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prompt: could i request a scenario with knight!jeno and princess!reader, where reader is headstrong and not wanting to be a “damsel in distress, being waited on to save”, kind of like rapunzel
words: 2217
category: royalty!au, fluff, angst
a/n: wow jeno is just the most precious bun isn’t he

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“So you mean to tell me,” you seethed at your mother, “that I have to sit in this tower until one of our knights finds me?”

You were short for breath, and you couldn’t be sure if it was because of the tight corset your ladies-in-waiting had forced beneath your dress or the amount of anger stirred within your lungs.

There was an old tower built many miles away from your castle. The architects of old had begun to build your family’s castle at this location before they discovered a mile-long field with much more potential for a future kingdom. So there it lay for generations, old and abandoned. Vines crept up the old stone bricks, making their way into the turrets and causing the entire tower to look eerily abandoned. Even you, the princess, had no idea that there was an actual room in the tower.

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anonymous asked:

hiii love!! could you do something where harry is going down on you while your work calls and you answer it as he eats you out???

Hi! Thanks for the request sweetie. Dunno know how I lost all my requests all of a sudden, tumblr has been messing around a lot! 

Here’s the blurb, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it👅

#18: Tit for Tat**


It’s right after she completed her fifth conference call since morning, that she is downstairs in the kitchen, brewing herself a cup of black coffee, that Harry enters the kitchen, impatient, and grabs her from behind, pushing his groin behind her. 

“I can’t believe you abandoned me.” He accuses, lips hovering over the shell of her ear. 

She chuckles, soft. “Tit for tat, baby.” 

“Uh-huh?” He spins her in her place, making her face him, further pressing her spine to the kitchen counter. “Well then if I kiss you now, you’d have to kiss me back.” He leans in, grinning. “Tit for tat, I suppose?” 

She grins wide as their lips join, indulging feverishly in a thirst quenching kiss. His hands are all over her, touching her cheek, sliding down to her breast, squeezing, massaging, hearing her moan deep, and down to her hips, where he’s pulling her determinedly against him. 

He’s lips find no home, they are constantly exploring: sometimes over her cheek, her jaw, down to her neck, behind her ear, till they are suckling over the peaking skin of her breasts. 

She feels alive, refreshed from his touch, anticipated for what’s to come. Her breathing cuts short, she is panting as his lips come on hers again, lapping over  one another, leaving all read and swollen. 

He falls to his knees, his eyes lifting to give her a glint of excitement he feeds for his further plans. Her amusement is uncontrollable, peeking out from the toothed grin she carries as she gazes down at him, feeding into his excitement. 

His hands slide down her stomach, cupping her in between her thighs through the pants she wears, watching her roll her head back, eyes shut, her mouth agape and desperate. 

He sees no warning. 

Starting at her jean button, she pops it open, torturously sliding the zip down, lustrous gaze watching her above lose control. Half way through her thighs, the pants come down, when suddenly the loud buzzing adjacent to her brings both the lovers back to earth. 

Harry doesn’t show a change in his position, ready to take her if she wills, but reading the caller ID on her phone screen, she is starting to pull her pants up, trying to answer the phone with her other hand. 

“Harry.” She warns when Harry’s hand comes over hers reaching for her pants, swatting hers away. She’s already picked her phone up, leaving no room to argue with him. 

“Sir.” She addresses the gent on the other side of the call. Harry lips comes on the top of her thigh, dangerously close to her panty covered skin. 

Looking down, she gives him big eyes, pressing her thighs together to not let him in. 

But, he’s stood up, towering her, pressing her against the counter, domineering her actions. The conversation with the head is on on her phone, while to struggle to pull Harry’s hand away from tucking in between her thighs begins. 

Digging his fingers against her clothed skin, he’s determined to get her thighs to open, letting him in. She has her own stand, wobbly but strong enough to not let him have his way through. 

“Pardon?” She hears the head say to her as the sound of her whimper reaches the speaker. 

“Sir, I agree to it, that’s what.” She ushers, grabbing Harry’s wrist tight in her hand. 

Harry eyes glint with a child like mischief; he brings his other hand to fondle her. Trying to grab his other hand too, she almost looses control and whines into the conversation. This leaves her boss silent on the other side. 


“Would you like me to call you later?” 

“No, please, sir.” She says too quick, jumping in fright of her boss’s tone, and Harry’s found the perfect opportunity to grab the back of her thighs and lift her on the kitchen counter, nestling his body in between the very space created between her legs. 

A victorious grin on his face, while she’s left with a sour expression, her eyes turned away from his face. 

She’s  brought herself into the conversation with the mere distraction of his lips on her neck, that is so used to that she hardly shows a feign of a reaction. 

Harry’s utter demand for her increases as he sees her ignoring him, his touch, his needs. No way

Y/N jumps when she feels a pinch against her side, her skin reeling with the feeling of his fingers sliding her panties down. She gulps, almost transferring from the conversation to the situation in the kitchen. 

The coolness of the tiled counter hits her sensitive skin at places, making her feel giddy to sit any longer. Harry pulls her towards him, sliding her to the edge of the counter top, before kneeling down at his spot. 

He looks up at her, somber and all flushed. She feels her stomach settle in knots. 

“No.” She mouths to him. 

“Pardon?” He grins in mischief, ducking his head towards her center, his hot breath on her skin. 

A panicked whimper build in her throat, but she presses her lips together to avoid the pill. Her boss’s words feel faint in the background as her attention goes over to Harry’s lips against her inner thighs. 

Pulling her ankle over his shoulder, Harry finds his nose bumping against her center, lips hovering at a torchorous length. 

And alas, she’s lost her mind. Pushing herself against him, she jitters with the desire of his filthy tongue on her skin. 

Gratified, Harry dips low, touching his lips to her center before he’s begun his work of tongue over her sweet spot. Y/N’s mouth hangs low. Long ago had she zoned out of the conversation with the head of her firm, now the phone just an accessory against her ear. 

Hungry and ravishing in his ways, Harry devouring her in his mouth, sucking and tugging at the spots she enjoys most. Her sweet dripping juice comes rewarding his gracious tongue, tempting his instincts to get to the peak. 

Both her thighs over his shoulders, his hands clutching hard on her skin, he digs his nails deeper into her spongy thighs, cackling his tongue against her clit. 

“The rest if you’d want we can talk through again in the office.” Promising so, her boss puts down the call. 

Deserting her phone on the counter, Y/N’s hand dig into his hair, tugging in her struggle to not lose her senses. Harry moans with the surge of pain coarse from through, amorous and unbeatable in his intention to feast her all together. 

An endless saga of moans and whimpers later, Y/N feels her stomach bubble and she comes into his mouth, dripping as she sits on the counter. 

Rushing from his kneeling position, Harry looks all red and panting, his lips hungrily coming down on hers. There is a madness as he kisses her, his fingers digging in her hair, body pleading for her heat. 

Her hands slide down his tall torso, reaching down to the front of his joggers as she feasts his boner in her hands, moving slowly up and down against it. 

Harry groans against her mouth, grabbing her hair harsher as he deepens the kiss. 

She pulls away, pressing her lips against his jaw, sucking his favourite spot. 

“Harry, you have chose the wrong way to mess with me.” She husks against his  ear, grabbing his groin abruptly, causing him to jump. He shivers at her words, watching her pull to look him eye to eye. 

“Remember, tit for tat, baby.” 

Send in some concepts and blurbs! I’ll answer them!! 


Five Times Stephanie Brown Made the News

This fic is for @ladykattz who I offer a million apologies for being so late. I hope this fic makes it up to you.

Prompt: “Can you do something with Stephanie being Tim’s date to a gala or visiting him at Wayne Enterprises for whatever reason? I just wanna see how all these high class or professional workplace people view this unknown girl who is constantly chilling with the Waynes.”

The first time Stephanie made the news, she was fifteen and Gotham exploded at the news of another vigilante working their way through the Gotham underworld. Word on the street was, this one wore purple and had hair bright as the sun.

Among themselves, Gothamites gossiped. Some didn’t believe she’d last a week, others thought she’d make it to a month. No one believed she would ever truly succeed.

Behind her mask, Stephanie narrowed her eyes and swore to prove them wrong.

Stephanie makes news again as Stephanie, friend of the elusive Cassandra Cain, whom which journalists would sell their organs for to get an interview.

They watch as the blonde chatters freely to the sole daughter of Bruce Wayne, a smiling often flitting across her face, one mirrored easily on Cassandra’s face as well.

At one point, Cassandra Cain laughs so hard she doubles over, clutching her stomach. Her eyes wrinkle, and the newspapers papers dub her a beauty in a beat.

Who is this girl, who seems to familiar to the most elusive and impassive members of the Wayne Family?

The third time Stephanie made it on the news, she was seen in the arms of one Timothy Drake at the Wayne Gala. The same mysterious blonde hanging out with Gotham’s princess was now firmly established as the girlfriend of one of Gotham’s prince.

The news story only briefly brushed over how Tim’s eyes never left his date, how under the soft lights the two smiled like gems. How Dick’s arms often wrapped about the two like family and Damian dances with Stephanie and over again. Mostly, it focused on the elites throwing themselves into a tizzy as they fumed over a common girl on the arms of one of the men in highest demand. This blonde, with her obnoxious laugh and cheap jewelry had the nerve to steal one of the most wanted men, and did so in a Macy’s dress. The ladies decked out in Gucci and Swarovski diamonds fluffed their hundred dollar insured hair in disgust.

The elites scorned and scoffed, but no one could deny the happiness radiating off of the couple.

Nor could they deny that the words “pompously overdressed clout” left Stephanies lips multiple times as the couple laughed themselves into oblivion watching the Elite of Gotham flush purple.

The fourth time Stephanie made the news, it was after an interview with a Wayne Enterprise secretary. The anonymous secretary provides multiple reports on the recent sunshine appearing in the Wayne Enterprises.

It would appear that rain or shine, a blonde female would skip up the stairs to the Wayne Tower, press a kiss on Mr. Drake’s forehead (which, in the 279 days that she has observed Ms. Browns arrivals, have never failed to bring a happy smile to his face) and cheerfully encourage the workers to keep up the good work.

Ms. Brown, the secretary raves, is a miracle worker.
She was thoughtful too, always asking Mr. Wang about his daughter and Mrs. McClain about her hospitalized father and Mr. Mendoza about his newborn.

It was as if, she writes, entrapped in her shining blonde hair and blue eyes was the sun itself. It certainly had a favorable effect among Tower the workers and Mr. Drake himself.

The fifth time Stephanie makes the news, she is a new hero.

Another year, another gala, another outing as one of Gotham’s most well established couples. Tim slips his arms around Steph’s waist and she leans up to press a soft kiss onto his jaw, raising her hand to admire the gleaming diamond on her finger. Together, they greet all those who congratulate them on their recent engagement. A soft love wraps around them, and happiness radiates off them.

Stephanie takes great delight in bragging about the newest Revlon eyeshadow and the upcoming Fenty Beauty release as the ladies gather around her. A few titter and clutch luxury powders, but she’s proud to see that majority of the women are listening intently to what she says. It never fails to delight her when girls walk up to her to strike a conversation about a product she recommended.

Still, of course something goes wrong and this it comes in the form of the Condiment King, shouting about his own power and youth and lost chances.

When the rest of the elites rush back and a jumble of confused shouts and scared expressions, Stephanie takes the opportunity to punch him right across the jaw- after she chews him out for even thinking about interrupting her special moment and her engagement.

Not on her watch, she snaps, glaring down towards the trembling Condiment King, aiming a kick towards his ribs.

What a girl, the elites whisper among themselves. How selfless, how heroic. Her fiancé is a lucky man. What a hero.

Behind them, the Wayne family grins.

_John Lennon; Paul McCartney and/e Ringo Starr; The Beatles; United States/Estados Unidos; Los Angeles; Capitol Records Tower; Press conference/Entrevista coletiva; August 26th 1966/26 de agosto de 1966. 

_Source/Fonte: Beatle Photo Blog.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.

Peter Parker #1

A/N: Questions from the “Send in a Name


Part 2

Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

  • What were your first impressions of each other?

Your first impression of him was that he was a jerk in all honesty. You saw him listening to music with his skateboard tucked in his backpack and his hands shoved inside his pockets just making his way through school. He wouldn’t talk to anyone and quite frankly it looked like he was ignoring people and just shoving them out of the way without apologizing. You would catch him side glancing at you and you weren’t comfortable under his gaze, thinking that he was judging you. Maybe it was just you being paranoid considering it was only halfway through your first day of school, but you were still careful around him. Almost everyone here showed you a smile but not him. It was almost weird how many classes you had together so far and with only the first half of the day. You had your first two classes with him. You found it strange that someone who rubs you off as ignorant can be extremely smart considering he was in your AP classes.

Peter always kept his head down while walking the hallways, he tried to be as invisible as possible in order not to get bullied. He played his music so he wouldn’t have to hear all the rude comments that his peers made and said to him as he passed by. Most of the school jocks made sure to run into him with a hard shove. Peter would ignore it and keep walking. He carried his skateboard around because it was his way of getting home. He didn’t have the money to buy a car. He spent his money on new things for his camera. Nevertheless, skating took his mind off of things for a while. It wasn’t until his eyes landed on you in his first class that his breathing became short. His heartbeat picked up and his palms got sweaty. He hadn’t felt this way since the spider bit him. He stopped looking at you when he saw your head turn, not wanting you to notice that he was staring. He sat in the back of the lesson this time, staring at you and trying to read you. He couldn’t tell what kind of person you were right off the bat and it was bothering him that he didn’t know. Usually he can read people rather quickly but you were different.

  • How did you two meet?

You both have the same Algebra class. Peter saw you the first day of school sitting in the front all alone. He hasn’t met anyone that liked sitting in the front as well as him. Everyone sat in the back not paying attention and just talking amongst themselves. He had seen you in the halls and always took a second glance when he saw you but tried not to make it obvious that he was staring, in case anyone saw him. He adjusted his backpack on his shoulder before making his way over to the seat next to you. He slid in, keeping his head down and waiting for the class to start. You looked over at him and smiled, stretching your hand out.

“I’m Y/N.” You would look at him, waiting for him to introduce himself. He looked at your hand and fumbled for his words.

“P-Peter. I’m Peter Parker. Nice to meet you, Y/N.” He said, not realizing how red he was or how much he loved saying your name and the sound of it. All of your judgements that you made earlier in the day had disappeared, just thinking that he was a shy guy. You gave him another smile before turning back to face the front, getting ready to take notes in math.

Even though Peter had managed to talk to you it was still hard to determine what kind of person you were and what clique you would join after realizing how lame he was. He wasn’t looking forward to the moment he knew so well, but he at least wanted to know if you would go with the athletes or a beauty clique or the arts group but he couldn’t tell what you liked, not yet at least.

  • How did you guys find out that you liked each other? How long did it take for this to happen?

A few months into the school year and you had already developed a crush on Peter. You started to fall for the adorable dorky teen. After talking to him in Algebra you went and sat in the library for lunch, just studying for things that were taught that morning. You would sit down and and quietly eat your lunch. You didn’t mind sitting here in the library it was peaceful. The cafeteria was always dirty and super loud and you weren’t exactly sure where to sit considering that everyone had their own group of friends and the only person that you have actually had the gut to talk to was Peter. You never saw him anywhere during lunch it was like he disappeared during lunch and came back for Algebra. It only took the small time that you got to talk to him during your shared classes to fall for him. He wasn’t like the other guys you have met. Your mind began to wander and think about Peter instead of going over your math notes. You sighed, closing your book and grabbing your phone sending a text to your Uncle telling him that you are going to stop by his house after lunch. You continued to flip through your notes mindlessly, your thoughts still thinking about the smart charming boy. You heard the bell ring and grabbed your things, getting ready to drive over to Uncle Tony’s apartment. You weren’t a big fan of skipping afternoon classes but you also needed to talk to Tony  about the boy. You didn’t know how to tell him that you had a crush on him, afraid that it might hurt your friendship and you most definitely didn’t want to lose him as a friend. Besides, you were ahead in those classes and you hadn’t seen Uncle Tony in the longest time. You pulled into the driveway and made your way into his tower. You pressed the button that went to his apartment. Once you arrived you saw Pepper finishing up her lunch in the kitchen. You greeted her and continued to look for your Uncle. You turned some corners and ran face first knocking your forehead on someone else’s. You groaned and reached your hand up to rub your temple, where you had knocked it against the other person’s temple. You looked up and saw Peter standing there holding his head too.

“I’m so sorry.” He said, not looking up and still rubbing his forehead.

“Peter?” You asked, shocked to see him here of all places.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” He asked nervously. He nodded his head, motioning you to follow him.

“I’m- uh..I need to talk to my Uncle.” You replied, walking behind him, following him into the kitchen. He grabbed an ice pack and pressed it gently on your forehead. You replaced his hand and held it there, letting it numb the pain a little. Your heart fluttered at the sweet gesture.

“Your Uncle?” Peter asked confused and as if on cue, your Uncle Tony walked into the kitchen, greeting Pepper (who you had forgotten was there for a brief second) with a kiss and turned to the both of you. His mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide. He gasped and let out a laugh.

“I didn’t know you were talking about Y/N! I mean if you  would have given a name I would have worked my magic earlier!” You gave Peter-whose face was turning bright red- a confused look before turning back to your Uncle Tony, waiting for him to explain.

“I mean, Peter if you told me that your crush was Y/N-”

“Mr. Stark!” Peter exclaimed. You felt your cheeks burn and your lips tug into a smile. Your Uncle looked between the two of you and figured out the whole situation.

“Oops.” He said.

“If it makes you feel any better,” you started, turning to Peter who was looking down at his feet, embarrassed.

“I like you too.”

  • Who asked who out?

Peter asked you out first. A few days after finding out that you lied eachother Peter had gone over to your house with a bouquet of flowers. He hid his face, trying to hide his blush when you opened the door. You lowered the flowers and saw Peter smiling shyly at you. You smiled back and took the flowers from him, smelling them. You thanked him and hugged him, hearing him whisper in your ear,

“A flower for my flower.” He mumbled. You pulled back and looked at him, your smile growing wider.

“What?” You asked, wanting to hear the words again.

“I, uh…got you some flowers because I know you like them.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“And uh..I was hoping that you would go out on a date with me..” He muttered the last part, avoiding eye contact.

  • What was your first date like?

Peter borrowed one of Tony’s cars, in hopes of impressing you. Peter had gone to your Uncle in hopes of some advice on how to impress you. You weren’t the type to be impressed by money. Tony knew you liked gentlemen and he made sure that Peter knew that, pulling out one of his old tuxes and setting up a reservation at a nice restaurant. Peter was beyond nervous.

“Money doesn’t impress her, but she loves gentlemen, especially if they are kind hearted and smart. You have a good heart Peter, the girl already agreed to a date, stop being so nervous.” Tony scolded as he finished tying Peter’s tie.

“I know Mr. Stark. I just, I don’t know she’s an amazing girl all I want is to be good enough for her.”

“You will be fine Peter. Just be yourself.” Tony assured, handing him keys to one of his cars.

“Mr. Stark, I just wanted to thank you for letting me borrow this car and for the restaurant reservations and-”

“And Parker,” Tony cut in before the boy could continue his rant.

“Yes Mr. Stark?”

“Never keep a girl waiting.”

Your first date with him was amazing. Peter may of been a bit of a nervous wreck and spilled water on the table but he was a complete gentlemen. After the dinner at the restaurant he walked you out in the nice and surprisingly quiet part of town, you two stopped and shared an ice cream. When it got cold he would give you his (well Tony’s old) blazer. You protested, saying that he would be cold but he ignored it, making sure that you would be warm and comfortable. At the end of the night he took you home right on curfew and kissed your hand. He held your hand and asked you to be his girlfriend in a hurried breath. When you said yes, before you could say anything or do anything your parents opened the door. He made sure that you got in the house safely before leaving himself, but not before fist pumping in the air, joy flowing out of him for having a successful night-besides the water mess he made.

  • What was your first kiss like?

After your first date, Peter made sure to call you, and said that he was going to be over in ten minutes to pick you up and go to a park for a little while. You agreed and went and got ready. He picked you up, being the gentleman and opening the car doors for you and guiding you through busy streets with his hand on your lower back to guide you. You were walking through the park, talking about everything and nothing. You shared embarrassing stories that you have witnessed and experienced himself. The day went by quickly and he was driving you home before you knew it. You were parked outside your house and before Peter could get out you stopped him, holding his arm, preventing him from leaving the car just yet. He turned his attention back to you, sitting back down and closing the door.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, looking at you, worried. You sighed, the butterflies in your stomach preventing you from doing something that you have waited to do for quite a while. You looked over at him and nodded, his caramel brown eyes lighting up when he smiled. You took a deep breath and planted a kiss on his cheek. You pulled away and smiled at Peter, who was in awe. He let out a nervous chuckle before saying,

“You missed.” You looked up at him confused. You were about to ask what he meant until you felt his lips on yours.

  • Who said “I love you” first?

It would be a few months after you started dating when Peter said it without realising it. You two were in school in the library working out a physics problem that had the both of you stumped. Sheets upon sheets of paper with notes surrounded the two of you at the table. You were going over the notes for what seemed to be the fifteenth hundred time. You were about to move on to the next set of notes until some scribbles on the side of the paper caught your eye. It was another equation, the equation to solve the problem! Your eyes widened and started to work the problem out with the right equation. Peter looked at you, watching what you were writing and doing it on his paper as well. You finished the paper, coming to the correct conclusion. You let out a sigh, setting your pencil down on the table.

“You did it. You’re brilliant. A true genius.” Peter let out a laugh as he kissed your temple.

“Thanks Pete but not really. I mean most of these are your notes anyways, you wrote it down you just didn’t realize you had the answer.” You smiled, looking up at him. He smiled back at you.

“But I do realise that I have the best girlfriend in the world.” Your eyes widened and you started to blush madly from his comment. You looked down and smiled, not wanting him to see how red you were. Peter was such a romantic sometimes that it surprised you how such a shy sweet dork can come up with these things.

“Next problem.” You said, trying to divert his attention back to the homework from your still reddening face. You looked up and smiled sweetly at him. His brown eyes bored into yours as a smile grew on his face as well.

“God, I just love you.” He said, turning his attention back to the physics book before he can process what just came out of his lips. You froze, your heart picking up speed once you understood what he had mumbled. You stared at him, unable to process anything, too happy for words or motions.

“I love you too.” You whispered, causing him to look up. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. His mouth fell agape. He started to mutter out incoherent words, his smile growing. He startled rambling out embarrassed that he didn’t realise what he said that you had to shut him up with a kiss, something that you did quite often (and didn’t have any problem doing.)

  • Who asked who to move in with them?

After both of you went to the college of your dreams (same college), around your junior year, Peter had asked you to move in with him. He had taken you to lunch after your classes, walking off campus to go to a restaurant.

“So I have been thinking, we have been dating for a while now..” Peter trailed off, after sitting down with you at the restaurant. You looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

“And I was hoping that maybe, if you want, you don’t have to obviously, I was just thinking, that maybe-”

“Peter, your rambling. You shouldn’t feel nervous around me, I am here for you.” You reassured, rubbing the back of his hand with your thumb.

“Will you move in with me?” He asked rather quickly that it took you a minute to think and comprehend what he said. Peter took your hand in yours, squeezing it gently, silently asking you to answer the question. You nodded quickly, causing him to let out a relieved sigh.

  • What are some quirks that you love about each other?

You absolutely love how brilliant Peter is. He is extremely creative when he builds his computers and calculators and it never fails to leave you in awe at how intelligent and brilliant he is. Peter is constantly coming up with new things and ideas and it never ceases to amaze you. Another thing you love is that he isn’t cocky or self absorbed or egotistical. He knows he’s smart but doesn’t brag about it. He’s humble and that’s something you absolutely love about him.

Peter would say that he loves everything about you but if he had to choose something that he truly loves about you would be that he loves your determination and ambition. Whenever you are starting a new project in your shared apartment or even doing a homework problem that is frustrating you, you don’t give up. It makes him feel a little better and more secure that you would stay with him and not give up on him.

  • What are some things that you would change about each other (if any)?

Peter would change how worried you get when he comes home with unexplained bruises and cuts. He hates when you are worried and stressed over him and it hurts that he keeps in you in the dark about what he does. He would also change the fact that you get up before him, but only because he wants to make breakfast for him but because he wants to see your beautiful face at peace, undisturbed and wants to shower it with kisses, kissing all the nightmares and bad thoughts away.

You would change how careless he is with himself. It hurts you to see him come home late nights and all wounded. He is such a caring person but he is caring towards others but rarely cares for himself. It worries you that he doesn’t take care of himself, but that’s why you are there.

  • Who apologizes after a fight?

In the rare cases that you two fought, you would always apologize. Peter always apologized, even when it wasn’t his fault, he still did it in fears that you would leave him. You mostly fought over his unexplained wounds or why he comes back so late at night. You were just scared for his safety and when you calmed down and realise that you may have overreacted a bit, you go to your shared room, cuddle up to his side and apologize. Peter would hold you closely, kissing the top of your head and whispering to you that it was okay and not to worry. He would hold you closely, keeping you pressed against him, close to his heart.  He likes to hold you until you fall asleep. It was the only time that he would be able to see you at such peace. He would kiss your temple and try to find some sleep himself.

  • What does the other do when one of you are sick?

Peter is constantly tending to your needs. You would cough once and he would be there next to you with some cough drops. If you sneezed he would hand you tissues and hug you close to make sure that you are warm and stayed warm. When you would be bed ridden he would cuddle into you, even if you told him to get away in order to not get sick. He use Aunt May’s old soup recipes and make them for you. He would go to the store and buy your favorite treats and would give them to you after you took your disgusting medicine. He would stay by your side until he was convinces that you were 100% healthy again.

Peter never got sick. You were surprised by how good and strong his immune system was. Even when the flu season came along the times that he hadn’t taken the flu shot (much to your dismay) he still didn’t get it. So the only times you were able to take care of him was patching him up.  

  • Who worries constantly about the other?

You are constantly worrying about him. Especially when he comes home from fights and bullies (at least that’s what he tells you).

Peter worries that you will leave him. Whenever you are talking about your celebrity crushes or to another guy (strictly as friends) he worries that they might be better for you.

  • Any PDA?

Neither of you are a big fan of PDA mainly because the attention that it comes with. However whenever you guys are in public, Peter likes to hold your hand or have his hand on your lower back so he know that you are safe in his arms. It puts him at ease to know that you are close to him and that while you are close to him he will not let anything happen to you. He is at the point where he literally will lay down his life for you. You knew it too, considering that he told you one night while cuddling in bed.

It was a Friday night, and you two were watching Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back. You were cuddled into Peter’s side. You were wearing his sweater and some spandex underneath. You were waiting for the laundry to be done and Peter had come by and asked if you wanted to watch Star Wars. It was about halfway in the movie where Luke was shooting at Storm Troopers Peter mumbled out,

“I would take a bullet for you. Without hesitation.”

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon?

You are the small spoon. Peter is a tall boy and it’s hard for you to be the big spoon. He loves having you close to his heart anyways because he claims that you are the one that’s keeping it beating. On the rare occasion that you are the big spoon it would only be because he was having a bad day and needed to be cuddled.

  • What does the other do when one of you are upset?

Peter goes to the store and buys your favorite ice cream, brings it home, and cuddles you on the couch, kissing your temple and asking if you wanted to talk about it. He always offered a listening ear and great advice. Other times he would prepare a bath for you and order pizza when you were done. Either way when you are upset you will get showered with kisses and hugs.

When Peter is upset you always cook him a homemade meal, his favorite (besides pizza). You would cook it up and eat with him. It would cheer him up slightly. Another thing you would do is call your Uncle Tony and ask if you and Peter could go over for a little and have Peter build whatever he wanted to. Other times you would give him a massage and listen to his problems or binge watch Netflix together, you occasionally kissing him (which he would always ask for one more).

  • Favorite Netflix show to watch together?

Definitely the Office or Parks and Rec. The family-like relationship in both shows resemble how you, Peter, and the avengers were. Even though none of you were related you still treated each other like family.

  • Who falls asleep first while watching the movie/tv show?

Peter does because the poor kid is always tired living the double life.

  • Favorite food to eat while on the couch together?

Pizza or ice cream.

  • Do you feed each other food?

It’s not really feeding each other food it’s more like sharing whatever you are eating. If you are coming home a little late and see Peter eating chinese take out on the couch you would go over and he would feed you some or you would grab a fork and help him finish the food off. Peter would eat boxes upon boxes so he didn’t mind sharing (even if he was so so hungry and there was little food left he would be more than happy to share with the girl he loves so dearly).

  • Who cooks?

Both. Peter helps by cutting the ingredients while you actually cook them. Peter has tried making meals for you during Valentine’s day but he fails miserably.

  • Who is the romantic in the relationship?

Peter is. He absolutely loves to set up candlelit dinners (which Aunt May would help him with whether it be in person or through Skype when she can’t come over). He loves making you baths and giving you gifts whether be ones he made or bought. He loves spoiling you.

  • Do you like to surprise each other often?

Yes. Peter loves surprised you with small gifts or taking you to the movies or even getting some superheroes to meet you. You love getting him new things for him to be able to build. You even had the garage turned into his own lab (with the help of your uncle of course). You would love to surprise him with breakfast in bed and even spend time with him building things (which are combining two of his favorite things, you and building things).  

  • Are there any secrets that you kept from each other?

Peter has kept the fact that he is Spider-Man from you. He told you that he knew your Uncle because of an internship. You had a hard time believing him but did anyways, knowing that he wouldn’t lie to you.

  • How did the other handle it when they found out?

You didn’t find out the way he wanted to. It was a night where you were walking home from a late night shift and Peter wasn’t answering his phone. You shrugged it off, thinking he was probably sleeping (it never bothered you walking home alone because you had pepper spray on you and Natasha taught you how to defend yourself). Tonight was different. You were caught off guard when your hear a gun click behind you. You froze, getting ready to get your pepper spray out.

“Move and I pull the trigger.” The man spoke lowly. You raised your hands up in defense. You heard grunting behind you, thuds and grunts coming from behind. You turned around slowly, confused as to what was going on. Your eyes widened as you saw Spider-Man knock out what you assumed to be the guy who held you at gunpoint seconds ago. He stood up at his full height before turning around. He started walking towards you, gaining speed with each step. You were a little intimidated by him. He ripped his mask off and before you could process that it was Peter, he was kissing you. One of his gloved hands held your head by the nape of your neck while the other wrapped around your waist, pressing you to him. You kissed back and wrapped your arms around him. When you pulled back to breathe, Peter moved his lips, continuing to kiss his way down to your neck.

“Peter-” You let out a breath when he kissed your sweet spot.

“I thought I was going to lose you.” He mumbled, hugging you a little closer and re-connecting his lips with yours.

  • Any favorite memories or stories?

Peter’s favorite memory was the night you called him in the middle of the night just because you wanted to hear his voice. You were away in London with your family over spring break and because of the time difference it was hard to talk. Peter thought about calling you but it was either too late (and he didn’t want to wake you up) or in the middle of the day (he would be worried that you were laughing with someone better than him) (he trusted you with everything, just not so much other people) and didn’t want to interrupt your daily plans. You on the other hand wanted Peter to call. So you stayed up late one night and called him when it was around lunch time over there. Peter was so relieved to hear your voice and he never felt happier thinking that you stayed up for him just to talk. You never ceased to amaze him.

  • Who curses when they stub their toe on the side of furniture?

Peter does. When it’s late at night and you are already sleeping on the couch (you try waiting for him) (and he loves it) he turns off all the lights so it won’t bother you, picks you up from the couch and takes you to bed. Sure, he has great abilities and all but his spidey senses don’t tingle when furniture is in the way. He would run into furniture, whether it be the side of your bed or door frames. He was just thankful you weren’t suffering the pain he was.

  • Who curses when they get hurt in general?

You would. Especially if it’s something small like a paper cut or hitting your funny bone. You don’t curse when you break an arm or leg. Peter finds this amusing.

  • Are there any late night strolls?

Only if you are with Peter. He will absolutely not let you go out at night alone, especially not after what happened the night you got held at gunpoint.

  • Who helps who with work/homework?

You two help each other. With homework you would help Peter solve chemistry problems and biology problems when he can’t figure them out and he would help you with physics and maths. When it came to work you always kept him company while he built things and he would listen to your work gossip and problems when you needed it.

  • How do you help each other when the other is dealing with stress?

If neither of you want to talk about it it’s cuddles, movies, take out dinner, and ice cream. Otherwise you would give massages and listen to the problems or whatever either of you have to say.  

  • Who is the early bird?

You are. Peter tries to be but living the double life really tires him out.

  • Who makes breakfast?

You do because you wake up earlier than him. He feels bad because he wants to treat you to breakfast in bed one day so he would stay up all night and make it super early so when you wake up around 7, it would already be made. After breakfast you would order him to get sleep because it was stupid (yet sweet) of him to pull an all nighter just to be able to make you breakfast.

  • What do you talk about late at night?

Problems, things that are bothering either of you, dreams, hopes, fears, and goals.

  • What do you talk about when you stay in bed all day?

You play rock paper scissors to see who will get up to get food. Either that or your take turns (Peter would get breakfast, you would get lunch, he would get dinner or vise versa).

  • Who proposed to who? How was the proposal planned? Where was it?    How did it happen?

Peter proposed. He asked all your friends and some family to see what you wanted as a little girl or what you dreamed it would be. He put weeks upon weeks into planning it, wanting it to be perfect and even bought a beautiful ring with the help of your mom. It was in Disney.

Peter took you on a car ride that ended up being a road trip to your favorite place in the planet. When  you were told, you almost started crying, you asked him to pull over for a little and he grew a little worried but all you did was wanted to kiss him. When you arrived it was empty and for a second you thought it was closed.

“I had the park closed for us.” Peter said, grabbing your hand and leading you inside. You were greeted with characters, friends and family and it was like the surprises never stopped. You saw your best friend that you haven’t seen for months and hugged her. The entire day was spent on rides and meeting characters. When the night came you grabbed Peter’s hand and ran from the ride you just got off. He was laughing and held his Mickey Mouse ears (that matched your Minnie Mouse ears) and told you to slow down.

“Hurry up Peter! The firework show is going to start!” He ran beside you as you both stood by the side of the lake, watching the night sky. Mesmerized by the show, Peter made sure you didn’t see him walk behind you and drop down on one knee. You stared at the show and was surprised to see words forming from the fireworks (you didn’t know this was possible).

“It’s forming words!” You said excitedly, talking to Peter who you assumed was next to you. You were distracted by the words reading, “Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honor of marrying me?” You were awestruck. You felt tears forming in your eyes, you looked over, but Peter wasn’t there. You turned around and saw him on one knee, you gasped.

“Y/N, I love you. Ever since I laid my eyes on you I knew that you were the girl of my dreams. You’re understanding, considerate, sweet, beautiful, perfect..the list goes on. You are all the things that it takes to be a princess. You are the definition or perfect. You made my life seem like a fairy tale and in every fairy tale a prince needs their princess. I know I’m not much, I’m more like a humble servant and all I want to do is fulfill your needs. You make me feel like a prince. Will you please be the Cinderella to my Prince Charming?” Peter bit his lip, a ring in one hand and a princess tiara in the other. You were crying too much to say anything so you just nodded your head frantically. Peter let out a sigh of relief and slipped the ring on your finger, and picked you up and spun you. You giggled and kissed him as he did. He pulled back to put the tiara on you and wiped some tears off your face. He kissed you one last time before your heard sniffled around you. You pulled away and saw family and friends with their cameras out, all crying happily.

“Now we get to live happily ever after.” You looked at Peter smiling. You kissed him once again, too happy to do anything else.



  2. 21 with Tjeffs or Laffy Taffy? ❤️🇫🇷 
  3. It’s no problem! Maybe 4 & 47 with laf instead? :))
  4. Can you write an either jefferson or lafayette x reader fic where the reader has been teasing him the entire day and i mean TEASING like putting a hand on his thigh going upwards but not end up doing anything, sitting on his lap and grinding slightly etc. if you could, can it end up being smutty. (You can trash this idea if you’re uncomfortable with it. :) )

Word Count: 1849

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Warning: Smut, but there’s a line separating the smut from the fluff

AU: Modern

“Lafayetteeeee.” You whined, trying to get your boyfriend’s attention for the third time.

Lafayette was playing video games while you were completely bored out of your mind. Every time you tried to get his attention, he barely acknowledged you, completely focused on the damn game.

He grunted in acknowledgement, keeping his eyes glued to the TV screen as he sniped another enemy.

You sighed before laying your head in his lap to stare up at him. “Love me.”

No response.

Keep reading

Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.


A/N: Finally! I have this up! Again I was amazed by the amount of love I received from the previous to parts. I can’t thank you all enough. For some reason, I had a real hard time writing this part and i’m not even sure why, because episode four is like one of my favourite episodes. It’s where (I believe) the show starts really picking up.

ALSO, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Based off of: The 100 01X03 and 01x04

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: hanging. torturing of a sort.

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

“Y/N?” Kane asked, stepping down the steps towards the wall of the children’s trackers. Turning, Abby let her gaze fall on Kane and looking back, she found you and your name, shaking her head. 

“She went silent a day ago.” Abby explained, her eyes drifting once again towards Clarke. Luckily, for her, Clarke was still lit up and her vitals were fine other than the small problems, but nothing major. Looking back at Kane, and the small gesture of disappointment and fear, which was unusual for Kane, she winced.

It was odd to see such a vulnerable look upon his face, but knowing better Abby didn’t ask only tried to reassure, which is what she did best. “Doesn’t mean anything serious. We lost a lot of kids, I figure they’re just taking them off.”

“There’s no way to prove your theory. You have ten days, it’s been half and so far we’ve seen nothing.” Kane’s eyes turned to Abby, dark in anger and authority. Abby took it all in a stride. With a confident look, she shook her head; “I will prove to you that the earth is sustainable and that Y/N is alive.”

“Or you’re killing ten more people that could’ve been saved.” Kane argued, but Abby didn’t miss the way his eyes fell on your name and with a solemn look shook his head. He knew, this wasn’t the time to worry when there was so much more at stake. He made the choice. He helped send you down as if you were nothing, he had no right to feel guilty.

“Or I am saving thousands of lives.”

“Hold him down.” Clarke ordered, rushing forward you helped Wells and Finn hold Jasper down as Clarke prepared herself to cut away the infected skin on Jasper. Taking a deep breath you watch Clarke mentally steel herself for something you figured she’d probably never had to do before.

“I’m not gonna like this, am I?” Monty’s worried voice echoed and with a soft apologetic look his way, you shook your head. Clarke placed the hot knife against Jasper’s skin and almost immediately he begin struggling. Grunting you pressed down harder against his legs, trying to gain control of him.

“Hold him down!” Clarke ordered loudly, “we are.” You shot back. “I need to cut away the infected flesh.” She responded, your eyes flickered over to Jasper who eyes looked as if they were at the back of his head and his head fell to the side. Panicking, you watched helpless as Clarke pressed her two fingers against his neck, searching for a pulse.

“Stop it. You’re killing him!” Octavia screamed, running next to Clarke. You shook your head, “she’s trying to save him.” You defended. 

“She can’t.” Bellamy suddenly spoke, you hadn’t even known he’d followed Octavia in. Knowing that whatever he wanted, was probably not good, you turned your head and finally letting go of Jasper as you stood up defensively. Despite your moment the other night, you still didn’t completely trust him when around Jasper. 

“We didn’t drag him miles across the forest, just to let him die.” You defended, standing up straight next to Bellamy. Bellamy glanced at you briefly before turning to Wells who had straightened up to block Bellamy from Jasper. You were appreciative of him, knowing despite your falsely placed confidence, you wouldn’t be able to stop Bellamy.

“Kid’s a goner.” Bellamy deadpanned; “if you can’t see that, you’re deluded. He’s making people crazy.” He snapped.

Without turning to him, Clarke looked up at nothing and growled. “Sorry if Jasper’s an inconvenience for you, but this isn’t the Ark. Down here, every life matters.”

“Take a look at him. He’s a lost cause.” Silence was his only response and looking around you couldn’t believe your eyes, stepping forward you walked up to Bellamy. You ignored the fact that he towered over you and pressed a finger against his chest. You wouldn’t believe he was a goner, never. “Jasper isn’t a lost cause. Not to me. Not to anyone here but you.” You sent him a nasty look. He glared down at you, sighing desperately when he knew you wouldn’t back down.

Turning you looked at Clarke expectantly. “I’ve spent my whole life watching my mother heal people. If I say theres hope, there’s hope.” She finally answered, reassuringly nodding at you. You smiled, turning to Bellamy with a confident look.

“This isn’t about hope, it’s about guts. You don’t have the guts to make hard decisions, I do. He’s been like this for three days. If he’s not better by tomorrow, i’ll kill him tomorrow.” Bellamy warned, shooting one last glance at you, he headed towards the ladder.

“Octavia, let’s go.” You let your eyes fall on Octavia who kept her eyes on the ground, “i’m staying here.” She responded, idly helping prepare the bandages. Shocked and insulted, Bellamy’s eyes filtered around you all before shaking his head and heading down the ladder.

“Power-hungry, self-serving, jackass. Doesn’t care about anyone but himself.” Monty spat, shaking his head. When he looked up, he caught the eye of Octavia and faltered. “No offence.” She shook her head, continuing playing around with the bandages in her hand.

“Yeah. Bellamy is all that. But he also happened to be right.” Scoffing at Finn’s words, you headed towards the ladder catching the attention of the rest.

“Y/N, where are you going?”

“i’ll talk to him.” Was all you said as you climbed down the ladder, catching sight of Bellamy exiting the drop-ship, you jogged over to him. “Bellamy!” You called, reaching out and grabbing him by the shoulder. He stopped, freezing, before slowly turning to you.

“Yes, sweetheart?” He smiled cockily down at you.

“What exactly is your issue?” You asked, all riled up. He raised a eyebrow, as if to ask you to explain further. “That’s a boys life up there, and because he’s too noisy you want to kill him?”

“I don’t want to kill him because he’s annoying. I want to kill him because his last chance was at that tree. He’s a goner.” He responded, shaking his head. You jerked your head back, appalled by his answer.

“You don’t want to even give him a chance?” You asked incredulously. “Jesus Bellamy, do you have no heart?” He didn’t respond, frozen by your question as you stared at him expectantly. 

“I have a heart. Just not for someone who’s clearly already dead.” There was a look in his eyes, a look you couldn’t read. It was as if he was trying to tell you something, but you just couldn’t understand. You both stared at each other, clear eye contact, when you were both interrupted when Atom called his name, signalling Bellamy towards him. Bellamy looked at you again, before sighing and heading towards Atom.

You watched them converse, upset by the conversation. You didn’t know much about Bellamy, but there was just something about him, something that he wasn’t telling you all. You don’t know what made him act like a complete jerk constantly but you didn’t care anymore. He confused you and the way you felt around him. He was rude and you just couldn’t seem to hate him for it. You wished you could only learn more about him, he was a mystery.

You watched as he headed towards the wall that had slowly been being built, his eyes falling on you one final time before turning and leaving camp. You sighed, turning back towards the drop-shit.

“Murphy’s going to kill Jasper!” Monty yelled, shooting up from your position you shared a look with Octavia before the both of you shot up. Monty managed to shut the door before Murphy could get up, and panting he yelled; “the locks on the other side of the door.”

“Don’t let him in!” Octavia yelled.

“I’m gonna kill him, okay? Let me in!” Murphy yelled from the other side of the door. “Let me in! Monty, uh, let me in!” You ran over to Monty as he sat on top of the trap door, helplessly you held the bar with your own hands, trying to help keep the door closed.

“No rush! We’re fine!” You yelled, waiting for Octavia to break the pole from the drop-ship. 

“I got it!” Octavia yelled, ripping the bar from the wall of the drop-ship. She ran over to the two of you, and moving your hands you helped shove it under the handle of the door, effectively locking Murphy out. You pushed on it again, keeping it trapped.

“Open this hatch right now!” Murphy screamed. Panting, you looked up at Monty and Octavia in panic. Frantically you looked at the both of them, worry and panic evident in your gaze. “What are we going to do?” You whispered in a rush, even though the door was clearly blocked, you held fast on the handles, hands shaking.

“I don’t know.” Octavia panted, shaking her head. Her gaze fell on Jasper and she, clearly distressed, sighed.

“We keep him out.” Monty answered.

“i know that-”

“Is that Y/N?” You spoke a little too loud, and cursing, apparently Murphy had heard you. You already didn’t get along with the guy and him knowing you were here wasn’t good. You shook your head, distress but still snarking back; “Yeah, Murphy, it’s me. And you’re just plain stupid if you think I am gonna let you in here.” You spoke, speaking just loud enough that he could hear you. Monty sent a grateful look your way, and you smiled.

“We’ve got to get to Jasper.” You heard Clarke whisper to Finn, walking slightly behind Octavia you looked around for Bellamy and the others who slowly begin walking in. They were holding something that looked oddly like a body. You felt yourself freeze as Clarke and Finn passed you and Octavia kept walking.

All your eyes could focus on was the body that Bellamy had laid down in horror. Keeping your eye on Bellamy, you tried to gain his attention as he told someone to get Clarke whatever she needed. You could only watch as Wells walked up to him and shared a conversation you couldn’t hear, walking closer you absentmindedly brushed a strand of hair behind your ear in anticipation. 

Octavia walked further and you reached out to grab her, missing her by a slim. “Octavia, just stay there. Please, stay there.” Bellamy pleaded. Grabbing her wrists, he tried to keep her back but frustratedly she pushed him away; “stop.” She ordered, pushing past him.

Octavia kneeled down next to the body, peeling the jacket that had been covering it before. You gasped, holding your hands to your mouth as you stared in shock at the body. “Atom…” Octavia whispered. 

“There’s nothing I could do-” 

“Don’t.” Octavia ordered, holding up her hand. Bellamy faltered, clearly distressed. You stood back, feeling as if there was something you didn’t quite understand. 

Shaking her head and biting her lip to keep from crying, Octavia placed the jacket back over Atom’s face, before standing up. Bellamy was quick to step in front of her; “O- O, please.” He begged, his voice cracking ever so slightly. 

“Don’t.” Was all she said, shoving past him.

Murphy walked up to him and you stared back at Octavia who followed Clarke and Finn into the drop-ship, you debated whether or not you should follow them or stay out here. “Lose anyone here?” Bellamy asked, sniffing slightly.

“No.” Was all he said, and you glared at the back of his head. 


“Still breathing. Barely. I tried to take him out but freak over there and you’re psycho little-” Murphy never had the chance to finish his sentence as Bellamy grabbed him, shoving him away harshly. “Bellamy!” Murphy tried, only to be pushed and shoved again. 

“Who? Who?” He yelled, his voice coming out threateningly as he stared Murphy down. Your eyes widened, shocked that Bellamy was actually defending someone other than himself, but then again this was his sister. Every motive of his made sense, you guessed you just never figured him that protective.

Murphy took a deep breath, calming himself; “your little sister.” Murphy shoved Bellamy.

“Yeah that’s right. My little sister.” Bellamy turned towards you and you felt yourself freeze when his haunting gaze fell on you. He said nothing but turned back to Murphy and stepped threateningly towards him, his piercing gaze falling on Murphy as said boy gulped. “Have anything else you want to say?”

“Nothing.” Bellamy took deep breaths, his huffs quiet and frantic. He stepped back away from Murphy, turning back to Atom and his followers; “get him away from here.” You walked up to the body of Atom yourself, wanting to be at least a little bit helpful. You froze when you saw Murphy make his way towards Atom, and looking around you realized it was only the two of you.

You leaned down, placing your hand against Atom’s jacket clothed face. You didn’t know him well, but knew he was kind and didn’t deserve something like this. You also didn’t deal with death well. “Sad over pretty boy?” Murphy taunted. Opening your eyes slowly, you took a deep breath to remain calm and looked up to glare at him.

“Don’t you care someone died, Murphy?” 

“Why should I? The guy was dumb.” He shrugged, standing up you went to walk up to him. What he was saying was just wrong and Atom definitely didn’t deserve it, your eyes glittered to Octavia who you knew was in the drop-ship and as someone who may have only just started to get close with, you felt it your duty to stand up for her and Atom. You’d heard of their relationship. And if she wasn’t here to do it herself, you were more than willing to take her place.

“He was a human, Murphy. Just like you.” You let your eyes wander over him, and raising a brow you spat; “but… maybe a better one. Just like Jasper. I heard Clarke got what she needed, no need to kill him now huh?”

He glared at you and you smirked at him. “Y/N!” Jumping slightly, you turned to the direction of the voice finding Bellamy making his way over to you. “Get on, i’ll help Murphy.” He ordered, you didn’t fight him and letting one last glance at Murphy walked off.

“Hey!” Snapping your head up, you turned to Murphy, sighing annoyed when you saw him storming his way over to a boy. You rolled your eyes, turning back to your own post before you heard Murphy continue; “you think the grounders are just gonna sit around and wait for us to finish the wall? Maybe we should let the little girl do the lifting for you, huh?”

Irritated, you dropped your log and stormed over to Murphy. Standing in front of the boy you barely knew anything about, you glared up at Murphy. Everything about this boy annoyed the hell out of you, he was just rude. “Back off, Murphy.” You spat, crossing your arms over your chest.

He opened his mouth to say something but the boy behind you beat him to it, “I just need some water okay? Then i’ll be fine.”

“Murphy, get this guy some water.” Bellamy walked up, ordering Murphy you let your eyes fall on him before shaking your head. “Hey, you got this?” He asked referring to Charlotte, you let your eyes fall on her, the first time you’d ever really noticed. In your head, you wondered how anyone could ever send such a small child down here to die.

You went to glare at Bellamy, confused as to why he was making her do such heavy work, but before she could reach it he blocked her path and smiled up at her. You gaped openly, shocked at seeing such a bright and kind smile on his face. You’d never seen him act so… relaxed before. “Hey, I was just kidding.” He joked. 

He lifted it up, and jumping up you ran ahead of him, helping him with the log. He turned to you, shocked but smiled gratefully and bashfully you smiled back. “Didn’t even know you could smile and mean it.” You teased, smiling confidently when you turned back to look at Bellamy. 

“It’s only for reserved people.” He smirked. You gasped, helping him set down the log and hold a hand against your mouth, feigning a gasp. “I’m hurt.” You acted offended, laughing with him when he rolled his eyes. You felt at ease, which confused you as you’ve never had such a peaceful conversation with Bellamy before. And suddenly, looking up at him, you realized that you were enjoying yourself for the first time since landing on earth. 

“Well, maybe one day you’ll be on that list sweetheart.” He teased, before turning. You watched his back, laughing to himself; “what does one girl need to do to get on Bellamy Blake’s list?” You called after him, laughing quietly to yourself. Your smile grew when he turned back ever so slightly, and smirked your way.

“Continue, and you just may see.”

“This knife was made of metal from the drop-ship.” Clarke spat, staring at the knife in her hands. You looked up from the table, the mood dark and you took a look at the new and better Jasper. Though this was no time to smile, you were happy he was doing better and sent a small, encouraging smile his way. 

“What do you mean?” Jasper asked, frightened. 

“Who else knows about this?” Bellamy asked. 

“No one, we brought it straight here.” Shaking your head, you bounced your knee, a nervous tick and shook your head repeatedly. This was bad. “Clarke?” You asked, hesitantly, your voice coming just above a whisper.

“It means the grounders didn’t kill Wells, it was one of us.”

“So there’s a murdered in camp?” Jasper shaken voice echoed out. Your own eyes widened and looking over at the rest, you tried to stop the shaking in your hand. You could deal with the grounders, you’d never trusted them and you knew that as long as you were in these walls you were at least a bit safe. But someone being a murderer in camp, you felt your blood grow cold.

“There’s more than one murderer in this camp.” Bellamy quickly spoke. “This isn’t news, we need to keep it quiet.”

“So a murderer can run loose?” You asked, turning questioningly on Bellamy but his gaze was somewhere else as Clarke stormed forward towards the exit of the tent. 

“Get out of my way Bellamy.” Clarke warned.

“Be smart about this. Look at what we’ve achieved– the walls, the patrols. Like it or not, thinking the grounders killed Wells is good for us.” Bellamy explained, you furrowed your brow; “oh, you mean good for you? What keep people afraid and they’ll work for you? Is that it?”

Bellamy turned to you; “yeah that’s it. But it’s good for all of us. Fear of the grounders is building that wall. And besides what are you gonna do- just walk out there and ask for the killer to just step forward.” Bellamy’s eyes fell back on Clarke, a questioning tone in his eyes. You watched with anticipation as Clarke shook her head. “You don’t even know who’s knife that is.”

“Oh really?” Clarke spat, raising the knife she pointed towards Clarke. “J. M. John Murphy. The people have a right to know.” Your heart quickened, and your hand began to shake more violently. You took a stepped forward, shocked as you caught a glance at the initials, ‘J. M.’

Clarke shoved past Bellamy, you quickly followed behind her, anxious to see what would happen. Running after Clarke, you tried to stop her but fell too short when she shoved Murphy; “You son of a bitch!”

“What is your problem?” He chuckled. You bounced your knee again, a nervous tick, and bit your lip in anxiousness as you tried to ignore the way your hand shook. You could feel your breath quicken erratically.

“Recognize this?” Clarke asked, her voice cracking as she held up Murphy’s knife for him to see.

“It’s my knife, where’d you find it?” Murphy asked, reaching forward to grabbed it but Clarke pulled her hand away before he could. “Where you dropped it after you killed Wells!” Clarke responded, shaking.

You stared with hesitation, wanting to step forward and do something but knowing nothing would go well if you tried. You could feel your heart against your chest but no part of you felt bad for him, as you stared at his cocky face. Murphy was the least bit kind to you or to anyone.  

“Where I what?” Murphy spat, stepping forward he loomed over her. “The grounders killed Wes, not me.”

“I know what you did, and you’re gonna pay for it.”

“Really?” Murphy smirked, “Bellamy, you believe all this crap?” Shaking your head, you ignored your shaking hand and stepped forward; “and why shouldn’t he?” You asked, finally speaking up. All gazes fell on you and you stared confidently over at Murphy. Despite the fact that this was all too much for you, you didn’t feel bad for Murphy. If he killed Wells, then he deserves to pay just a little bit.

“You threatened to kill him, we all heard you.” Clarke yelled. “You hated Wells.”

“Plenty of people hated Wells.” Murphy defended. “His father was the chancellor, that locked us up!”

“Yeah and you’re the only one who got into a fight to kill him!” Clarke interrupted, her voice raising. 

“Yeah, I didn’t kill him then either.” 

“Tried to kill Jasper too.” You spat.

“What?” Jasper whispered, just loud enough you could hear. You sent an apologetic look his way. 

“C’mon this is ridiculous. I don’t have to answer to you, I don’t have to answer to anyone!” Murphy yelled, shrugging his shoulders in anticipation.

“Come again?” Bellamy asked. Silence echoed his statement, you let your eyes wander around as Murphy thought of his next move. With a slight voice crack and taking a hesitant step forward, Murphy tried to defend himself; “Bellamy, look, I am tell you man. I didn’t do this.”

“They found his fingers next to your knife.” He shook his head. 

“Is this the kind of society we want?” Clarke spoke again, “you say there should be no rules. Does that mean we can kill each other? Without- without punishment?”

“I already told you I didn’t kill anybody!”

“He does deserve some kind of punishment.” You interrupted, your gaze falling on Murphy threateningly, “but at what price?” You felt the mood thicken and you worried that everyone would take this out of proportion. You wanted Murphy to pay, but as you stared at the blood-lust eyes around you, you didn’t want him to die by death.

“I say we float him!” The guy from before yelled. Your eyes widened and you snapped your gaze over to him, with a baffled gaze you shook your head. “What?!” You yelled, “how the hell is that fair?”

“Yeah! We float him!” A bunch of voices echoed, your eyes widened and your breath quickened again as you stared fearfully around the crowd before you. You thought Murphy deserved a punishment, but you couldn’t believe everyone else. 

“That’s not what i’m saying!” Clarke tried to explain, but no one listened carefully enough to care.

“Why not? He deserves to float.” The boy said again. You shook your head, not believing what you were hearing. “It’s justice.”

“Revenge isn’t justice.” Clarke interrupted. 

“It’s justice. Float him!” 

“No!” You yelled, your voice shrieking. “This isn’t justice, this- this is just wrong!” You yelled, trying to gain the attention of the people around you, but failed. Soon they began chanting ‘float him’ and you tried to grab ahold of the boy who started it all, but he shoved you. Tripping you nearly fell before Bellamy grabbed you, holding you straight, Your hand fell on his shoulder, and you nodded a thanks.

With wide, cold and guarded eyes you tried to focus on what was around you but it was all becoming too much. You barely registered when Murphy was tripped and everything moved faster from then on. They were quick to begin beating him up and everything started dragging across your vision. You didn’t hear Bellamy call your name or Clarke try to plead to everyone to stop what they were doing to Murphy. Faces became dragged blurs.

You blinked, trying to breathe. Your breath was coming out in gasps as you choked on nothing, you smacked your hands against your eyes trying to refocus. Bellamy’s face came before you and you found Murphy tied up with a gag and his arms bound. “Y/N?” Bellamy asked.

You could barely speak, but you nodded to gain his attention. “Y-yes.” You stuttered. “Are you okay?” He asked, his hands on your shoulders, you nodded numbly though you still couldn’t focus on anything. 

Crowds of people shoved you on as you followed the crowd, Bellamy still holding you. 

They tossed the tied up Murphy down the hill, his grunting as he slumped along. You groaned, blinking and trying to focus what was before you. A string was being tossed over a branch and your breathing nearly stopped. “You can’t do this!” Clarke yelled.

You watched with a blurry vision as Murphy was pulled up along the rope, and you made the realization they were gonna hang him.  You shook your head, breaths coming out in gasps and chokes as Bellamy finally let go you. You reached for him but it didn’t matter as he walked away. Luckily, Clarke finally saw you. Her wide eyes reached you and carefully, like an echo in the back of your head you heard her whisper to breathe.

You listened, sweat glistening down your forehead. “I’m okay. I’m okay. Just-! Just help him!” You shouted, pointing to Murphy and holding your neck as you focused on breathing. Clarke nodded, letting go of you. 

Running over to Bellamy, Clarke shoved at his chest; “you can stop this!” She cried. “They’ll listen to you!”

“Bellamy you should do it!” The boy from before yelled. Hearing his voice and the name he called, you snapped up, wide eyes making eye contact with Bellamy’s as you slowly shook your head, “no…” You whispered.

“I saw you in the wood with Atom!” Clarke tried; “I know you’re not a killer.”

“Bellamy, please. Don’t do this!” You begged, he looked at you, shaking his head before looking back at Clarke. “You can’t do this!” She begged. With wide eyes, you felt your heart break as he kicked the stool from beneath Murphy and you heard a snap as he struggled to breathe.

“This is on you princess!” Bellamy shouted at her as Clarke began sobbing. Staring around you, you stared shocked at the crowd around you cheering and felt empty. They couldn’t be this sick to enjoy something of the like.

“You should’ve kept your mouth shut!” 

“What the hell are you doing?” Finn yelled, your head snapped up as he stormed past you. “Cut him down! Charlotte, get out of here. – Cut him down!” The boy ran forward, threatening Finn with a knife. Charlotte ran forward, making everyone pause; “just stop it okay!” She bellowed; “Murphy didn’t kill Wells. I did!” 

“Oh, my god!” You whispered, running forward you grabbed an axe from the ground and cut Murphy down, him falling with a thud.

You ran through the woods, only a few steps behind Charlotte in panic. You were about to reach her when she gasped in panic and someone grabbed her, fearing it to be Murphy you ran faster only to find Bellamy. He looked at you before covering Charlottes mouth, telling her to shush.

“Charlotte! You can’t hide forever!” Murphy’s distant voice echoed. “Don’t worry we won’t hurt you!”

Bellamy and you began running, Bellamy grasping Charlotte’s hands. You winced when Charlotte screamed, cursing her secretly in your mind. “Let me go!” Bellamy looked at you and nodding, the both of you dragged her to the side. “I’m trying to help you.” Bellamy whispered. 

“I’m not your sister. Just stop helping me.” Charlotte grunted.

You shook your head, “none of that matters. They’re going to kill you!” You all panted, and before you could stop her Charlotte ran forward, yelling that she was there. You ran forward, grabbing Charlotte in panic as you tried to stop her. “Shh!” You shushed. 

“Are you trying to get us all killed?” Bellamy snapped, grabbing her.

“Just go- just go, okay? I’m the one they want.” You watched slowly, behind, staring hesitantly around you for Murphy or anyone of his goons. “Okay, Charlotte, listen to me. I won’t leave you.” His eyes fell on you, and staring at him you panted, nodding your head. “We won’t leave you.” He repeated.

“Please,” she begged, looking at the both of you. She tried running again but Bellamy easily caught her, hefting her over his shoulder, he looked back over at you and you nodded, quickly moving to follow him. “Ah! Murphy! I’m over here, i’m over here!” 

“Come on out, Charlotte. Come on out!”

“It’s a dead end!” You yelled over the rain, brushing your hair back in a panic. Bellamy looked back at you, shaking his head as his eyes desperately looked around for an escape. You could tell Murphy and the rest were only a few feet behind you. 

“Charlotte!” Murphy yelled.

Bellamy set Charlotte down and you felt your hand shaking again. This was bad. Murphy was thirsty for blood and didn’t care that Charlotte was only a child, you looked over at Bellamy, praying he had a solution but he only shook his head desperate.

“Damn it.” He cursed, staring over the impending cliff. 

“Bellamy!” Murphy yelled. You snapped your head over, sighing when Murphy ran up. Murphy’s angry gaze fell on you and you shivered; “you can not fight all of us. Give her up, the both of you.”

“Maybe not, but I guarantee I can take a few of you out.” Bellamy stepped forward, his feet pacing as he prepared himself. You watched as Clarke and Finn ran in, reaching the both of you. You shared a look with Clarke and she tilted her head clearly upset. 

“Bellamy, stop!” She yelled, shaking her head. 

You stepped forward, seemingly affronted at her accusations. “He’s helping her!” You defended, stepping up beside Bellamy, quick to defend him. You ignored his gaze that you felt on your back and glared at Clarke.

Stepping forward, you found a new confidence and walked up to Murphy. Shaking your head, you stared at Murphy helplessly, your eyes begging him. “This has gone too far. Just calm down, we’ll talk about this.” You pleaded. You felt your heart spike when he didn’t say anything and you almost thought he’d agree before he moved so fast you couldn’t even see him. And suddenly his knife was against your neck and his arm was wound around your stomach.

You sucked in a breath, shaking in his grip and you grabbed his arm. Your eyes found Bellamy’s and you pleaded with him, despairingly looking at him for help. You don’t know exactly why you went for him to help, but your eyes just found his and you felt safe when near him. 

“I’m sick of listening to you talk.” Murphy threatened next to your ear. You panted, trying to break out of his grip. His knife ever so slightly graced your neck, making a thin slice. 

“Let her go!” Finn stepped forward only for Murphy’s grasp to tighten and Murphy’s knife to leave your neck and point at Finn. “I will slit her throat.” He seethed. 

“No, please. Don’t hurt her.” Charlotte begged. 

“Don’t hurt her?” Murphy taunted. “Okay i’ll make you a deal. You come with me right now, I will let her go.”

“Don’t do it, Charlotte!” You begged, “don’t do it Charlotte!” Charlotte moved to stepped forward but Bellamy grabbed her, effectively stopping her but she continued to plead; “I have to!” Bellamy set Charlotte back and turning back to you and Murphy, his angry eyes turned to Murphy.

“Murphy, this is not happening.” Bellamy stated, shaking his head unbelievably. “Let her go, please.” He pleaded, you shook your head, feeling your eyes brim with tears as you stared at him.

“I can’t let any of you get hurt because of me.” Charlotte whispered, “not after what I did.” Your eyes fell to Charlotte and with a shriek you couldn’t even hear yourself, you watched hopeless as she stepped back, falling from the ledge. Murphy’s grip left you and you lurched forward, “no! Charlotte, no!”

Leaning just before the cliff, you watched gravely as Charlottes body fell. “No, no, no, no.” Bellamy repeated, he sobbed and you shook your head. Your head falling against your arms, you sighed; “no…” you felt Bellamy straightened up beside you and turning you watched as he stormed over to Murphy.

“Bellamy.” Murphy started. 

Bellamy jumped froward, knocking Murphy over as he screamed angrily. You watched helpless as Bellamy repeatedly punched Murphy again and again and unlike you’d normally do, you did nothing and watched it happen. He killed a girl, he forced her to kill herself and shaking your head, you felt as if you’d lost something within you.

“Bellamy stop, you’ll kill him!”

“He deserves to die!” You shouted, shocking everyone. Finn pulled Bellamy back and he grunted, trying to reach Murphy again; “he deserves to die!” He repeated and you kneeled on the ground, eyes gone cold. 

“No! We don’t decide who lives and who dies.” Clarke stated and everyone grew silent. “Not down here!”

“So help me god, if you say the people have a right to decide–”

“No, I was wrong before, okay? You were right. Sometimes it’s dangerous to tell people the truth. But if we’re gonna survive down here, we can’t just live by whatever the hell we want. We need rules.”

Bellamy sighed, frustratingly dragging a hand across his face. “And who makes these rules? Huh? You?”

“For now we make the rules, okay?”

“So what then,” you spoke, everyone’s tired and stressed eyes turning on you. “We just take him back and pretend like it never happened?” Your voice was cold, conserved. Clarke shook her head at you, “no! We banish him.”

Silence echoed as everyone shared looks. Sniffling, Bellamy made the first move and moved forward, roughly grabbing Murphy by the front of his shirt, Murphy grunted. “Get up.” He stepped towards you, and moving you watched as Bellamy held him over the ledge. “If i ever catch you near camp again, we’ll be back here.” Bellamy threatened, his voice raw. “Understand?”

Murphy nodded and with a final shove, Bellamy pushed him away. “As for the four of you,” Bellamy spoke, referring to the others that crowded around; “you can come back and follow me or go and die with him. Your choice.”

You watched with hidden eyes as Bellamy made his way over to you, holding a hand out. You looked up at the hand before looking at him, with a final sigh, you accepted the hand and he helped haul you up. Grabbing both your arms, he leaned down to see you; “you alright?” 

“Fine.” You whispered, your voice empty. He stared shocked at you but you only shook your head, tears in your eyes. You walked past him, shoving him slightly as you made your way back to camp. You’d lost something tonight and as you stared around you, you felt empty.

Part 4?

Anything he can do, I can do better

“Phil! Put me down!” You shout through the apartment, startling a restless Dan upstairs while he edits a video. He quietly gets up and tiptoes toward the kitchen, following the sound of laughter. Dan pokes his head through the doorway to see Phil placing you on the counter, nibbling on your ear while you laugh uncontrollably. There is flour all over his black skinny jeans and some in your hair. He rolls his eyes and walks back to his room, mumbling to himself at his desk.   

“Dan, are you in your room? Dinner’s ready!” You make your way down the quiet hallway and knock lightly on his door. No answer. “You’ve been in there for hours, come on!” You knocked again, this time quite forcefully. Again, no response. “Dan? Are you okay in there?”You carefully twist the doorknob and peek in. Dan is fully invested in his desktop. You quietly walk in and nudge his shoulder.

“I think getting you those noise cancelling headphones for Christmas was a mista–’ he grabbed your wrist just as you were about to tap his shoulder again. “Dan, what are yo–”

“I can do it. Anything he can do, I can do better.” He stands up, towering over you. He presses his hand into the small of your back, pulling you close. He plants a kiss on your forehead. “See, I saw you two in the kitchen.” He rested his hands on the underside of your thighs and lifted you up, carefully dropping you onto an open space on his desk. Bringing his hands up to your waist and under your sweater, you shudder under his freezing touch. He tightens his grip on your waist and starts kissing your neck.

“Dan, st–” Before you can finish your sentence, he locks his lips with yours. As much as you want to pull away, as much as you want to run to Phil like a loyal girlfriend, you just can’t find the will to say no. You dive into the kiss, letting vice take over. You move your arms from their frozen state at your sides up around his neck.

“We have to go the kitchen before Phil’s notices how long I’ve been gone,” you whisper, pulling away from his soft lips.

“Okay, okay.” He loosened his grip on your hips and helped you off his desk.

“Not a word of this to Phil, understood?” you warned.

“Yes, of course,” he said with a wink. You rolled your eyes and made your way into the kitchen, where Phil was grabbing some plates for dinner. Dan showed no signs of guilt as he made his plate and sat down to eat.

deep impact (smut)

“(Y/N)” you heard Shawn whine from the doorway. “What?” you whined back. You highlighted certain words within the small paragraph in your history textbook. You were going over sections that were going to be in the exam. “It’s a Friday” he said, sounding like a child. “So,” you replied. “You know my test is on Monday.” Without looking up from your book, you felt Shawn sit down on the side of the bed making it sink slightly. “But I want to hang out with you, I feel like I’ve hardly seen you these past couple of days.” You sighed, placing your pen on the book and looking over your shoulder. “Shawn, please” you said in a serious tone. “You know how stressed out I’ve been over this exam. I want to do this so I can relax when it’s finally over.” You quickly turned your back to Shawn, returning to your book. “I can help you relax,” you heard Shawn say quietly. “Not now,” you said shaking your head. A few seconds later you felt Shawn stand up from the bed. You questioned how he felt, worrying that you had been a little harsh towards him. You tapped the pen against the page, debating what to do.

Your heart skipped a beat when you heard Shawn pull open the drawer in his bedside table, knowing exactly what he was grabbing. You tried not to show your reaction as he plugged the device in and heard the switch. You delicately picked up the bottom corner of the page, about to turn it slowly as you felt the vibrating sensation slowly start from your heel and up to the back of your knee. You slammed your hand down in the book, hoping Shawn hadn’t noticed the immediate effect he was creating. But he had because the pressure of the device pressed further against your skin, making you feel the vibration travel amongst your increasing pulse. A gasp escaped your parted lips as Shawn reached your thigh, his spare hand parting your legs even more. 

As the device moved towards your heat, you felt Shawns’ hand cupping the tip, meaning his fingers graced against your core as the device rubbed over your ass before retrieving to the top of your thigh. He repeated the same movement a couple more times, the feeling of his hand glide across your core sending shivers down your spine. You let out a deep moan when he did the same thing, but this time much slower as the tip of his fingers moved under the rim of your underwear, getting ever closer to your wet heat. You heard Shawn let out a low chuckle as he repeated it at the new found speed. “You like that baby?” he asked, in a raspy voice. You licked your lips with your eyes closed, nodding as you said “Mhmmmm.” You felt Shawns’ hand grip onto your inner thigh, pulling it back slightly before the tip of the device struck your core. You let out a groan as you placed your head face down in your book. You felt Shawn pull the sides of your underwear over your ass, making it bunch up as if it were a thong. He pinched it tightly, to add to the impact of force against your heat. “How about this?” he asked in a low tone, as he held your underwear in place with one hand and rubbed the tip up and down with the other. “Fuck Shawn,” you sighed, biting on your lower lip, letting the sensation consume you.

 Your hips bucked up every time the tip of the device grazed over your weak spot, letting out a gasp as it did. Shawns’ hand that rested on your ass felt heavier as it pushed deeper against your skin, whilst Shawn sat himself between your legs. You let out a throaty moan as he pressed the device against your sweet spot, making you roll your eyes to the back of your head. His free hand massaged your ass, feeling it roam under your underwear. You hummed along with the sound of vibration, as your core became soaked. “Is this all for me?” Shawn asked with a smirk. Shawn kept the device pressed against your soaking core as he pulled your underwear down revealing your ass. You gasped at the sting that came from Shawn slapping your bare skin. “Who made you this wet?” Shawn said through gritted teeth before slapping you again. “Tell me who made you feel this way baby,” he said as he pressed the device even further into your core. Just as you opened your mouth to answer, he started making your ass shake by flicking it with his fingers, adding to the growing sensation you already felt. You moaned before you bit down on your thumb, not wanting to admit that Shawn had won. Suddenly Shawn grabbed your ponytail and tugged on it, pulling your head up from your book. You sighed at the slight discomfort. “Tell me who,” he hissed, giving a small tug on your hair. “You daddy,” you gasped. As soon as the words left your lips, you heard Shawn moan before letting go of your hair and removing the device from your dripping core. 

He placed his hands on your waist and turned you over. He removed your underwear before pushing your legs apart, taking the device in one of his hands again. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath to prepare for the sensation your core was throbbing for. You arched your back slightly as the device pressed against your bare heat. You glanced down at Shawn as he watched what he was doing to you, licking his lips as he stared. His hand moved up your thigh, across your stomach and stopping as it reached your left breast. His fingers went straight for the nipple which was already hard. He smirked, looking you in the eye briefly, pleased with what he had achieved. He pinched it a few times, causing you to turn your head to the side and gasp. He then cupped your breast in his huge hand and started massaging it whilst pressing the device further into your core. You let out a groan as you finally felt it move inside you. As you looked down at Shawn, feeling yourself approach your high, you noticed him watch as he bit hard on his lower lip. Without thinking, you moved one of your hands down your stomach and stopping at your clit. You began to rub yourself with your thumb, wanting to add to the approaching high. You let out a quiet moan as your body fell numb, the sensation burning up from inside. You began to move your hand away before Shawns’ spare hand grabbed it and moved it back, “That was the hottest thing ever,” he sighed. “Do it again.” Without hesitation you placed your thumb back to your clit and felt the device move in the same circular motion, bringing you so close to the edge. 
“Shawn, I’m…” you sighed. 

He removed the device, placing it beside you. You stopped your hand and looked at him as he lowered himself between your legs, wrapping his arms under your legs. You let out a slight scream as his wide tongue pressed against your walls, the tip making it’s way right to the core. Shawn’ thumb replaced yours, and began to move quickly against your clit. You let out several groans before you felt yourself come undone. Shawns’ fingers dug into your thighs as you felt him clean you up. He left a tender kiss against your sensitive heat before placing another against your lips. “I hate you,” you sighed, trying not to smile at him as he laid by your side. “No you don’t,” he smirked, a proud look on his face as he closed your text book and threw it to the floor. Then he faced you again, grabbing your waist and pulling you under him. He towered over you before pressing his lips against yours as your hands already found their way to his boxers. 

[this is my first ever attempt at ‘smut’ so i apologise]

jedifinnrey  asked:

robert/damien + graveyard date

hope you enjoy this friendo! :)

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Damien hummed contentedly and angled his head back against the oak tree he had taken resident under. It was peaceful here, the kind of quiet that was comforting deep in your soul. When he explained that to Robert, he got a raised eyebrow and an amused, “You find soul comfort in a graveyard?”

“Yes,” Damien bobbed his head, “It’s something that I cannot explain. You need to experience it yourself.”

Robert had considered him for a moment and then shrugged, “Alright then.”

Honestly, he hadn’t expected that meant that Robert would join him on one of his trips to Maple Bay cemetery. It was one of the oldest parts of town, had been hallowed ground since the 1700s, and it was one of those places that seemed to breathe with all the years that it had. Architecture from every century – tombs and headstones handcrafted from marble that were now faded with age and yet were no less beautiful and newer, smoother edges of the 21st urns and gravestones that were in the deeper parts of the land.

Damien didn’t venture down there often, not when his favourite place was in the middle of 19th-century graves, upon a slight hill and under a tree that had been there for longer than the cemetery had been.

It was nice, but somehow, with Robert beside him, it was even better.

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There's no limit to what I would give for Monster part 5 in Taehyung's POV

Haha, well here it is. It’s 1.4k, oops. Monster 5.

There weren’t many things Taehyung respected, but Jungkook’s plea was one of them.

“Don’t fuck her.”

“But what if, in some crazy scenario, she wants me to fuck her?”

“She will never want that, I know her.”

“What if!?”

“If she wants that, then it’s fine. But don’t go out chasing her, she’s too good for you.”

And here you were, lying under him, letting him rub you with his throbbing dick, letting him use you on somebody’s bed, with Jungkook just feet away from you. He always got to do whatever he wanted, but he could never do you – and now he was doing it.  

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Request: Aww I’m so damn in love with all your Imagines and your writing *smooooch*. So I saw you got a lot Bucky requests but I dare to send one in as well, cause he’s a damn cutie ! :) An idea where you’re his shy girlfriend (you dont work for shield but the other avengers like you a lot) and one day you surprise him after work in his room to see him just in some sweats after he had a shower. You cant resist and it happens he takes your virginity but all real gentle? :) (also with some metal arm kink)


Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

You’ve been Bucky’s girlfriend for about two years now after seeing him visit the museum you worked at. You were very shy at first and sometimes you still are. You had instantly recognized him and he was definitely nothing like people thought he was. People spread rumors about him and some were true but others were just ridiculous. You knew he had been though a lot and he asked you tons of questions about the stuff he saw in the museum.

Bucky wasn’t like the Winter Soldier at all, though you knew it’d always be a part of him. You’ve noticed a difference every day when he’d visit you at work. A few months after, he invited you to the tower to meet his friends. Two months after that, Bucky asked you to be his girlfriend. The Avengers all welcomed you with open arms, especially Captain America. Steve was so glad to see his best friend warming up to a girl and letting himself be happy.

You had just finished your shift at the museum and Bucky didn’t show up today, which you didn’t mind. He said he had to go out on a mission and he would be back at the perfect time. You wanted to surprise Bucky and see him at the tower and secretly make sure he made it through the mission without any injuries. You closed up the museum and said goodbye to the security guards as you left.

You loved visiting the tower and you swear every time you go, there’s a new invention Tony Stark has come up with. Natasha and Wanda always wanted you to stay longer, maybe even more than Bucky sometimes. Your friends had a hard time believing that you’d become basically like family to the Avengers.

The excitement in your stomach kept getting bigger the closer you got to the tower. You were excited to see Bucky and you hoped he’d be okay with the little surprise drop by.

You walked through the tower entrance and pressed the elevator button to go up to the common room. You adjusted your bag and your shyness started to peak through. You nervously stepped out and held your bag closer to you side.

“Hello?” Your soft and small voice rang through the common room. You didn’t see anyone around and you sighed softly. You walked back to the elevator and heard a manly yell. You gasped and turned around to see Sam.

He held his chest and exhaled heavily. “Y/N, you scared me!” Sam said, his chest rising and falling. You smiled and your face turned a bright red. “I’m sorry Sam. I wanted to surprise Bucky.” You said quietly, laughing softly when Sam calmed down. “He should be in his room. It’s good to see you!” Sam said with a wide smile.

You smiled shyly and nervously tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “Good to see you.” You said before waking back into the elevator. You took the elevator to Bucky’s room and sighed, biting the inside of your cheek.

The elevator stopped and you stepped out when the doors opened. The hallway was quiet, the only sound were your footsteps as you walked to Bucky’s room. You gently knocked on his closed door and waited a moment. When he didn’t answer, you walked in and gasped, seeing Bucky walk out of his bathroom with sweats hanging low on his hips. He was drying his wet hair with a white towel and your face turned red again.

Bucky smiled and jogged over to you, his eyes bright and smile wide. “Y/N! What are you doing here?” Bucky asked happily, picking you up and twirling you around. You smiled shyly and felt his muscles move against your body. Bucky’s strong arms held you and you felt him place a kiss on your cheek.

You giggled when he set you down on your feet. “I wanted to surprise you. I hope that’s okay?” You nervously asked, your eyes falling to his abs. Bucky smiled and took your bag from you, setting it on the chair near his desk. “Of course that’s okay! How was work?” Bucky asked, sitting on his bed and pulling you in between his legs.

Your mind was racing with naughty thoughts the longer you stared at Bucky. His hair was slightly dripping water still and you watched the droplets fall down his shoulders. You bit your lip and Bucky cleared his throat. “Y/N?” Bucky asked softly, his hands resting on your hips.

You quickly  looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes already on your red face. “W-work was fine. How was the mission?” You asked, your quiet voice squeaking just a tad. Bucky smirked and pulled you onto his lap. You breathed out shakily, feeling his hands raise your dress up your thighs. “It was fine. What’s going on with you?” Bucky asked but something told you he already knew.

You nervously swallowed and looked down at his hands. You gasped, feeling his hands disappear under the fabric. “I, uh,” you said, looking back up at Bucky, “I’m just-you’re, uh-” Bucky cut you off with a quick kiss and you sighed into it.

You shifted in Bucky’s lap and you felt his semi-hard cock rub against you. “Bucky, I need you.” You quietly said. Bucky chuckled lowly, rubbing his hands down your thighs. The contrast between warm and cold comforted you and you felt goosebumps rise on your skin as you imagined what he could do to you with his metal arm.

Bucky leaned in and captured your lips again, kissing you slowly. You let your fingers run through his wet hair and you heard a soft groan fall from Bucky’s lips. You pulled away, your heart racing in your chest. You looked away from Bucky, only to have his hand raise up to turn you back to him.

Bucky smiled at you. “Y/N, are you sure you’re ready for that?” Bucky asked, his eyes searching yours for any doubt. You shyly looked up at Bucky, resting your hands on his bare shoulders. “I-I’m a virgin, but I want you, Bucky.” You said softly, hoping Bucky was okay with your situation.

You were nervous about this, but looking at Bucky shirtless, your mind was going crazy and so was your lower region. Bucky smiled and leaned in to kiss your neck. Bucky’s hands moved to the inside of your thighs, making your breath hitch in your throat. “Promise me, let me know if I hurt you. I want to take care of my best girl.” Bucky whispered softly. You nodded gently.

Bucky pulled away from you and carefully placed you on his bed. You crawled up to his headboard and laid down on your back, your head against his fluffy pillows. Bucky pulled his sweats off, leaving him in his boxers. He smirked, leaning on his knees on the bed. He slipped your flats off and dropped them to his floor.

Your breathing was unsteady as you felt Bucky kissing up your leg and his hands following after. His breath was warm and his lips were soft and plump; it was making you dizzy and you loved it. Bucky’s hands lifted up your dress and you blushed at your choice in underwear. Bucky smiled and looked up at you, gently rubbing his finger along the hem.

You shyly looked away, feeling Bucky smile against your skin. “Captain America panties? Really, Y/N?” Bucky chuckled softly. You hid your face in your hands and giggled. “They were a birthday gift from my friends and I had to do laundry today.” You whined, your face getting even hotter. Bucky chuckled softly and bent down to kiss the inside of your thigh.

You held in a moan and felt Bucky’s stubble scratch against your skin. You moved your hands to his hair, lightly tugging on the almost dry strands. A groan fell from Bucky’s lips again and he gently sank his teeth into the skin of your thigh, making you gasp. “You’re so soft, Y/N.” Bucky said, his voice raspy.

Bucky lifted your dress even higher and gently placed a kiss on your clothed pussy. You bit your lip as your hips jerked slightly from the sudden contact. Bucky smirked and teasingly rubbed a metal finger down your pussy. You felt yourself get wetter and you whined. “Bucky, please.” You begged, looking down at Bucky in between your legs.

You were getting impatient but you knew Bucky wanted to take things slow. Bucky smiled and placed a kiss on your pussy before sliding your dress up and over your head. You blushed and covered your arms over your chest. You tried to close your legs but Bucky’s large frame kept you from doing so.

Bucky shook his head and gently pulled your arms away. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, Y/N. Don’t hide from me, please.” Bucky said, looking into your eyes. You nodded and sighed, letting Bucky take your bra off. He tossed it away and leaned down to press kisses along your chest.

You swear he could feel your heartbeat it was so strong. You watched Bucky attach his mouth to one of your breasts, sucking on your nipple. You moaned softly and Bucky smirked before pulling away from your breast with a sultry pop. “You sound pretty. Keep moaning, don’t hide those from me either.” Bucky said, winking at you.

You giggled and blushed harder. Bucky sat up on his knees and your eyes fell to his boxers. Bucky smirked and hooked his fingers into the waistband of your panties, pulling them down your legs. You blushed as he pulled down his boxers and your eyes widened at how thick he was. “Bucky.” You whimpered out.

He bent down and captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You felt Bucky spread your legs open and he held his cock in his hands, slowly rubbing his tip along your slit. You gasped at the feeling and looked in between your legs. Bucky kissed your forehead. “Are you ready?” Bucky asked quietly. You nodded and Bucky pulled your face up to look in your eyes.

Bucky looked at you nervously. “Please, use your words.” Bucky said quietly, stopping his movements. “I’m ready.” You breathed out. Bucky nodded and watched your face, slowly started to slide into you. It stung as he stretched you with just his tip. You winced and Bucky immediately stopped. “Y/N, I-” You shook your head fast. “No, Bucky it’s just a little bit. Please, keep going.” You begged, wanting him to fill you up.

A sigh fell from Bucky’s lips and you kissed him, holding his cheeks in your hands. Bucky hesitated before he started to slide into your wet pussy again. You felt his breath hitch the further he went and you squeezed your eyes shut at how much he was stretching you. “Fuck.” Bucky strained, his hips finally meeting yours.

You moaned softly and wrapped your legs around Bucky’s waist. After you felt adjusted enough, you begged Bucky to move. Bucky’s hands rested beside your head and he started to thrust in and out of you slowly. Your breath came out short and quick as goosebumps littered your skin. “Oh my god.” You moaned, feeling Bucky’s cock brush against your g-spot.

Bucky grunted, keeping his eyes on your face. “You look so beautiful. Mm, you like that, don’t you?” Bucky said, his thrusts getting faster. You let out a rather loud moan and you let your nails rake down Bucky’s back. “You’re so tight.” Bucky said, reaching his hand down to rest on your lower abdomen.

You felt Bucky gently slam into you and he gasped, his flesh hand adding a little pressure. “Fuuck, I’m so deep, Doll.” Bucky moaned, his eyelids drooping a tad. You moaned and reached for his metal hand that was placed at a safe distance away from your head. You grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand to your throat.

Bucky stopped his thrusts and you breathed heavily, watching him. “Y/N, there’s no way.” Bucky said, his own breathing heavy and unsteady. You knew he didn’t want to hurt you, but you’ve fantasized about this for so long. “Bucky, I want you to use it on me.” You pleaded, grinding your hips against his.

You saw Bucky’s eyes land on his metal hand so close to your throat. He sighed and you heard his arm whirring. “Just tell me when to stop.” Bucky said softly, reaching his metal hand up to your throat and applying little to no pressure. You nodded and felt him start to thrust into you again.

Your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head and you moaned. Bucky cursed under his breath and you smiled when you felt Bucky’s metal hand grip onto your throat a little tighter. “Harder, Bucky.” You begged, resting your hands on his arm. Bucky groaned and thrust into you harder, making your tits bounce.

Bucky leaned down and quickened his thrusts. “You’re my dirty little girl, aren’t you?” Bucky asked, watching your face contort with pleasure. You moaned louder and felt Bucky’s flesh hand reach down and start rubbing your clit fast. “I’m gonna cum!” You squealed as Bucky sped up, his hips slamming into yours. “Fuck, I feel you clenching around me.” Bucky growled, his thrusts faltering as his own release was fast approaching.

You gasped and Bucky’s metal hand gripped around your neck even tighter as you started to cum around Bucky’s thick cock. “Oh fuck.” Bucky groaned, hot spurts of his cum shooting deep into your pussy. His thrusts slowed and you breathed heavily, feeling Bucky’s metal hand leave your throat.

A moan fell from your lips as Bucky pulled out of you. Bucky collapsed beside you and he rolled onto his back, breathing fast and hard. “God, that was amazing.” You said with a wide smile. Bucky pulled you into his side and kissed your head. “Was I too rough?” Bucky asked quietly. You blushed and hid your face in his neck. “No way.” You said with a small smile.

Bucky smiled and kissed your forehead. “I love you, Y/N.” Bucky whispered softly. You sat up and looked down at Bucky. “I love you too, Bucky.” You bent down and pressed your lips to Bucky’s, your chest full of happiness and joy.

Note: omg, phew!! it’s hot in here. I noticed I got carried away and it didn’t seem all that gentle, so I hope you like this. if not, I can try again. feedback is always welcome! .c

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Greg catching his sister and her bf sherlock having sex at 221b and he is just basically so in shock when he sees them climax :')

“Bored” Sherlock announced from his chair and you rolled your eyes from the kitchen knowing what words were going to come next. “Where are they Y/N?” He asked as if he had taken the words from your very head.

“No Sherlock,” you warned “You don’t need them”.

Sherlock let out a groan “Yes! Yes I do!” He rushed up to you and grabbed your arms “I need them Y/N I’m craving something to satisfy my boredom!”. You raised a brow and sent Sherlock a sultry smile. His face scrunched a little “Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked.

“Well why don’t I satisfy those cravings?” You batted your eyelashes and Sherlock finally caught onto what you were suggesting. You grabbed onto his hand and he crashed his lips to yours making you lose your footing and trip over onto the carpet in the living room.

“Here” Sherlock grumbled against your skin as he waisted no time removing all articles of clothing from you and himself. He moved his mouth to your neck roughly pressing kisses against your sweet spot and biting it just enough to make you moan his name.

He stopped for a moment and looked into your eyes with a serious expression “Sherlock?” You asked as his frame towered over you.

He pressed a gentle kiss to your lips “I love you” he whispered and you couldn’t help but smile. The smile soon contorted into an ‘O’ shape and you let out a pleasure filled gasp as Sherlock slid himself inside you.

He cupped your cheeks with both his hands and passionately kissed you, moaning into each other’s mouths as your tongues swirled together. Sherlock’s hip moments grew faster and his moans became louder. “Oh…god Sherlock!” You loudly moaned out as you felt yourself reach your peak.

“Y/N!” Sherlock roared out.

“Sherlock!” You screamed at the same time as him.

“WHAT ARE YOU! Oh for the love of God!” Greg screamed out watching you and Sherlock getting each other off and turned his back to you both.

“Greg!” You screamed out and Sherlock quickly covered the two of you in the rug “What the hell!” You screamed and your face grew bright red from embarrassment.

“I came to drop a file off! I didn’t expect to see…THAT!” Greg shrieked and you rolled your eyes and let out an annoyed huff.

Sherlock looked up at Greg “Is that his name?” He whispered to you.

Although Greg heard and you and your bother both screamed out “Yes!” To Sherlock who got the hint.

Satan’s Fool

Title: Satan’s Fool

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word count: 865

Warnings: fluff and a little angst

A/N: Here is another fic for Satan Sunday! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 It was requested by @destiel-addict-forever from the Christmas Drabble List which you an find HERE. Don’t forget to ask questions too (For the 400 FOLLOWER CELEBRATION)

When you were sent on this hunt by yourself, you didn’t expect to get captured.  In fact this wasn’t even the monster you were supposed to be hunting.  You were sent on a simple salt and burn, but in came a demon.  Now you were in another building, tied to a chair.  You weren’t sure if this was Crowley’s doing or not.

You could feel the dried blood against your skin crack when you tried to move from your seat.  The room was currently empty; you wanted to take a chance and see if you could break from your bonds.  Unfortunately, you had no such luck.  You were startled by the door suddenly opening.  Two demons strolled in, standing just inches from you.

“This is the famous [Y/N] [Y/L/N],” the demon sneered.  “You couldn’t even fight off two demons.  What kind of hunter are you?”

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Burnt Lasagna

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut. 
Word count: 3,160

Summary: As much as he wants to admit he didn’t get an erection in the middle of a meeting, Kim Seokjin most definitely did, no thanks to you. Now he’s home and there’s hell to pay. 

A/N: This fic has been reworked. Yes, WELL. Nobody asked for this, but I sure as shit wanted to see some more Jin smut so here we are. Hope you all enjoy! Also a little side note; I edited this myself so please let me know if anything is messed up. 

You can feel it in your throat – the wild thump of your heart caused by the excitement washing over you, a lick of heat spreading in your stomach and hands trembling with anticipation.  

Careful steps carry you backwards until the edge of the counter presses into the base of your spine, torso bowing when long arms cage you in and a firm, towering body presses closer. His lips, so soft and warm, ghosting along the shell of your ear.

Jin whispers lowly into your ear, hot breath tickling your skin; his words making a whimper hitch in your throat and a wetness form in your panties.

“You’ve been a naughty girl today, sweetheart. Do you want to know what happens to naughty girls?” He nibbles at your lobe, continuing on by telling you the answer you were hoping for -

“They get punished.”

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Beatles Press Conference (Los Angeles, August 29, 1965)
Beatles Press Conference (Los Angeles, August 29, 1965)

The Beatles’ “Help!” press conference at Capitol Records Tower. (Full press conference: [X])

Q: “George, have you and the Beatles ever been to South America or Russia for a tour?“


Q: "Why not?“

JOHN: "The Russians don’t like us.”

GEORGE: "And we don’t particularly want to go to Russia.“

PAUL: "They burn us there.”

GEORGE: "And South America– I don’t think they’ve ever heard of us down there.“

PAUL: "Yes they have, George. We nearly went this time ‘cuz Brian [Epstein] wanted to see Mexico.”

JOHN: "We tour the places our manager wants to see. He takes his camera. So, we’ll probably be going there pretty soon, eh Brian?“


Q: "What’s your program for the next few months, say, the next three or four months - like concerts or…”

GEORGE: "It depends on what Mr. Epstein wants to see.“


RINGO: "We’ve got a month off as soon as we get back, and it’ll most probably just be TV and records and…”

PAUL: "TV and bullrings, and things like that. He likes that sort of stuff.“

Sharing Is Caring (Part Four)

Pairing: Daryl x Reader; Daryl x Jesus; Negan x Reader

Word Count: 2273

Warnings: Angst, cursing, implied smut, fluff, pregnancy, violence, SAD DARYL (I feel this needs to be a warning because FUCK.)

Notes: Stuff happens in this part… Stuff and thangs… >> I hope you all like it! Xox ♥

Part Four of the Sharing Is Caring series.

Negan mumbled quietly in his sleep as he rolled over, his arm landing heavily across you and waking you up. Turning you head, you sighed as he nuzzled into your neck. Throwing his arm off with a grunt, you slid out of bed and grabbed your clothes, dressing silently.

This is how it had been for the last two weeks, since the first night you’d arrived at the Sanctuary. You’d either wake up with him in your bed or vice versa, though you’d always be gone before he awoke. Then it was straight onto guard or run duty with Dwight or Simon all day before falling back into bed with Negan when the sun set, your bodies becoming a desperate, tangled mass of limbs. The arrangement suited you fine, but you could tell it wasn’t suiting Negan.

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