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Yui: What do you guys say when you answer the phone?

Shu: “What up?”

Laito: “Who dis be?”

Ayato: “No, she’s dead. This is her son.”


I juggle so many damn story ideas sometimes that some literally drop out the back of my brain, and I don’t notice until I see them on the floor later and pick them back up. 

One that I recently plucked back up is a story called “The Tower”. 

Based in a desolate post-disaster Earth setting, it focuses on a young trans man named Nyle Cho who lives in a town with a gigantic and ominous tower set in it’s middle. This tower houses an oppressive-authoritarian governing body and it’s leader: “the Master” that exploits the towns citizens. No one remembers how the tower got there or how long it’s been since it appeared.

Since memory began however, the town has culled groups of people to journey into the tower and attempt to fight their way to the Master at the top. Every 5 years this ritual takes place, but no one successfully makes it past all the floors to the top. With no returning survivors all manner of terrifying traps, environments, and monsters are dreamed up by the townsfolk to reside on each of it’s floors to kill hostile intruders. 

While outside the town’s walls scavenging with his blind childhood friend Rashida (art forthcoming) he digs up the strange and dormant humanoid creature who calls herself BOSCH (after the name printed on her stomach). Able to spawn/manifest weapons out her body’s material, she’s a 10ft tall, regenerating, walking armory.  

Together with Rashida and BOSCH, Nyle will journey with others into the tower to try like many before them. They’ll fight their way up the unimaginable terrors and foes of it’s many floors to overthrow the tyrannical Master at the top and free his town. 


Steve Rogers x Reader

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After the Ultron fiasco, Tony Stark decided he needed to retrieve from the whole avenging thing. Thus the new avengers moved out from the tower and settled a base in their new facility in upstate New York.
As much as you respected Steve and his leading skills, he got on your nerves a little too much. Since you both joined the avengers all those years ago, there has been a thick tension between you two. No one could be sure if you wanted to murder each other or rip each other’s’ clothes off. Honestly, it was both sometimes.

You were tolerating each other just fine until one day he assigned you to train with him.

You were a spectacular fighter and an assassin but he was an enhanced soldier! What the hell is he thinking? Is he going to kill me and cover it by ‘self-defense’ or something? Your mind raced with these irrational questions as you stormed into the gym where you knew Steve would be punching the life out of a sandbag.

His head turned your way when he heard you slam the doors open and prepared himself for the shitstorm you were about to give him.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” you fumed.

“(Y/N) calm down.”

“Oh I’m calm Rogers!” snapped right back.

“Are you aware that I’m a human?

Why in the hell would you assign me with you? So you can crush my bones?

Why can’t I keep training with Natasha?”

You quickly and loudly exclaimed, your hands on your hips and your face red with anger.

“I know you’re a wayward asshole but this is a little too much.”


“Your punches destroy those giant sandbags. What do you think they’re gonna do to me?”


“Don’t (Y/N) me Rogers!”

“(Y/N) listen to me for a second!” he tried to reason, as calm as he could but you were not shutting your mouth. He listened to your rants a few more moments with a clenched jaw and his arms crossed.

Finally he rolled his eyes, let out a growl out of frustration 

as he leaned forward to pull you towards him and kiss you, so he could shut you up.

You were shocked at first but you quickly returned the passionate, hard kiss. One of his hands went to the back of your head as the other went to your waist. You slammed you right hand on his chest as you took a breath and kissed him again, this time deepening the kiss.

He moaned into your mouth as your tongues battled for dominance. Your fingers curled on his shirt, holding tight like you don’t want to let him go. When his hand drifted south, to squeeze your ass, you broke the kiss with a gasp.

He looked at you with eyes so dark that you shivered. 

You could feel his hard on pressing against your thigh. You tilted your head up and smirked at him.

At an instant you were pressed against the gym wall with Steve holding your wrists above your head. You kissed harshly, all teeth and tongue as you pulled Steve closer with your legs wrapped around his waist. You could feel his painfully hard bulge against your clothed core but you bit back your moans. You weren’t going to give him the satisfaction.

You moved your hips to grind to him. He let out a whiny moan and let go off your wrists to take his shirt off. You took a long moment to appreciate the sight in front of you.

He leaned towards you again to capture your lips in a fevered kiss. You snaked your hand into his sweatpants and took his erection in your hand. His breath hitched as you pumped him slowly and he started kissing your neck. After a while you jumped off of him and dropped to your knees. Steve watched you as you pulled his pants down his legs. You wasted no time to take his fascinatingly big dick in your mouth. You took as much of him as you could, while holding eye contact with him. Then you let him out with a wet ‘pop’.

You swirled your tongue around the head as you wrapped your hand at the bottom of his shaft. You started bobbing your head while your hand pumps slowly, your other hand on his balls. Occasionally you took him deeper in your mouth and traced his veins with your tongue.

He tangled his hand in your hair started fucking your mouth, pushing deep.

Finally you felt him twitch in your mouth and his balls clenched. You took him as deep as you can and sucked.

“Fuck (Y/N)! I’m… AH!” he rambled before he shut his eyes close and spill his load down your throat.

You licked him clean and stood up. He was gasping for air. You looked him in the eye as you wiped your mouth with the back of your hand.

Steve let out a deep breath before he pulled you against him by the waist. And he kissed you. Less angry, but more passionate. The ache between your legs was unbearable by now. You moaned and rolled your hips. He got the message and walked you back until your legs hit the edge of the bench press and you sat down.

Steve dropped down to pull your pants and underwear down your legs as you discarded your shirt. He put one of your legs on his shoulder as you laid down, careful not to hit your head to the barbell.

Steve bit your inner thigh before he quickly went to lick your folds. You gasped and arched your back for the long-waited touch. Your breathing was fast and your skin was on fire. Your anger towards the soldier faded with each expert lap of his tongue on your clit.

You winded your hand in through his hair and Steve looked up at you. He locked his gaze with you as he inserted 2 fingers inside you. While curled and pumped them, he could feel his dick harden again. He sucked harder on your clit as his fingers stroked you g-spot.

You came hard and fast, screaming his name as you tilted your head back. Your mouth was open and your legs were shaking as Steve licked what you had to offer. Then he stood and hovered over you. He aligned his member with you and pushed in.

You let out a long, loud moan as Steve hissed and panted. He braced himself by holding the barbell from above. 

His muscles contracted beautifully, bringing out his well sculpted body. You wrapped your legs around his waist and started tracing his abs and chest with your nails.

Steve was pumping in and out of you slowly because he knew you were still sensitive from your previous orgasm. But he couldn’t hold himself back any longer and his movements got harder. His knuckles were white from holding the bar tightly. Sweat covered his body, making him glisten in the light.

 You pushed yourself up slightly to kiss down his neck. You bit a mark on his collarbone. He braced himself on one hand as the other went to your back, to hold you to him. You lifted your left leg higher to take more of him. Steve pounded deep and fast and your moans filled the gym, echoing off the walls.

“Steve. OH Steve I’m gon.. Ah”

You couldn’t finish your words as your walls clenched around Steve’s shaft, an orgasm taking the both of you. Steve coated your walls with his cum as you screamed with pleasure.

After Steve pulled out, his legs gave out. He stumbled back and fell to the ground and he laid there to catch his breath.

After a while you laughed and said “If you assigned me for this kind of training, I’m in.”

He chuckled too but didn’t answer. You sat up on the edge of the bench to look at him. He was still laying on the ground, his chest heaving with each deep breath.

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“What, you getting sleepy Rogers?” you asked mockingly.

He smirked and stood up.

“Oh I can do this all day.”


UC San Diego’s Geisel Library was designed by William Pereira in the late 1960s to sit at the head of a canyon. It was envisioned that future additions to the original building would form terraced levels around the tower base descending into the canyon. In keeping with the original master plan, these are “deliberately designed to be subordinated to the strong, geometrical form of the existing library.” Within its two subterranean levels are the other library sections as well as study spaces and computer labs. The tower is a prime example of brutalist architecture. It rises 8 stories to a height of 110 ft (33.5 m).


Church of Santiago Apóstol, Pomata, Chucuito Province, Puno Region, Peru. Part 3: The main facade (c. 1794). 

Facing a narrow street leading to the town´s  square, the main facade of the church of Santiago at Pomata is more austere than the lavish lateral portal, but in no way less impressive. It was the last part of the church to be built and it consists of a portal within a projecting arch flanked by two huge tower bases. This particular arrangement, in which the portal is placed inside a deep projecting arch is rather common in Puno Region, and it is present in the churches at Lampa, Zepita, Vilque, Juliaca, among others. The portal is a large structure, three stories high - with a smaller fourth story- , with three bays framed by twelve columns, four on each story. These columns are different from those in the lateral portal, having a straight shaft carved in planiforme or mestizo style depicting a human figure holding vines entwined with flowers and leaves. The capitals seem to be highly stylized versions of the Corinthian order, consisting of two pairs of volutes in the first story and two rows of vertical leaves in the second and third stories. The entablatures, reduced to just a cornice, are also entirely carved with planiforme motives. The huge choir window, deeply splayed, occupies the second and third stories while shallow niches fill the rest of the spaces between the columns. The portal fits rather awkwardly within the projecting arch, with the outside columns of the third story not supporting its corresponding entablature.

Two huge tower bases flank the projecting arch that houses the portal. Of these, only the right base holds a belfry, while in the other an inscription states that it was built in 1794 (Quiroga año 1794). Over the base of the right tower two superimposed stories support the large belfry, composed of two arched openings on each of its four sides -an arrangement that resembles that of Cusco Cathedral - topped by a small dome over a cornice, surrounded by four pinnacles.


  1. General view of the main facade.
  2. Main portal of the church.
  3. Main portal of the church.
  4. Inscription on the left tower.
  5. Detail of the projecting arch.
  6. Detail of the first story of the portal.
  7. Detail of the first story of the portal.
  8. Upper stories of the portal.
  9. Portal and right tower.
  10. View of the right tower.

All photos by Juan P. El Sous (2017).

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☕️ Papyrus isn't all that tall? A lot of people think he is, but many characters are taller than him. He seems tall compared to Frisk or Sans, but that's not saying much. In my mind, he's about average by human standards.


I usually place him at 6′ and some change. Definitely not the 7-foot thing I’ve seen floated around. As far as overworld spites go, his is actually pretty short…

BUT! The battle sprites, man! What is going on with those! He’s slightly taller than Toriel during the true pacifist battle screen before Flowey shows up. He’s taller than ASGORE, too. Though Asgore’s a bit bent over, but even then, Asgore should tower over him based on the overworld sprites. Also according to those, Nice Cream Guy is a giant.

So, heights in this game make no sense and are not well established. I just use Papyrus’s baseline as a lanky slightly-above-average human male build and call it a day from there. Tall for a human and/or skeleton, random crapshoot for a monster.

The only thing that really matters is that Undyne is always taller than Papyrus.

That’s the important bit here.

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Peri meeting the other Peridots at the zoo, and hoping they'll be nice to him. They are not.

“You’re an Era 1, aren’t you.” Says the other Peridot, scanning him.

“Y-yes!” Peri exclaims. “How could you tell?”

Another Peridot rolls her eyes. “Your towering stature, obviously. Those limb enhancers make you look like you’re compensating for something.”

“Oh, like you aren’t guilty of that!” Peri shouts. “No powers! Only 8th level intelligence! Hardly the top of the line, compared to someone like… Peridot 5.”

“Peridot 5 is a traitor.” A third Peridot states. “You heard what he called Yellow Diamond, right? If he so much as sets a touch stump on this base, our Agate will shatter him.”

Stay with me

Based on “Imagine pleading with Thranduil to heal the Durins as they all still have a glimmer of life left in them and you know that he has the ability to save them” from ImaginexHobbit.


Cautiously, wary of stray orcs that might yet be lurking in the depths of Ravenhill’s tunnels, you ventured onto the ice at the tower’s base.

A lone figure lay close at hand, and as you edged nearer, casting a glance across the frozen river to where a handful of your comrades searched the rocky terrain for casualties of the battle, it was quickly apparent that the body was not that of an elf. He was smaller, stocky and powerfully built, wearing a heavy leather coat rather than gleaming armor, and a mane of golden hair framed a handsome, bearded face with eyes as blue as the sky they no longer saw.

The dwarf’s rugged beauty stirred a strange rush of pity in your heart and you sheathed your sword to sink to your knees beside him, feeling yourself unsettled by a deep sympathy for this poor, lost soul who had been your enemy only hours before. His lifeless face spoke wrenchingly to you of youth, strength, nobility, hopes for the future all cut short at the merciless hands of an orc, judging from his wounds. Carefully, though you could not have told why, you took his broad, gloved hand between your own and held it as if to comfort him before reaching to close his eyes in a futile gesture of compassion.

Your fingertips gently touched his face and you started, as though you’d been stung, instantly withdrawing your hand.

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The Game - Tony Stark x Reader

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Words: 1174
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: Like, sports, kissing
Requested: no i came up with this idea last night and wanted to write it so bad and i needed inspiration so here we are
Authors Note: yo i thought this was kinda cute. I love writing Tony. Kinda/mostly platonic. Set before AOU/when they still had avengers tower as the main base and JARVIS was still a thing so yeah lol

Masterlist. Request List.

“Come on; I have two amazing tickets and you know I have to go because, it’s me, and I would rather go with you than anyone else!” Tony chased you around the tower.

You laughed and rolled your eyes, “What, no Rhodey?”

Tony shrugged, “He’s busy.”

“Oh, so I’m your second choice?”

“No! Do not use that against me. You know I owe him, so I asked him and turned out he’s busy. Come on, (Y/N), just go with me.” Tony started to plead.

You laughed, “Oh my gosh, are you- Tony Stark- begging me to go with you?” You raised an eyebrow; this didn’t happen often. Tony was used to getting what he wanted, but you were one of the only people who could tell him no, and when you said no, it made him upset.

Tony crossed his arms, “Fine; you don’t want to go? I won’t help you improve your suit,” A smirk crept onto his face. Lately, you had been asking if he would make your suit more indestructible and he still hadn’t done it.

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