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GTA Online: slasher mode

Via tumblr user  goauldendelicious:

While mucking about on different game types on GTA:Online, my friends and I tweaked one and transformed a fairly run-of-the-mill tower defence into a harrowing experience.

The basic game mode, Siege Mentality, involves a lone player, with a full armoury at their disposal, defending a location for a few minutes against a whole team of opposing players armed with short-range weapons.

One map is an isolated, large farmhouse out in the sticks (familiar to those who have played the single player campaign). And it’s fine and fun and there are lots of nice vantage points in the form of first floor balconies.

But what if you change the time/weather settings pre-game to make it a dark and stormy night? What if the defender is limited to a pistol, and the attackers can only use knives? What if everyone is in restricted to first-person view?

Suddenly, there you are, cowering in a first-floor bathroom, listening to the faint sounds of footsteps creeping up the stairs, pistol trained on the door…only to see another masked murderer’s silhouette pass by the window, having shimmied up onto the roof. The tight, blind corners inside the house, the multiple entry points, the fact that the house is just naturally REALLY creepy… In the dozen or so games we’ve played, only one defender has survived until dawn.

‘Sunset in Lisbon’

Still haven’t caught the hang of the perspective and proportion but oh well, I’m not a professional. For those who are wondering, this is Belém Tower, a very important building in the defense of Lisbon in the past (500 years of age), however, it is also one of the most beautiful. A stroll by the Tejo, near this monument at sunset is breathtaking. You should try sometime! :3

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