tower antenna

the fake ah crew and aviation.

everyone in the fake ah crew knows how to pilot a plane, a helicopter, a jet, whatever. everyone in the fake ah crew has their own distinct styles.


  • an absolutely insane pilot. ridiculously reckless.
  • loves to fuck with people by flying right under them/crashing into them on the ground/flying directly at them and swerving at the last minute/firing missiles unnecessarily.
  • likes to yell ‘BOOM!’ as he blows things up below him.
  • likes to try to chop people in half with helicopter blades.
  • 150% more maniacal cackling.
  • says he’s still in the air a lot.
  • the crew made a running joke out of it after he said it about ten times in one mission.
  • sighs every time he says it.
  • likes to skate off the tops of bigger planes.
  • “so…i may have [insert carefully understated act of mischief]”


  • flies even less often than geoff.
  • prefers to sharpshoot from the passenger seat.
  • when he does fly, forgoes the usual loud talking and joking in favor of more subdued, spaced out, and sarcastic quips.
  • prefers jets.
  • while barely avoiding a building/radio tower/antenna/other plane: “uhp! i’m fine.”
  • can’t read an altimeter to save his life.
  • seriously it’s bad.
  • how do you get anywhere ray.
  • likes to park on a runway and shoot out people’s tires from the wing.
  • also just watch the other members of the crew zoom around through his sniper scope.
  • parks on top of convenience stores to load up on snacks.
  • has filled an entire cargo hold with funyuns.


  • a distracted, but surprisingly good pilot.
  • very good at tricky landings.
  • always volunteers to do stunt flying.
  • has mixed results with stunt flying.
  • favors titans and cargobobs.
  • uses said cargobobs to pick up confused citizens and leave them on the roof of the maze bank tower.
  • lands on people/cars/trucks/trains/highways/rivers a lot, often without realizing.
  • “i wanna try something!
  • panics a lot.
  • constantly makes flying/whooshing noises.
  • likes to play with chopper cameras.
  • runs people over a lot. far more than he should.
  • “uh oh. UH OH! (unintelligible squawking)”


  • main pilot for the crew.
  • an expert with most forms of aircraft.
  • likes to do tricks.
  • she and geoff turn into giggly bitches when they fly together.
  • this is because she and geoff get up to some shit when they fly together.
  • flies under bridges a lot.
  • has a habit of losing a wing.
  • just the one wing. every time.
  • what do you have against two wings, jack?
  • gives the others helpful tips while flying.  ( “hey green plane, your wheels are still down!” )
  • “WOW”


  • reckless, if not quite as reckless as ryan.
  • favors choppers with gun attachments.
  • basically flies like a road rage driver.
  • yells so much.
  • so much.
  • also makes lots of flying/whooshing noises.
  • likes to fly directly up and stall his plane. nobody knows why??
  • constant benny and the jets references.
  • shoots at gavin.
  • shoots at civilians.
  • flies low over the streets and shoots up cars.
  • almost crashes into other people a lot.
  • yells at gavin a lot.
  • like more than usual, which is already a lot.
  • this is usually because he always ends up flying with gavin somehow.
  • “hOLY SHIT, ____!


  • doesn’t fly if he can help it.
  • on the rare chance that he does, he flies decently, but not great.
  • constantly leaves the landing gear down/fuel tank empty/body riddled with bullet holes.
  • not very good at judging distance. clips a lot of billboards/mountainsides/radio towers/other planes.
  • likes sporty planes and wider-than-necessary turns.
  • “this is cool as dicks dude.”
  • often recaps episodes of always sunny and other tv shows when flying.
  • “saw that happen!

anonymous asked:

I was reading the supposed leaked spoilers, and i think it makes sense for Clake to die, i obviously don't want her to, but if they're going for the exact same conclusion again where she pulls a lever and closes the ark and a lot of people have to die or be sacrificed i think it's crucial for the storytelling that she sacrifices herself with them, because otherwise this show is the same again and again, idk how the show could survive without her though, it's gone downhill as it is

Okay, well, I wasn’t going to really write the theories I have about s4, but I'm bored this Sunday afternoon, so here is what I think COULD happen (if you read previous theory blurbs I have written…it basically is a continuation of that.) Of course, take all what I’m saying with a grain of salt and this is what I see “could happen” with some of the things i have seen and if I was writing the story and trying to salvage it. 

Also, I think the script leaks are hella misleading if you look at them closely. It says, “As she steadies herself on the desk, consciousness fading, we get our first look at her face: IT’S COVERED IN LESIONS, a mask of puss and death. We’ve seen this horrific look before: IN ABBY’s VISION. She stands there for another moment, fighting, fighting, before collapsing in a heap. Unconscious. Or worse. No sign of life. Dying on a dying planet.”  It just says that Clarke has collapsed to the ground and is dying.  However, there are six acts in television and it is possible that she is able to survive by being saved by someone that finds her in the lab. Because, like you said, I don’t see them even THINKing about getting a season 5 without Clarke. Jason has said before that this is basically Clarke’s story and unless Eliza asked to leave the show, killing her off would REALLY make zero sense. However, I had the same thought about them not killing Lexa off and they did so….yeah. But yeah I agree that Clarke’s story should end with her sacrificing herself to save her people. 

I think it might end with there being Mountain Men, Grounders, and people living in space again at the end of the season. I believe we will have people living in the bunker that is on Becca’s Island (i think it is a bunker), Nightbloods will be able to survive the increased radiation levels and will be ‘the grounders’, and then the 6-7 people we see in the leaked script will be the ones living in space and possibly they will find out that they aren’t the only ones in space. 

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Filthy Reader X Rick Abduction Fic

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write this Rick X Reader porn fic for a while.

All sorts of themes in this one, mainly BDSM and abduction, it’s all kinda consensual, but on the border of a bit wrong, well, damn, it’s hard to explain, just consider that as a warning. Also there’s a bit of a twist too.

I would actually go as far as to say this is one of the most beautifully perverse things I’ve ever written, but that’s probably because its pushing some of my own kink buttons, ha ha.

Hope you like it and please leave me feedback if you are so inclined, even if anonymously as it keeps the writing fuel firing.

My 300th post - NSFW Filthy fic, “Mind Games” is under the cut. (about 3600 words)

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Summary: Chaos, besides its own natures, has a little order on it. Chaos, without order, leads to destruction itself. When the object holding the chaos of the world is damaged, maybe a little more than order is going to be needed to fix it. Abomination! AU


Chapter 1

Akumas were always weird.

No matter how intimidating they looked on the exterior, their motives were something that, if it weren’t for the fact they were busy trying to protect themselves, would make their victims tilt their head in curiosity. At least Chat, admittedly, had done that several times in the past.

Didnt’t mean those motives were less important for the akumatized person.

Or make them less dangerous.

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Photos from Sutro Tower, in San Francisco, taken during the making of our most recent episode of Science in the City, “Sutro Tower : From Eyesore to Icon”.  Check out the video here:

Photo credits: Jim Granato and Ron Hipschman



9/11 Museum (1/3)

After many years of construction, paired with a significant cost overrun, the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero opened two days ago to the general public. I was fortunate to obtain a ticket for yesterday afternoon.

The museum is located in the foundations of the WTC twin towers, underneath the memorial basins.

Artifacts shown above are a fragment of the North Tower broadcasting antenna, one of the 99 elevator motors and the remains of FDNY Ladder Company 3 truck.

“USS Iowa (BB-61): View of bridge and forward fire-control positions. Note Mark 38 main battery director, with Mark 13 fire control radar, on tower; several electronic counter-measures antenna on tower; ventilator and rangefinder on turret side. Photographed while at sea, off San Francisco, July 1947.”

(NHHC: NH 70259)