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Imagine meeting Dean in a bar.

Title: The Good Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, (briefly), Jayden, Rae, Dani, & Bailey (OFCs briefly mentioned)

Warnings: pre-smut, language, fluff

Word Count: 3.8k

A/N: So, this story is rooted in my own personal experience at 25. Obviously the guy wasn’t Dean fucking Winchester, but oh if he had been. *whew* Thank you Mimi and Erin for helping me see the issues and get them resolved. I know that a lot of you have been EAGERLY anticipating this fic. I REALLY hope it doesn’t disappoint you. It got lengthy and a little out of control and WILL have one more part. - I know it’s an HOUR LATE. SORRY!

Summary: You were a good girl. You went off to a private Christian college because  you knew there was a bad girl waiting to be set free. You wanted a career, so you made a choice. You went away. You didn’t smoke. Didn’t drink until you were 21. No bars until you were 23. Didn’t have sex until you were in love, or at least you thought you were in love. You’ve always liked who you are, but there was a pretty distinct shift when you were 25. Five friends. One guy. One piano. One drink. One bar. Everything changed. You’re different now, and you’re certain you’ll never forget that leather jacket or those green eyes. Jan. 24th, 2012. The day Dean Winchester rolled through town.

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Coincidence: Chapter 1

Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4

Pairings: V (Taehyung) x reader

Gender: Female

Synopsis: Life for (Y/N) had been, for the most part, normal. She worked, went to college, went to parties, had friends, you know, the basics. However, all of this changed when she started seeing a mysterious, attractive, and most of all dangerous man everywhere after one fatal night that seemed to be just a coincidence.

Genre: Mafia AU

Warnings: Cursing/swearing, slight violence (not a lot though)

Word Count: 1,110

It was late at night when you first saw him. You were on your way home from your job at the coffee shop and ready to go die in a hole. Work had tired you out even more than usual, and with finals coming up you had little to no time to relax. Why were finals even necessary? They barely even affected your grade! It feels like they were only put into this world to make you suffer.

You sighed as you continued walking home, ranting about finals in your sleep deprived mind. Suddenly, a strong gust of cold, winter air blew in your face, almost throwing you to the ground.

“At this rate I’m gonna catch a cold,” you sighed, annoyed at the fact that the only reason you were walking home was because your friend failed to pick you up. Well, you couldn’t blame her, it was almost one in the morning, who would come and pick you up at this hour?  

“For fucks sake, why didn’t I buy a car!” you whined, feeling all the stress that has been piling up on you slowly leave your body. You shouldn’t throw a tantrum in the street, it’ll draw unwanted attention to yourself, and that’s the last thing you want to deal with at the moment. You took a deep breath and continued walking.

“Hey! He’s trying to run, get him!” a deep voice shouted from an alley a few feet ahead.

Suddenly, a well-dressed man came dashing out of the alley, heading straight for you. You quickly jumped out of his way, hiding behind a few trashcans. This wasn’t a bad neighborhood, was it? You have never seen any gang members lurking around this part of the city, why are they a threat now? You peeked out from the side of the trashcan to see where the man had gone. He was fast, he was almost close enough to (what you assumed to be) his car. However, he wasn’t fast enough. Three beefy men soon came out of the alley running twice his speed, tackling him to the ground in no time. Suddenly, you heard a deep laugh come from the direction of the alley.

“You thought you could get away, cute,” the mysterious man laughed once again.

Was this the gang leader? What if he saw you? Would you get mugged too? He slowly walked over to the struggling man. One thing you noticed right off the bat was that all these people were so well dressed. They can’t be gangsters, can they? They were all well-dressed, so they obviously had no need for money. Who were they, then? Nevertheless, you still were scared to the point where you could piss yourself.

Once the man finally reached the others he reached into his pocket and took out a gun. It took you every ounce of strength in your body to refrain from screaming. What the fuck! Holy shit, was he going to shoot him?

“I suggest you stop struggling and we can get down to business, now, where’s the money you owe?” the man questioned while pointing the gun to the other’s head.

“I don’t owe you anything, V, it’s the boss that does.”

V, what type of name was that? That can’t be his real name.

“Well then, where’s the money that ‘the boss’ owes?” V growled.

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?” the other man replied rudely. V nodded to the two beefy men holding the other down. One of the men held the victim in place while the other kicked him in the gut, causing him to spit out blood.

“I advise you to not give me an attitude, and I might let you go alive,” he said, smiling sadistically.

The man took many deep breathes before answering. He look like he was about to pass out from the amount of pain he received.

“Come on, what do they call you? Oh, yes, Jackson Wang, isn’t it? Come on, Jackson, just tell me where the money is and I’ll let you go home to your family and friends. Doesn’t that sound nice?” V urged on the man called Jackson with a teasing tone, as if this was all a game to him.

As bad as it sounds, you didn’t want anything to do with this right now, it all seemed so surreal. Deep down, you really wanted to help Jackson, clearly this wasn’t his fault, it was his boss’s fault. However, right now your priority was to get home and get to bed. All you had to do was get out of the area as quietly as possible. That shouldn’t be so hard right? You carefully started to crawl away from the trashcans and in the direction of your home. However, luck didn’t seem to be on your side today when you knocked over one of the trashcans you were hiding behind.

“Shit”, you cursed, drawing V and his henchmen’s attention towards you, conveniently giving Jackson the chance to escape and get in his car.

“Get her!” V yelled at his henchmen, causing you to run like you were in the Olympics.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you whispered as you ran along the sidewalk, heading towards Downtown. They wouldn’t be able to get you there, there should still be an abundance of people even if it’s late at night, not to mention all the lights. Your adrenaline was through the roof right now, making you run the fastest you’ve ran.

“Speed up you dumb asses! She’s getting away!” you heard V yell behind you.

It didn’t matter if they sped up now, however. Downtown was right in sight, and, just as you had predicted, it was still bustling with people despite the time. You quickly ran into the crowd, hoping to make them lose sight of you. Luckily, you looked back just in time to catch the three men heading back the direction you came from.

“Holy shit, I need to start working out,” you breathed out as your adrenaline high came down and the fatigue hit you like a bus. On the bright side, you got away from those men, and even saved a man’s life! However, what still plagued your mind was the fact that they weren’t gangsters. They were too well-dressed to be gangsters, so what were they? Why did they have guns? Why did Jackson’s “boss” even owe money in the first place? You shook these thoughts from your head and started walking back home once again, but one thought didn’t seem to go away.

Why was V so attractive?            


Damon Salvatore-Unexpected Partners

The room fell silent, you and your friends were reunited but it wasn’t under good circumstances. Mystic falls was being destroyed again, but this time it was by Julian and the heretics.

“It’s Julian, we need to get rid of Julian"Stefan spoke up finally after what seemed like an eternity of silence.

"Stefan have you seen how many of them are out there? Surely they would notice if their leader Julian went missing"Caroline sighed.

"That’s why we pick off his minions one by one then Julian knows we mean business"Damon smiled as he raised his glass of Bourbon.
You and Bonnie both exchanged a glance before rolling your eyes.

You were against violence, you had never killed a person and you didn’t intend to kill. You would rather talk about the issue than take someone’s life.

"Okay well, we have no choice but to go with Damon’s idea"Stefan huffed, he ran his hands through his hair. Visibly stressed.

You were all surprised at he statement, even Damon choked on his 6th glass of the burning liquid.
"What, really?"Damon asked.

Stefan nodded slowly in response.
"But, Stefan. We don’t actually need to kill them do we? Maybe we could take one hostage and bargain with Julian?"You proposed.

"Y/n, I know you mean well and I know you don’t like violence. Neither do I"Stefan replied.

"So why are we doing this then? Why can’t we just make a deal with him"You exclaimed.

Caroline sat next to you and squeezed your shoulder.

"We’ve tried everything y/n, this is our last chance to get our home back"she explained.
You eventually nodded understandingly.
You had all grown up together in Mystic falls, it belonged to you. Not those crazy vampires.

"So if we do this, we do it tonight"Bonnie asked.

"Yeah, we’ll split up and start at the border, making our way towards Julian"Stefan planned.

"I’m coming with you, we’ll circle the neighborhood"Caroline gripped onto Stefan’s hand, he nodded.
You were relieved when you saw them embrace in a meaningful hug, even though Caroline could defend herself you knew that with Stefan she was extra safe and so was he.

"Bonnie, Ric and Matt can take the town hall"Damon suggested.
Your heart dropped to your stomach.

"And that leaves Damon and Y/n, you can start in the woods and make your way towards downtown and we’ll meet at the boarding house"Stefan nodded at his brother.

Damon glanced at you for a minute before placing his glass down.
You stood up as everyone was getting ready.

"Are you sure I should go with Damon, I mean wouldn’t it be better if I went with Bonnie or I could drive around the hospitals on look out"you asked desperately wanting to avoid the pile of dead bodies that Damon would leave behind.

Your best friends looked at you sympathetically. They knew how much you hated death and violence. Whenever blood was shed you would hide in your house for days and no one could convince you to leave until Bonnie and Caroline would literally break into your house.

You felt a warm sensation run though your body as Damon rested his arm over your shoulder.

"I’m sorry y/n but your not going anywhere by yourself, like Care said they are everywhere"Damon informed you before handing you a stake.

"Fine, I’ll go with you but I’m not going to use this"you muttered as you waved the wooden weapon in the air. Slipping it into your back pocket, you were already thinking of ways you could get rid of it.

Bonnie raised her eyebrows at Damon, she narrowed her eyes at the Vampire, warning him telepathically.

"Don’t worry bon bon, I’ll keep her safe. I wouldn’t let anything happen to her remember she’s my best friend too, in fact I’ve known her longer than you have. Keep Ric safe he’s still a little rusty with the vervain darts"Damon smirked as Alaric flipped him the middle finger.

Before you knew it everyone had left, you and Damon sat in the car. He watched as your hands started to shake and your breathing became irregular.

He was concerned, Damon was never really concerned about anything but when it came to you he was very caring. You were drawn to one another and he couldn’t understand why, neither could you.

"It’s okay y/n"He mumbled as he drove down the long road towards the woods.

"None of this is okay Damon"you muttered, looking out of the window. Damon knew you were right.
He pulled up into a clearing and you both got out of the car, looking around to see if you were alone. The place was deserted.

"Huh looks like it’s just me and y-
Damon was interrupted by a shriek coming from deep within the woods.

You looked at each other before hesitantly running towards the noise. You gasped as a body lying on the floor came into view.

"Joel!"you exclaimed before running over to the lifeless body kneeling next to him, blood was pouring from his neck. Your high school friend gripped onto your hand before taking his last breath.

Tears ran down your face and you felt sick. You and Joel had taken many classes together over the years, you weren’t best friends but he was still supportive and now you had to watch him die all because another vampire couldn’t keep his fangs to himself.

Damon watched as you took off your jacket and placed it gently on top of Joel’s body. He spun around after hearing a twig break in the distance.

You turned back to Damon, wiping your tears away. Your heart stopped when you saw that Damon had a Heretic by his neck. You started to walk away, not wanting to witness a murder.

"Y/n, where are you going?"Damon called out to you.

"I don’t want to be associated with what your going to do"you answered before walking further on.
It had already been 5 minutes since you’d left Damon to kill the Vampire, you were getting worried.

Damon would usually kill in seconds so what was taking him so long? A feeling of dread washed over you as you walked back to where you had left your best friend.

You heard a scuffle, then a ear wrenching crack. Your legs started to move faster than your heart. You were in a full sprint.

In the clearing you watched as the Vampire and Damon fought, the Vampire had broke Damon’s nose and he was now on his back.

The Vampire was about to dig through his chest and rip out Damon’s heart.

"Y/n, go get out of here"Damon shouted through gritted teeth.

"Damon no!"you screamed before pulling out the wooden stake and pushing it through the heretics chest.

The heretic fell to the ground, cracks appearing on his skin as his life slipped away.

Damon shot up off the ground as you stumbled backwards, your vision going hazy. You had just killed someone. You had just killed for Damon.

He stepped towards you and reached out. Pulling you into his chest as you broke down.

"I killed someone, I just took his life"you sobbed into the oldest Salvatore’s chest.

"You saved me, y/n. You saved my life"he cupped your cheeks, warming them slightly.
You nodded quickly before wiping your tears away.

Damon gripped onto your hand and guided you towards the car. You had never been so quiet, you didn’t want to talk.

He was going to take you home, he loved you and he didn’t want you to hurt. He knew that you were kind hearted, and he also knew that this guilt that you were feeling would ruin you.

Part 2??

The Broken Promise

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Cassian’s POV immediately following the last chapter’s incident.

“Can you believe all this snow?” Mor poked her head around the curtain from Rhysand’s living room window. “It’s going to be slick driving back home.”

“That’s why Cassian is going to be our chauffeur tonight,” Amren plucked a grape from the fruit platter.

“You better give me a tip then,” Cassian called from the kitchen. “My services don’t come cheap.” He winked and Amren flicked a grape at him in response.

“Hey now don’t go making a mess in my kitchen,” Rhysand walked forward with his arm around Feyre’s waist.

“Cassian you don’t need to clean all the dishes,” Feyre said noticing that her friend had practically washed every plate and pan used for their dinner.

Cassian shrugged. He needed something to pass the time and keep his mind off of Nesta. They haven’t spoken since the incident outside the restaurant when she was fired. Their parting words left a sour taste in Cassian’s mouth. He should have known that Nesta wouldn’t want to talk about her history with Tomas, but it still hurt that she didn’t trust him enough to open up.

“Come sit down on the couch,” Azriel said holding up a game controller. “I want to see if you can still hold your own in that racing game.”

The double-edged sword of the inner circle was that everyone knew everyone else’s business. They knew when something was bothering one of them. Cassian was incredibly thankful for his friends, but he felt terrible knowing that his friends were trying to put forth a not-so-subtle effort to make him feel better.

Cassian played along though. No sense in moping around when he should be enjoying himself.

“Hold my own? Azriel you’re about to have your ass handed to you,” Cassian left the kitchen and sat beside his friend on the couch in front of the large screen TV. They each grabbed a controller and began their friendly competition. All the while shoving each other to try and get the lead.

“Boys and their toys,” Mor laughing at how Cassian and Azriel reacted when one of them passed the other person’s car in the game.

The group watched them play a couple rounds before Amren decided to join in. The trio fixated on the screen. Trying to out maneuver their opponents. Somehow Amren always ended up taking the win in the final lap of each game.

“You are cheating,” Cassian said as he tried to pass Amren on the track, but she was always just ahead. “I don’t know how. But you are.”

“Can’t keep up Cassian?” Amren smiled in triumphant. Not at the game, but at getting Cassian riled up and pulling him out of his depressed stupor.

“You’re about to eat my dust!” Cassian exclaimed and went to pass Amren’s virtual pink car on the screen when the finish line was in sight.

At that moment he heard Feyre’s phone ringing as Amren scored another victory. Cassian and Azriel claimed that she had to have cheated in some way, but Amren merely examined her nails in disinterest.

Faintly Cassian could hear Feyre greeting Elain on the phone.

“Let’s have another round,” Azriel said. “This time on a different course.”

Amren shrugged. “It won’t make a difference. I’ll still beat you both even if you had a lap head start.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Cassian wasn’t about to lose again.

 In the kitchen Rhysand and Feyre stood together as Feyre reached for her cellphone in her back pocket.

“Need a moment?” Rhysand nodded to her phone revealing that Elain was the caller.

“Yea, but I promise to be quick.” Feyre glanced at her friends on the couch who were starting a new game. Cassian and Azriel’s determined faces were almost comical next to Amren’s bored expression. “Make sure they don’t go into a fit of road rage on the couch.”

Rhysand chuckled and gave Feyre a brief kiss on the cheek. “Will do darling.” He sauntered over to the couch and stood watching the game with idle interest.

Feyre turned her attention back to her phone. She answered the call and put it to her ear. “Hello Elain?”

“Feyre,” Elain hiccupped on the other end of the line. The tone of her voice sounded hoarse as if she had been crying. Feyre’s stomach dropped. Something wasn’t right.

“Elain what’s wrong?” Feyre asked calmly. From the living room she saw Rhysand glance back at her in concern.

“Feyre she’s hurt – I shouldn’t have let her go and they won’t let me see her!” Elain sobbed into the phone and Feyre could barely catch all the words.

“Slow down Elain and take a deep breath,” Feyre directed. “Who’s hurt?”

“Nesta,” Elain began to cry harder. “She went to fill out job applications and she was supposed to call me when she got to the Thai restaurant, but never did.” Elain heaved in a shaky breath. “I got a call saying she had been – oh Feyre I don’t know how badly hurt she is and the doctors won’t tell me!”

“Elain tell me where you are,” Feyre’s face must have revealed her worry, because Rhysand began walking back toward her.

“I’m at West Side Memorial Hospital in the Emergency Room waiting area,” Elain choked out.

“Okay I am on my way right now,” Feyre went to grab her purse. Amren, Azriel, Cassian and Mor noticed what she was doing.

“Are you leaving so soon?” Mor asked from her spot beside Azriel.

Feyre shot a quick glance at Rhysand. His hand reached for hers and provided an anchor in the midst of what Elain had just told her.

She then looked to Cassian. His eyes that were once bright with laughter slowly shifted. Dread seeped in as if he realized something terrible had occurred.

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Who do you belong to?

Josh Dun

Requested: yes (by my one and only sin twin @panicatthetheater)

Warnings: dirty talk, lots of fucking sin, unprotected sex.

AU: I enjoyed writing this so enjoy it kiddos 😏 (I could have made it longer but I thought it would have been overkill and I kind of got stuck but atleast its somethin dudes) ((Also, I dunno why but the paragraphs wouldn’t seem to separate when I transferred it to here so sorry lmao)) Just as you finish getting ready, Josh walks into the room, seeing you in your long light blue dress, strappy nude heals, glowing diamond necklace that he had given you two years ago for your anniversary and your long brown hair down and wavy, a casual and simple look with some extra detailing. “Do we have to go?” You say tiredly, dreading to leave the house. “We’ll be back soon, we wont stay long if you don’t want to.” Josh says putting on his black snapback and walking towards you “you look amazing” he says smiling, admiring your efforts for tonight, looking at you like you’re perfection to him. “It’s going to be loud and I can already feel a headache coming on” you complain while looking down at your feet. “It’s Jennas birthday, we have to go, trust me I don’t feel like it either” Josh sighs putting his hand to your cheek and kissing your forehead. “Come on sugar” he says grabbing your hand and placing it in his, walking out of your bedroom and grabbing your last belongings before getting into the car heading towards the club downtown. Once Josh parks the car he gets out but you remain inside, he smirks and walks around to the passengers seat to open the door for you “come on” he whines grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the car, closing the door and putting his arm around your waist, walking into the club. Once you both enter you’re immediately greeted by Tyler and Jenna, Jenna being a bit tipsy but still sober enough to greet you and thank you for her gift, and Tyler being completely sober, politely greeting you and his best friend. You and Josh both start walking around the club saying hi to his friends, when he starts getting into conversation with them soon after, he begins not paying too much attention to you, so you decide to tell him you’re going to mingle with Jenna and her group of friends. You join Jenna and her friends around the bar and dance floor and begin to get into the spirit of the party, having a drink, talking over the loud music and dancing with the group of girls you have started to become familiar with. “Let’s go get another drink girls” Jenna cheers, as everyone follows her to the bar, everyone starts downing drinks left right and centre, Jenna limits herself and isn’t drinking as much just like you, admittedly getting tipsy at best. You throw a couple glances back at Josh from the dance floor, who has not been moved from his place from the minute you got there, he smiles at you seeing that you have warmed up to the environment and genuinely having a great time. You see Jenna walk towards the entrance and a group of people cheer and say hello to someone, a tall black haired man, fairly average looking but you can’t help to say he looks familiar. Once he gets through the crowds of hellos he walks past them and our eyes lock, he’s definitely familiar. He approaches you and smiles, shaking your hand and introducing himself as ‘Luke’ your high school best friend, it seems as just yesterday Luke and yourself were graduating, but that was 7 years ago and you haven’t seen each-other since. “How are you?” You yell over the loud music “I’m good, long time no see” he smiles looking at you up and down “You’re looking great” “Thanks” you say looking down and stroking your dress out “I’m gonna get a drink, want to come to the bar, you know, to catch up?” He says and you agree, walking over with him to the bar as he gets a drink and you sit next to him. “So how do you know Jenna?” You ask “We’ve been friends for ages, she’s a great girl. How do you know her?” He responds “I’m her good friend too, our partners are in a band together, twenty one pilots, ever heard of them?” You chuckle “Oh, so you do have a boyfriend?” He says slightly disappointed “Josh” you say turning in your seat to point to Josh, giving him a wave as he looks back at you and gives a small wave back, narrowing his eyes to Luke who is next to you. You turn around to face the bar and continue to talk to him. “THE Josh Dun?” He asks with emphasis on “the” You slightly laugh “yes, the Josh Dun” “So how long have you and the very lucky Josh Dun been together?” He asks while taking a sip of his drink “Just over four years” you say “Nice” he says taking another sip of his drink “Can I get you anything? I’ll shout you a drink” “No thanks Luke” you respond, thinking you’ve reached your limit for tonight, not wanting to wake up with a massive hangover tomorrow. “Come on, let’s dance” he says chugging the last bit of his drink and placing it down, getting up from his seat and pulling his black shirt down “Oh, um, no thanks” you hesitantly smile “Come on, let’s go back a couple years, see if you’ve still got it. Last time I saw you dance was senior prom” he says with a smirk, challenging you “Why not” you say smiling and getting up from your stool. Luke leads you to the dance floor where numerous other people are and starts to move his body slowly to the rhythm, he looks at you as if to ask you to join him which you do, you also start to sway your hips to the beat and start warming up to the environment. As you dance through the song with Luke you can’t help but smile, amazingly after not seeing him for years it’s just like no time had gone by and you were both still close. The song ends and you turn around to face Luke, you smile and an idea pops into your head. “Come on” you say grabbing his arm and leading him towards Josh. “Josh, this is Luke, one of my highschool friends” you say introducing your friend “Nice to meet you Josh” Luke says holding his hand out to shake but Josh declines, leaving Luke awkwardly standing there “You too” Josh says with a small fake smile, you can tell something is wrong. “Okay, well-” “I think it’s time we go” Josh says looking at you and then back at Luke “Oh okay, um, nice to see you again Luke, I had a good night” you say politely hugging Luke and you exchange goodbyes. You say goodbye to Jenna and Tyler and then walk outside with Josh. He immediately grabs your wrist and pulls you faster to walk at the pace he is, not looking at you but just straight ahead. “Ow ow, Josh not so f-” “Quiet” he snaps, which takes you by surprise “What? Wh-” you stutter “God, I told you be quiet” he says but a bit louder this time. You choose to remain silent until you reach the car, you climb in the passengers seat and Josh in the drivers. Before he puts the keys in he looks at you and scoffs “Unbelievable” “Josh, what the fuck, why were you so rude!” You snap, not understanding why he is in such a shitty mood “He was trying to get with you, how stupid do I look? I know what you were doing” he says but not looking at you. “Are you serious? He’s one of my friends! How dare y-” once again, you get cut off. “I was watching you, the way you were practically all over him” Josh says, exadurated, which was not the situation at all. “Josh, I didn’t touch him, what the fuck is wrong with you?” This time, you snap, unable to deal with this anymore. “It seemed like you were having a great time with your little friend out there” he scoffs, turning the car on. “Don’t you even think about talking or God help you I will punish you even more” Josh says glancing over at you and that’s when it all clicked. Jealousy. You can’t help but to chuckle at how ridiculous he’s being. “So, how wet did your little friend over there get you huh?” Josh says but your giggly undertone goes away immediately “W-what?” You ask Josh doesn’t respond but just abruptly attacks your dress, violently pulling it up and slipping his fingers in your panties. “Don’t make a fucking noise, once we get home I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll forget his name” He keeps driving but his hand still remains in your panties, finding it hard to keep quiet your breath shudders, wanting to moan loudly. Once You both pull up at home soon after, he pays no attention to you but gets out the car himself, slamming the door behind him and opens the front door as you follow. Placing your bag down at the table near the door Josh is staring at you up and down, just inches away from you “You’re un fucking believable” he spits You give in to his act, knowing how unbelievably hot it is when he is all worked up. He once again grabs your wrist but with a lot more force and drags you into the bedroom. “Mm, what have I done?” “You were being a little slut back at the club weren’t you?” He says, but doesn’t give you time to respond, he slaps your ass hard and you yelp in response, he pushes you on the bed and climbs on top of you. “Don’t make a fucking noise” Josh says moving his hands to the hem of your dress, ripping it off of you and you kick off your shoes, while he’s at it he pulls his shirt off too. He unclasps your bra and throws it behind him, he takes off his jeans, leaving you both in just underwear. He moves his hands down quickly to your panties and rips them off, slipping his fingers inside of you. “So tight” he whispers in your ear while moving his fingers in and out of you rapidly. You can’t take it anymore so you moan loudly, feeling your orgasm getting closer but he immediately stops, pulling his fingers out and giving you a hard slap to your inner thigh. “I told you not to make a noise you stupid little slut” he growls “Suck” Josh commands, pulling down his boxers, you get onto the floor and start to bopping your head up and down around his erect cock while hearing Josh messily groan. “Faster” he says grabbing your hair and guiding you, pushing you faster and taking him deeper down your throat. “Fucking whore” Josh breathes, pushing you back and slamming you on the bed. “You belong to me” Josh growls, grabbing his cock and slamming into you without notice causing you to take in a huge breath “You never learn do you?” Josh smirks, taking one hand and pinning both of your arms above your head and one around your throat, putting a small amount of pressure but not enough to hurt you. He keeps thrusting faster inside of you and you can feel your orgasm coming “Fuck, come on J, I’m close” you cry out which causes Josh to slow down and you to groan “You’re not going to cum until I say, because you’re acting like a dirty little whore” Josh warns, starting to go painfully slow, while he’s at it he moves his hand from your throat and starts to rub your clit, causing an emance amount of pleasure to built up, you become restless and your orgasm on the edge. “P-please let me cum” you whine, Josh smirks and starts to pick up the pace, soon slamming into you once again making your whole body shake, you moan loudly and cum around him but he continues to slam in and out of you causing an amazing sensation to run through your whole body. You feel Josh’s cock twitch inside of you, he finally releases inside of you but then moves down to your pussy, licking your juices up slowly, toying your clit eating you at an agonisingly slow pace. Once he comes back up he places a long hard kiss on your lips, tasting yourself on his mouth. Your body is still in shock from what happened, mouth hanging open and body twitching underneath him. “Who do you belong to sugar?” “Y-you”“ you shudder quietly “That’s right baby girl and don’t you ever fucking forget it”


A/N: So I knew I was gonna write this fic next and so all night at work I was trying to come up with a name that was weird, but still kind of cute, but also ridiculous…Other possibilities included Strawberry, Cupcake, Lavender, and Sandalwood.

“Call me later, BeeBee!” Cheryl gave you a maple-scented kiss on the cheek before leaving you to schmooze with the rest of the River Vixens. You just weren’t digging the noise and chaos of a football game today, so once your performance was over, you bailed.

You were walking underneath the bleachers, considering a pre-bedtime milkshake, when you heard laughing.

“I heard it’s cuz his dad lost a bet.”

“Nah, it’s cuz his ears stick out like handles, look!” You saw some of the second-string meatheads in a circle around someone. Walking closer, you realized it was Jughead.

“Boys.” You called, hands-on-hips in a defiant, powerful stance. “What are you doing?”

“Aww come on Y/N, it’s just Juggie.” One of the boys wrapped his arm around Jugheads neck, throwing him severely off balance, and he fell onto the concrete, elbows smacking hard.

“And I’ll just have a word with the River Vixens. And they’ll have a word with their friends. And so on. I’m talking social blacklisting, gents. No dates. No girlfriends. Just a very. Lonely. Existence.” You smiled that signature bitchy smile, the one Cheryl taught you years ago, and they sighed, punching each other in the shoulder and turning to go. Jughead was pulling himself off the ground, so you kept walking towards the parking lot.

“Hey.” He jogged a few steps to catch up with you, dusting off his jeans. “What was that about?”

“I’ve got a heart, gosh, groundbreaking.” You shot him a look.

“Since when? The dynamic duo of Cheryl Blossom and Y/N L/N isn’t generally known for defending the downtrodden.” He was teasing you, but you didn’t mind. Most people would never dare.

“I just…don’t like to hear them make fun of your name.” You admitted.

“I make fun of my own name about twice a week, Y/N.”

“Well, that doesn’t give everyone else a free pass.” You crossed your arms, you hadn’t intended this to become a thing, just to keep the guy from getting his ass kicked.

“Come on, tell me the real reason.” He nudged you in the side, and you pursed your lips, saying nothing. “Y/N. What, was your mother named Hildegard or something?”

“Okay, but Jones, I swear to god if you tell anyone else about this, or so help me if I see anything about it in the Blue and Gold–”

“Jesus, Y/N. You’re the heartless one, not me.” He laughed.

“So everyone calls me Y/N, because it’s my middle name and Cheryl kind of ensured no one ever thought anything of it. But…My real, honest-to-god birth certificate first name is….”

“Gertrude? Prudence? North?”

“Blueberry.” Jughead bit his lip and you could tell he was trying not to laugh. “Shut up.”

“That’s…adorable!” He couldn’t help himself chuckling.

“Yeah, evidently my parents thought so too.”

“And that’s why Cheryl calls you–?”

“BeeBee. Blue Berry. Yep.”

“Oh my god.” He kept laughing, and you hit him in the arm.

“So there’s your consolation, Jughead. At least you’re not named after a fruit.”

“Think of the nickname possibilities! Muffin. Waffle. Scone.”

“Shut up.”

“Hey, I think it suits you. And I’m not just saying that so I won’t have the only stupid name in our grade.”

“Really?” You looked up at him, vulnerable. “I…kinda wanna try it out. But Cheryl says–”

“Fuck Cheryl, it’s your name. Take it from me, having a silly name isn’t as bad as it seems.”

You sort of did like your real name. It was adorable. And nothing if not unique. But still… “I don’t know, once everyone knows, there’s no going back…”

“Tell you what, how about I call you Blueberry. You can take it for a test drive before committing.” He offered.

“I don’t exactly see you much, Jughead.”

“Didn’t I tell you? We’re going to Pops.” He slung an arm over you, guiding you towards downtown rather than your home. It felt heavy and warm. “Your treat.” You scoffed and rolled your eyes.

“Oh fine. I guess us weirdos with the stupid names gotta stick together.”

First Date

Summary: The reader is getting ready for a first date with a man she met online but her brothers, Sam and Dean, seem to be trying everything they can think of to ruin her evening.

Pairings/Characters: Sister!Reader x Marcus (OMC), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1553

Warnings: lots of fluff, Sam and Dean being overprotective big brothers, some cursing

A/N: This was written for @idreamofhazel and @impala-dreamer 1K/2K Sammy Says Challenge!  ‘Grats to you both on the milestones!  My prompt was Sam’s line from The Real Ghostbusters “we have guns and we’ll find you” and it’s bolded in the fic.  I know I told you it was going to be a genfic and it looks like it’s a OMC fic, but it’s really not in the end, I promise.

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“Nice to Meet You”

Alex Ernst x Reader 

request: do you do alex ernst imagines? can you do one where the reader is an up and coming youtuber and she’s visiting LA to see if she wants to move there and she meets alex?

    As you boarded your plane at 2:00 a.m, you hugged your family and home-town friends goodbye. You had visited L.A so frequently to hang out with people you had met or to audition for commercials, ads, movies, and separate things, but at the moment, you were focusing on your career as a youtuber, you decided to Check out L.A as a place to live, permanently.

    You weren’t some hot shot youtube star with 1 million subs, but you were close, with 750,000 people were bound to recognize you, especially in a place like Los Angeles. You were staying with your close friend Y/F/N who recently moved to L.A but wasn’t anyone famous, once you heard first class being called you knew it was time for you to board, You hugged your family one last time and grabbed your bags while reaching in your wallet to grab your ticket. 

    As you walked out of the airport, your legs were shaking, the warm climate was nothing like you were used to, sure, it got hot where you lived, but nothing even close to this, it was almost comfortable but something made the air taste different. Pulling down your sunglasses, you walked over to the car where your best friend was waiting. 

“Hey! ready to go?” 

    Your friend asks with such excitement, they pull out a list with stuff they want to do while your there, and you roll your eyes, you knew something like this would happen, considering Y/F/N was so organized all the time, unless it came to their room. 

“Let’s get this show on the road”

You laughed hopping into the passenger side of the car, headed towards downtown L.A.

You got out of the car and instantly heard the sound of millions of people talking, some recording, others yelling at random people on the street, it reminded you of New York, a place you wanted/had to visit so many times.

    You pulled out your vlog camera and started talking, this was normal for downtown Los Angeles, it was the center of youtubers, you probably passed about 10 people holding video cameras, you talked to your fans about possibly living in L.A and if they saw you to come up and ask for a photo 

“Don’t be shy”

were your words exactly. 

   As you were telling your camera about some really exciting differences you’ve seen between your home city and L.A, you bumped into a stranger causing your camera to drop to the ground. 

“I’m so sorry” 

   The stranger said, picking up the camera and placing it back in your hands. 

“Don’t worry about it, I’m new in downtown L.A, better watch where I vlog next time”

    You laughed wiping the dirt of the camera previously placed in your hand, you looked into the strangers eyes and noticed how inviting they seemed, after an awkward moment of staring he coughed and said

“I’m Alex, you Mentioned you were new here?” 

“Yeah, just arrived, and I’m y/n” 

     You shook his hand, and he told you to wait, he pulled out a black sharpie and flipped your hand onto it’s back, exposing your palm. He pulled the cap off with his teeth, leaving the cap between his lips, he wrote his number on the palm of your hand, and told you…

“If you need anything call, I’m Alex, once again” 

    He added for the second time, winking and walking away, and as you watched his figure disappear in the crowd you turned to your friend saying…

“I think I’m going to like it here”

Hell and Silence || Chapter Six


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Drinking

Word Count: 5,002

Authors Note: Chapter Six! Horray! I know this chapter is considerable shorting than the proceeding ones, but it’s action packed. Hope you guys have been enjoying this so far… and what do you think of Derek and Vanessa? What’s going on with them? Well….

Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four     Chapter Five



I can’t believe I fucking brought up Isaac when she was about to go down on me. How stupid am I?

I feel like such a stereotypical horny guy thinking this- it’s selfish, really- but I can’t help thinking about Isaac’s words, telling me how amazing she is with that sarcastic mouth of hers. I was about to know just how good she really is, but I just had to bring up the boyfriend. Is it even about that, though? Cause I would have been perfectly fine just holding her in my arms for just a few minutes more. 

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Late Night Tableau

We live in the middle of downtown Minneapolis. The main street for nightlife is Hennepin Ave. This is two blocks away, but on the opposite side of the building from our apartment, so we don’t see or hear much from there.

We do, however, look right over the Downtown Cabaret. This is a *ahem* gentlemen’s club. I kind of like having it there now that we know the bouncers. It makes me feel better on the late night dog walks to know they’re keeping an eye on me and Goofy. There’s a private balcony for the dancers to smoke and they always comment on Goofy’s snazzy coats in the winter.

Today was one of the first summery weather days. This, together with all the Prince stuff around First Ave, means the city has been hopping all day. It’s currently 1:20am and I’m watching the crawl of drunk men moving from Hennepin towards the Downtown Cabaret. It’s a much larger group than usual. I hope they tip Goofy’s fan club well.

Hired by BigHit: Dreams vs Reality- Part 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Light Angst, [mentions of sex in later parts]

Summary: As a talented underground rapper, you’ve just become Bangtan’s new hiphop coach! What happens when you meet the boy who has big dreams of joining the rap line?

Parts: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 [END]

Hired by BigHit Series: Taehyung // Hoseok // Yoongi // Seokjin // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jimin

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A Royal Pain in the Ass

chapter 05: how to move in with the prince

ch1 . ch 2 . ch 3 . previous chapter

Summary: After a series of events, the prince moves in with Caesar and unexpected things occur. This also marks the beginning of an important development that will bring Mark’s character into the spotlight!
Info: Caesar/Joseph, prince au, slow burn, this chapter is ~2100 words, the story totals to ~10k
Notes: Thank you to the people on AO3 always asking if I’ll update or checking if I’m still alive, you’ve obligated me to keep moving forward. This will also probably be edited along the course of the next few days if I catch anything. I’m so grateful to everyone who has kept up with this series thus far.

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Float -Part Four- (Jughead Jones Fic)

A/N: This part’s a little different from the rest of the story but I wanted to introduce the other characters at this point. Hope you like it! As always, send an ask over for any requests/tags. As usual, this is not proofread.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Words: 1715 


The weekend went by in a whirlwind of late night coffees and days spent around town. Streetlights whipped around in a blur, schooldays went by as a mirage of desks and pencils. The nights were spent in my car, darkened alleyways and the Wyrm. Any semblance of routine was destroyed with every breath taken in Riverdale. Some things, no matter how much we may wish, never did change.

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Safe -  TJP One Shot

As the thunder and lightening went crazy outside of the apartment that you shared with your boyfriend TJ Your heart began to beat faster as each clap of thunder and the wind caused the tree branches to bang against the windows causing loud bangs.. You weren’t afraid of much, spiders and snakes and bugs you could handle, You are okay with heights but storms freaked you out not to mention being alone in this apartment in Florida and the fact that TJ  was supposed to be flying home tonight but the weather stopped the flight from Atlanta to Orlando earlier in the night..

“I’m scared…” You said into the phone as you were on FaceTime with TJ as he sat in the airport in Atlanta earlier in the night before the storm started to get as bad as it was at the current moment
“I know.. I’m sorry babe, I’m trying everything I can to get there..” He said and the thunder was getting louder which caused tears to escape your eyes “You’re gonna be fine..” He said “I’ll be there as soon as I can…” He said  

You sat on the couch with blankets over your head 4 hours after talking to TJ and listened to the weather man warning people to stay inside and not be on the roads in fear that they could be washed away by the water that was now over the roads, The weatherman said the winds were now reaching upwards of 75 MPH which was damaging to houses, You didn’t want to come out from under the blankets but when you heard the door being opened you  shot up from under the blanket to see if the wind had pushed it opened but you immediately began to cry when you saw TJ walk in and lock the door dropping his bags to the floor, he was soaked from the heavy rain
and he made his way to the couch pulling you up into his chest, You didn’t care that you would now be soaked all you cared about was being safe in his arms
“Shh.. It’s okay.. I’m here..” TJ said kissing the top of your head
“How did you get here?” You asked
“Don’t worry about it, I got here that’s all that matters..” He said and you nodded before hearing the tornado sirens go off outside and you looked at the tv to see the weather man was now trying to remain calm as he did his broadcast
“It has been reported, a tornado is on the ground heading towards downtown Orlando, If you are in the Orlando area take shelter now!” He said and You began shaking
“It’s okay..”TJ said as he went to the kitchen grabbing water from the fridge “Go in the bedroom and grab blankets and pillows and your phone and laptop charger”  he said and You nodded doing what You were told, Yes You were an adult but when it comes to storms You turn into a little kid again

You went down stairs to the tiny basement that TJ had turned into a home gym and You plugged your phones and your computer into charge as You brought up the broadcast online and made a fort out of blankets and pillows
“Why do I smell popcorn?” You asked as TJ came down the stairs closing the door behind him with a bowl
“Because I made popcorn” He said sitting next to You “Are you okay?” He asked
“No… What if we die here?” You asked him and he rolled his eyes
“We’re not gonna die..” He said
“We might!” You said panicking
“We’re not!” He said sternly “Don’t even think like that” He said
“How? How do you know that?” You asked and nothing could have prepared you for what he said next
“Because, I refuse to die without accomplishing everything I’ve ever wanted” He said
“You have accomplished everything you’ve ever wanted to do” You said and he shook his head
“Professionally yes, I have accomplished everything but personally I haven’t, I want to marry you, I want to start a family with you, I want to spend the rest of my life being your husband and making you happy and making sure you are our kids are happy and healthy and safe, So no I’m not going anywhere and neither are you because we still have a lot left to do in our lives” He said pulling you into kiss him, the fear that you once were consumed by had now subsided and you were relaxed and you finally felt safe in his arms


Why Sergio *Sergio Ramos/Cristiano Ronaldo imagine*


“Y/N this is just sad how could you not know what to get your own husband for his birthday?” Ronda asked

I chuckled, “I don’t know I just never asked him before plus he never really says anything about it. “

Ronda shook her head, as we continued down the aisle. “What about this?” She asked pointing towards a mini gun

“Ronda, Sergio is a grown man-” 

She scoffed, “You sure about that?” 

We both burst out laughing, and moved on. “Yes actually I am sure about it” I said after we’d stopped laughing

In two days it was Sergio’s birthday and I being the late and probably the biggest procrastinator in the world, don’t know what to get him because I’ve pushed it off for so long so now here Ronda and I were looking around the store for something to get him.

We’d probably been to 10 stores today looking around, and you’d think that being married for two years you’d know what to get your husband on his birthday. “Hey Y/N tell me some things he likes to do” Ronda asked as she pushed the cart

“Um he likes soccer obviously, basketball, swimming, sleeping, Oh! He’s been into poker lately” I said 

Ronda stopped and clapped her hands, “Got it” She said

I raised an eyebrow, “And what exactly did you get?” I asked

She ushered for me to come closer to her, and the opened her phone pressing a whole bunch of letters and opening multiple pages. When she finally found the one she needed, she showed me her phone. “WOW how did I not think of this before” I asked looking at her

She smiled, “Well you didn’t list it out loud before, so let’s go pick it up and we’ll take it to the house” 

I nodded and we headed towards downtown. Once we had acquired Sergio’s brand new poker table which I was able to get it custom made last minute, and it didn’t take very long. When we made it back home Sergio wasn’t there and, there was a note on the table. “Look a note from the Husband” Ronda said picking it up and sitting on the stool 

“What does it say?”

Ronda cleared her throat and began reading, “Dear my beautiful amazing Wife,  and Ronda.-It’s so amazing that he knows I’ll be here” She said laughing

I chuckled, “Continue on” I said leaning against the counter top

“Right. Sorry love and Ronda, but I left with Karim, Marcelo, and Gareth to Zaragoza for a pre-birthday fun. I’ll be back on my birthday love Sergio”She ended

I chuckled, “Let’s just hope he doesn’t come home with a hangover” I said

~~~Sergio’s Birthday

“Y/N just get your ass down here and help me cover this crap”Ronda said from downstairs

I hurried down, and helped her cover the poker table. Since Sergio was coming home today, I made sure to get a few of his friends to come to the house to celebrate with us. And he’d just texted me about two hours ago saying he’ll be home at 1:20.

Currently it was 1:17, and I was getting really jittery inside. The people that I’d invited where here minus Cristiano who would be running a little late. I was in the kitchen when Ronda ran in almost busting her ass.

“He’s outside” She said smiling

I chuckled, and headed out just as he stepped out of the car. Marcelo smiled sending me a wave, “Mrs. Workaholic isn’t working today?Surprise” He joked

I chuckled, “Well I was able to get the most important day off besides my birthday” I said

The four of us headed inside, and Sergio smiled. “You do know you didn’t have to do all this right?” He asked 

I smiled, “Well I wanted to” I said

He chuckled, and bent down placing a kiss on my lips. “And look Ronda’s here too” Sergio said chuckling

Ronda smiled and gave him a hug, “Happy Birthday” She said

After a while Cristiaino finally came, and his eyes went directly to the cover poker table which Sergio had not yet take notice of. A smile on his face, “So I hope I’m getting one for my birthday” He said giving me a hug

I chuckled, “To add onto the big one you have at home?” 

He winked and said ‘Hi’ to the rest of the guys. “Alright so, what’d you get him for his birthday?” Marcelo asked

I smiled, and took Sergio’s hand in mine leading him over to the poker table that was covered. “Here you go” I said stepping back

Sergio raised an eyebrow towards me, “And what’s this?” 

“Your present open it” 

And open it he did, pulling off the covers his face lit up. “Babe where did you get this?” He asked touching it

I smiled, “We got it two days ago, you like it?” Ronda asked

“I love it” 

“Great now if you love it let’s play” Cristiano said

I chuckled at them, and Ronda and I went into the kitchen. 

The guys were stuck to the seats of that poker table and I mean literally, they were so concentrated you’d swear you were watching one of those poker matches on TV. I walked past them and sat down on the chair next to Ronda, “So Y/N why did you pick him?” Cristiano asked looking up from his cards

I looked over to him, “What do you mean?”

“I mean why did you marry Sergio?”

Ronda, and Marcelo both chuckled, while Gareth, Ricky, and Karim started laughing. “Not this again” Sergio said

“What I’m serious?Y/N, you could’ve been married to me and have Ronaldo instead of Ramos as your last name” He said

I chuckled, “Well Cristiano if you wold like to know why she picked me over you, let’s think about age” Sergio said

Now that had everyone dying, “Sergio!” I said

Cristiano put his hand up, “That’s right let’s think about age, you’re 29 a little boy and I’m 30 a man” Cristiano said

I laughed, “You’re only a year apart you’re both babies” I said

Cristiano scoffed, “Don’t worry Y/N my door is always open whenever you want to just ‘walk into’ my room” He said winking

I shook my head at him, “I’m good” 

Cristiano winked, “She’ll come soon enough” 

Sergio turned towards, me and smiled. “Love you Y/N” He said

I smiled, and placed a kiss on his lips. “I love you too”

Cristiano scoffed, “You could’ve been with me” 

Today, I fucked up... by volunteering for a fundraiser half marathon without knowing the run route

Last Saturday I volunteered to be a worker for a half marathon race fundraiser. After I checked in I was driven to the last water point, at a T intersection about 2 km from the finish, so I was told. But I was told nothing else and I asked no further questions.

Within 15 minutes a pack of very fast runners begin to approach. Their leader yelled to me “Which way?” Well, I had no fucking idea. I could either guess left or right. But, the road they were to turn on was a one-way road. So I directed them in the direction of the one-way, towards downtown. I had a 50-50 chance of directing them in the correct direction. I guessed wrong.

For the next 30 minutes or so I directed runners in the wrong direction until one of the race organizers drove by and caught me in the middle of directing another group downtown. We spent the next hour sending vans downtown finding runners and bringing them back like lost kids at a park.

TL;DR I directed the first 40-60 half-marathoners in a race in the wrong direction (when they were 2km from the finish) causing them to run around aimlessly.

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