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would you mind explaining your reasoning behind that last comment on the post with the cats and stuff?

Yeah absolutely.

Here’s the main thing about it: None of these marginalized groups (the first groups of each sentence) NEED a post that tells them that they aren’t better than their oppressors (the second groups). Because most of them have likely been told for their entire lives that they aren’t as good as that other group. Speaking from a personal experience, society has made me feel inferior for not being male or heterosexual a countless number of times. I don’t need to keep seeing posts that say that because even though I try to tell myself that I’m just as good as a man or a straight person, a small part of me won’t believe that thanks to years of conditioning.

So no, I don’t think I’m better because I belong to an oppressed group. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not. The cute kittens really softened the blow.

And here’s the thing. The people who do genuinely think they’re better because they’re black/trans/poor/gay? They probably make up a very very very small percentage of the entire population. If they exist at all. Do you know who makes up a much larger percentage of the population? People who believe the exact opposite. People who believe they’re better than another group and will hurt and kill members of said group to reinforce those beliefs. Those people are the problem.

But of course, instead of drawing attention to those oppressive groups and the damage they cause, the OP and the 54 thousand people who are reblogging this and adding “FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT!!!!111"  thought that putting the members of marginalized groups in their places was a much better use of their time.

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tower-of-almost-pimps B))))

HUH i wonder who se- wait this isnt on anon fuck


GDI ur rad af man like. wow. uve  always been super nice to me like wtf i luv it ur amazing dont stop being a Top Meme

ur blog is amazing too i mean. i dont even watch rt so i dont care about half of what u reblog but who cares. the rest of the blog is great and so r u

thank u!