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I found this video on twitter, speaking nothing but the truth. They won’t show you this on mainstream news outlets, they constantly try to take away the voices of marginalized communities, putting the government before the people. I strongly suggest watching this and sharing far and wide, this is the real story. No more bullshit cover ups and political agendas, just listen to the people directly affected. It’s their voice that matters. They deserve answers and JUSTICE.
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Protesters take to London streets over Theresa May’s handling of Grenfell Tower fire

  • Armed with signs stamped with “JUSTICE FOR GRENFELL” and “NEVER AGAIN,” protesters took to the streets of London on Friday afternoon to call for justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.
  • The blaze, which began in the early hours of June 14, claimed at least 30 lives, with dozens more reportedly still unaccounted for.
  • On Friday, protesters flooded the streets to demonstrate against the British government’s response to the disaster, with particular ire reserved for Prime Minister Theresa May. Read more (6/16/17)
Live Updates: At Least Six Dead And 20 In Critical Condition, After Massive Fire Engulfs London Tower Block
Police have confirmed that at least six people have died and 74 people have been taken to six hospitals after fire tore through Grenfell Tower, north Kensington, shortly before 1am on Wednesday morning.
By BuzzFeed News

What We Know So Far

  • At least six people have died after an “unprecedented” fire ripped through a residential tower block in west London.
  • Twenty people are in critical condition. Seventy-four people have been treated and admitted to at six hospitals across the capital, the London Ambulance Service said.
  • The PM is “deeply saddened” by the “tragic” events. Sajid Javid, secretary of state for communities and local government, will chair an emergency Cobra meeting today.
  • The fire brigade was first called at shortly before 1am on Wednesday to Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road, north Kensington, London. Emergency responders were on the scene within six minutes.
  • Forty-five engines, 200 firefighters, and 100 medical personnel attended the scene, in addition to a number of police officers. Fire crews have reached the 20th floor, and a structural engineer, as well as urban search and rescue advisers, is monitoring the building.
  • Many residents are still missing. Witnesses said they saw people jumping from the building, and survivors have described how they managed to flee the building.
  • The cause of the fire is not clear.
  • The building, constructed in 1974, is 24 storeys tall and contains 120 homes, according to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
  • Residents’ groups had issued numerous warnings in the past few years about the tower block’s fire safety provisions. Read more here.
  • An emergency casualty bureau number has been set up on 0800 0961 233.
Cladding for Grenfell Tower was cheaper, more flammable option
Exclusive: Omnis Exteriors asked to supply cladding that was £2 cheaper per square metre than fire-resistant version, investigation finds
By Ian Sample

The fireproofed version would have cost an extra £5,000. For the want of £5,000 at least 30 are dead and 70 missing. £50 for a working class life. 


If you’re ever unsure about what it means to be a Londoner… this is it. The whole community of Kensington and beyond, pulling together to help those affected by the devastating Grenfell Tower fire.

People of all faiths donating their clothes, shoes, supplies and time to help those in need. Churches, mosques, sports halls and more have all been opening their doors and we’ve heard stories of many people welcoming people into their homes and others paying for hotel rooms for those affected.

This is London. We stick up for each other in the face of any adversity and although there will always be people who try to undermine this, we will never lose this sense of community and wanting to help our neighbours.

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Grenfell Tower fire: 6 dead, more than 50 hospitalized after massive London fire

  • At least six people are dead after a massive fire broke out in a London apartment building, the BBC reported Wednesday, and more than 70 people have been hospitalized. 
  • The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.
  • The massive fire engulfed the Grenfell Tower, a 24-story apartment building in London’s Kensington neighborhood. London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton told reporters that the “size and complexity” of the building made assessing the number of fatalities complicated.
  • Cotton told reporters that the fire was an “unprecedented incident,” according to the BBC. Read more (6/14/17 10 AM)
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