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(( request batch 3!!! I’ve only got one request left now which I’ll (hopefully) finish tomorrow, I was planning on putting all 3 of them in one post but I really wanted to post these tonight so,,

the first one is a piggy back ride tower requested by anonymous!! and the second- also requested by an anon- was just whatever my favorite headcanon(s) was so I picked one by @cipherfied where Bruce only kisses Dick when he’s asleep which I thought was way too cute to not draw cause I’m a sucker for fluffy father/son stuff..

anyway hope u guys like these!! last one will be done tomorrow hopefully!! ))

(( EDIT: fixed the thing where I accidentally drew robin sleeping in his glasses cause it was Bugging Me…… ))


UNSPKN part 8

Where Papyrus makes lives easier, apparently.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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Original fanfic - here

“People are forever disappointing us and I think,” she whispers as she wraps her arms around her body and shivers despite the warm temperature, “it’s because we expect too much.”

“Because maybe you want them to be Autumn jumpers and hot chocolate at Christmas but all they really can be is the smell of suncream and sand in your shoes and walks on the beach that end when summer does.”

“Maybe you want them to be the one you bring home to dinner but all they really can be is broken, whispered promises on your pillowcase and a tangle of bedsheets and messy emotions.”

“Maybe you want him to be your prince but all he really can be is a knight in shining armour that saves the damsel from throwing herself from the roof of her tower but then rides off into the sunset alone without a second glance over his shoulder when he realises she needs to be saved more than once.”

“Maybe you want them to be more, but they can’t be more and they never will be more and the sooner you realise this the sooner you’ll abandon your expectations and it’ll stop hurting quite so much when people aren’t what you want them to be.”

—  If you expect nothing from anybody you’ll never be disappointed, 17/07/2015

Amazing Places to Visit at least once in lifetime. 

  1. Portaledge Camping at Yosemite
  2. Swing at the end of the world, Baños Ecuador
  3. Sky walking on Mount Nimbus, Canada
  4. Bike riding on the Cliffs of Moher
  5. Insanity, Las Vegas
  6. Cliff Diving, Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal
  7. Trolltunga, Odda, Norway
  8. Willis Tower (formally Sears Tower), glass floor, Chicago
  9. The Edgewalk, Toronto, Canada
  10. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia
Director : Erik Hamann Camera : Yunus Çağ Köylü Gaffer : Julian Gillmann, Ivan Ernst Music by : Bela Ride With…

I’m currently working on my first full length film. I made a small mood teaser, so if you like just check it out here on vimeo!