears.

Her new beanie, made with genuine Irish wool (dyed green, since Mary Margaret said it matched Emma’s eyes), because it was the end of June and Emma had foolishly believed that she could wear summer clothes on this trip around the British Isles.

But apparently Ireland hadn’t received the message that the summer solstice had passed two days before; the rolling green hills were capped with low-hanging gray clouds, blocking any sunshine from warming the air. Everyone had bought out the gift shop’s supply of wool sweaters and scarves the night before, after the news report that the next few days were sure to be more of the same. As she dubiously eyed the path up to the castle, Emma had yet to decide if there was a constant drizzle or if it was just that foggy, but either way the weather was chilly and damp.

And the most infuriating thing of all? The island still managed to be one of the most beautiful places she’d ever been to.

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deanfucker  asked:

Can we cry together over gentle!spiritual!bamf!punk!Cas???????


  • Cas going to basement shows and standing watch over the girl passed out on somebody’s ratty couch
  • Cas sitting in a smoking circle reciting bible stories - Creation, Jonah and the Whale, the Tower of Babel, David and Bathsheba - hell, maybe even reciting the Song of Songs, in a low voice as he takes a joint from someone’s fingers
  • Cas breaking up mosh fights
  • Cas STARTING mosh fights
  • (either is acceptable in the right moment)
  • Cas picking up change off the floor at a Saturday night show and putting it in the collection basket in church the very next morning
  • Cas letting kids on the street touch his jacket and his hair and his earrings
  • Cas smiling at everyone who sneers at him or looks at him funny
  • Cas being the sweetest guy and also a god damn bad ass
  • CAS
  • C A S
  • CAS!!!!!!!!

“ Her [Elizabeth Woodville] devotion to Edward was obvious and she had fulfilled her role impeccably. Her beauty had not occasioned any scandal….and those who had feared the worst in those now far-off days of the 1460s had learned to respect, and admire, a lady who had proved herself to be everything an English Queen should be. ” - “Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower” by David Baldwin