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this is what happens if you get trapped between baekhyun and chanyeol


Okay so pro-ana blogs are fucking ridiculous on their own, correct? It is totally disgusting to encourage an eating disorder or to talk like eating disorders are diets that you can start and stop with ease and its disrespectful to people who actually do have eating disorders. I think we can all agree on that.


its been brought to my attention that there are several porn blogs following me that are run by men who have some sort of shitty kink involved with dangerously thin girls and girls starving themselves, their posts involve comments on bodychecks objectifying the girls and women in the pictures, comments encouraging the girls to stop eating, and ridiculing digs towards the ones who are not dangerously underweight.
one even has instructional videos on how to purge and says that ‘its like riding a bike, you never forget’.

but he’s totally right, you never forget how to throw up when you’ve had a mental illness that convinces you to expel all food from your body.

sarcasm aside, he’s a repulsive pig for making and posting that video and for everything that he posts. they all are. and I’m so fucking sick of guys who take advantage of girls with eating disorders by taking their body checks for sexual reasons, using their self confidence issues against them, or by doing anything other than helping them recover.

I’m sick of guys taking advantage of girls in every way possible but this is just what is really pissing me off right now because I didn’t even know that this shit existed until tumblr.

[The] association between homosexuality and sameness is crucial to the pathologizing of homosexuality as a perversion that leads the body astray. This idea–that lesbians desire ‘the same (sex)’ by desiring women–needs to be contested. […] The very idea of women desiring women because of 'sameness’ relies on a fantasy that women are 'the same.’ […] Other women, whatever our differences, are other than oneself; in directing one’s desire toward another woman, one is directing one’s desire toward a body that is other than one’s body.
—  Sara Ahmed, Queer Phenomenology (96, 100)

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To chime in on this, whilst the lgbtqa community is not only striving for equality but also pioneering this brilliant movement against hetero-normativity that encourages heterosexual men and women to feel comfortable complimenting showing affection toward one another etc. Which is such a large part of social homophobia, These people thrive off of that trope. They make it so that the slightest thing a person does is automatically labelled as questionable or 'gay'. They facilitate that social fear

The deconstruction of hetero-normativity is not only important to the Gay community and its supporters but it’s also a social progression, wherein men can feel comfortable sitting close to another men, hugging another man, comforting another men when they’re emotionally hurting, dispelling the idea that the way you behave makes you gay. We can all support equality and achieve a collective open minded togetherness and it’s people like that, that hold us back. (2)

moonlight: *has an incredibly important message*
henrik: this film woke a whole spectre of emotions in me, and brings important issues into the light
people: 👀 spectre of emotions in me,, u have emotions,,,  👀👀 u gay????

and yes, i agree!! lgbtqa community strives for equality and pioneers the movement against heteronormativity and yet these people make every touch between same sex people questionable or ‘gay’ sigh

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How does one go about finding a partner who is willing to write ANYTHING but fluff?! I've been trying to do something new and thus far... basically all we ever do is play house...

So, I’ve talked about my RP partner before and what I think is vital towards keeping one around. But I know that finding someone whose writing style meshes with yours can be really, really difficult, and not everyone seems to have my amazing dumb luck of continually finding people that make writing stories together an absolute joy. (Seriously, I’ve written with @house-leours and @countofthemoonlightlantern and @thefoxinblack and they’re marvelous. I was always able to stay in sync with Foxy and Roru, and they were so patient when I was like “I’M GONNA KILL THIS CHARACTER” and theirs were the ones affected by it.) Perhaps it’s a pooka thing. I find good people. (Also bad ones, but eh, I like to focus on the positive.) Therefore…

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Important Bird Care Tip!!

Reminder to check on your bird’s feet and nails every so often! Booker is trusting enough to lay comfortably in the palm of my hand, but it may be worth acclimating your bird to towelling and/or their feet being touched in general.

Other things to remember:

When psittacines are standing on a flat surface, their nails should be just above the ground, NOT touching it and/or elevating the tips of the toes!!!

Birds should always have varied perches. They will always prefer the topmost perch to sleep and hang out on. Never place a rough perch or a dowel perch as the very highest.

Birds with normal hip alignment and general good leg/foot health will stand straight on a perch. If your bird is standing on a level perch on both feet (i.e. not resting on one foot) it should not be leaning towards one foot or only be using one foot to bear weight.

If a bird has had long nails for a long time, the quick may have grown further out. Consider (carefully) filing or grinding their nails down instead of clipping to reduce the chances of heavy bleeding.

The bottoms of a birds feet should have skin of relative thickness to the rest of their foot, and not have heavy wear on only one spot. There shouldn’t be any redness (unless caused by holding toys with vegetable dye) or discoloration. The skin shouldn’t be excessively peeling, and there should DEFINITELY not be wounds or “raw” areas!

If your bird has an open wound on its foot, it needs veterinary attention immediately. An infected foot could be deadly.

Keep those 8 lil piggies safe!!!

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i honestly have way too many feels about harry and that goddamn "it's too small but i still love it" pink floyd shirt. can this be a new concept please. harry and the too small pink floyd shirt?

Okay, B over at @stylesunchained has this INCREDIBLE blurb about that shirt that is WAYYY better than anything I could ever write, so I’m just gonna direct you toward that one because WOW!


haikyuu!! yearbook superlatives [part 2] | based off this post 


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Thace and Coran meeting for the first time (Coran is kinda weary about him) and Thace goes up to Coran, kisses hand and says something gentlemanly (like charmed I'm sure or something like that) Coran is smitten and everyone else is watching like wtf

damn Thace u smooth af


Jaime/Brienne + goodbye scenes


i knew i would be doing this the very moment i realized this tamatoa tuesday happens to be on valentine’s day

credit to the people who sent the ideas for these are in the captions! y’all are the best

Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.


‘cause it’s nine in the afternoon and your eyes are the size of the moon : patd music video series