“That’s what you are, a bee charmer.”


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“John Sinclair”
Photo by Hardy and Gustin’s Gallery of Art
Main Street, Towanda, PA

This handsome devil is John Arthur Sinclair. He was born Dec. 21 1849 in Ulster, PA. Just in time for Christmas!
John was the eighth Sinclair child, and the fourth to be born in the US. He was a carpenter.
He married Julia A Brooks Feb. 18, 1873 in Clearfield, PA. Their first child, Catherine (AKA Kit) was born three years later. Her photo will be the subject of the next post.
Outside of a brief stint in Canton, it looks like John lived his entire life in Ulster. He died there Jan. 28, 1929, and was buried there two days later. Interesting note: Both his death certificate and Julia’s list cause of death as “arteriosclerosis”, although Julia’s lists it as contributory to “angina pectoris”.


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Pietro: *starts speaking in Sokovian*

Y/N: *cofused*

Pietro: *continues talking in Sokovian*

Y/N: *even more confused*

Pietro: Will you go out with me?

Y/N: I’d love to

Wanda: Nice job Pietro, you managed to confuse her

As funny as it is that teenage me somehow missed the fact that Fried Green Tomatoes is about lesbians, it’s now even funnier when I remember that there’s a group of church ladies driving around Illinois who missed it so much that they bought matching Towanda bumper stickers in honor of one of their favorite friendship movies.