tower project


Well this is different… 

New at Disneyland Paris is “Star Wars: La Celebration Galactique”, an elaborate Star Wars-themed projection show on… the Tower of Terror?

I guess Disney’s Hollywood Studios used the Chinese Theater as the projection surface of their Star Wars show, so it’s not too far off.

The projections are quite nice, though.

Home Movies

We’d go through the motions,

but our joints are bent and busted,

and when we touch each other,

our minds are miles away.

You’ve got your brand new ingénue,

and your best friend is your understudy,

but we still pretend I’m your movie star,

and you’re my leading man.

The carpet stained so long ago,

but I vacuumed in earnest.

The door isn’t locked but we dare not step out,

in case we find a reason to never come back.

We’ve been lying on “I love you still”,

so long, we’re still and solemn,

and the words are tasteless in the mouths,

that only kiss out of habit.

The children tower over us,

projecting what we have,

a dark but shallow shadow,

far from the heights of the past.

We’re past home improvements,

the paint we chose was discontinued,

we can’t agree on a wallpaper,

so we may as well tear this old house down.