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Cool It, Dollface

Summary: A soulmate tattoo au where Bucky Barnes is intrigued by “and what the hell are you lookin’ at tough guy” across his arm and somewhere across Brooklyn the reader is rolling her eyes at ‘cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all” wrapped around her waist.

Pairings: Bucky x fem!Reader, brief mention of Tony x Steve

Word Count: 1,434

Warnings: Minor, minor violence

A/N: Yes, I know, another soulmate AU but I couldn’t resist!! Sorry guys! Based on a post I saw ages ago that stayed with me; I couldn’t find it again to link it. Y/F/N – Your full name


You rolled your eyes for the millionth time as you looked at the words wrapping around your waist ‘cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all’. It was scrawled in slanted, loopy writing and was a pain to try and read in the mirror but by now you had the words memorised.

Who even said dollface anymore? Your soulmate sounded like kind of a jackass.

That night you wore black jeans and combat boots, a dark grey top that cut off just above your belly button and an oversized, black hoodie. The words were still exposed but as ridiculous as they were, you kind of like them.

“Y/N? You ready?” Ella, your roommate, called.

“Yah yah, I’m coming,” You called, grabbing your phone and leaving the room.

You got downstairs and gave Ella a grin, “Let’s go.”

Ella was dressed up - her fiery red hair twirled in a loose up-do, green eyes framed with black and a short burgundy dress hugging her curves. In comparison you looked scruffy, though your dark smoky eye make-up was something to behold.

The two of you made your way from the shabby apartment into the busier streets of Manhattan. You looked up, staring at the tower that lived a few blocks over from you. The Stark tower and official base of the Avengers never failed to capture your attention.

You looked away from it quickly and carried on walking. You didn’t know Ella well at all (having only moved in with her a week ago), but since you had been there when Ella and her friends were organising the night, Ella had felt obligated to invite you. You were hardly one to pass up an opportunity to go out.

The night began at a local bar, one of Ella’s favourites apparently and it was busy. Within a couple of hours you were separated from Ella and her friends but you didn’t mind. You were … resilient to say the least and in more ways than one. Having spent the last seven years alone and travelling from place to place, you found that you felt at home wondering through unknown cities. You liked the freedom, the adventure.

“Another!” you commanded, slamming the glass down on the table, a shit-eating grin on your face. The man opposite you groaned, and put down his glass a little more weakly. He was slumped forward on the table, his face inches from the surface.

He slapped the table, “I yield,” he mumbled, and then again, more strongly.

After losing Ella you had somehow ended up in some dodgy looking dive bar and had made friends with some dude called Chris who was about seven foot tall, covered in tattoos and part of a biker gang from the looks of it. He had a thick Texan accent and spoke gruffly so when he led you to his fiancé – a very quiet, very small dude with dark skin and pale blue eyes – you were surprised to say the least.

It was Jake – the fiancé’s – idea to start a drinking competition.

Now you had beat out two competitors and were barely tipsy. Beside you Chris roared with laughter and slapped you hard on the back.

“This girl has balls of steel,” he declared jovially.

“I’m getting another drink,” they looked at you and you snorted, “Water, got a dry throat.”

You made your way to the bar and slid onto a free barstool, your chin resting on your palm. As you waited, you looked around. It was crowded full to the brim with locals and the atmosphere was lively.

“What can I get ya ma’am?” the bartender asked, turning to you. He flashed you a crooked smile.

“Just a water, ice, no lemon please,” you gave a polite smile back.

“Surely a lady such as yourself could handle something a little stronger,” the voice was smooth, confident. The man who spoke was tall, over 6ft and good looking, but not your type. He was too clean-cut, manicured. He looked nice but it just didn’t float your particular boat.

You raised a brow as he slid in next to you, way too close for comfort, but you didn’t back down, “I could, but as it happens. I’m thirsty. Can I help you?” Your tone was polite, but frosty.

He smiled again, “Well, I was impressed back there. Not many ladies, heck not many men, can hold their drink that well.” He placed a hand on your leg.

You didn’t look up and instead ignored him in favour of thanking the bartender for getting you your drink. You took a sip.

“Remove your hand from my leg or you won’t have it for much longer,” you spoke casually, stirring the ice cubes around your drink with the little black straw it came with.

He ignored you and instead slid the hand up and leaned in closer, “C’mon darlin’, loosen up a little, relax.”

In a flash, your right hand whipped down, grabbing his and pulling one finger back. You twisted it behind his back. He let out a pained gasp and a strangled noise made its way out of his throat.

“Look darlin’,” you whispered against his ear, “If a lady tells you to remove your hand, I’d recommend you listen.”

He chuckled breathlessly, “Feisty one are we. That’s ok, I like that. Maybe you could come back to mine and show me just how feisty you are.” Despite his words, his voice was still strained.

You rolled your eyes, pausing for a moment. He grinned, thinking you were considering the offer.

Then you grabbed the back of his head by the hair and slammed his face into the bar.

He sunk down to the floor, groaning. For a moment, only the sound of the music could be heard as everyone stopped to stare. A moment later they turned away. Bar fights were common here and, though you didn’t know it at the time, that guy wasn’t a popular regular.

Your gaze flitted around the bar as you sat down. Meanwhile the guy scrambled away, looking back at you furiously but not bothering to continue in his quest.

You caught a couple guys sat a few seats down still looking at you. One, you recognised as Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He looked entertained but soon went back to nursing his drink. Meanwhile the other continued staring at you, an amused smirk on his lips. You didn’t fully recognise him, but from the long dark hair and metal arm, you guessed he was the infamous Winter Soldier.

He continued to stare. It didn’t matter who he was, that made you bristle with annoyance.

“And what the hell are you looking at, tough guy?” you called, raising an unimpressed eyebrow at him.

He suddenly grinned and called back, “Cool it dollface, was checkin’ out the goods is all.”

You paused and suddenly you shared his grin.

“I guess I’ve got my answer then…” you trailed off, walking towards them with a smirk.

“Answer to what question… dollface?” he asked, smirk still present.

You sat down, “I’ve always wondered who still uses the term ‘dollface’ nowadays – I guess a 100 year old dude would cut it. Nice to meet you, I’m Y/F/N.”

“James Buchanan Barnes. Most people call me Bucky though. This is Steve,” he gestured to Steve, who gave a little wave and a smile.

“And on that note, I’m gonna get going. Tony will be waiting for me,” Steve said, “Nice to meet you Y/N.”

“You too and uh, thanks for saving the world all those times Cap,” you grinned cheekily and he let out a chuff of laughter.

“Well, doll, fancy getting out of here, going for a walk?” He suggested, a smile on his face.

You nodded and followed him out of the bar. The two of you walked closely, shoulders brushing, wandering through the city as you talked. The talk flowed easily and you two bounced off each other like pinballs, exchanging quips at 90 miles an hour.

You returned home at 5am, with Ella already passed out on the couch and smiled at her fondly. She had texted you around midnight, worried that you had been kidnapped. She was sweet and it was nice of her to bother.

You were exhausted, but happily so. Bucky had walked you back to the apartment with an arm wrapped tightly around your waist. He had kissed your forehead affectionately and whispered, “See you later, doll. 2pm. Don’t forget.”

You fell asleep quickly, the remnants of a smile still on your face as you slept.

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Yui: What do you guys say when you answer the phone?

Shu: “What up?”

Laito: “Who dis be?”

Ayato: “No, she’s dead. This is her son.”

Bad Moon Rising [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: You somehow manage to get a flat tire in a bad neighborhood after your closing shift at work. An unlikely stranger is willing to help, as much as you’re unwilling to accept it.

A/N: Alright. Here’s my first go at this. I wanted to add more detail, but I think I’m going to end up making this into a short series (I already have part 2 written!) so I wanted to get through the inciting incident first. Hope y’all like it!

Warnings: Language.

The night was frigid and exceedingly dark, the heavy cloud cover blocking out any light from the moon. You hated working late, but that was exactly what you had done every day this week. Working late was one thing but working late in retail was another. At the end of a dayshift you could grab your stuff and leave. But a night shift just took it out of you. You had to restock and tidy up and didn’t end up leaving until an hour after the store had closed. Now you were exhausted and just wanted to get home, so you decided to take your shortcut. It would get you home faster but you had to drive through some sketchy areas first. During the day this wasn’t a problem, but now was nearly midnight and the city was basically dead. This route would get you home much faster, however, and all you could think about was getting in bed.

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The Great Barrier Reef

Pairing:  Kaldur’ahm x reader

Relationship: Friends then relationship

Request: Nope

Plot:  Reader is Poseidon’s child and is introduced to Kaldur through Cassie and Kaldur learns reader had never actually gone swimming in the ocean despite wanting to because of overbearing mother and promises to show them the beauties of the ocean. Set post-invasion so Kaldur and reader are twenty one years old.

Key: [Y/N] = your name, [E/C] = eye colour, [H/C] = hair colour, [H/L] = hair length, [H/N] = hero name, [F/M/A] = favourite marine animal.

Words: 3,011 [I really didn’t mean for this to be that long. I got out of hand]

A/N: I wanna tag @memento-scribet because they said they wanted some Kaldur! Hope you all enjoy it. This is also my first time not using female pronouns, I’m trying to be a lot more neutral with my writing so I’m sorry if I messed up. 

They could remember the day their life was turned upside down, they had known something was off when their mother had set them down on the sofa with a worried look on their face and how they wrung their hands together in nervousness and scratched at their skin, a nervous habit that they had picked up when living with her ex-husband when he questioned her and shouted at her. [Y/N] remembered the shock that spread through their body and how they froze as they processed what was being said.

But, they remembered being happy. Happy that they were finally learning the truth about their father and who they were, why they could do things that other people couldn’t and happy that they weren’t as much as a freak, but rather a demi-god.

At first it had been hard to wrap their head around, it was hard to process that their mother, their mother who was as simple and as normal as they came, working a nine to five job to provide for the two of them and who had a love for the mundane things in life like gardening or spending the day in the day reading a good book, had fallen in love with the Greek God of the Sea (they also found it hard to process that God’s, plural, were real) and had a child with him, that they were said child.

But all that shock was thrown out the window and replaced with new shock and confusion when Wonder Woman walked into the living room from the kitchen, accompanied by who [Y/N] recognised as Wonder Girl, having been there the entire time and the reason their mother had decided to come clean after almost twenty two years.

Apparently they had just found out about them as well and Wonder Girl was technically their cousin, with her being the daughter of Zeus and everything. It had been a lot to process as a lot of information had been given to the young adult in the save of less than an hour.

But apparently, they wouldn’t have time to process everything because Wonder Woman said that she needed to leave her home and leave her mother behind because enemies of the League had learned of [Y/N]’s existence and her potential as a child of a God and they might use them in an attempt to bring down government or the Justice League and because of this they had to leave, or else their mother would be in danger.

So they agreed, haphazardly and with a few reservations of course because they didn’t know what was in store for them when the left. What they were told, however, was that they would receive training with the Young Justice team and eventually join their ranks as a member to protect the world, like Cassie had, however, unlike Cassie, they would be training under Aqualad and Aquaman instead of under Wonder Woman as their powers would be similar.


They day had finally come where [Y/N] would be introduced to the Young Justice team, their team and ‘new family’ in the words of Cassie. It had been about a week since [Y/N] had left home and moved into the Young Justice Base, but they had yet to meet anyone as they were all on a long mission out of the country that was taking up their time, but they had Cassie and found that the pair got along quite well with one another, forming a friendship together.

When [Y/N] arrived through the zeta tube to the watch tower, they were greeted with a crowd of heroes that were already greeting their bubbly cousin with smiles and hugs. So, they stayed back, allowing the team to catch up. But Cassie wasn’t having this, so she moved toward the young person and linked arms with them and practically dragged them towards the team as they tucked a [H/C] strand of their [H/C] behind their ear and bit down on their lip as a nervous reaction.

They didn’t know what they were nervous for, they were greeted with smiles, mostly (Superboy remained stoic as he greeted them and introduced himself), and warm words of welcome to the team.

Each member of the team had introduced themselves, but one. The leader of the team had stayed back and watched as his team interacted with the new comer, a small smile on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. He was happy to see them getting along, for now anyway, he didn’t know what would happen in the future, but for now the team seemed well matched with one another.

When it seemed to calm and the team was now simply chatting, instead of talking over each other trying to greet the newest member, he walked forward and stood in front of them his hands falling from his chest and his smile spreading slightly into a warm and welcoming one as he knew he would be spending a lot of time with this person as he was to train them. “I am Kaldur’ahm. But you may call me Kaldur, or Aqualad, whichever you feel most comfortable with. I am the leader of this team and your trainer it seems.”

Looking at the man in front of them, a small blush rose to [Y/N]’s cheeks, simply because he was attractive and they couldn’t deny that, and a smile spread to their lips as they offered their hand to the man to shake, which he took. “I’m [Y/N], thank you for having me.”

After that, everything seemed to move quickly as the team moved from the Watch Tower to their own base after reporting on the mission and being sent away. The team went to the lounge and spread themselves around, but [Y/N] stayed back and watched from the sidelines with a small smile on their face. The team seemed so close to one another and they didn’t want to intrude on them.

[Y/N] felt a presence beside her and she glanced at who it was from the corner of her eyes, it was Kaldur. “Are you not going to join them?” Shaking their head slightly, [Y/N] licked her lips and looked to the ground for a second before looking back up at the group ahead of her, “I don’t want to intrude.”

A smirk made it’s way onto Kaldur’s lips, “You won’t be intruding. This is your team now too.” A small chuckle past through [Y/N]’s lips as they now turned their head so they could look at the dark skinned man beside them, “That may be, but, I’m still getting used to all this. I haven’t even been in the ocean yet.”

Kaldur looked shocked as his eyes widened, “You’ve never been in the ocean?” [Y/N] shook her head and shrugged her shoulder, “No. I’ve been to pools but never the ocean, mom always stayed away from the beach. Said she had a fear of large bodies of water and wouldn’t let me go with my friends.”

“But you’re father is the God of the ocean, is he not?” A puff of air left [Y/N]’s mouth before they let out a sigh and ran their hands through their hair, “He is. But, my mom didn’t want me to know about him or what I was. She just wanted to keep me safe.”

Kaldur nodded and cleared his throat, “Would you like to see it?” A smile spread to [Y/N]’s face as she thought about the water, how it might feel on her skin and how she always felt more at home when she was simming. “I would love to. When I was younger, I would sit on the roof of our house, usually when James was shouting at my mom, and I would stare out at the water, we had a pretty good view of the marina from her home, and I would wonder what it would be like to go there and to swim for as long as I could. I always felt like the ocean called to me.”

A warmth filled Kaldur’s eyes as he looked at the person before him, and his heart felt like it was starting to swell a little as he learned a little about the person behind the name and behind the powers. “Well, I could always show you it.” [Y/N] looked up to Kaldur, with an eyebrow raised and a question in their eyes, “The ocean. I could take you out, show you how beautiful it is and how beautiful the wildlife is.”

Nodding their head slightly a warm and friendly sigh left [Y/N]’s mouth as they brought their hands behind their back and clasped their hands together, leaning forward slightly as joy filled them, “I would like that.”  


The next day,Kaldur took [Y/N] out and they learned that [Y/N] could breath underwater, which meant they could spend longer under the water and longer exploring. This also allowed for them to test [Y/N]’s stamina and see if they needed to improve on that with training.

That day, Kaldur had shown [Y/N] the reef that surrounded the beach and cliffs where they were and introduced [Y/N] to a [F/M/A], which made [Y/N] overjoyed,and they played with them a little before heading back to base for some training.

The next time the pair went out, it was a few days later after training, [Y/N] was learning quickly and it shocked Kaldur somewhat. That day they had learned that [Y/N] could bend water at her will, hydrokinesis they learned it was called, and use it as a weapon much like Kaldur did. On this journey into the ocean, the two journey further away from the beach and into deeper waters where more secrets lay. They found more marine life,and while they journey further from the beach, they remained relatively close to the cliffs and followed them meaning they discovered hidden coves that were lost to the tide and to nature.

They ended up spending some time in one of the coves, eventually taking a seat on some rocks above the water to rest and this allowed the two to talk and get to know one another on a deeper level than they had before. They had managed to lose track of time while talking and discovering new things about one another, forming a deep friendship that rivaled the friendship that [Y/N] had formed with her cousin over the three weeks she had known her.

This became routine for the two, they would journey out in the ocean after training and Kaldur would show [Y/N] everything he could without getting too far from the main base of the team in case of an emergency and towards the end of their adventure they would rest in the cove and talk. They never seemed to run out of things to talk about, and always had something new to discuss with one another.

Eventually, the time came for [Y/N] to join the team on a mission and Kaldur was quite hesitant to allow this, not because he didn’t believe in their abilities but because he was sure he was developing feelings for them that were beyond friendship and he did not want to see them get hurt or in a dangerous situation. Nevertheless, they went, and proved to work very well with the team they had gotten to know over the weeks through simple chat and through sparring with each member in an attempt to get a feel for what they could do and how they fought.

After the mission the duo took to their regular routine of going for a swim together, this time they journeyed out a little further than normal and Kaldur watched in amazement as the wounds that [Y/N] had received closed up and healed in the water, a perk of being a demi-goddess he guessed. But it seemed to even shock [Y/N] as they had stopped once they realised their injuries were closing over.

“This is new.” Were the words that came from [Y/N]’s mouth as she looked to Kaldur, “But not unwelcome.” They would never admit it to the man they was swimming with, but [Y/N] was in pain, their injuries hurt like a bitch and they was hesitant to even go swimming with him because of how much they hurt, but they knew he would fuss and want to make sure they were rested and it would have been a while before they were able to go out together again, and they didn’t want that.

They were attached to Kaldur, no it was more than that. They were romantically attracted to him and the feelings had been growing from their first interaction, and now they made [Y/N] feel like their heart was going to beat out of their chest anytime they were with him. Luckily, he didn’t have super hearing.

However, M’Gann and Artemis had picked up on [Y/N]’s feelings for Kaldur and actively encouraged them to pursue the relationship, constantly claiming that he felt the same and just didn’t want to make a move after what had happened with Tula in the past, both with her relationship with Garth and her death, but [Y/N] brushed it off and claimed that Kaldur only thought of them as a friend. How wrong they were.

In the coming weeks, with mission after mission the pair were finding it hard to be able to get out and swim because they were either away and too tired to swim after a mission or training to improve both of their skills. They still talked, but things seemed tense and the other members of the team were beginning to pick up why with Artemis claiming that you could ‘cut their sexual tension with a knife’ when the pair were out of earshot and the others seemed to agree.

So they came up with a plan, alongside Aquaman who the team had managed to convince that it needed to happen. Arthur called the two to Atlantis for a mission, with L’Gann faking illness so he wouldn’t have to go and M’Gann claiming that she would have to stay in the bioship while they dealt with the situation, thus leaving the two alone. But of course, there was no mission and Arthur simply sent the two of them to the Great Barrier Reef because apparently someone was out there causing harm to it and it’s visitors.

But that wasn’t true. He sent them there to get them alone in one of the most beautiful places in the ocean in hopes that the two would confront their feelings for one another. When they arrived, they quickly realised that there was nothing wrong, however, they stayed and  [Y/N] was amazed at how beautiful it was and they swam around with a childlike glee and Kaldur watched with a smile as they seemed to be enjoying themselves. But upon noticing dying coral, their heart broke and they reached out to touch it and when they did, they were able to feel it.

Every [Y/N] came to life when they touched the coral, and it seemed the coral came back to life as well as a light that had started to swirl around the arms of the young hero moved down and around the coral beds as light and vibrancy was brought back to it, essentially bringing it back to life.

Kaldur was amazed, but that wasn’t new. Almost everything [Y/N] did amazed the young hero, and as he watched his heart began to swell, much like the time they had first meet, but this time it swole with an emotion he was all too familiar with, love. When [Y/N] turned to look at Kaldur, their eyes were wide and a look of shock was on their face as they weren’t expecting to be able to do that.

Kaldur swam towards them, until he was behind them, and he watched with a smile as they turned back and watched the light spread over the reef. “That was amazing.” Kaldur’s voice was soft and warm as he turned his eyes to look at the light as well, “You’re amazing [Y/N].”

[Y/N] now turned to face Kaldur, their heart beating at what felt like a million miles a minute and the butterflies in their stomach making them feel like they were on a roller coaster on it’s way up to it’s peak. “[Y/N], I -,” Kaldur was lost for words as he looked at them, and [Y/N] was silent while they waited for him to continue his sentence, which he didn’t do.

When [Y/N] realised Kaldur wasn’t going to finish his sentence, they went to speak but they were stopped when a pair of lips pressed down against their own and webbed hands wrapped gently around their lower back, pulling their body closer to Kaldurs.

They were slightly shocked, but enough that they waiting in kissing the man back. [Y/N]’s hands moved to wrap around the neck of the man as their lips moved in sync together. The kiss was soft, but it was filled with emotions that they had both been trying to hold back for a long time. When they pulled back, Kaldur placed his forehead against [Y/N]’s and they both took deep breaths, their lungs betraying them slightly as the stung from not breathing during the kiss.

“I’m apologise for not doing that sooner.” A giggle left [Y/N]’s lips as Kaldur leaned down to kiss them again. The two were so wrapped up in their moment together that they didn’t notice M’Gann in the background, silently watching them and making sure to mentally record everything to share with Artemis and Karen when they returned.

D&S Collab: Genji and Angela's first date

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Angela couldn’t help but fidget where she stood in the shadow, cast by one of the towers of the base. She clutched her small bag tightly in a try to stop the fidgeting, but only found herself chewing on her bottom lip instead.

Nervousness was something she was familiar with, but it was always something which passed quickly for her, always replaced with determination or sometimes even the adrenalin from battle. But it made sense then, to be nervous, unlike now. Because, really, there were no reason for her to be nervous about seeing Genji.

Even if it was a date.

And even if it was a fancy date.

With Genji.

She started tugging at her dress, couldn’t help it, and alright perhaps there was a reason for her to be nervous. Even though it wasn’t very logical, seeing as she had gone on many dates in her days, enough to count them on both her hands! And she was positive that this one would be different and wouldn’t contain any inappropriate arguments with the chef or her date falling asleep in the middle of a movie, or even the super awkward ending where she was never quite sure if she was supposed to give them a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

She didn’t even dare to think of the ending of this date.

In fact, she didn’t dare to think much of this date at all. Genji hadn’t told her much, hadn’t even given her any clues to base her guesses on even when she had asked him with warm smiles and teasing pokes at his side. All he had told her was that it would be a “fancy date” and that she was supposed to wait outside the main doors at “11o’clock sharp”. Which she was currently doing.

But perhaps she had dressed too fancy. There was always a possibility that she had misunderstood Genji and perhaps his idea of fancy was something entirely different, but at the same time she couldn’t possibly change now after her friends had gone through so much trouble for her to look this good and perhaps this was a bad idea after all and-


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(Submitted by @lowat-golden-tower)

((Based off the Yandere having a panic attack ask, I couldn’t help myself.))

Bim finds him curled up in a corner of the library, fingers sunk deep into red-and-black hair until the digits are liable to rip out the roots. His breathing is heavy and erratic and at first Bim thinks he’s gone into a frenzy again, the kind he’s only ever heard about. But there’s no blood on his uniform and while strained, his expression is too tense; too downcast. There’s tears streaming down Yandere’s face while his lips tremble and immediately Bim recognizes the true signs of a panic attack.

Bim knows panic. He understands anxiety and how it can dig deep beneath the skin, drawing out all the madness and spiraling self-toxicity in a person. He’s been there himself, curled up and shaking, so many times in the past. He can see the spots where Yandere’s sweat has soaked through his uniform and while just a little terrified of the second youngest ego, he’s not about to walk away- at least, not without getting some help.

Bim knows anxiety and panic but he doesn’t know how best to handle Yandere’s. He’s too nervous himself; too at risk of making things worse. He needs a calm mind and a steady hand. He needs someone who knows, always.

The Host is in his room, but he comes readily enough when Bim explains. Says he already knew, the moment Bim knocked at his door. He tells Bim what kind of tea to get, Yandere’s favorite (because it’s his senpai’s favorite). Tells him to get the softest blanket he can find because entering Yandere’s room to get his own is too dangerous. Yandere knows, and Host cares too much for Bim at this point to lead him so astray. Belatedly, he mentions tissues as well, before meandering off to leave Bim to his tasks.

Bim’s halfway to the kitchen before he realizes he never told Host where Yandere is.

Entering the library a bit later with the requested items, he finds Yandere leaning heavily against Host in his little corner. Somehow, Host managed to get Yandere to stop tugging so violently at his hair, and he’s now hugging himself tightly instead. Host’s arm is lightly around Yandere while his lips move nigh continuously: soft murmurs Bim can’t quite catch but seem to be helping Yandere calm down. He’s only trembling now and the tears have stopped.

Quietly and gently, Bim sets the tissues down and offers the items to Host. He takes the tea first, his inflection shifting as he offers the cup to Yandere. It takes a lot of coaxing and a gentle touch at clenched fingers, but eventually Yandere accepts the offering with a few hitched breaths. Bim knows it’s scalding hot, but that doesn’t stop Yandere from taking hefty gulps. He shoves down the tingle of awed fear and helps Host work the blanket around Yandere’s shoulders.

Yandere’s muttering under his breath now: choked whispers and curses, something to do with his schooling. Bim supposes that’s what the panic attack was about. He’s fully prepared to leave, as Host seems to have everything under control, but as he turns there’s a tugging sensation at his pantsleg. Surprised, he follows the arm that extended to catch his departure and finds it connected to Yandere.

He’s not looking at Bim, but his muttering has stopped and the silent request is obvious. Host is looking at Bim as well, and combined their persuasion is impossible to ignore. Hesitantly, he drops down to sit on Yandere’s other side; cross-legged with hands resting loose in his lap. He can feel his own heart beginning to beat a little quicker in his chest. He’s seen and heard of the things Yandere can do. Even like this, what if he just snaps? What if he…

But Yandere just shifts to lean against him instead, and his heartbeat slows. He glances anxiously at the other ego but Yandere still isn’t looking at him. Host, on the other hand, shoots Bim a tiny, secretive smile; gives a nod of approval. And Bim releases the breath he’d been holding all this time.

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I'm convinced all wizards are part cat at this point because I've seen Taako do the weirdest and stupidest shit and land on his feet. Angus has started to do similar stuff too, less dangerous and more snooping. Just.... how the fuck do you climb up the tallest tower on the base and jump down and not get hurt? Better question, how the fuck do you get stuck in a much shorter tree? Don't ask me, ask Taako.



Steve Rogers x Reader

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After the Ultron fiasco, Tony Stark decided he needed to retrieve from the whole avenging thing. Thus the new avengers moved out from the tower and settled a base in their new facility in upstate New York.
As much as you respected Steve and his leading skills, he got on your nerves a little too much. Since you both joined the avengers all those years ago, there has been a thick tension between you two. No one could be sure if you wanted to murder each other or rip each other’s’ clothes off. Honestly, it was both sometimes.

You were tolerating each other just fine until one day he assigned you to train with him.

You were a spectacular fighter and an assassin but he was an enhanced soldier! What the hell is he thinking? Is he going to kill me and cover it by ‘self-defense’ or something? Your mind raced with these irrational questions as you stormed into the gym where you knew Steve would be punching the life out of a sandbag.

His head turned your way when he heard you slam the doors open and prepared himself for the shitstorm you were about to give him.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” you fumed.

“(Y/N) calm down.”

“Oh I’m calm Rogers!” snapped right back.

“Are you aware that I’m a human?

Why in the hell would you assign me with you? So you can crush my bones?

Why can’t I keep training with Natasha?”

You quickly and loudly exclaimed, your hands on your hips and your face red with anger.

“I know you’re a wayward asshole but this is a little too much.”


“Your punches destroy those giant sandbags. What do you think they’re gonna do to me?”


“Don’t (Y/N) me Rogers!”

“(Y/N) listen to me for a second!” he tried to reason, as calm as he could but you were not shutting your mouth. He listened to your rants a few more moments with a clenched jaw and his arms crossed.

Finally he rolled his eyes, let out a growl out of frustration 

as he leaned forward to pull you towards him and kiss you, so he could shut you up.

You were shocked at first but you quickly returned the passionate, hard kiss. One of his hands went to the back of your head as the other went to your waist. You slammed you right hand on his chest as you took a breath and kissed him again, this time deepening the kiss.

He moaned into your mouth as your tongues battled for dominance. Your fingers curled on his shirt, holding tight like you don’t want to let him go. When his hand drifted south, to squeeze your ass, you broke the kiss with a gasp.

He looked at you with eyes so dark that you shivered. 

You could feel his hard on pressing against your thigh. You tilted your head up and smirked at him.

At an instant you were pressed against the gym wall with Steve holding your wrists above your head. You kissed harshly, all teeth and tongue as you pulled Steve closer with your legs wrapped around his waist. You could feel his painfully hard bulge against your clothed core but you bit back your moans. You weren’t going to give him the satisfaction.

You moved your hips to grind to him. He let out a whiny moan and let go off your wrists to take his shirt off. You took a long moment to appreciate the sight in front of you.

He leaned towards you again to capture your lips in a fevered kiss. You snaked your hand into his sweatpants and took his erection in your hand. His breath hitched as you pumped him slowly and he started kissing your neck. After a while you jumped off of him and dropped to your knees. Steve watched you as you pulled his pants down his legs. You wasted no time to take his fascinatingly big dick in your mouth. You took as much of him as you could, while holding eye contact with him. Then you let him out with a wet ‘pop’.

You swirled your tongue around the head as you wrapped your hand at the bottom of his shaft. You started bobbing your head while your hand pumps slowly, your other hand on his balls. Occasionally you took him deeper in your mouth and traced his veins with your tongue.

He tangled his hand in your hair started fucking your mouth, pushing deep.

Finally you felt him twitch in your mouth and his balls clenched. You took him as deep as you can and sucked.

“Fuck (Y/N)! I’m… AH!” he rambled before he shut his eyes close and spill his load down your throat.

You licked him clean and stood up. He was gasping for air. You looked him in the eye as you wiped your mouth with the back of your hand.

Steve let out a deep breath before he pulled you against him by the waist. And he kissed you. Less angry, but more passionate. The ache between your legs was unbearable by now. You moaned and rolled your hips. He got the message and walked you back until your legs hit the edge of the bench press and you sat down.

Steve dropped down to pull your pants and underwear down your legs as you discarded your shirt. He put one of your legs on his shoulder as you laid down, careful not to hit your head to the barbell.

Steve bit your inner thigh before he quickly went to lick your folds. You gasped and arched your back for the long-waited touch. Your breathing was fast and your skin was on fire. Your anger towards the soldier faded with each expert lap of his tongue on your clit.

You winded your hand in through his hair and Steve looked up at you. He locked his gaze with you as he inserted 2 fingers inside you. While curled and pumped them, he could feel his dick harden again. He sucked harder on your clit as his fingers stroked you g-spot.

You came hard and fast, screaming his name as you tilted your head back. Your mouth was open and your legs were shaking as Steve licked what you had to offer. Then he stood and hovered over you. He aligned his member with you and pushed in.

You let out a long, loud moan as Steve hissed and panted. He braced himself by holding the barbell from above. 

His muscles contracted beautifully, bringing out his well sculpted body. You wrapped your legs around his waist and started tracing his abs and chest with your nails.

Steve was pumping in and out of you slowly because he knew you were still sensitive from your previous orgasm. But he couldn’t hold himself back any longer and his movements got harder. His knuckles were white from holding the bar tightly. Sweat covered his body, making him glisten in the light.

 You pushed yourself up slightly to kiss down his neck. You bit a mark on his collarbone. He braced himself on one hand as the other went to your back, to hold you to him. You lifted your left leg higher to take more of him. Steve pounded deep and fast and your moans filled the gym, echoing off the walls.

“Steve. OH Steve I’m gon.. Ah”

You couldn’t finish your words as your walls clenched around Steve’s shaft, an orgasm taking the both of you. Steve coated your walls with his cum as you screamed with pleasure.

After Steve pulled out, his legs gave out. He stumbled back and fell to the ground and he laid there to catch his breath.

After a while you laughed and said “If you assigned me for this kind of training, I’m in.”

He chuckled too but didn’t answer. You sat up on the edge of the bench to look at him. He was still laying on the ground, his chest heaving with each deep breath.

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“What, you getting sleepy Rogers?” you asked mockingly.

He smirked and stood up.

“Oh I can do this all day.”


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Pairings: Bucky x F!reader

Sam has created a chatroom: GOODBYE, U LIL 💩

Sam has invited Steve, Y/N, Nat, Wanda.

Y/N: What’s up with the name of the chatroom?




Y/N: Is it your birthday?

Steve: I didn’t know you could name the chatroom…

Steve: Sam who are you saying goodbye to? Are you calling us 💩 ?!

Sam: No. and NO. Y/N, I thought you knew when my birthday was?

Y/N: … I do.

Y/N:  bird man #2, what’s going on?

Nat: Lol, I’m changing Clint’s name in my phone to Bird Man #1.

Sam: I have lost someone on this day.

Sam: I never thought the day would come that I’d never seem them again.

Sam: I could cry.

Wanda: Who…?

Steve: They died?!


Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: Um guys

Nat: So who is it?!

Sam: He was an old man.

Bruce: Where’s Barnes?

Sam: He was kinda ugly too.

Bruce: Seriously, his stuff is here, but I can’t find him.

Sam: He had poor hygiene.



Y/N: What do you mean he’s missing?!


Nat: Clint says,“Leave a trail of plums leading into one of the cells. You will catch him.”

Wanda: lol

Y/N: lol

Sam: lol

Bruce: lol


Y/N: I’m worried too! He’s my boyfriend!  But he probably just went out for a walk or something.

Steve: Last time he “went for a walk or something” he became the most wanted man alive.

Nat: Good point… I’d really prefer to not have a repeat of that.


Steve has changed the chatroom name: MISSION: FIND BUCKY

Sam: No.

Sam has left the chat.

Nat: Are we really sure he could be in trouble?

Wanda: Maybe he was kidnapped?

Bruce: Why would he leave everything except for his wallet and leave, without telling Y/N? I checked the cameras and he WENT OUT THE WINDOW! If he was just going shopping, why not leave like a normal person? Who uses the window?! Also, it’s 9pm. Who does shopping at this hour?

Bruce: Either he’s back to being the Winter Soldier, or he’s hiding something.

Vision has joined the chat.

Vision: I use the window to leave.

Y/N: Because you can fly. Bucky cannot.

Vision: lolololol sucks to be him

Vision has left the chat.

Wanda: what.

Y/N: Omg Vision…

Nat: Vision had a mission with just Clint and Tony.

Steve: That makes sense now…

Y/N: I can’t explain it, but I have a feeling Bucky is okay. But why would he go out at this time? With only his wallet? Tony has everything stocked up so what could Bucky possibly need to buy? And the window as an exit? Bruce, I think you’re right.

Bruce: Isn’t it your 3 year anniversary tomorrow?

Y/N: Yes… Why?

Bruce: Oh. Nothing. Excuse me while I go make some tea.

Y/N: Bruce

Y/N: You’re not saying he would run away because it’s a big moment in our relationship and he’s scared…?


Wanda: Y/N, calm down. Your thoughts are very loud.


Steve: This is a very delayed reaction from you… Also. Out. The. Window. Willingly. So not kidnapped.

Wanda: Did he climb out or throw himself out?

Bruce: He jumped out and landed like a cat.

Wanda: Assassins. Always showing off!

Nat: True. We can just get Tony to scan for him. I’ll contact Tony now.

Y/N has added Thor.


Thor: Of course! We shall search for him together! I will get my brother to join us.

Thor has left the chat.


Steve has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Bruce: Sigh. Better go help them.

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda has added Pietro.

Wanda: Brother! Bucky is missing. Let’s go help the others find him.


Wanda has left the chat.

Pietro has left the chat.

Nat has added Clint.

Nat: Found Barnes?

Clint: No. The plums have not been touched yet.

Nat: Okay Bird Man #1.


Nat has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Tony has joined the chat.


Scott has joined the chat.

Scott: Where’s everyone?

Tony: Out looking for our beloved senile hobo.

Scott: Right. Them! How do you spell their name again…?


Tony: They’re looking for Bucky.

Scott: Oh no! Steve must be so upset. I must go to him!

Scott has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Tony has cleared the chat.

Tony has changed the chatroom name: EVERYTHING IS NORMAL

Tony: Oh you’re back.

Bucky: Did I miss anything? Where’s Y/N? And Steve? And everyone else? I can’t find them.

Tony: Who?

Bucky: My girlfriend! Our teammates! Our friends!

Tony: What are you talking about? It’s just been the two of us this whole time.

Bucky: Stop it, Tony! Where are they? Everyone was here an hour ago, before I went to get a gift for Y/N. It’s our anniversary tomorrow. I got her the best gift ever! I can’t wait to give it to her. I could only pick it up at this time which is why I had to leave so suddenly. Can’t have Y/N finding out.

Tony: I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Bucky has left the chat.

Tony has invited Peter, Wade.


Peter: Why?

Tony: We’re going to pull the biggest prank ever on Bucky and everyone else. Hurry! We have at least 10 hours until the others return. I faked Bucky sightings all over the world to keep them busy.

Wade: … I’m keeping all of their stuff.

Tony: Okay…

Tony: So uh… You go do that and I’ll keep Bucky busy.

Tony has left the chat.

Wade: Do you think Loki’s helmet would fit me?

Peter has left the chat.

Loki has joined the chat.


Wade: Who are you, mortal?



Loki: You reside in the Stark - Avengers Tower?

Wade: Don’t tell Tony.

Wade has left the chat.

Loki has left the chat.


Church of Santiago Apóstol, Pomata, Chucuito Province, Puno Region, Peru. Part 3: The main facade (c. 1794). 

Facing a narrow street leading to the town´s  square, the main facade of the church of Santiago at Pomata is more austere than the lavish lateral portal, but in no way less impressive. It was the last part of the church to be built and it consists of a portal within a projecting arch flanked by two huge tower bases. This particular arrangement, in which the portal is placed inside a deep projecting arch is rather common in Puno Region, and it is present in the churches at Lampa, Zepita, Vilque, Juliaca, among others. The portal is a large structure, three stories high - with a smaller fourth story- , with three bays framed by twelve columns, four on each story. These columns are different from those in the lateral portal, having a straight shaft carved in planiforme or mestizo style depicting a human figure holding vines entwined with flowers and leaves. The capitals seem to be highly stylized versions of the Corinthian order, consisting of two pairs of volutes in the first story and two rows of vertical leaves in the second and third stories. The entablatures, reduced to just a cornice, are also entirely carved with planiforme motives. The huge choir window, deeply splayed, occupies the second and third stories while shallow niches fill the rest of the spaces between the columns. The portal fits rather awkwardly within the projecting arch, with the outside columns of the third story not supporting its corresponding entablature.

Two huge tower bases flank the projecting arch that houses the portal. Of these, only the right base holds a belfry, while in the other an inscription states that it was built in 1794 (Quiroga año 1794). Over the base of the right tower two superimposed stories support the large belfry, composed of two arched openings on each of its four sides -an arrangement that resembles that of Cusco Cathedral - topped by a small dome over a cornice, surrounded by four pinnacles.


  1. General view of the main facade.
  2. Main portal of the church.
  3. Main portal of the church.
  4. Inscription on the left tower.
  5. Detail of the projecting arch.
  6. Detail of the first story of the portal.
  7. Detail of the first story of the portal.
  8. Upper stories of the portal.
  9. Portal and right tower.
  10. View of the right tower.

All photos by Juan P. El Sous (2017).

Final Defence Fortress

A new project. This time we have to design and prototype a game in 6 weeks.

The prototype I’ve been working on is a Co-op Tower Defence meets Base Building and 3rd Person Shooting. Below is a GIF showing the beginnings of the prototype.

The concept for the game is an alien invasion is attacking your hometown, and you must build your defences with your co-op partner to last the approaching waves of enemies. Gameplay being split into 2 modes, planning and building, and lasting the waves of alien attacks.

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