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I noticed in 1x08 that Dean can do the towel hair-wrap thingy - and he does a perfect towel hair-wrap thingy. I just love that gentle softness, the almost domestic-ness of it. I wonder, did he learn to do it back when he had longer hair, like we saw on the ID in 1x01, then kept doing it because he liked it? I JUST LOVE SOFT DEAAANNN

Okay, you know what? I hate making gifs from 1.08 because it’s chock full of creepy crawly things and there are spiders all over the scene right before the towel wrap scene and I HATE spiders. But, it had to be done. The things I do for our collective love of Dean Winchester, I swear…

Just look at that wrap technique. Niiiiiice. And you’re absolutely right, we see in his IDs in the pilot that he had longer hair not so long ago: 

But do you know what? He had even longer hair when he was a kid. 

A good towel wrap technique would have been essential. Especialiy considering their cheap motels probably weren’t stocked with hair dryers. So, I think it’s safe to say Dean perfected that wrap a long time ago. And what beautiful perfection it is.