towards one

12.13 coda

Long-lost lovers, reunited in blinding light. Turning towards one another with bowed heads, disappearing into eternity together. Bonded with no regrets and without looking back.

It’s bittersweet to witness. It’s both difficult and a blessing to watch what happens when someone that would go to ends of the earth for you ends up regretting it.

When Fiona and Gavin disappear from their threshold of cursed stone, Dean turns from the doorway and rubs his eyes. He tells himself it’s to dispel the spots still dotting along his vision from staring too hard, but it’s really because he’s starting to get a headache.

“Look at this mess,” he mutters, knocking the edge of the bowl that Sam had mixed together with his knuckles. A few drops of blood have been scattered along the table, one thin strand from where Gavin had been standing.

Sam sighs. “I’ll clean it up. Don’t worry about it.”

Dean stares at the blood on the table. His eyes snag on the clear edge of one jar that sits across from him.

“Nah,” he finds himself saying. “I’ll help.”

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He turns the laptop screen towards Derek, displaying one of the more interesting links Google had provided for ‘demon’. The background of the homepage is fire, and it has a huge animation of a gnarly-looking demon blowing fire out of its mouth and wielding a sword. “That’s what I am,” he laughs, pointing at the screen, “Although I must say, this is pretty insulting. As you can see, I am much better-looking than whatever the fuck that thing is. Also that is some fucking weak ass shit as far as fire-breathing goes. And why the fuck would I need a sword? I’m a fucking demon,” he huffs, then shakes his head. “Would you consider this cultural appropriation?” He raises his eyebrows expectantly, waiting for Derek’s answer.

“How did – I – you’re – is being a demon a culture?” Derek blurts.

My issues with Connor Walsh

First let me declare my undying love for Jack Falahee who’s acting skills amaze me every week like yass bby come through! Second, I love that this show really takes the time to explore a gay relationship. It can be complicated like every other relationship and I applaud Shonda for not using Coliver as shock value aka kill the gays (looking at you CW). That being said. CONNOR AIN’T SHIT Y'ALL! His idgaf attitude was cute in the 1st season but now we just giving him excuses for his appalling behaviour. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s proven time and time again how selfish and self centred he is even towards the ones he loves! I mean he always says the shittiest borderline aggressive and inappropriate things to hurt peoples feelings especially my bby Wes. He constantly lashes out even going as far as sleeping with Oli’s fling. He told a GRIEVING Laurel to have an abortion not long after Wes’ death was revealed! I mean WHO SAYS THAT?! In what world is that ok?! What i hate is seeing all the excuses people come up for him. Being your favourite gay character doesn’t give him a pass. Nope his ass is cancelled. Next season I wanna see him get called out. The boy has some unresolved issues for sure and hasn’t been a true friend AT ALL THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SHOW. Stop praising him.

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“When I debuted as a singer, I experienced a lot of hardships, but I held it in without telling anyone. That’s when I did ‘Love Rain’, and even from my perspective, my acting was bad. It was luck that I met '38 Police Squad’ and director Han Dong Hwa. I wasn’t portraying the kind of acting style I was aiming for effectively, but all that became shattered by meeting one director. The role of Yang Jung Do in '38 Police Squad’ was a turning point for me. I get asked that a lot, but they’re both careers that I love, and it’s difficult for me to gravitate toward one more than the other. Even when I’m acting, I carry my computer around and work on music. I want to become an actor whose productions will get people to say, there are lives like that, when they watch me, and I want to become a singer who can tell people’s stories. - Seo In Guk


I really hope Sherlock remembers at least parts of tonight, once his fever has come down.

I’ve lost count of how many times John has changed his ice packs, made him drink something or simply talked to him to calm him down, when the fever was getting too bad.

Counting all the patients he must have seen today and the hours he has put in to keep Sherlock as comfortable as possible, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that the poor guy is having trouble staying awake.

His phone beeps, signalling that another hour has passed. With a grunt he drags his protesting body out of his chair and stalks over towards the freezer. One hand is rubbing his tired eyes, while the other arms itself with the by now cold cooling packs, before he shuffles back into Sherlock’s bedroom.

J: Hey, Sherlock. 

There is a low grumble, but otherwise the room stays silent.

J: Come on, you can go back to sleep in a minute, but you need to drink something first.

I can hear the sloshing of the glass of water John had placed next to Sherlock’s bed earlier. I think he might be holding it for Sherlock, who seems to be refusing it.

S: I don’t need your help.

J: That’s great. Come on, just a little bit.

He tilts the cup once more and this time Sherlock actually allows it. He manages a couple of careful sips, but then starts coughing again. John quickly pulls the cup back.

J: See? That wasn’t that bad.

S: Go away.

J: In a minute. Just need to change these.

There is the sound of fabric rustling, probably John digging out the by now warm cooling packs and replacing them with the fresh ones.

S: I was perfectly fine. Perfectly fine before you.

J: Yes, you were great.

S: You are very…very…inconvenient.

J: I’ll try not to take that personally. Just go back to sleep, alright? I’ll check back in on you in a little bit.

Instead of an answer I can already hear soft snoring coming from Sherlock’s room.

VG Monsters! Batch 1

This post is divided in multiple pieces to not be too long

Welp.. here are the first three:


Gender ratio: Neutral

Food source: Rich minerals below ground and the rich minerals of Pyusty.

Habitat requirements: It must be below freezing, there also must be water and trees. So the icy cold areas around Lin’s castle are perfect.

Rime are highly territorial beings. Apart from that, they are very intelligent beings as well, being very aware that their lives depend on Lin’s ability to keep the temperature low. That’s why they are not aggressive towards their boss monster and miniboss unless agitated.

Their attacks consist of their four limbs coming together to form a drill, with that, they can rush towards one at an easy 50mph. The tip of their limbs are always sharpened with help of the occasional harsh blizzards’ winds rushing at them.

Drop items: Never melting ice(very rare). Ice shard (common)

Frost Lass/lad

Gender ratio: 87% female 13% male

Habitat: Blizzards and areas much below freezing. Thus in the areas around Lin’s castle.

Food source: Mana, mp and Pyusty

Frost lasses have the appearance of a pretty girl, the Frost lads too, and tend to appear when a character is low on hp. They would invite the character’s party to a cabin, being very hospitable. Whilst secretly draining away their mp and mana as food source. Once full, they will wait till the characters fall asleep, then they’ll restore their hp and leave them be.

Frost lasses rarely attack out of the blue, they’ll attack once attacked. Their attacks consist of seeping away one’s luck, making them very unlucky. Then, the character’s environment would be the enemy, with ice blocks falling out of the blue, losing items and getting lost in a blizzard for example.

Drop items:  Ice shard (common) Unlucky hair band(rare)


Gender ratio: 50/50

Habitats: Generally cold, dark or snowy areas. Usually found in caves and snowy villages/towns

Food source: Anything that is digestible really.

These adorable little monsters are very cute and friendly.. and friendsly. (they can end you without meaning to, see below for details) 

Pyusty are easily carried away by a small breeze.

Pyusty are sweet, literally.

Not much larger than three inches, they are harmless in few numbers. Collecting the frozen particles in the air with their body, they become larger and fluffier. they become. Though no matter how large they become, they’re still light enough for their wings to carry them.

The say “Pyu~ !”

In few numbers, they are harmless. But in large swarms, they will plug your holes  be suffocating, literally. When you inhale they will plug your nose, then when you use your mouth, they will plug it too. You will die the most adorable way… good thing they are preyed upon by other monsters in the area as well as hunted upon for their sweet taste.

Even though Pyusty are heavily hunted, they always come back in large numbers. 

Drop item: Snowflake candy (common)

Video game AU: @blogthegreatrouge

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So are the legs of land krakens like the weird pseudo-feet on the bottom of a Flamboyant Cuttlefish's mantle, or are they tentacles that are no longer attached to the head and are instead attached to the cephalopod equivalent of a torso... that wasn't the best analogy.

Swamp krakens actually

To understand Swamp Kraken anatomy, you have to look at the “normal” krakens, since they’re basically an even weirder offshoot of those.

So here’s a kinda shitty diagram of how Krakens differ from squid.  Krakens have three specialized groups of tentacles: the six massive, muscular ones toward the bottom of their bodies, some nubby ones above those that form a sort of lip which can wrap around and protect a multitude of long, thin tentacles that help pull in prey.

Some krakens still look very squid-ish:

But others take this new body plan in pretty weird directions:

Which brings us to swamp krakens:

Swamp krakens basically take the adaptations of “normal” krakens and push them even further.  The thin interior tentacles have been lost, the nubby tentacles have formed lips, and their massive tentacles have drifted further back on the body and become a set of legs and arms.  It makes them more suited for an amphibious lifestyle - unlike their sea going cousins, swamp krakens can live on land for extended periods of time, though they eventually need to return to the water.  While they aren’t particularly fast swimmers, they don’t need to be, as they basically use their long arms to grab prey and act as ambush predators.

So yeah those legs are tentacles.

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Im only attracted (sexually) to one person. I have been in relationships much like this one (sometimes for longer!) And have not been sexually attracted to them. Im questioning my aceness rn, and thinking im demi, but its only this one person? Like only them???

having a sexual attraction towards one person could mean you’re demi, or you could be a gray-ace, who is an ace who feels attraction very few times in their lifetime. There also might be some other attraction you’re feeling– platonic, sensual, romantic, etc– that could influence that.

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So congrats on reaching the 10k goal! I had a question regarding how you're going to handle sexual scenes in this game or if there will even be any at all since it looked like nothing about it was made a hundred percent clear or confirmed.

Rant Warning! I’m going to confess something to you all: I don’t understand how to make “fanservice” or display sexuality because my mind works in very, very odd ways. (My WoX demo may have hinted at this.) And to me, writing either of the two things is just distracting because I rarely see a use in implementing them organically into a narrative. (Let alone just for fun.) So:

Sexuality will sometimes surface ( I feel like it kind of should for the brothel heavy WoX), but I’ll be playing it extremely realistically. The Hollywood, soap opera, especially baser anime, gaming, TV show approach will be ignored entirely in favor of how real couples would display their sexuality towards one another. How much of that sexuality will be on display for the viewer? Enough to call it a little steamy(??), but not enough to call it porn or anywhere close.

Story is still the pivotal focus.

Shirt help!

So I have a lack of clothes and since I have a little money I decided I’m going to pick two shirts off the rt store… I just need help picking which two! Here’s my list (IT’S LONG I AM SORRY);

  • Off Topic shirt
  • Ryan’s Achieve shirt
  • Coat of arms shirt
  • Michael’s Achieve shirt
  • Jeremy’s Achieve shirt
  • FAHC shirt (I am leaning towards this one WHOOPS)
  • AH logo shirt
  • Geoff’s Achieve shirt
  • Team Lads shirt
  • Team Gents shirt

ALRIGHT GUYS, do me a favor and pick two?

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Her footsteps were heavy as she limped down the corridor towards the throne room, one hand on the hilt of her sword, the other holding the blade Octavia had carried. Mind racing, wound stinging, she tried to come up with a gentle way to present Roan with the news, because she had obviously failed to carry out the given mission according to her orders. She had been supposed to bring Octavia alive, yet the girl had perished in the attempt. Which had been an accident, but nonetheless Octavia was gone now, her body lost to the stream she had fallen into.
It pained her to know that she had not only taken Bellamy’s girlfriend, but also his sister, who seemed to mean a lot to him, but that was a thought for herself alone and did not concern the King.

Entering the throne room, the muscles in her body tightened and she tried to straighten up, bowing her head to Roan. “My King. It is with regret that I have to inform you Octavia kom Skaikru died in the attempt to catch her.”


haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 


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Thace and Coran meeting for the first time (Coran is kinda weary about him) and Thace goes up to Coran, kisses hand and says something gentlemanly (like charmed I'm sure or something like that) Coran is smitten and everyone else is watching like wtf

damn Thace u smooth af


Jaime/Brienne + goodbye scenes