toward the infinite small

whenever you feel small and powerless, just remember that airplanes, the great colossal machines of metal that carry us across oceans and continents, cannot drive backwards. they need a push, a helping hand, before they can be on their way. you, too, are both powerless and powerful, and to accept help is not shameful. you, too, could be soaring. dare to lean back and enjoy the ride with a shoulder to rest your tired head on. a little reversing, a little pausing, a little recollecting can lead you towards new horizons and breathtaking destinations. always onwards. infinitely small and unfathomably powerful all at once.

맙소사… number 2… 

little steps… little steps… *turns to jelly*

watch ASC Fanart segment here. There were lots of cute fanarts, I wish I could know who made them.