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It’s Valentine’s day. Nearly everyone in the Avengers Tower has a date. Loki and the reader are stuck without a date. Reader is not sad, she actually dislikes the V-Day, and likes staying single. Loki, well, dislikes most of everything humanity has to offer. He finds the reader fiddling around in the kitchen, baking stuff to pass the time. He is interested in the alluring smell filling the kitchen and asks her about the stuff she’s baking (cookies/muffins). When the batch is done, she shares it with him, much to his delight (though he tries not to show it). Together they eat the baked goods and bitch about the V-Day and the futility of romance…. only to end up making out on the couch. Worse, someone from the Avengers walks in on them while returning from their date.

Cayde-6 : *place both Chickens on both sides of the Guardian’s head*

Cayde-6 : What are you?

Guardian : An idiot Chicken

You’ve heard of 110% Jack Zimmermann, now get ready for

0% Jack Zimmermann.

  • There’s a cookout at a neighboring frat house, and the hockey team plus Farmer go to hang out and drink beer. They start playing an impromptu game of volleyball in the yard, and Jack’s on Chowder’s team.
  • Now, Chowder is steeling himself for strategy, Jack’s murder face, and a lot of competitive bullshit.
  • What he gets is Jack chirping Holster, who isn’t even in the yard. The ball goes flying right past Jack’s face and this total meatball just watches it bounce out of bounds.
  • “Ha ha, look at it go.”
  • Chowder kicks Jack off his team because they are losing so bad, it’s actually pretty embarrassing. And Jack’s like, “What? Of course I can play with a Sprite in my hand.”
  • “Jack no.”
  • Also consider:
  • Jack studying for a class that he has zero interest in. His studying for economics looks an awful lot like amateur architecture.
  • “Jack, why is there a popsicle stick Eiffel Tower on the kitchen table? Wait, where did these popsicle sticks even come from?”
  • Jack actually gives negative fucks when it comes to cooking just for himself. His meals don’t even make sense half of the time. Bitty caught him eating a bowl of mac and cheese, tater tots, green peas and ketchup once. He still has nightmares.
  • There’s another cookout on Frat row that the hockey team crashes (but they bring tub juice so they get to stay). Someone set up a badminton net in the yard and Jack somehow gets roped into playing.
  • (Not by Chowder, though, because that’s the kind of lesson you only have to learn once.)
  • Bitty is playing his little Southern heart out, running up and down his side of the makeshift court. He swings at the birdie so hard it actually gets stuck in his racket.
  • Meanwhile, Jack is seeing if he can balance his racket on his chin.
  • And then he tries to see if he can whack the birdie onto the frat house’s roof. Which turns into several people cussing him out and Bitty chases him around for a few minutes with the intent of beating Jack Zimmermann’s ass.
  • (Jack laughs and laughs and maybe he lets Bitty catch him and then he grins up at him—there had been a leaping tackle involved in the take down—and he says “What’re you gonna do with me now, Bittle?” And Bitty is Not Amused, so he pinches Jack’s nipple hard and then he goes help the frat bros get the birdie out of the gutter.)
  • Jack loves history, but only some history. He gives a lengthy presentation on Colonial North America in one of his history classes, and at the end the TA raises her hand. “How did Thomas Jefferson’s contributions shift the course of United States history?”
  • And he just squints at her and goes, “Who the fuck is Thomas Jefferson?”
  • Watching TV with Jack is a gamble. He’s either on the edge of his seat, eyes trained on the screen, ready to permanently silence anyone who dares speak/interrupt his show. Or he talks over the TV, puts it on mute to better hear someone else talk over the TV, and makes fun of the various American accents on the show.
  • (Jack’s southern accent is so bad and he knows it, and he makes it so much worse when Bitty is around to hear it. It’s all fun and games until a French Canadian on TV has something to say, and then Jack’s all like “Wtf, Bitty? I thought we were friends!?” Bitty is really glad he sprung for throw pillows in the Haus, because otherwise he would end up concussing his captain.)
  • Jack took one semester of Spanish, and he remembers a surprising amount of it, considering he went to class a total of six times and did virtually none of the work. His Spanish is terrible, but he knows numbers, colors, seasons and “No bueno.” For some time, lots of things were “no bueno.”
  • But then Jack stumbled across ASL via YouTube and he gets super into it. By the end of the week he knows about as much ASL as he does Spanish. By the end of the month he can sign the most beautiful profanity and dad jokes. By the end of the school year it’s started rubbing off on the rest of the team.
  • (Their butchered ASL is somehow worse than Jack’s Spanish, and he would be more annoyed if it weren’t hilarious. For some time Ransom and Holster take to pointing at good things and then making the sign for “candy.” Sriracha? Candy. Apple pie? Candy. The mysterious orange cat that wanders along Frat Row? Candy. Chowder’s stuffed shark? Candy. The latest episode of Breaking Bad? Candy. Pretty soon everyone starts using the candy sign as a gesture of approval. One Sunday Jack walks down to the kitchen to find Bitty making those amazing sausage balls, with real maple syrup and grated sharp cheddar. Jack touches his shoulder so that Bitty’s looking at him and then he presses a finger to his jaw, candy, and points to Bitty so there’s no misunderstanding. Bitty blushes clear to the roots of his hair, even when he says, “Y’all are so weird.”)
  • This takes us to a new friend. Ransom and Holster and Jack and Chowder are chilling in the dining hall, and Ransom and Holster are using their terrible pidgin ASL (half the signs are made up and the rest don’t matter) which catches the eye of one Amy Willashire, who is HOH and still pretty new to Samwell.
  • Amy marches her happy ass up to the table and starts signing away, a mile a minute, the biggest grin on her face because sometimes it feels like she’s the only HOH student on campus. That grin slowly fades as Ransom and Holster stare at her like she’s grown a second head. (They’re actually panicking, because they understand about one word in ten and how are they going to tell her that?)
  • And then Jack perks up and starts signing back, so Amy is signing to him. He has to tell her twice to slow tf down, but then she sits with them and by the time the hockey crew have to go to class she’s chirping Jack for his ASL accent. (Some of his signs come out backwards, and he’ll swap hands halfway through a thought instead of using his dominant hand for most of the work. Jack flips her off with a laugh, which is a sign everyone can get right.)
  • So Jack and Amy are ASL buddies. Amy is super stoked that most of the hockey team knows at least some of the language, which means she can tell them something in a pinch. So the team learns even more ASL and Amy learns about hockey, and things are golden.
  • Until Amy invites Jack and Dex to a pool party. Everyone there is at least one beer in, and they’re playing in the pool, and someone mentions water chicken. Amy wants to play, so as a matter of course she clambers onto Jack’s shoulders.
  • From her vantage point, she can’t tell what Jack’s saying but she can feel him giggling like a bastard as they wipe out literally every time, to the point where everyone else is playing pool chicken and she is trying to splash Jack into next week. He’s splashing back. It’s a whole thing.
  • (They find Dex in the basement with a few of the stoners and a lingering smell of pot. Dex has finally found his chill.)
  • That is what 0% Jack Zimmermann looks like.
Elemental Ritual of Self Blessing

Day 1 of @chaosundone‘s 31 Days of Pop Culture Spells Challenge - Write a spell inspired by the first character/fandom that made you interested in Pop Culture Witchcraft.

I was drawn to witchcraft initially by Kate Forsyth’s The Witches of Eileanan series, which are a fantastic series of books. The titular witches work in a Wiccan-esque style of magic, worshipping a nature goddess, casting circles, working with the five spiritual elements. It is what got me interested in Wicca, and though I now practice a secular craft, it is still very much influenced by those early readings of Forsyth’s witches. (If you haven’t checked them out, you really should. I cannot recommend them highly enough.)

This ritual is designed to take place in the hours before dawn, so that the completion of the rite happens as the sun rises. A period of fasting should take place before the ritual commences. Draw on the floor (or trace in the dirt if you are outside, ideally) a five pointed star inside a circle, large enough for you to move and work in, with the top point pointing in a north-east direction. At this top point place seeds of a plant that represents you, or that you identify with. This is to represent your Spirit. Working clockwise, place incense or a feather at the next point for Air, a candle or cauldron fire at the next point for Fire, a large bowl of water for Water at the next point, and a pot of soil at the next point for Earth. Gather any other ritual items that you usually use to cast a Circle.

Cast a Circle in your usual manner.

Sit at the top point of the star and meditate on the ritual, on what you wish to achieve, on what the purpose of the ritual is. You are blessing, cleansing, and empowering yourself with the power of the five spiritual Elements. Breathe deeply and slowly, allow yourself to slip into a trance-like state. When you are ready, say:

“I come to a sacred junction of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, to bless myself with the powers of the Elements. I bring the Spirit. May my heart be kind, may my mind be fierce, may my spirit be brave.”

Go to the eastern point of the star and circle, and waft the incense about you, or wave the feather around your body.

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Air.” Breathe deeply of the air, feel the oxygen fill your lungs and flood your cells through your blood. Think of the life giving power of air, and acknowledge it’s destructive power; in your mind, find the balance between the two. “I breathe deep and give thanks, for without Air we would surely die.”

Go to the southern point of the star and circle, and hold your hands out over the flames. 

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Fire.” Feel the warmth of the fire spread through your body. Think of all the ways in which fire gives us life by keeping us warm, giving us life, and even being able to cook food with it. Acknowledge as well the dangerous elements of fire, of how easily it can turn from a tool to a weapon. Find the balance in your mind. “I warm myself and give thanks, for without Fire we would surely die.”

Go to the western point of the star and circle, and anoint your forehead with the water.

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Water.” Take a drink of the water, feel the coolness flow down your throat. Think of the life giving powers of water, that it makes up the majority of our planet and of our own bodies. Think also of the destructive power of water, of floods and tsunamis. Find the balance. “I drink deeply and give thanks, for without Water we would surely die.”

Go to the northern point of the star and circle, and immerse your hands in the soil.

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Earth.” Feel and absorb the earth’s nourishment though your hands. Think of our planet, which sustains all life. Think too of the danger of earth, of earthquakes and landslides. Find the balance. “I take nourishment and give thanks, for without Earth we would surely die.”

Return to the top point of the star and circle, and take your seeds, the source of life and growth, and consecrate them and name them for yourself. As you do this, reflect on why you selected this particular plant, on what it means to you, on how it relates to you as a person. As the sun rises over the horizon, plant the seeds in the pot, and water it deeply with the water.

“I plant myself in the womb of the earth, nourished by the water of life, to grow strong by the fire of the sun, to breathe back the air of the world. As this [name of plant] grows, so do I grow. As this [name of plant] is strengthened by the Elements, so am I strengthened. May my heart by kind, may my mind be fierce, may my spirit be brave.”

Close the Circle in your usual way. Care for your plant, for it is a representation now of yourself and your connection to the Elements and to the world.

(Un) Successful Mission

Summary: Being given one of the most important missions of your life, success is the last thing that crosses your mind once you’ve encountered with James Buchanan Barnes. 

Word Count: 1,515.

A/N: This is for @just-some-drabbles 4k follower challenge! Congrats again, darling. 

Big thanks to the sweetest bitch ever @rotisserierogers for beta’ing and giving me ideas. 

Prompt: “It’s always been you, idiot.” 

Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

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worthy ;; thor odinson imagine

Originally posted by petty-revenge-stories

   Pairing: Thor x Reader

   Words: something about 900

   Prompt:  Thor x reader pplssss where its like you’re from midgard and his parents don’t approve of you cause you’re mortal or smthg but then you pick up mjolnir and they’re like woah and then Thor makes you his princess. idk LOL thanks <3 submitted by @milleniumxhan

    Warnings: none

    A/N: I know this is not exactly what you asked for, but I hope you’ll like it anyway! x

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An Excerpt from Elsewhere University's Student Accommodation Guide, Accurate to Term Beginning September 20XX

(Handwritten RA’s notes in parentheses)

The Towers

Mid-20th century brick apartment towers, divided into Pelham, McGonagall, Byron, and Bulwer-Lytton. Despite rising to 14 storeys, they have no iron rebar frames supporting them internally, leading many students to say they can feel the Towers sway in high winds. While this is not true, they definitely have the finest views on campus, being situated on the top of The Hill. The Towers have ample kitchen space, but prospective students should be reminded of their thin walls and thin floors. They are regarded as the “party” flats, and many second and third year students will say if a bad decision is going to be made on a night out, the odds are good it will happen in the Towers.

(No one remembers inviting the slim boy with slicked-back blonde hair, but he brought rum and an electric personality and makes himself welcome. He suggests a drinking game none of you have heard of, and only you remember never to play a game whose rules you do not understand. Your friends are not so fortunate)

The Ziggurat

Built in an unusual art-deco architectural style, the ziggurat is officially known as the Carnarvon Memorial Building, and dates back to the mid-1920s. The outward-facing rooms have large windows and are generally well-lit, but rooms further into the interior have no windows at all. Despite pre-dating air conditioning, students report that the rooms at the heart of the Ziggurat remain cool even in the height of summer. Thick walls and shag carpets also make the Ziggurat among the quietest of on-campus accommodation, which many more studious undergraduates consider a bonus.

(She finds sand in her shoes all year round, but at least her food never spoils. An undergrad swears she sees a falcon roost outside her room every day at sunrise. A label on a box of leftovers reads “Whoever opens me without consent, there will be judgement, an end shall be made for him. I shall seize his neck like a bird… I shall cast the fear of myself into him”. Every assumes it is a joke, until the seal is broken.)

The Chinese House

A quaint piece of 19th century Orientalism, and the last survivor of an eccentric effort to build an international students village using architectural styles from all over the world. Most were demolished between the expansion of the football field, the construction of the Michelson-Morley building, and a terrible fire in the mid-20th century that destroyed the Dutch farmhouse. Despite an ongoing and heated debate among the student population over whether or not the building’s styling and history make it an unfortunate racist relic or an architectural piece worthy of preservation, the Chinese House’s residents report that it is pleasant and homely. Regardless of nationality or religion, residents are advised to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival arranged by the Chinese House Residents’ Assistants, as a matter of etiquette.

(Every year, room 5B is taken by an Asian student with dark hair who keeps a rabbit. No one tells security, even though pets are not allowed in campus accommodation. Impolite questions about where she is from are met with a patient smile, and a gentle reminder that an American flag flies over her home)

Dadd House

A modest Victorian building with en-suite rooms and upholstery faithful to the original. The Accommodation Office must deny absolutely any and all claims that it is a re-purposed insane asylum, including rumours that rooms 2A-2F still have padded walls, or that the 3rd floor rooms have locks on the outside of the doors, as these are baseless and harmful claims which do no justice to the building’s proud traditions. We must remind would-be applicants that the continued existence of Dadd House is due to a very generous grant provided by an anonymous donor, with the proviso that the House is reserved for those majoring in Fine Art, Art History, Music, Music Theory, Ceramics, and Animation. Exceptions cannot be made for those studying Liberal Arts.

(Her music only improves during her residency, filling the dark, sad halls of the house with beautiful sound. He paints great swirls of colour over his canvas, over the walls, over the floor. Her mind is alive with poetry, and she finds herself speaking in hexameter. What had been normal motions startle her as she catches smear frames in the corner of her eye. A group of non-students stroll through the tiled corridors, golden eyes flicking from one delight to the next, furred ears twitching. They discuss who they shall give their ultimate patronage to, as gardeners would discuss which plants to nurture, and which to prune)

Elsewhere Square

An early 21st century addition to the campus, this is one of the more divisive accommodation buildings in recent years, and has been voted “Ugliest Campus Accommodation” in a National Students’ Union poll every year since its construction. Certainly its garish colours and incongruous position next to the venerable Morganwg Building make it stand out, but it is worth remembering that the Morganwg itself was once denigrated as “Gothic” in its day. The layout of the corridors may seem counter-intuitive at first, but students are sure to adapt to it quickly with help of Residents’ Assistants (known colloquially as “Pathfinders” in the Square). Due to a certain proportion of permanent residents, space at Elsewhere Square is limited, but rooms are en suite, and its position is convenient for all campus locations.

(At every junction and intersections, we carve symbols into the wall, and the freshers quickly learn their meanings. You have gone too far, they say, turn back and do not continue. Your rooms are behind you, and you are in unfriendly territory. The unwise head deeper into the building, finding corridors which narrow abruptly into squeeze-bys and stairs which descend below the ground floor. The corridors beyond warp as cheap plasterboard gives way to bare limestone rock, forcing those who descend to twist and contort themselves to pass. No one has ever failed to return from the depths of Elsewhere Square, but no one who ventures there returns unchanged)

Taliesin House

A rare survivor from Elsewhere University’s earliest days, this Romantic-styled house lies on the edge of campus between the Lake and the playing fields, offering pleasant verdant surroundings and easy access to the Sports Centrer for students in sports science courses. The Residents’ Assistants run a lively calendar of events, including socials at the spring and autumn equinox, as well as the summer and winter solstice fairs, as well as a poetry competition in the first week of August. The nearby forests are private property of the Dean’s House, and the Accommodation Office must stress in the strongest language the need for students to stay out of the forest, on pain of expulsion and a permanent mark against their academic record.

(The sports societies love Samhain. They spend all night cheering, drinking to excess, dancing around the ceremonial bonfire that campus security tacitly agrees to ignore. One of the RA’s wears a pair of stag’s antlers, and in the darkness you have a fanciful moment where you imagine they are sprouting directly from his head. Then two drunken members of the girl’s rugby team stumble into the forest together, and a carynx horn bellows through the night. Everyone is inside by the time they hear the thundering of hooves and the baying of the black dogs)

Your RA Suggests:

Residents are requested to keep communal spaces (such as kitchens and bathrooms) clean and tidy, although everyone makes an exception for salt spills.

We suggest you bring only cast iron kitchenware to Elsewhere University. If you can’t get any prior to arrival, remember that the Accommodation Office holds a Lost and Found sale during Fresher’s Week.

While Elsewhere University Campus Security prides itself on its effectiveness, the Accommodation Office must formally issue a warning to all students to avoid unfamiliar individuals, particularly at night and during periods of lunar occlusion. Watch your friends closely.

Campus traditions may seem quaint to you, but it is worth remembering that what appears to be random superstition to you represents hard-won knowledge for others. If you don’t want to participate in seriousness, then at least participate with a sense of fun.

Most importantly, remember that your accommodation is your home, and you should never feel out of place or uncomfortable in your own home.

(Fairies are real, words have power, your home is only as safe as you make it)

(AN: The Ziggurat, the Towers, and Elsewhere Square are direct references to existing accommodation at University of East Anglia and University of Essex)


Jam Jar

Hulk x Reader
Bruce Banner x Reader

Summary: Y/N wants to make a sandwich and cannot open the jam jar, she enlists the help of her gamma charged husband.

Warnings: Just ridiculous fluff and gentle giant Domestic!Hulk


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Marry Me (Bucky x Reader)

Bucky stood beside Steve in the Avengers Tower kitchen and watched you laughing to something that Natasha had told you. You looked so happy to him and that was how he always wanted you to stay. He had completely started to ignore what Steve was trying to tell him as he was too busy watching you and Nat.


You put your arm around Natasha’s neck and pulled her in for a hug, continuing to laugh.


You looked over your shoulder and caught the eye of your boyfriend, smirking at him as you released Natasha. “James, Steve is trying to talk to you.”

He shook his head and dragged his gaze away from you to look back at Steve, “Sorry, man.” He said, embarrassed.

Steve just rolled his eyes and slapped a hand onto Bucky’s shoulder, giving it a pat. “Nah, it’s okay, (y/n) is pretty distracting.” He joked, making Bucky crack a smile at him.

He moved his eyes back to you and saw you whispering something into Natasha’s ear, something that made the assassin smile widely. Bucky watched them with interest and heard Steve sigh beside him, having obviously given up trying to talk to his best friend altogether. Steve was more than happy though, he could see how much (y/n) meant to Bucky.

Bucky and (y/n) had been together for years, they had had their disagreements, but (y/n) always knew how to make it right. She always knew what to say or do to make Bucky calm down, she was especially helpful when he had his nightmares when he first came to the tower. They had started spending more time together after one particularly nightmare had left him screaming, (y/n) had ran to his room as fast as she could, refusing to leave him that entire night so he felt safe. She had stayed in the armchair in the corner of the room, reading a novel, the entire night so that if he called out, she could go to him immediately.

It had seemed natural for them to draw together, they completed each other, something that had left nearly everyone in the tower feeling jealous. Love came to them almost as if it had always meant to be. Fate had brought them together.

Bucky was drawn out of his thoughts when he felt a hand graze over his forearm, he looked up and into the eyes of his soulmate. He smiled and leaned down to press a kiss to your cheek. You chuckled at him and wrapped your arms around his middle. “Whatcha thinking about, handsome?” You whispered to him, placing a kiss on his shoulder.

“You, mostly, about how much I dislike you.” He said and you laughed, making him grin at you.

“Oh gosh, you know how to get a girl’s affection, huh?” You said and then it was his turn to laugh. Bucky had never been this happy, he never thought it would have been possible to be this happy. You watched his expression and in that moment, you couldn’t control yourself.

“Marry me.”

Bucky stopped laughing and looked at you in shock. So did Natasha and Steve, who were talking on the other side of the counter island. They both stared at the both of you, Natasha smiled as you finally did what you had been wanting to do for months. Who said that it had to be the guy who proposed?

“W-what?” Bucky stammered.

You reached into the back pocket of your jeans and pulled out a ring, holding it up to him. “I measured your finger when you were asleep ages ago, it was easy as your metal hand has vague feeling. Tony made it for me.” The ring was black, it had been made that way so as to stand out from the silver metal of his hand. “Bucky?” You were starting to feel nervous as he stayed silent. “I know it’s not exactly supposed to be the lass that proposes, especially to a lad with views from the 40’s, but it felt right.”

Bucky was silent for a few more moments and then he smiled wide. “Yes.”


“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

You grabbed his metal hand and slipped the ring over his finger, feeling tears falling from your eyes. “Oh, thank God.” You said and looked up at him. “You got me worried for a second there.”

Bucky looked down at the ring on his metal finger and then gazed back up at you. “I love it. I love you.” He whispered.

You leaned up and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth. “You better because it would be really bad if you married someone you hated.”

Bucky pulled you towards him and just held you in his arms, his future wife, you were all he ever wanted and more. You were his haven.

agenderraskel  asked:

Fluff? Lessee. Pepper sends Tony a different flavor tube of chapstick every month because Tony can't stop chewing his lips. Rhodey and Tony ended up cuddling so often in college that when they graduated, both of them had to buy heated body pillows to sleep at night. Tony adores the Make-A-Wish children he visits, and the rare ones that get better have a concerned uncle for the rest of their life. Tony loves simple, filling food like potato leek soup, it settles his brain.

Pepper’s initial assumption when she met Rhodey was that he and Tony were secretly dating, and she went to great lengths to try to help keep it secret. Tony loves having his scalp massaged, especially with Bucky’s metal hand. He doesn’t even care when hair gets caught in the plates. The smell of baked goods in the Tower kitchen attracts Avengers quicker than the Assemble Alarm.

There are so many marvellous ideas here, I don’t even know where to start!!! Thank you so much for the dose of fluff, I really needed it and it’s delicious!

I feel for Tony, I have a bad habit of chewing on my lips too. I feel like sometimes when Pepper is annoyed with Tony she buys him chapsticks that work like lipstick and of course Tony being Tony uses them constantly and adores the cherry red lips it gives him.

The MIT cuddling is definitely a thing and the Make-A-Wish thing oh god. I feel like Tony wouldn’t just meet the children that want to see him, he also goes out of his way to set the kids up with his team mates and help fulfil other wishes when possible. Maybe he has JARVIS keep an eye on the wishes that pop up?

The various things Pepper did were probably hilarious and you can’t tell me they don’t still make jokes about it all the time. The Avengers probably hate it (read: are secretly amused) when those three are together in the same room because they know each other so well and have so many inside jokes that it’s like they speak their own language sometimes.

Also Bucky’s metal hand. Do not get me (or Tony for that matter) started on Bucky’s metal hand. Seriously. The only reason the other Avengers’ keep (half) their comments about his obsession to themselves is because it actually helps Bucky and sometimes even makes him smile to see Tony beam about his arm like that.

Just curious but who do you think is baking said magical goods? 

Somebody get me an ice-pack because this this thing got steamy! I did not intend for it to go this way - at all, I promise - but sometimes there is nothing I can do. Anyway, you guys really liked Plague and, after uploading it to AO3, it did so well, I figured to ignore my rule of only doing 4 parts and carry on with it. Difficult to say when I will stop but so far you guys seem to like it and I enjoy writing it so let’s keep at it, shall we? I think @summeroffortyfives and @tmntloverxd would appreciate being tagged in this (also @arabella-loves-coffee). Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I know its really soon to ask this but could you please do a part 5 to it. About the aftermath of the kiss like if they become a couple or something like that

The feelsssssss from your stories. Anything Loki x reader especially.

Plague (Part 5)

Part 4

“What we did-” Loki began.
“What you did.” You corrected him. He growled a little at the interruption.
“Regardless; what happened yesterday was completely accidental. And moreover, it was wrong.”
“Absolutely.” You agreed.
“We shouldn’t have done it.”
“No, we shouldn’t.”

Earlier that day you had had your fingers tangled in Loki’s hair and your body pressed against him, practically fused together with the heat of passion. It had been the first time since having a cold that your temperature was not a result of your affliction. Since then the two of you had avoided each other completely, neither able to admit the obvious or deny it. Your emotions were a dangerous and toxic combination that you couldn’t fathom. Loki felt the same – the premise of falling for a Midgardian was sickening and strange to the God. He couldn’t be sure it was real, or right. Thus the current conversation was the first time the two of you had spoken since then. Be it through avoiding eye contact or evading dialogue with each other, the two of you had practiced extensive measures to ensure that you need never address the situation.

And that had lasted for a few hours.

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #5- Requested

Anon: Hi! I justo live the way you write! Youre awesome! I entre at your blog every tour yo ser if you write smthing! Can I request you one: an anon is part of the avengers and Pietro is crazy in love with her and try yo be with ver but the other avengers wont ley him because they thing he will hurt her! Thank u! Kisses from Argentina!

A/N: Yesss this is such a cute request! I love Argentina! I can’t wait to go back there! It means a lot to me for you to look at my blog and like the way I write. You’re such a sweet person and I wish I could tell you but its anon so I’m just going to have to tell you through here aha. I hope you enjoy it xox  

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Give Me Some Lovely Noises

♥ This was a request from on of my friends. She wanted something sweet with Steve and a little bondage so this is what I came up with. I hope you guys enjoy it! Please, leave some Feedback. Like always if you found any mistakes, tell me I would love to fix them. Enjoy!

  • Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

  • Summary:Steve is jealous, he get’s advice from Bucky and make sure that everyone hears that you are his.

  • Warnings:Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), dirty talk, light bondage, fluff, a tiny bit angst, jealous!Steve, mentions of Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes

  • Words:2540

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The problem with Domestic!Avengers stories is that certain characters become very difficult to find gifs for. I’m not complaining - they’re great fun to write, but it means I have to stretch to using gifs of the actors rather than the characters which in some cases can ruin the illusion. It’s nothing too drastic here though, it actually works quite nicely, so I hope that @twilighost123‘s request is as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: Can you a Bucky x reader where whenever you’re alone with him he’s flirty and playful with you but whenever someone else shows up or is around he goes into tough Winter Soldier mode please


You hadn’t known him that long. So when Bucky Barnes came and put his arm around you, to say your heart was beating out of your chest was an understatement. You had peacefully been watching television when the Winter Soldier had collapsed onto the sofa next to you. The next thing you know he was sliding his arm incredibly subtly around your shoulders.

“What’re you doing there Buck?” You asked when you felt his hand brush past your neck.
“Just gettin’ comfy.” He said. After taking a quick breath, you continued channel hopping as Bucky gradually snuggled closer and closer to you. When you settled on a documentary about dinosaurs, he grunted.
“This is dull.”
“No, it’s not. It’s-”

Bucky scrambled across your lap and attempted to pry the remote from your fingers. You stretched your arm further out but he was determined and soon was leaning fully across your lap before he had finally gotten hold of it. Instead of returning to his seat, Bucky simply decided to stay there and block your view of the TV with his torso whilst finding something more suitable. He skipped past a couple of things before eventually deciding to go back to the documentary.
“You’re right. Nothing else was on.”

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Harry Potter (Marauders Era) Preference #10

How he makes you feel beautiful…

[Whenever you started rambling about something, whether it was something you loved or it was because you were upset about it, James would grab your cheeks and make you stop talking. He’d smile at you and say that you were adorable and had no idea how beautiful you looked. And then, he’d kiss you. You loved when he did that because he would always look intensely into your eyes and you knew he meant it. And that made you smile.]

[It was becoming a habit you hated but in the end, it would always get you to smile. Sirius would always, always hide your makeup or mess it up. One time he even threw it out. But after he got a whole lecture of how expensive those things were, he opted for hiding it from you or messing it up whenever you were applying it. You always hated it at first but he would always just smile and reminded you that you didn’t need it because you were beautiful just the way you were.]

[The way Remus always made you feel beautiful was by being a gentleman with you. He was always offering you his jacket, opening doors for you, holding your hand, carrying your books, etc. It always made you feel special and he would always tell you that you were the only girl he had eyes for. Which made you feel the most beautiful girl in the entire world and that was enough for you.]

[Peter would always hold you. But it wasn’t just that he held you, it was the way he held you. He would always wrap his arms around you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. And sometimes, when you were feeling down, he wouldn’t let go until you fully believed him that you were beautiful.]

[He took photographs of you. All the time. You knew Severus didn’t really like muggle stuff but what he did love was taking muggle photos. Especially of you. He loved the way you looked in every still photo he took of you. You never liked it but he kept on doing it and then showed them to you so you’d see just how beautiful you were in his eyes.]

[Whenever he kissed your forehead. It was something so simple he did whenever he felt like it pretty much and you loved it. You didn’t exactly know why but whenever Regulus kissed your forehead he made you feel safe and like you were the most beautiful girl in the world, and he knew it. And that’s why he did it as much as possible.]

[Frank would always sing to you. He had a beautiful voice and he knew he always made you feel better whenever he sang. So, he sang all of your favorite songs and every song that reminded him of you and how beautiful you were. Whether it was The Beatles’ ‘Something’ or Frank Sinatra’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ he would always make you feel as special as he was for you.]

[You weren’t sure how, but Ted always, always knew how to make you smile. Whether you were stressed, angry, sad or simply bored, he always made you smile. And after you smiled, he’d always say just how much he loved that smile and that he always wanted to be the reason to put that smile on your face. You loved him for that and he loved you for it.]

[Jealousy. Oddly enough, you felt more beautiful or loved when you and Fabian were arguing. You rarely argued, but when you did, it was mostly because either he was jealous of another guy ‘looking at you funny’ as he put it or it was because you were jealous of another girl throwing herself at him. So whenever you fought it was whenever you realized how much you could not live without him, and by the looks of it, he felt the exact same way. So, in a weird way, it showed you that he didn’t want anybody else but you. And that made you feel beautiful.]

[Every once in a while, Gideon would make sure that the two of you had some alone time. No siblings, no friends, no school, no stress. Just the two of you. And every single time, he had something different prepared and you always end up having the best time of your life. It was those little moments, when you shut down the world around you created a little bubble just for the two of you, when you felt most loved by him.]

[With Arthur, it was very simple. Every chance he got, he reminded you just how much he loved you and how beautiful you were and how lucky he was for being with you. He always treated you as if you were the most precious thing on Earth and he loved reminding you that, but really, he made you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.]

[Lucius was a busy guy. Between being a Prefect, Quidditch, exams, and school, the two of had very limited time to see each other. But he always made it a priority to see you. Even if he needed to sneak into your dorm late at night (which you still weren’t sure how he was able to) and that leading to both of you sneaking out to the Astronomy Tower or the Kitchens, he always said he couldn’t spend a day without seeing you. And to you, that was more important than anything else.]

How she makes you feel beautiful…

[You and Lily would always have special dates. Dates where the two of you would dress up and go somewhere fancy. It wasn’t every day but she always did it because she knew you liked dressing up and she always told you just how beautiful you looked. Sometimes you wouldn’t even leave the Common Room. It was just about both of you feeling beautiful and enjoying each other’s company. And oddly enough, even though neither of you said it, those were your favorite days.]

[It was the way she hugged you, really. You absolutely loved Marlene’s hugs because they were so warm and she was always happy to hug you. And whenever you were in each other’s arms, she would always tell you how beautiful you were and how lucky she was to have you; even if sometimes someone (Sirius) would break the hug and get in the middle of you. You wouldn’t change her hugs for anything.]

[You felt beautiful every time Alice looked at you. Mostly because of the way she looked at you. You would catch her sometimes in the middle of class or during breakfast just resting her head on her hand and staring at you, smiling. It made you blush all the time but you just loved the way she would smile at you and mouth ‘You are beautiful’ to you if she was far away or simply saying it if she was next to you.]

[It was little things she did. The things she remembered. She always knew your favorite song, your favorite book, your favorite movie, your favorite food, or your favorite coffee. And she was always making sure to get them for you and to enjoy them with you. To everyone else, it might look like nothing. But to you, it made you feel important. She paid attention to little details and always used them to make you happy.]

[It was the way she would greet you. It didn’t matter if you hadn’t seen each other through the entire summer, a week, a weekend, a day, or even a class period, she would always be so happy to see you, she’d run in your direction and jump on you. You found it adorable, and, at the same time, you loved the feeling it gave you. The feeling that she was always so excited to just see you.] 

[Everyone knew the girl was really tough on the outside and she could even probably kill with one look. But whenever she was with you, she’d show another side of her; a vulnerable side. The fact that she trusted you more than anybody else, to be her true self around you, meant more to you than any other thing in the entire world. She would always show her true feelings towards everything, everyone, and, of course, you. She’d let you know how important you were to her and how scared she was of losing you.]

[The two of you wrote to each other more than necessary. It started because you had to keep your relationship a secret since you were a muggle-born. But after a while, it just became a habit. It wasn’t just whenever you were away on break. It was in school as well. It didn’t matter if it was a simple little note saying ‘I love you’, or if it went over and over for pages long.]

requested by anon! :) hope you guys liked it! Avengers coming up in a bit!

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