Day Thirteen Mini

Got this gem of an idea from the prompt list.  Another part of the Absinthe on my Lips fic.  Heh heh.

Cora gazed around the great hall of Downton Abbey, a large bag over one shoulder and a suitcase by her side.  She fiddled with the strap of her handbag, remembering how she’d just been here a few days before.

To say she was confused would have been an understatement.

“You’ve arrived safely then!”  Robert’s voice startled her out of her reverie.  Approaching her, he rubbed his hands together, grinning.  “It’s so grand that you’re here, Cora.”

Shaking her head, Cora fastened her eyes on his face, noticing how bright his blue eyes were in the natural light of the room.  “But, Robert, I don’t understand.  Why are we at Downton Abbey?”

His brows drew together.  “Well, this is where I live.  When I’m not at university, anyway.”

“You live here.  You live here?”  She stammered slightly while her mind endeavored to grasp this.  “If you live here then….  Oh, dear.  Are you related to Lady Grantham?”

Robert smiled again.  “Yes, that’s my mama.”

But Cora did not smile.  Instead she put a hand over her face, a moan escaping her lips.

“Er, Cora?  Are you alright?  What’s wrong?”  He came forward and touched her arm gently.

“It’s just –“  Uncovering her face, she took a deep breath.  “I’ve met your mother.  A few days ago.  Simon and I were here to see the paintings, and she showed us around.  I don’t think I made a very good impression.”

“Oh.  Well, I don’t see how it could have been that bad, Cora.  You’re such a lovely girl.”

Cora’s expression softened, a smile playing at her lips.  “That’s very sweet of you Robert.”  Moving her hand over his, she pressed it gratefully.  “But I don’t think she likes me.”

Robert let out a snort.  “She barely knows you.”

One of her eyebrows lifted.  “What little I know of her already leads me to believe that first impressions last with your mother.  And that she really doesn’t like Americans.”

“Well, we’ll just have to change her mind, won’t we?”  Robert bent a bit to pick up her suitcase, thinking, not that that has ever been an easy task – but electing to keep that part to himself.  “Let’s get you settled in your room, shall we?  Then I can show you around, if you’d like.”

Cora grinned and nodded.  “I’d like that very much, Robert.”


okay here are my 8 favs from the shoot! please pick 2 or 3 favs and let me know??? i put little yellow numbers in the corners for convenience, haha. THANK YOU DEARS!

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Don't you ever look at Lee Chan and feel so excited For him? Like he has so much potential, talent, enthusiasm, etc and puts so much effort he puts into every performance. Also thanks to his members who let him have the spotlight, cheer him on and applaud his MJ dance impressions for the 1000x time and let him teach choreo even if he's the youngest. And now he has his special stage and I'm so happy for him and excited because he's still growing and learning and.. This is only the beginning!!!

I’ve been dying for Chan to really have a solo activity since forever cause I knew he’d kill it and he did!!!! 

This is gonna sound so corny but Chan’s really inspiring cause he works so hard and he’s so talented and not only that but he’s so passionate about dancing too and it’s like….damn I really wanna find something that makes me feel like how Chan feels when he performs because he enjoys it so much.

I can’t imagine where he’ll be in like 5 years cause with every stage he performs now he gets better and better and he’s already fantastic now I can’t even think up where he’ll be then. 

uhhhhhhhh pretty sick of the still rampant use of the term f****t by straight people like if you are straight and u have used that word, in any context, fuck you. f u c k  y o u! you’re awful! that’s fucking bad! quit it!

Do you ever see something that isn’t out yet and you think looks good, but there are aspects of it that are controversial and “problematic” (god this website has made me hate that word so damn much), and you KNOW that this aspect is really bad of whomever made it but you can’t help but feel some excitement anyway, and can’t reblog anything to do with it because of this, AND because your followers/people you follow hate it?


The opening demonstrates the power of Captain Cold. I’m no astrophycist, but I feel pretty confident in saying that’s not how freezing the earth would work.I mean, I get that we still have some people nowadays who think the Earth is flat, but we knew how gravity and the formation of ice worked in 1978, right?