towards mathilde

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I liked Ana giving mother advice so how about Torb's family visits the Watchpoint and Mercy gets advice from a mother of 8? Also trying to keep 8 kids out of trouble at the Watchpoint

“Tildy–” Torbjörn started.

“Don’t you ‘Tildy’ me,” said Mathilde, moving Ivar up on her hip, “You said you needed someone to look at that secondary generator and here I am. I welcome you to find a sitter for eight on such short notice. And you know the kids–they were all throwing a fit at the idea that I might see Bastion without them.” 

“But the watchpoint is no place for children!” said Torbjorn, “They’ll get in the way and underfoot and they’ll fool with things they aren’t supposed to and—” Torbjörn was cut off by a laughing shriek from Astrid and he quickly turned on his heel to see Astrid riding on Pharah’s shoulders, her arms spread as Pharah charged across the watchpoint tarmac, laughing. “I can do without you undermining my point, Amari!” he shouted after her. 

“What’s that? I can’t hear you over the jet engines!” Pharah shouted back, her voice half drowned out by Astrid’s laughing.

“There are no jet engi–” Torbjörn started but Pharah cut him off with jet engine noises. Torbjörn turned back to Mathilde and made a ‘See?’ gesture at Pharah. “They’ll just distract everyone!”

“Nonsense. They’ll be on their best behavior,” said Mathilde, as Ivar cooed and grabbed at her braid, “Now, show me that generator.”

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